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Argh! I'm screaming!

I really wanted to complete this on New Years Day (my birthday) but now it's 2:18am and I've missed it. Oh well! I'm sure it's still New Years somewhere.

You can skip this if you don't want to read a super cringey thank you note.

Ok, so thank you so so much to everybody that has read my story. Thank for even clicking on it in the first place and giving it a try, especially when I had only a couple of reads. It truly means a lot and to know that you have stuck around to read this, means it's not too bad right? This is my first ever book so to receive the response I got is just mind blowing.

Thank you for sticking by me through the slow updates, the unoriginality in names and cringey moments. Honestly, I don't know why you're still here.

I can't even begin to express my gratitude to those that had supported my book by voting and commenting, despite me not asking once. It's amazing and I feel so blessed.

Now I have questions:

1. How did you find the book? (Eg. Recommended list, through a friend, etc.)

2. Why did you click on this book?

3. Who is your favourite character?

4. What was your favourite moment/chapter/line?

5. Who's POV did you like the best?

6. Would you read this again?

7. Did you like my jokes and riddles?

8. What is always coming but never arrives?

9. Did you read all my notes at the end of each chapter? If not all, some? One?

10. Did you start this book before or after it was completed?

11. Any questions for me?

12. If I wrote a bonus chapter, what do you want to happen?

So the last question kind of gave it away but yes, I am going to be writing bonus chapters. This will definitely be child Ava and Lucas and maybe possibly adult Ava and Lucas.

However, there will be no sequel and no epilogue. The reason for this is that I have ended the book the way I feel is right. Ava and Lucas started out as two best friends with one of them human (Ava... obviously) and now at the end, they're in a relationship and both are wolves and leading a pack together. It's the start of their new completely different lives after the Luna Ceremony and it just wouldn't be the same book if I carried it on.

I hope nobody is too badly disappointed with the ending. If you are... don't message me. I don't do well in confrontation.

To satisfy your curiosity if you were wondering about the demographics, here are some screenshots! (I'm always curious about other people's books.)

If you have any book recommendations for people to read because they have finished this, put it here!
(honestly, I don't mind if you advertise your own book here as long as you think people'll actually enjoy it. If it's a poopy book about different shades of grass... yeah no)

My One and Only is completed at 4.99 million!
(Would've loved to have said 5 but didn't want to keep you guys waiting too long)

And now for the very last time in this book,
Thank you for reading!
Much love <3

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