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Chapter Four

THE glare that Lucas held on his face was enough for the students around them to run in the opposite direction. Everyone made way for him and his Ava as they saw it and for the first time, they didn't stare but avoided eye contact, not wanting to be on the receiving end.

Luckily for them, all his attention was on the the idiot making his mate laugh. An idiot was one of the nicer words he thought about him. Jackson Daniels. He was the captain of the football team two years ago before Ryan convinced Lucas to join. The coach then made him captain and Jackson gained a personal vendetta against him. He was also human so Lucas had no power over him.

Jackson was known to have the stereotypical attitude of a jock. He thought he ruled the school. He thought that everyone worshiped him. But, he knew it was Lucas who had all of that.

The thing that Lucas hated most about him was the fact that he didn't respect girls and treated them like garbage. Having found his mate at a young age, he learnt how to properly treat a lady, particularly Ava. He would never use someone like Jackson did often. That didn't mean he wasn't rude to every girl apart from Ava though. She was the exception.

And now, Jackson Daniels had his eye on his mate. Sure it looked like he was being friendly to the shy new girl but Lucas saw the desire and lust under that confident smirk Jackson held. He wasn't surprised that Ava would receive attention from the opposite sex. It definitely wasn't hard for a man to melt under Ava's innocent blue eyes and bright smile. She would light up a room just by being in it and all she would have to do is stand there. However, certain people would hate her because of this - jealousy turning to blind hatred.

He snapped back into reality when he heard his mate's angelic giggles. Jackson had the nerve to stand there and tell Ava cheesy jokes, bringing her to laugh, with or at him it didn't matter. Only I can make her laugh! He felt his eyes turning black at the amount of possessiveness he felt. The idea of another man even speaking to his mate was enough to land a punch in the face right about now.

Lucas he knew he needed to calm down before a human, especially Ava, noticed his change in eye colour. He needed his mate.

Jackson and Ava had walked ahead of him slightly as he sulked behind them, being forced to listen to them talk nonsense. They had reached the queue when a younger kid pushed in front of Lucas unknowingly, as he talked to his friend. Not feeling the urge to be nice, he pushed the boy. Hard. He was flung over a nearby table, knocking some trays on the ground with him. Most of the cafeteria hardly noticed with everyone chatting in their own little cliques. The ones who did just shouted at the boy for causing a mess. The boy's friend, however, stared at Lucas in shock until he directed a look at him, daring him to say something.

"What happened?"

His mate looked at the confused and pained boy with worry. Lucas shrugged. "Must've tripped."

She nodded slightly before saying, "what's wrong? You look angry. Are you just hungry?"

Not wanting to worry his mate further, he agreed, happy her attention was on him rather than the jock. As it should always be.

He took her tray and began to pile food on it. "What are you doing? That's my tray. Get your own you butt." He turned to a pouting Ava.

He pinched her cheek lightly and smiled at her insult. "This is for both of us silly thing."

She licked her lips in anticipation for the food, sending Lucas' thoughts wild at the action.

Jackson was ahead of them in the line now, choosing what he liked but was obviously still keeping his eye on Ava. She was holding onto the hem of the back of Lucas' muscle tee as she stood on her tip toes to whisper what she wanted in his ear. He still had to crouch down a little so she could reach.

Lucas relayed the information to the lunch lady and got enough food for himself and Ava, making sure to get extra in case she was still feeling hungry. He didn't wanted his baby starving through the rest of the lessons.

After Lucas paid, Jackson was, unfortunately, waiting for them at the end of the line so they could sit together. With Ava clutching onto Lucas, they walked to a table where Connor and Mason were already eating at.

"Hi guys!" Ava chirped at them. Some heads in the cafeteria turned towards the group. Realising she was suddenly a bit too loud, she hid her face in Lucas' muscled arm.

A chorus of greetings were heard as they sat down, Lucas making sure to put Ava between her and Mason so Jackson couldn't sit with her without making a scene.

"Where's Ryan?" Ava asked Mason.

"Detention. Talking back to a teacher apparently."

Lucas rolled his eyes. Ryan was always getting into trouble, being the loud and rebelling type. Luckily during Beta duties, he was the opposite.

Connor and Mason looked at Jackson in confusion and annoyance when he reluctantly took a seat next to Connor. None of them liked him since he was disrespecting to their Alpha. Being Lucas' friend, Jackson didn't like any of them either.

"Ermmm. Not to be rude or anything. But why the heck is he sat with us?" Connor asked, cringing away from Jackson as if he had a disease.

"Connor! Don't be mean. Jackson's my friend," scolded Ava as she hesitantly ate a slice of pizza from the tray. A look of surprise filled her face as she realised it wasn't bad.

The boys looked at Lucas, expecting him to do something about this 'new friend' but were shocked to see him just grunt and pull Ava closer to him by the waist. She slid on the seat and giggled to herself. "Hehe. Fun."

Lucas made sure to breathe in her lovely mango scent but it wasn't enough when Jackson started talking to her again. Luckily, Ava didn't like to talk when she ate, saying she wanted to focus on her food as it deserved all her attention. So, Jackson only received short answers before giving up and returning to his burger.

It was more or less quiet after that, Connor and Mason giving occasional comments about football, Jackson was stealing glances at Ava, and she was just eating.

"Lu Lu. Eat this. It's so yummy." She shoved a spoonful of pie in Lucas' mouth and looked at him expectedly.

"It's alright." He replied, not feeling in the mood for pie.

Ava pouted, hoping for a better reaction. She starting poking his cheek repeatedly. "Lu Lu." She whined. "Smile."

Lucas looked at his mate grinning at him, showing off her pearly white teeth. He couldn't help but release a little smile. It would be over my dead body before I let someone take you from me. He thought to his Ava.

From around the room, he saw people looking at them, either in awe or jealousy. It didn't matter. Whenever he was with her, he tended to forget about everyone and everything around him. It was a bad habit, being unaware of his surroundings so often. But, it was a habit he'd gladly have for the rest of his life if it meant Ava would be by his side.

He wanted her closer but their sides were already touching and Ava was getting fed up of elbowing Lucas as she tried to eat her food. Huffing in frustration, he decided to lift her onto his lap where he wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on her shoulder, inhaling her intoxicating scent.

A squeak came from blushing Ava. She obviously felt embarrassed as nobody else were sat on their best friend's lap and the ones that were, were sucking each other's face off. She wiggled around, trying to get off or get comfortable Lucas didn't know, but it was beginning to be a problem so he held onto her hips tighter to stop her from moving.

Ava opened her mouth to complain but Lucas said, "just eat your food baby. Before it gets cold."

She nodded and continued to eat with a smile on her face. Lucas knew she liked to sit on his lap, said it was comfy. Probably didn't like it as much in front of most of the school though.

Jackson was looking at Lucas with a glare on his face but he didn't really look that jealous. Lucas sent him a smirk nonetheless and cuddled closer to Ava.

The jock cleared his throat awkwardly, to get Ava's attention probably. They all looked at him however, and waited for what he had to say. "So Ava, want to come to my house and work on the Chemistry project tomorrow?"

Lucas immediately stiffened. He couldn't imagine what Jackson would do to Ava if they were at his house. Alone. Actually he could. He didn't want to though. "What?" He said through gritted teeth.

"We're partners for Chemistry." She said hesitantly, noticing how Lucas' had tensed. She grabbed his hand and started to massage it, fiddling with his fingers mostly.

"Yeah. We have great chemistry together." Jackson winked at Ava, who gave him a puzzled look. Lucas focused on Ava's touch, contemplating whether or not it would be bad to kill the boy here. 

"I can't tomorrow Jackson. I'm hanging out with Lucas." Good girl. "The day after?" Bad girl!


Lucas was just about to lash out and do something but a hand was put on his shoulder. It belonged to Ruby. A human girl, who was obsessed with him ever since he could remember. He didn't know why because they had never had a conversation apart from the ones where Lucas told her to go away. He shuddered in disgust of her touch and shook her hand off.

"Lucas." She purred, or what she thought was a purr. It sounded like she had something stuck in her throat.

Ava stiffened at the voice and Jackson was glaring at Ruby. That was surprising since they were dating at one point and apparently were still friends.

"Leave me alone." Lucas snapped, not wanting to deal with her. Ava continued to play with his hands. He loved the feel of her soft ones against his rough ones.

"What are you doing here Ruby? You know that no one likes you right?" Connor said gruffly. He was sick of the pest following them around too. If it wasn't her, it would be her friends. Their whole group was crazy.

Ruby ignored him and squinted her eyes at Ava. "What's she doing? She's going to break your legs Lucas." She laughed sadistically at a scared looking Ava.

Lucas' eyes darkened and a growl was threatening to emerge at the disrespect to his mate. If looks could kill, she would've been six feet under with all the glares she received from the cafeteria as loyal pack members heard the insult to their Luna.

"Don't you dare insult Ava you worthless piece of trash." Lucas spat at the girl. "Leave and go back to the bin you crawled out of."

She gasped. Some of her friends came over, looking to protect their queen apparently. "Hey! That's uncalled for." Some random girl said to Lucas.

"Oh wait I'm sorry. Was it the street corner that you spread your legs at?" Snickers could be heard all around. Ava was avoiding eye contact with everyone but rested her back against Lucas' chest, his touch provided comfort.

Ruby's face was red, angry she was humiliated in front of her minions. "Lucas! Why are you doing this! Your belong to me! Not this!" She gestured to Ava as if she was dog poop, angering Lucas even more. He felt his wolf coming out and tried to prevent it as he definitely did not want this to be the way he shows Ava his wolf.

Suddenly, Jackson spoke up. "I'm surprised you're still here. Just leave Ava alone. I would've thought you had learned that this morning."

Ruby sucked her teeth at him and walked away with her group following behind her.

Lucas was confused. What had happened this morning that he doesn't know? "What about this morning?" He demanded an answer from Ava but she was focused on their fingers, comparing the sizes.

"Ruby's in our chemistry. Kept going on about how you're hers. Ava was confused. The witch was going to hit her but I stopped it, thankfully." Jackson explained to the table.

Connor and Mason looked angry and started talking about ways to kill the girl but Lucas had mixed feelings. He was angry that Ruby would have the nerve to claim him. He was Ava's. Only Ava's. As she was his. He was sad that Ava hadn't told him straight away but he was mostly guilty that he wasn't there to protect her. If Jackson wasn't there, Ava could've been seriously hurt. He liked him a little more now but considering that he despised him before, it didn't make much of a difference.

Lucas pulled Ava closer to him, if that was even possible, nuzzling his face in her neck. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there little one." He had a voice full of remorse.

"It's not your fault Lu Lu." She whispered. "I'm ok." Her words were reassuring but it didn't lessen the guilt Lucas felt. It was his job to protect Ava. As her mate and her best friend.

"I'll take you out for ice cream after school."

Ava cheered in happiness, the previous incident with Ruby forgotten.


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