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Chapter Six

HIS arms were wrapped around his little Ava, rough fingers grazing her bare arm. Lucas realised she was asleep from the quiet snores that emitted from her and the calming, even breaths that hit his naked chest every time she took a breath.

Obviously Lucas wasn't going to wake her to go back to the children's home, so he was pleased with her staying the night. Miss Barnaby knew that if Ava wasn't there at the children's home, she'd be with Lucas so he didn't really need to call the women to let her know Ava would be staying over. He didn't think Miss Barnaby cared that much to be honest. Or she knew she could trust Lucas to look after Ava.

He looked down at her - the soft skin on her face, flawless apart from a few pimple scars, the long eyelashes that touched her high cheekbones, her cute little button nose and the pink, pouty lips that Lucas begged to kiss. Perfection.

This is what he wanted forever. To go to sleep with Ava in his arms. To know that she'd be the last thing he would see at night and the first thing he would see in the morning.

Just one more year. When Ava turns eighteen, she'll have to move out of the children's home. Ever since they were children, they had planned that Ava would move into the house with Lucas. Since her seventeenth birthday was coming up soon, he'd only have to wait another year and neither of them could hardly wait for the day.

Most of the pack members didn't live in the pack house as they'd prefer to live in their own home with their family, which is understandable. There would be plenty of rooms for any that do decide to live in the house with them however. Ryan and his family live at the pack house because it's easier for them if any pack business needs to be discussed as do Connor's family as he is the gamma.

Lucas hoped he would've had the courage to tell Ava about werewolves before she moves in because it would be so much easier. He hates having to keep secrets from her anyway.

Ava stirred a little so he shifted, cautious as to not wake her, and switched the light off. He enveloped them both in the white covers and fell asleep with a smile on his face and his mate in his arms.


From the corner of his eye, he watched an excited Ava smiling widely out of the window of the car. They were driving to school and she was definitely looking forward to today. Lucas just hoped it didn't have anything to do with her new friend.

His grip tightened on the steering wheel as he thought about the boy who had his eyes on Ava. He had said he was okay with her being friends with the guy but he was anything but. Lucas knew Jackson would try to take Ava away from him so he was prepared to do anything to stop him.

"Why are you so excited today baby?" He asked his fidgety mate. She was squirming in her seat, prepared to leap out as soon as it stopped.

She looked at him, her smile so contagious, Lucas had grin back. He didn't even know what he was smiling at. "I don't know. I'm just looking forward to school. It's not as scary as I thought."

He chuckled. "You say this now but later in the year, you'll be begging to skip."

"No I won't." She seemed adamant but it was school. Most people turned up in sweats and pyjamas half way through the year.

"Oh I forgot. You're a little nerd." He teased her, whilst parking into the empty space reserved for him.

She playfully glared at him. "I'm not." Ava muttered.

"Ok baby."

He got out and helped her as usual. Ryan, Connor and Mason were probably already at school. Lucas was always reluctant to get out of bed whenever he spends the night with Ava, resulting in late mornings. Luckily, she had a whole chest full of clothes back at his house so she didn't need to go back to the children's home to get changed.

Ava was looking beautiful in a black spaghetti strap sundress with little flowers on it, resting comfortably above her knees. It was really warm today so he didn't think she would accept his jacket. Settling for just being close to her, he rested his hand on her waist and led them into school.

"What do you have first little one?" He asked her when they reached their lockers.

Checking her timetable, she replied, "Chemistry."

Her lesson with Jackson!

As if he heard his name in Lucas' thoughts, Jackson appeared in front of them. "Hey guys!" He looked like he was going to give Ava a hug so Lucas pulled her back, making him have to awkwardly laugh it off and move away.

Ava waved at him sweetly and asked if he was excited for chemistry. She was most likely used to Lucas pulling her toward him all the time as he never felt she was close enough for his liking.

The idiot beside them nodded. "Yeah." He paused, looking her up and down with a smirk on his ugly face. "You look nice today Ava."

Lucas glared at him before turning to the blushing beauty beside him, his face softening just by looking at her. "You look beautiful everyday baby."

Naturally, she blushed harder, her face going beet red at the compliments. "Thanks guys." She said shyly, trying to hide behind a curtain of her hair.

"Anyway, let's go to chemistry shall we?"

Lucas felt Ava pulling away and knew she was just about to go with Jackson but he said, "actually baby. How about you go to lesson? I just need to talk to Jackson here for one second."

She seemed really hesitant but after a reassuring smile and a peck on the cheek from Lucas, she left the two boys.

Once he sees her cute little butt make it's way around the corner, Lucas wasted no time in grabbing Jackson with a fistful of his shirt and lifting him slightly so he was eye level. He had a lesson to get to anyway.

"What do you think you're doing, flirting with what's mine?!" He slammed the blonde jock into the wall, who surprisingly wasn't giving much resistance but the fear in his eyes and the shake in his knees were evident.

"W-what are you talking a-about?!" He shouted, perhaps trying to get attention from the passerbys.

However, they all knew not to intervene. They all thought the jock was stupid. Everyone knew she was his.

Lucas was shaking with anger as his wolf was itching to be let free and show everyone who his mate belonged to. He wanted to show them what happened if you were to cross him or his mate. He wanted to rip this human into shreds.

But he couldn't. It would expose werewolves to the humans in the corridor, watching them with curious eyes. Pack members watched their Alpha stare dangerously at the scared boy. They knew what Lucas was capable of, even the humans had a rumour that he was some kind of beast. Everyone watched, worried for the jock but none doing anything to stop it.

Lucas closed his eyes to calm himself down and change his black eyes back into it's normal grey colour. Taking deep breaths, he thought of his mate. The tingles he gets when he touches her. The butterflies he gets when he catches her checking him out. The scent of mangos that told him she was near. The warm feeling in his heart whenever she smiles at him.

"Ava is mine." His eerily calm voice echoed in the usually loud halls. "You got that?"

Jackson gulped and nodded vigorously.

Lucas applied more pressure to his chest, ensuring that bruises would be formed. "I said... you got that?" He said through gritted teeth, staring at Jackson dead in the eyes with a murderous look, daring him to disagree.

"Y-yes." Jackson stuttered, sweat dripping from his forehead.

Satisfied he got the message across, Lucas let go of the jock and gave him a sinister smile. "Off you go then."

Jackson got his senses together and scrambled out of the hallway, dodging people who had decided to stand there and stare at Lucas. With a glare in their direction, the nosey people looked away and walked into their lessons late.


He listened to the teacher talk about History faintly whilst focusing on his sketch. Lucas liked art and did his own stuff sometimes, Ava being his muse.

A voice in his head brought his attention away from the drawing of his mate. It was Ryan mind linking him.

"Oi Lucas! You need to come to the pack house quick!" Ryan sounded urgent and serious, worrying Lucas as he was hardly ever like that unless it was important.


"Rogues. I skipped today and next thing I know, I'm being attacked by a filthy rogue! His friends then decide to show up." He was clearly stressed with the situation so Lucas ran to the front and out of his class, not even giving a thought about his teacher. His pack came first.

"Alright. I'm coming."


Lucas didn't reply after that. He was already in the parking lot when he realised Ava wouldn't know where he was. Running back inside, he stopped at the reception.

"Can you tell Ava Davies that Lucas Wells had to go home?" He told the receptionist, who seemed to be playing on her phone. However, he didn't wait for a reply as he sprinted to his car in a hurry to get home.

Rogues were werewolves without a pack, not all were vicious but most were and those threatened the safety of many people - wolves and humans. They needed to be killed or put in the cells to be stopped. Usually, it would be one or two every once in a while and those could be dealt with without the Alpha but Ryan sounded like he was in big trouble.

Lucas sped home, probably breaking a few laws, and saw his father waiting for him at their driveway. "What's going on?!" He asked, needing to be in the loop.

"There are rogues by the border in that direction." His father pointed in the distance. "Warriors have contained them but they're struggling. You should go now."

Lucas nodded, already making his way there. "You staying here?"

"Someone has to."

He didn't respond as he had already made his way around his house to the forest that was connected to it. Removing himself of his clothes, he quickly shifted mid run. Lucas didn't even have time to relish in the fact he could stretch his wolf because the first rogue was spotted.

It was a small grey wolf, obviously had already taken a few hits and bites. The rogue didn't even have time to attack him as Lucas leaped into action and impaled his sharp teeth into the  rogue's filthy fur covered neck, effectively killing it swiftly.

Lucas let go of the motionless wolf and ran in the direction it came. "Ryan? Where are you?" He decided to ask Ryan through the mind link.

"By the lake."  Came the quick reply before Lucas closed his mind link, wanting to focus on getting there as fast as he could.

The lake was in a secluded area, surrounded by trees but it was a great sight. He remembered that Ava had made him a picnic once and they ate it there.

Once he reached the lake, the sound of growls filled the air. He still had the taste of blood in his mouth and some of it had dried up around it. This is how he faced the five rogues, none showing any signs of peace.

Suddenly, one of the rogues ran forwards, towards Lucas and his pack warriors. This lead to the rest joining in on the fight, despite the fact that they were outnumbered and all smaller than Lucas' wolf.

With a powerful growl to his pack, they charged at the rogues and collided. Blood was shed instantly. Lucas had his eye on the biggest rogue, yet nowhere near the size and strength of his. He tried to bite into it's neck but the rogue moved at the last minute, making Lucas' teeth sink into it's shoulder.

He released the mouthful of flesh and used his head to knock the animal into a nearby tree. The body of the dark brown wolf pummelled into the it, nearly knocking him out. The rogue was shaky but still ran, full force into Lucas. Each one of them were trying to bite each other, teeth narrowly missing flesh.

A howl from beside them came from hazel wolf as Mason took a chunk of fur from its body. Taking the opportunity as a distraction, Lucas bit onto the rogue's leg, making it yelp and try to limp away. Lucas hurled his wolf into the rogue, slamming it against a tree. The rogue was weak yet still looked determined to win.

It obviously wasn't going to.

Lucas didn't feel like showing the rogues any mercy today as he had to leave his little Ava on the second day of school for this. So, he successfully bit into the rogue and watched the blood drain out of it along with its life.


Connor had suggested to just throw all of the bodies into the lake but Lucas disagreed with the idea immediately and decided they would be buried outside the border. He didn't want Ava to be swimming around in a lake full of dead people.

They had survived the attack with little injuries. The same could not be said about the rogues as not one made it out alive. To Lucas, it was humorous how such a weak group of rogues could think they could take one of the best packs in the country. They weren't the best as they lacked numbers but were able to use each wolf to their advantage and lead as a family in battle.

Exhausted, the group ran back to the pack house in wolf form. Lucas had already mind linked his father to bring extra clothes for himself and the rest. Hopefully, Ava would be back by now and waiting for him at the house. All he wanted was to lay down and cuddle with his mate.


Thank you for reading!

So that was a fight scene I guess. I hope it was ok?

My maths teacher told us a joke and I love it!
Thought I'd share it because I'm nice like that.
Q: Four and Five went to the cinemas to watch a horror film. At last minute, Four backed out. Why?
A: Because he was two squared!

Much love <3


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