Wild Claim

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Dare I say, I was born to be a legend?

I felt a breeze touch my cheek, my eyes flying open. My right hand wrapped around the wrist and I ducked underneath before I flipped my opponent over into the grass.

Another groan and whimper.

“Who is next?” I looked up at my peers.

“My back,” Tommy cried in exaggeration from the ground.

“You’re going to kill everyone,” Ellie remarked with a laugh.

I turned around to see my best friend Ellie emerge from the crowd. She was Beta Ace’s and Beta Male Scott’s adopted daughter. I envy her flawless bronze skin and straight medium, midnight hair. She was, in my eyes, what I would describe as a snack. She stepped over the crying Tommy with her long legs and walked over to me.

“I was going easy on them,” I protested.

“You broke Dave’s finger a few days ago---”

“On accident,” I added.

“Sage,” my dad’s voice came from the field.

I sighed before turning to look at him. He approached us with a disapproving look.

“What?” I gave him a good smile. One that will totally have him wrapped---

“I told you to use half of your strength. Do not kill every person you see,” my dad growled.

“Tommy is just faking it. Look!” I shoved Tommy over with one of my feet. He groaned and rolled over effortlessly. Such a drama king.

My dad growled his displeasure. I turned to look at him innocently. Is it my fault he taught me these moves? He told me that I may need them one day. If I don’t practice on these people who would I practice on? A stuffed teddy bear?

“Gamma Judah, if I may---”

“You may not, Ellie. You may, however, help Sage carry Tommy to the nurse’s office,” My dad interrupted.

We both sighed together before dropping down to our knees to help pick up whiny Tommy. We each wrapped one of his arms over our shoulders. I kept an arm around his waist to keep him steady.

While walking to the nurse’s office, my dad stopped us once again when he called out both of our names.

“After school, go home and find something nice to wear. We are having dinner at the packhouse,” dad announced.

I whipped around,thinking of my football practice tonight. He saw the protest on my face before I could say anything.

“Not tonight, Sage. You’ll skip the practice. I am sure your team will be fine without you,” my dad retorted.


“No buts.” He gave me a look that told me not to question him. I growled and accidentally dug my fingernails deep into Tommy’s waist.

“Ouch! What the---” He jumped away from me.

“Oh sor--, wait a minute, you’re not hurt,” I growled.

“What? Oh, I am!” Tommy lied and pretended to wince in pain.

I punched him in the chest hard.

He made an ′oof’ sound before clutching at his chest, wheezing.

“Now, you’re hurting,” I snapped before releasing my third best friend. He collapsed on the ground.

“Shit, Sage,” Tommy whined.

“You deserved it,” Ellie nodded her head at him.

Tommy popped up from his spot and stood between Ellie and I.

“So, what are you two going to wear? And how come not everybody is invited to the dinner?” Tommy questioned.

His words remind me that I have nothing to wear. I am very much like my mom. I wear a lot of baggy clothes because I feel comfortable in them. My closet has no dresses. Only mens t-shirts and athletic shorts. However, Ellie is an expert in dressing up nicely. I could ask her but then again, I hate dresses. They constrict my boobs and ass, leaving me unable to breathe.

“Maybe I can find a nice t-shirt and pants in my closet,” I mumbled.

Ellie laughed. “Seriously, Sage, your father said to wear something nice.”

We walked together back through the double gym doors that we came through earlier for training. Ellie, Tommy, and I have been friends since grade school. Ellie has yet to turn eighteen. Tommy turned eighteen a few months ago and I eighteen a month ago. Sadly, Tommy and I are still looking for our mate. Even the resort resulted in nothing. No sparks. No instant connection.

“You should come over to my place. I have plenty of dresses you can borrow,” Ellie replied.

“No thanks,” I responded.

“Sage, your dad said something nice. It must mean someone important is coming over. You have to at least dress to impress. You’re the Gamma’s daughter,” Ellie countered.

I stopped to look at her, then Tommy. He already knew that I was giving in and he slowly started to smile. He loves it when I’m in pain or uncomfortable. I guess there was no way in avoiding this. Whoever it was, better be happy that I am trying my best here.

It was exactly four hours later that I was left gawking at myself in the mirror. I picked at the vintage cocktail dress between my fingers and then pulled on it. Ellie slapped my hand away.

“Stop,” she scolded.

“It’s too high,” I tugged down at the hem and then crouched. I even attempted to bend down at my knee to make it look like longer.

“You look fucking amazing,” Ellie chimed.

The dress had a boatneck neckline and was an olive-green color. Ellie said it complimented my olive eyes and burnt umber hair that she had carefully curled down to my shoulder blades. One strand of hair fell over my forehead. I blew on it, puckering my lips that were stained with a unique color of nude lipstick. Unfortunately, the strand of hair fell back down and got stuck in my fake eyelashes.

“Ah, fuck, I’m going to go blind in this,” I said in a panic.

“Can you, for once, stop moving?” Ellie slapped my hand away and proceeded to fix my hair again.

Once she fixed my hair, she stood back to admire her work before walking out of the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. My chest was wide, showcasing my boobs. I grabbed them just to see how big they were. I adjusted them, feeling the awkward bra dig into the side of my breast. I cocked one hip out to the side while staring at the mirror.

Ellie walked in with a pair of matching heels. She was looking at my hands that were on my breasts, and I looked at the heels in her hand. I began shaking my head.

“See, now, that is where I draw the line. I’ll wear these fucking eyelashes and caked on makeup, even suffer through this dress, but there is no way in hell I’ll wear heels,” I growled.

“Sage, c’mon, they’re just heels and they aren’t even that high. I picked out the shortest pair,” Ellie jutted them my way.

She was dressed in a nice slim, black fitted dress, her hair tied up into a neat bun to expose her beautiful neckline. She looked gorgeous, while I looked like a rotten vegetable.

“No,” I said firmly.

I meant what I said. No heels.

Ellie and I started out of her bedroom. She lives in the packhouse with her parents on a different floor, but she has her own room. She cast a look my way as we made our way to the stairs. I looked down at my converse-clad feet with a grin.

“What are we going to do with you?” Ellie sighed in exasperation.

“You love me,” I pointed out.

“You should really rethink wearing those heels.” She’s trying, I’ll give her that.


I wish I had the confidence that Ellie has. She’s beautiful, tall, and looks pretty even if she doesn’t put on makeup. I’m not saying that I’m ugly. I’m just saying I feel more confident in looser clothes, things that will cover my ass and wide hips.

“So, did your dads tell you who will be coming over?” I asked as we made our way down the hall.

“Dad Scott told me it’s someone we already know,” Ellie replied.

“Really?” I looked at Ellie in surprise.

She nodded in response as we made our way down the stairs. It took a little longer because Ellie had heels on and I didn’t. I had to wait for her. Once we reached the foyer, my wolf started to feel a little uneasy.

“So, why are we dressing up if we know this person?” I asked, ignoring my wolf as we rounded the stairs and went down the narrow hallway leading to the dining hall.

“It is Luna Katya’s brother. He has returned. Dad Ace told me that it’s a celebration. Everyone has to dress up nice to welcome him back home.”

I nodded my head in silent understanding. I remember him. His name was Liam and he’s weird. He’s quiet and barely speaks a word to anyone, but he is also kind. He came over to our house a couple of times. He is respectful. The last time I saw him was when he graduated from high school. He was pretty slender then but those eyes of his were intense. They always made me feel all weird inside.

I’m surprised to hear that he has returned. I wondered if it had to do with the news of Luna Katya’s baby. Just as we were nearing the dining room door, I caught a faint masculine scent mixed in with the food that Grandma Catalina was making. My wolf was pushing against the walls in my mind. I was having a hard time concentrating on whatever Ellie was saying. Clenching my teeth, I fought back the ebbing sensation. This is not the time to go out for a run.

One of the doors opened and a maid walked out with an empty tray. She looked at us quickly before nodding her head respectfully and stepping away. Ellie’s excitement is written clearly on her face, but I couldn’t concentrate. My senses were going haywire.

I pinched the bridge of my nose and shook my head.

“I think I should head back,” I grumbled.

“No, you have to come with me,” Ellie took one of my wrists and half dragged me inside. The masculine scent I smelled earlier flooded my mind and my eyes flew open. It’s absolutely stronger in this room.

My eyes snapped to the dining table and scanned the people sitting there. Nothing was different. It was filled with people that I’ve seen many times, until my eyes landed on him.

“Oh fuck,” I breathed.

He was no longer the skinny boy from high school.

He was all man sitting before me, those dark locks fell over his forehead and the rugged stubble stuck to his chin. Not to mention the huge muscles that were straining against the white dress shirt. If I look close enough, I can see hints of a tattoo underneath that dress shirt.

This person was not the person I knew.

This person didn’t make my inside go all weird. He made my panties soaking wet, my heart racing like it’s trying to reach a finish line. Our eyes connected and we both knew...


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