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after the end: lucas' pov

Lucas stomped downstairs with a pout as Ava locked him out of their bedroom to prepare for her own costume.

Having no interest in celebrating Halloween, he let his little Ava choose his costume and organise how they'd be celebrating the holiday. He remember how her blue eyes lit up with excitement as she rambled about the different couple costume ideas she had and wrote them all down in her joker notebook.

Lucas knew he couldn't deny her the simple happiness so he reluctantly became her doll to dress up however she wanted.

Unfortunately, he did not expect her to dress him up in his usual all black outfit covered by a red hood with a basket of mini muffins.

He was little red riding hood.

And he was not happy.

"It'll be fun, she said. I'll love you forever, she said." He mocked in an imitation of Ava and grumbled under his breath, "yeah you better love me forever after this."

"Woah. Look at you!" Ryan said when he reached the kitchen. "What're you supposed to be?"

Taking the hood off and running his fingers through his brown hair, he glared at his second in command, who had amusement written all over his face. "Superman, obviously. What else would it be." He said, a little too defensively.

Raising his hand up, Ryan said, "relax, man. It can't be worse than Connors."

"Ho! Ho! Ho!"

As if on cue, Connor and Mason appeared. Dumbfounded, Lucas took in Mason's suit, though it was less of a formal gathering attire and more of a turkey dinner with cookies and milk attire.

"Why? Why the Santa Claus get up?" He asked, completely baffled as he stared at the enlarged stomach, which Mason happily jiggled.

"Who doesn't love Christmas." He replied as if it were an obvious answer.

Connor rolled his eyes. "There's no point in trying to understand his logic."

Lucas looked at his costume and stumbled back in shock, before laughing loudly much to his friend's annoyance. "What the fuc- fudge are you wearing?" He asked, looking around to see if Ava was ready yet.

His friend groaned and rubbed his face in mild exasperation. "I know, I know. It's f*cking hilarious." He said with unrestrained sarcasm.

"Doesn't he look amazing!" Sabrina said as she bounded into the room with a large smile on her face and an even larger costume that was clearly homemade and very similar to Connor's. "He's pepper and I'm salt! Isn't it romantic." She asked rhetorically as she gazed dreamily at her mate.

"It's something."

"Hey, why is yours so much shorter than mine?" Connor frowned while he waddled over to her.

Sabrina looked down at her outfit and then smiled innocently. "Mine is sexy salt because y'know... halloween."

The scent of mangos filled the room, causing instant warmth to Lucas' chest. Ava skipped over to him with a cheerful smile while he ran his eyes up and down her outfit. She was dressed in a dark grey dress and fluffy boots with matching fluffy grey wolf hat. She also had mittens that looked like paws.

"Ava! You look adorable!" Sabrina squealed.

His mate blushed at the compliment and then shined her eyes at him, as if looking for his approval. "You look beautiful, baby. As always," he said, kissing her cheek lovingly.

"Thank you. Lu Lu, you have to put the hood up or it won't make sense." He froze as she began to jump in order to put the hood around on his head. "Oh and don't forget your basket. You can eat the muffins if you get hungry." She mumbled bashfully.

Lucas felt his face heat up when his friends started to laugh as realisation set in. He hesitantly took the small frilly basket from her hands and smiled gratefully at her.

But he would be lying if he said he didn't appreciate the effort she put into their costumes. He remembered how many times he'd have to force her to sleep because she'd get carried away with sowing together the materials she bought at the craft store. Lucas would hate himself if he ruined her night with his pride.

"Thank you, Ava. It looks just like the real thing." He smiled wider when she beamed at the small praise.

"Alpha? Are you little red riding hood?" Mason snickered.

Lucas could only sigh in relief when his mate gasped as she took in his costume and squealed excitedly, "Santa!"


It was loud and crowded and his mate had already been taken away by an annoying salt shaker. So, it was safe to say that Lucas was already hating the party.

He was vaguely aware of the girl in very little clothing inching closer to him but his eyes very trained on his Ava, who unfortunately, had a little more than one too many drinks.

"Hi," the girl asked shyly, "d-do you want to dance?"

"No," Lucas replied bluntly.

She blushed and scurried away after saying, "o-ok."

He chuckled lightly when he saw Ava shaking her bum cutely, wiggling the tail attached to her skirt as she did the opposite to Sabrina's seductive twerking.

But then he smelt the arousal of the many of men and saw their attention fixated on his little mate, causing his temper to rise while his eyes darkened to black.

He finally snapped when Sabrina started smacking his mate's bum as other people cheered them on.

Striding over to them, he wrapped a protective arm around Ava and pushed her behind him, while glaring at Connor's mate.

"What are you doing?!" he growled.

"S-sorry Alpha." Sabrina slurred, already shimmying away from the couple.

Feeling a hand tug on his cape, he saw Ava staring at him sheepishly, before wrapping her arms around his waist and nuzzling into his chest. "What's wrong?"

He sighed and lifted her away from the centre of dancing people. After finding a more secluded corner of the club, he growled in her ear as he rubbed her plump little bum soothingly, both for him and for her. "Only I can spank this a*s of yours."

She giggled and nodded her head with hot cheeks. "I love you."

"And I love you." He grinned, pecking her lips. "Now let's go trick or treating."


Thank you for reading!

I know it's short but I honestly didn't know what else to write. I've got scenes but not a whole chapter length scene, if that makes sense.

Hope you enjoy anyway.

I'd also really appreciate some advice:

What's your opinion on FicFun?

What should I do if someone's book is super similar to mine, in terms of some of the beginning lines are almost the same, but the rest of the storyline is kind of different. Worth messaging them about it or nah?

Much love <3


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