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Chapter Three

AVA could feel many eyes staring at her and Lucas. She couldn't understand the fascination. It didn't go past her that him and his friends could be popular. They were all very good looking, especially Lucas as she always thought he was very handsome. His messy dark brown hair, mysterious grey eyes and lightly tanned skin were all a reason for girls to swoon. Being the outdoorsy type, all of them had perfect bodies that, she assumed, had all the girls drooling.

Ok maybe she did understand the fascination.

The arm around her waist held her still as they waited for the admissions lady to give Ava her timetable. She was jittery with nerves and wanted to hurry up and explore the new place. As the mid-twenty year old shuffled around the messy desk for papers, Ava turned her head to look around the room with curiosity evident on her face. She had never seen a somewhere so busy. Even the parks weren't close to as filled as the hallways she passed.

The walls were painted in boring colours but there were several brightly coloured notice boards that had different posters covering them. Everything was new and exciting for Ava so despite the nerves, she was still pretty excited for the adventure.

Lucas noticed her looking and pulled her closer to him. He bent down slightly to mumble against her hair, "I'll take you on a tour later." Ava grinned at him with excitement, unknowingly making Lucas' heart beat a little faster.

"You two are just the cutest couple." The lady gushed at them.

Ava giggled a little. "Oh we're not a couple. He's my best friend." She stated quietly, shy in front of the new person. They were used to people thinking they were a couple. It happened quite often as they did act like it sometimes. Many people thought they'd eventually become one in the future but Ava didn't think it was possible for Lucas to see her as anyone other than his best friend, maybe his sister.

The lady just smiled, seemingly unconvinced. and gave Ava her timetable and locker number. Her hands were trapped in the sleeves of Lucas' large jacket so she rolled them up to take the timetable, before thanking her and walking away with Lucas.

"Let's see what you have baby." Lucas took the paper and quickly read over it, eyes widening in shock briefly. "You're in three out of five of my lessons little one."

"I'm smart." Ava casually said, playing with her sleeves whilst rocking back and forth on her heals.

He laughed. "Guess our little study sessions worked ay?"

Ava was naturally a fast learner so it didn't take long for her to exceed her tutors expectations. Lucas wasn't allowed during these tutoring sessions but he would always help her with homework and even teach her a few things. Miss Barnaby did tell her she'd be in some lessons with the year above, even though she'd be one of the youngest in her own year, whereas Lucas was the oldest in his.

"Where did the guys go?" Ava asked, noticing their friends were nowhere around.

"Already went to lessons. Speaking of which, we should get going."

They walked to her locker, placed conveniently next to Lucas'. She was declared this was their meeting place in case either of them got lost in the big school. Thankfully, he agreed.

Her first lesson was Maths and luckily, it was with Lucas. Sometimes she liked maths but other times she didn't. It depended whether or not she knew the answer. However, it would be different now that she got to do the lesson with Lucas.

"Hi Mr Jennings. This is Ava. She's joining the class." Lucas introduced her to the maths teacher. It's was an old man that had lost most of his hair and had a bit of a belly. Ava decided he reminded him of Santa Claus. He looked friendly enough.

"Oh yeah I heard. You're the clever little girl whose joining our class this year. Welcome and you can sit anywhere you like."

Lucas pulled a blushing Ava to a table at the back of the classroom that already had a guy sat on it. It was two people per table and most were already taken. The only two seats left were on opposite sides of the classroom. Sighing, Ava realised she'd have to sit away from Lucas. She went to walk to an empty seat but the arm around her waist prevented her from doing so.

"Move." Lucas grunted at the boy on the table, shocking both Ava and the boy. He was dressed in all black with piercings and tattoos covering most of his face. To be honest he didn't look like the type to be scared but Ava could see fear seeping into his eyes.

"Lu Lu you can't do that." She whispered to him. Obviously not quiet enough because she heard a few gasps as most of the class was paying attention to the commotion. Those who weren't, were asleep.

"Why'd she do that?"

"That's so stupid."

"Are they together?"

"How could she even tell Lucas what to do?!"

"What the heck did she just call him?"

Whispers filled her ears, making her want to hide but Lucas tightened the arm around her waist before letting go and slamming his hands on the desk. Ava jumped at the sound, holding onto Lucas' top for comfort. She was also subtly tugging him away, not that it worked.

"I said move. We're sitting here." He growled at him. Ava always found it cool when he did that. Sure, she made him get it checked out once, worrying about his throat, but it was cool and she couldn't make her voice like that no matter how many times she tried to imitate him.

"Please." Ava added, shyly smiling at the guy, who leaped out of his seat, spilling the contents of his backpack. She was about to help him but he swiftly got everything and ran to the seat across the classroom.

Ava was slightly shocked at Lucas behaviour about the seat but she was very used to his temper. She was rarely on the receiving end but nevertheless, it was still surprising that her sweet and kind Lu Lu could be one to make people shake with fear. Once, he shouted at someone for accidentally pushing Ava on the ground in the park. This was a middle aged women who had her kid with her. Both went home crying.

At least we get to sit with each other. She thought, deciding to look on the bright side and happily sat down in her now empty seat. Putting her Marvel pencil case on the desk and her new notebook next to it, she waited for the Mr Jennings to start the lesson.


The lesson wasn't as boring as she thought it would be so her opinion about public school was starting to get better. Lucas had kept his arm on her seat, occasionally massaging the back of her neck with his hand. He did this until Ava made it stop because it was tickling her.

She unfortunately, didn't have Lucas in her next lesson but was really excited because it was Chemistry - her favourite. He walked her all the way to her lesson, even though his was in a different building.

"Hurry! You'll be late." Ava was unsuccessfully trying to push him away.

"Yeah yeah. Remember that if anyone does or says anything that isn't nice, you remember what they look like, their name or even better, take a sneaky picture. And I'll have... a word with them."

Both her hands were planted on his muscular chest as she pushed with all her might. He held onto her wrists to prevent her from hurting herself. "Answer me." He demanded when she didn't respond.

Ava rolled her eyes. "Fine." She drawled. "Now go!"

"And you remember where the toilet is if you need to go?"

"I'll follow the signs."

"End of the hallway." He corrected.

She groaned, finally giving up. "Ok ok. Now go to lesson. You're already late and I will be too."

He quickly kissed the top of her forehead before sprinting to his lesson. "After lesson, wait for me here." He yelled.

Ava didn't respond, knowing that Lucas couldn't see her anyway, and then went into the classroom. She was just on time but everyone must've come early because the hallways were empty and when she came in, the teacher, whose name was Miss Gillies on the timetable, stopped talking and everyone watched her awkwardly walk in at the front.

"Are you Miss Davies?" The middle aged female teacher said. Her face was plastered with makeup, an unnaturally pink blush was heavily applied and mascara clumped her eyelashes together. Ava wanted to cringe away from the being but didn't want to be rude.

Be brave! This was the first lesson without Lucas and now she had to introduce herself?! She cleared her throat, hoping her voice doesn't squeak. "Y-yes Miss. I'm A-Ava. I'm new and j-just started today a-and- "

The teacher held her hand up to signal for Ava to stop speaking. "I asked if you were Miss Davies. Not your whole life story." She said rudely. "Now take a seat, your holding up the lesson. If you're late again, you'll get detention."

Ava felt like she wanted to cry but held her feelings in and tried not to show any weakness. She quickly walked to the first empty seat she saw, avoiding the hard glare of the teacher.

She sat next to a girl with strawberry blonde hair, in a low cut tank top and shorts. Unlike the teacher, her makeup was applied really well and Ava envied how well she could do a winged eyeliner.

Hoping to make friends, Ava decided to start a conversation with the girl. After a few deep breaths, she gained some confidence. "Hello. I'm Ava." She assumed that was how you make friends. Well, the WikiHow page told her to introduce herself.

The girls head snapped to Ava, the slightly red hair whipping her in the face and a harsh look on her face. "I know who you are. You're the girl that's all over Lucas! Well guess what. You're just new and interesting. He doesn't want you. So you better stay away because he's mine."

Ava's blue eyes widened with shock. This was like the girls in the books she's read. She hadn't heard so much hostility from a stranger before. Lucas never mentioned this girl to her and if she were important to him, Ava would know. She guessed it was just a misunderstanding so she explained, "Lucas is my best friend."

The girl in the seat in front of them turned around and scoffed. "You wish. It doesn't matter whatever you little fantasy is. You stay away. He's Ruby's."

"I'm not lying though. He really is my best friend." Ava was really confused. She thought they might be taking about a different person but her common sense told her they were talking about her Lucas.

"You better stop if you want to keep your face." Another girl threatened from behind her and several others agreed. Ava couldn't understand why all of these people were getting involved and how Miss Gillies hasn't paused the lesson. It's was all so overwhelming that Ava felt scared. She wanted Lucas with her. He'd make it better.

"He's never mentioned a Ruby." Ava said quietly, trying to make them understand how ridiculous it was. She really didn't want to stay away from her best friend. It was impossible.

"That's it." The girl, who she now knows is called Ruby, stood up but before her hand could connect with Ava's face, a hand stopped it.

"Stop! You're crazy Ruby."

The voice was unfamiliar so Ava looked at the face connected and saw that it was a tall blonde guy who had a chiseled features and an athletes body. Ava thought he was cute but nowhere near Lucas' level.

"Jackson you can't be serious!" Ruby exasperated.

Suddenly, the click of heels could be heard as the teacher walked up to the desk. "What is going on here?!" She shouted with accusing eyes pointed at Ava.

Jackson roughly let go of Ruby's wrist, who tried to subtly rub her wrists. "Nothing." They both muttered in unison, while Ava just watched stunned.

"Come on Ava. You can sit with me." Jackson grabbed her bag, already going back to his desk, throwing a friendly smile over his shoulder. Ava followed, eager to escape this Ruby girl.

The rest of the lesson was uneventful as they were given worksheets to fill out, while the teacher played on the computer. They were assigned partners and it turns out Jackson was going to be hers for the rest of the year and Ava was glad. He was really nice and they talked about where they were from. He was interested in knowing that she was homeschooled, thinking it only happened in movies. She learned that he was on the football team. Lucas was captain of the team so she would have to ask whether they knew each other.

They also talked about the meaning of life before they were interrupted by Miss Gillies announcing the end of the lesson.

"Do you want to eat with me? I know you don't have any friends." He did a fake pout before smirking at her as they stepped out of the classroom, successfully avoiding Ruby and her friends.

Ava paused outside, remembering she had to wait for Lucas. She was about to answer when an arm rested around her shoulders, pulling her close to a familiar body. "She's eating with me."

She turned around and hugged him. "Lu Lu! I did it. All by myself. And I made a friend!"

"That's great baby. Where is she?"

"He." She corrected, making him frown deeply. Ava forced herself not to smooth the lines out between his eyebrows. Now wasn't the time. "It's Jackson!" She turned back to Jackson who had a weird look on his face. "Jackson. This is my very best friend Lucas."

She resisted the urge to force them to shake hands or at least make them smile at each other. Maybe a simple nod but they stood there glaring at each other.

Jackson looked at her with a disappointed look on his face. "Ava. I wanted to eat lunch with you."

She couldn't stand looking at the sadness on his face so she searched her brain for a solution. "Don't do it Ava." Lucas whispered to her, which Ava ignored.

"I know! You can sit with us!" She said, her face instantly brightening.

"No." Came Lucas' instant reply.

"Great. Let's go." Jackson smirked and then motioned for Ava to walk first.

Lucas groaned. He was really tense but then again he was always really protective whenever Ava was around guys. He'll be fine.


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