It's All Just A Game

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After hurriedly eating, Amelia took me upstairs and she waited very patiently as I washed myself and then she sprang into action. Some days I felt like her own personal experiment. I was constantly trying on new clothing and pairing it with accessories to make me look more like a princess and less of what I wanted to be.
She dries my black hair that stands against my very pale skin. Amelia brushes my hair, making sure that there are no knots or tangles left before she starts pinning my hair back. She takes some strands and pins them back using jeweled bobby pins, whc9h I find very annoying against my scalp. After Amelia is satisfied, she starts on my makeup. I'm not fond of makeup and Amelia knows it. She puts on some light mascara, a light smoky eye look that brings out my green eyes and she lightly applies some lipstick which makes my lips feel weird.
When I look in the vanity mirror, I don’t see a princess. I see a woman who’s being all dolled up to hide the true her. Maybe that’s why we had so many balls and parties because that gave Amelia opportunities to make me look beautiful. Maybe I was becoming a ghost of sorts underneath all this makeup. All anyone really cares about is Princess Verity and not just plain Verity.
Amelia sits me down on the bed as she fetches my dress, jewelry and shoes. I stare out the window , dreaming about what could be out there. What's their kingdom like? Are the people kind or wicked? Do they venture into the forest and mountains? Are they free, unlike me?
My thoughts are interrupted by Amelia because she brings back my stuff and dumps the bag and boxes beside me, startling me slightly.
"I have picked out a non-revealing dress with some matching jewelry and shoes. You will look smashing!"
"I won't feel that way." I mutter.
"I know miss. I know."
Amelia is the only one who understands and I'm incredibly grateful for that.
I slip on a wine red, floor length dress, which shows off my figure, much to my dismay. Only I should have the privilege of looking at my body and not anyone else.The shoulder straps cover up my shoulders with lace of the same color. There isn't a v neck drop or anything like that, thankfully. The fabric goes across my chest in a straight line, keeping everything hidden. I thought that it just looked fine and not smashing as Amelia puts it.
My earrings are gold with diamonds. On top, there is a small oval with three small diamonds embedded in the metal. Below that, there is a large oval with nine diamonds swirling around the metal that is flowing in different directions. Amelia did applaud whoever made these.
My bracket is gold with diamonds on the straighter piece, spreading out from the aqua marine crystal in the middle. The aqua crystal reveals two smaller crystals of the same color and shape with a teardrop diamond in the center. Spreading out from the teardrop, the aqua crystals and the diamonds go out in a repetitive pattern: crystal, diamonds and crystal again and again.
The necklace was a wine red rose with red crystals on the bottom, slightly concealing the design. Sharing the same space as the wine red crystals, are diamonds the contrast well with the red. This lies on a gold chain.
The ring was two Ravens with their golden beaks touching. The ravens were covered with sapphire and emerald crystals covering the wings of the ravens and onto their bellies. In the center, there was a turquoise crystal surrounded by sapphire and emerald crystals. By the tips of the raven's wings there were three purple crystals.
Amelia wouldn't look at myself until I was perfect. Apparently perfect took a lot of work for a princess. Sometimes I wished that I wasn't who I was. I wished that I could be as happy as our servants or our townspeople were when they had little or nothing. Why were they? I had almost everything that I could ever want. So what was this gaping hole in my heart and what could fill it?
She proceeded to put on my shoes. The shoes were shiny silver with a black insole. The platform was black leather with a piece of black leather over crossing the silver in the front.
For the "final touch" was my tiara. It was thin pieces of silver metal intertwining with each other for a twisted look. On top of the spires that were made as a result of the intertwining, were small oval aquamarine crystals. There were also, two small combs attached to the ends of the tiara that would keep it on my head.
Amelia turned me around to the mirror and I thought that I just looked fine. I sighed.
"Verity, you look beautiful! Those two will be head over heels for you, pardon the pun."
"There is going to be a bloodbath." I say sarcastically.
"Nonsense." She retaliated.
She blocked my view of the mirror, and of myself, to do some last minute touch ups. She smoothed out my dress and took two strands of my hair and let them hang by my face, slightly shaping it.
"Verity, I hope you do well."
"I do too so that they can be gone quickly."
"You never know miss. You could grow to be quite fond of one, or both."
"You never know." I muttered.
She smiled slightly and led me out to meet these two princes who I had no desire to meet. Just plain old Verity wanted a chance but as always Princess Verity was more important.

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