Mage's Fire

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Five months after Dominic died, Riley and Nadia are still struggling to survive in the supernatural world. After five months of fighting with members of the Wolf Valley Pack, a new threat has appeared: the pack that Dominic had created. While the rogue pack starts attacking people in and around Wolf Valley, another pack arrives: the Guardians. Tasked with keeping the world of werewolves secret, they help Riley and her pack as they battle against two rival packs. Among the Guardians is the strange, endearing werewolf Kai. Riley can't seem to figure him out, and she can't stop thinking about him... When Nadia's grandmother comes from Scotland to visit her, she discovers something she never thought would happen: she's a mage, and from what she's told, she's a powerful one. With her grandmother's help, and Sierra's, Nadia starts learning how to control her magic. As the rogue pack causes more mayhem and destruction than Dominic ever could, Riley and Nadia must trust in their new relationships and alliances, or be forced to leave their home forever.

Fantasy / Action
A.M. Clay
4.5 14 reviews
Age Rating:

Difficult Damsels

"Difficult Damsels”

Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice.

There are girls made of dark lace and witchcraft and a little bit of vice.

These are daughters made claw first and story-mad, tiger roar and wolf-bad.

These are women made of terrible tempests and savage storms and the untamed unwanted.

These are damsels made of flawless fearlessness made of more bravery than knights have ever seen.

These are princesses made of valour and poison alike and they are here to hold court as your queens.

—Nikita Gill

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