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After showering, I realized that I do not have any spare clothing in the packhouse. Using Ellie's shower meant I'll have to borrow some clothes. She wouldn't mind because her closet was filled with clothes. The only problem was Ellie and I have different taste in clothes. I liked my clothes a little looser than hers and a lot less colorful.

I opened her closet up with a towel wrapped around my torso. Moving her clothes back and forth until I could find something suitable to wear. She has leggings, dresses, skirts, blouses, and a few t-shirts. I decided to throw on a t-shirt and some leggings but because I didn't have any undergarments, I was left going commando and braless.

Standing and looking in the mirror, I wanted to cry. I can see my nipples and because I didn't have tiny breasts but sizable breasts, I felt off. Grabbing onto my boobs, I moved them and down. Even managed to poke my nipple to see if it would hide.

When nothing worked, I thought that I could find a sweater in Ellie's closet instead. I settled on an oversized light gray sweater. Now, I feel airy underneath my clothes.

Wrapping my arms underneath my breasts, I stepped out of the bedroom to find Liam leaning against the wall with one hand in his pocket and the other holding a brown bag. He had showered and changed as well but it looks like he changed into his clothes. I wondered if he went back home to shower and change.

He pushed off the wall and walked over to me. I felt semi-conscious when his eyes hovered over my breasts a little too long. Did he know I wasn't wearing a bra? I made sure to wear an oversized sweater. I pulled my arms tighter around me.

"I went home to shower and change but stopped by your home to grab some of your items. Your mom packed this for you," he stated.

Relieved that he thought about me, I grabbed the bag and went back inside Ellie's room to change. Opening it up, I silently thanked my mom for packing a bra and underwear. I swapped clothes before stuffing Ellie's used clothes into my bag to wash.

Once I was done, I stepped out to find that Liam was no longer standing at the door. I made my way back downstairs to the kitchen. When I reached the door, I hear Liam and Grandma talking. She was laughing at something that Liam said. Then I heard something that made my heart skip a beat.

He had laughed at something Grandma said. It a small laugh but it was deep and throaty. I chewed my bottom lip just as I pushed the door open.

Grandma looked my way first. Her eyes twinkling with a refreshing joy. Liam sat across from her on the same stool he sat in from earlier. The way he leaned over his food stretched the back of his dark grey cotton t-shirt. It rode up a little that I can see the back of his dark blue denim jeans and the dark red and blue boxer he had on. He turned when he saw my Grandma looking behind him.

His eyes sweeping over my clothes one time with an approving look. I guess his earlier assessment wasn't because he had x-ray vision. It was because he didn't like Ellie's clothes on me.

"It is ready, sweetie. C'mon have a try." She slid a plate with a slice of apple pie to the seat next to Liam.

I walked over and sat down. Picking up the fork, I made sure to cut a little bit of the foamy whipped cream and into the pie before bringing it to my lips. The tart, sweet, cinnamony flavor mixed around in my mouth.

"Alright, I'll have to bring some to the Alpha and Luna. Might as well bring some for my dearest mate. I am sure he would appreciate some pie. Make sure to bring some to your mother, Sage, yeah?" she picked up a basket that she had placed several pies in.

I nodded with my mouth still filled with the pie. She chuckled before walking away. Once she left the kitchen, Liam and I were left alone.

I cut into the pie some more and brought a large piece to my mouth. Unfortunately, the whipped cream got onto my upper lip. I stuck my tongue and licked it, but it pushed the whipped cream higher. I dropped my fork to use my thumb to wipe it off the whipped cream that was getting onto my cheek.

Instead, I felt Liam's lips pressed against my cheek. My eyes widened but were unable to pull back as he kept a firm grip on my arm that was closest to him. Tingles spread from point of contact and my stomach filled with butterflies.

"Taking advantage of my messy eating," I grumbled and stabbed at my pie. I wanted the whipped cream and he took it.

"I have never seen a woman devour a pie the way you do," he said.

I turned to glare at him.


He pinched my chin and used his thumb to wipe one corner of my mouth. He lifted his hand as evidence of my messy eating. I huffed and dropped the fork.

"Well, if you are looking for a proper woman who would eat a pie with her pinky sticking out, then that is not me," I announced in irritation.

He smirked before moving his thumb to his lips but I was a lot quicker. He doesn't get to lick the sauce to my pie. I grabbed onto his wrist with both of my hands, leaned forward and licked his thumb.

It was his turn to have wide eyes. I smiled in triumph before turning back in my seat and picking up my fork. It was pretty bold of me to lick his thumb but did I regret it? No. I don't know why I always react this way. Ellie said that most men would think I was too forward and direct that only special men can handle me. Honestly, it might be true. When I know I want something, I don't sit around and wait for it. I dive right in and take it. Why wait for the chance to slip by?

"Are you always like this?" he asked curiously.

"Like what?"

A smile touched his lips. "Direct? Demanding? Open?"

I shrugged while eating my pie. He finished his pie and turned to face me with his body. I don't know what he was feeling. Ellie's words were still fresh in my mind. What if I was too much for him?

"Do you not like it?" I asked.

One corner of his lips lifted and he raised an eyebrow before tipping his head down between his legs. My eyes homed in on the bulging evidence and an exhilarating heat throbbed between my legs.

"I see," I replied.

His smile grew at my reaction. His eyes flickered out to the window and catching how late it already was.

"I think it is about close to the time that you promised my dad you would bring me home," I said.

He chuckled and I watched his face transformed into something beautiful. I couldn't stop my smile from appearing. With a nod, he stood up and push back the stool that he was sitting on.

We finished cleaning our dishes and tidying a few things up before I grabbed the basket of pies that I was supposed to bring to my parents. Liam and I got onto his bike and drove back home. The lights were on inside the house so I knew that my parents were both at home. He pulled to a stop in front of the house.

I removed the helmet from my head and hopped off from his bike. Turning around to face him, I see him already looking at me. He didn't bother getting off the bike. So I knew he wasn't going to go inside. I gnawed at my bottom lip.

"So," I started.

He raised an eyebrow at me. His hands were settled on his thighs. Ok, I might have lied. I am a very open kind of gal but when it comes to dating, I don't know crap. I never dated before because I found no reason to. Now, that I found my mate and have gone to the very first date since living on earth, I didn't know what to say or do.

My hands wrung the handle of the basket while I looked down at his shiny black combat boots. I don't know why I am standing here. What am I expecting?

"Sage," Liam said my name.

I lifted my eyes to look at him. His hands threaded through my hair then while he yanked me into his arms. I clutched the damn basket for dear life while Liam thrust his tongue inside of me and kissed me till my toes curled.

I don't know what it was about his kissing. It makes me feel alive and more woman than ever. I feel desired and wanted in a sensual way. I heard him growl and his chest vibrating. With one hand, I placed it on his chest and then up to his neck, meeting him kiss for kiss, tongue for tongue.

I moaned when I felt him nip my bottom lip like I had done earlier. His hand in my hair tugged a little, pulling at the roots. Silently, he was forcing me to comply but I slid my tongue around his and nipped at his own lip like how he did. What I did, he must have liked it because he groaned throatily.

When he released me, I was a little daze. His hands moving down to cup one side of my neck while he pressed his forehead against mine.

"I can't get enough," he whispered.

"Enough?" I said, breathless from the kiss.

His eyes met mine and they were dark with lust. I clenched my thighs together and my heart skipped a beat. He looked so damn dangerous and sexy staring at me.

"You. I can't get enough of you," he replied huskily before kissing my lips chastely.

Pulling away, he leaned back in his bike and returned his hands to the handles on his bike.

The front door opened and my dad stepped outside. He walked out to the porch and stood behind the rail. Their was a scowl on his face but I knew my dad. He wasn't leaving. He needed to make sure that his girl makes it home safe and sound even if it was her mate who brought her home.

I waved my hand at him before turning back to Liam.

"Thank you for today," I told him. "I had fun."

He smiled before nodding his head for me to go inside.

"Better go inside before your dad comes marching out here," Liam said.

I pursed my lips. "He won't do anything."

"You sure?" Liam smirked.

"Positive," I announced.

"He's walking this way right now," Liam said.

I turned to see that Liam was right. My dad was walking down the steps. However, my mom came to the rescue when she, too, stepped out of the house and grabbed my dad by the back of his shirt. There was some exchange going on between them before my dad followed her inside.

Then I caught my mom open the blinds to the side window and looked out at us. They were really trying not to be obvious, at least that was what I was trying to tell myself. I heard Liam chuckle before he took hold of my hand and gave it a good squeeze.

"I'll see you soon," he replied.

I watched him pull out of the driveway and disappeared down the small country road before walking back inside.

I was greeted by both my parents.

"Oh, how did your date go?" my mom asked.

"You're telling me, you didn't call grandma to ask---"

"No!" My mom's voice squeaked.

I scoffed. "Seriously, guys. I am okay. I am a grown woman."

"We just want to make sure he treats you right," my dad grumbled while reaching for the basket. "Grandma said you brought pie."

"Do you deserve any?" I asked my dad.

He gave me a deadpanned look. "Either you give it to me or we will have a serious problem."

I laughed before handing them the basket. I went to my bedroom and changed into a long t-shirt before taking off my pants and jumping into bed. I like sleeping with only a t-shirt and underwear. It's comfortable and not too hot. I pulled the blankets up to my chin and looked out the window waiting for sleep to take over.

Author's Note:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Last update for a while. Enjoy!

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