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My eyes snapped open to see myself back in my cell again. The cemented wall painted ugly orange color. The long light fixture above me flickered on and off. I can hear voices and scream. The Alpha was back on his normal charade of torturing people to follow him. Everyone feared him because he was manipulative and cold.

"Liam, baby," my mother whispered from a dark corner.

I realized I was sitting on my bed. Katya took the top bunk bed. I took the bottom one. Our mother was chained to the wall with a cuff around her ankle. She waved her hand at me, beckoning me to listen.

"Everything will be okay. You have nothing to fear. Come here, Liam," she whispered desperately.

Loud shouting, gun shots, and the Alpha's roaring. My heart raced faster. My skin tingled and I couldn't sleep. I was afraid. Afraid of the Alpha who has killed our father and taken my mother and us captive.

"Liam, baby, he won't get to you. I promise. You'll be safe in my arms," she promised.

I got off the bed and walked over to her. Her white thin cotton dress was dirty. Her skin was littered with bruises and scratches.

I sat on the ground in front of her with my legs crossed. Scooting closer, I looked into her broken brown eyes. There was no smile or light in her eyes. She looked like everything closed to life has been scooped out of her and thrown away. There was nothing left but she forced a smile onto her face.

"You'll be okay. Your sister will be okay. She'll protect you," she muttered in a soft voice.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and I moved closer to her. I felt her stomach. My baby sister was inside of her. Tucking my head underneath her chin, she began humming a lullaby.

"Good night, my child, go to sleep. Mama is watching over you. Not a sound, not a peep. Tomorrow, you'll find yourself at home. Good night, my child, go to sleep. Not a sound, not a peep. Tomorrow, you'll find that you were never alone."

She softly ran her hands through my hair and I pressed my ear to her heart. The sound of the screaming and crying, disappearing as soon as my mom started singing. She covered my other ear with the palm of her hand. I closed my eyes and fall asleep.

I woke up roaring and naked but not far from home. I am within the territory still. Turning over, my hands touched the bedding of fallen leaves below me. Breathing hard, I swallowed the lump in my throat. I squeezed my eyes closed and visualized my mother's beautiful face again and my fingers dug into the ground. Rain pounded against my skin, washing away the dirt on my skin.

I shoved both hands through my hair and released an anguished roar. Images of my mother's bloody dead form appeared in my mind. More images filtered through my mind. The Alpha's laughter. The night that we escaped. The blanket that wrapped my baby sister up. It was stained with my mother's blood. Katya's scared eyes while her hands are raised in front of her. Blood everywhere.

Releasing the grip in my hair, I clawed at the ground with fury and beastly hands. I was breathing harder. My muscles were taut and stiff. My skin tingled with the threat of my beast releasing his own starved hunger for blood.

When I was done, my hands were bloodied from clawing at the ground but the skin was quickly regenerating. Another fact that I am not a normal werewolf like everyone else. My healing time was five times faster. I fall onto the ground again. Blinking and staring up to the grey skies. Rain washed away the dirt but did nothing in cleaning my soul. I felt weak.

When I finally had the courage to stand back up again. I walked back home and cleaned up. I wanted to be normal but maybe that was too much to ask. Yesterday, I forgot who I was. Being in Sage's presence and hearing her laugh, it was everything to me. I indulged and loved every second that I spent with her. She had forgiven me so easily but I haven't forgiven myself yet.

Jumping into the shower, I turned on the water and threaded my hands through my hair. I pressed my palms against the shower wall and closed my eyes. Torturous memories flashing through the back of my eyelids.

I don't remember everything from my past but there would be times I would have the same dreams. I remember enough of my past. The same dreadful feeling that I would wake up to. I have a feeling it was what drives my beast to the surface while I am sleeping. He didn't get far tonight because I woke up.

After I washed my hair and body freed from the dirt, I dried myself quick with a towel before wrapping it around my waist. Deciding that drowning my frustration in heavily medicated tonic was a priority to grabbing something to wear, I made my way out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I opened the shelf closest to the entrance to the kitchen. Inside was three bottles of tonic I kept around.

I didn't bother wasting time in grabbing a cup. I opened the cap and took a large chug of the tonic. It burned my throat but warmed my body. I took another large swig of the bottle, downing it more than half already.

A knock sounded at the door. I shouldn't open the door. I shouldn't even greet the person on the other side. I am not myself today but I walked towards it anyway.

Swinging it open without looking to see who it was, I found myself staring at my mate. She was dressed in an oversized yellow raincoat but the very few hairs that escaped from underneath the hood were wet. Her face was slightly pale from the coldness outside. She has a container filled with food in her hand.

Her eyes widened when she saw that I had nothing on but a towel. Slowly, her eyes did a private examination of my upper body. They lingered longer on my tattoos before trailing down my abs. My body reacted immediately under my mate's careful scrutiny.

"I am not sure if you are trying to seduce me or if I walked in at a bad time," she stated with a smirk before her eyes found mine.

Her smile dropped as soon as she noticed something was wrong. She pushed her way inside without me welcoming her in but then again this was Sage. I wouldn't have stopped her if she wanted to come inside my cabin.

I closed the door behind me. Turned around to see her sat a container in her hands down on my small dining table. She shrugged off the raincoat and ran her hands through her hair.

Today, she wore an old rock band t-shirt and a dark blue denim skinny jeans. It didn't show any skin but hugged her body perfectly. Her eyes traveled down to what I had in my hands.

"A little early for that, don't you think?" she asked.

"I wasn't expecting visitors," I muttered, walking away from her and into the bedroom.

I am not at all surprised when I catch her following me into the bedroom. I am starting to learn a little bit about her. She charges. She doesn't wait. She doesn't care for bullshit. She does what she wants and doesn't give a fuck about what anybody thinks.

"What's wrong?" she said from behind me.

"Nothing," I mumbled.

"Something is wrong. I can see it. Was it because of last night?" She sounded unsure.

I turned around to look at her just as we entered the bedroom. It wasn't because of last night. I felt good last night. I held her in my arms until she fell asleep before carrying her to bed.

It was the few hours that I had slept that sodden my mood. I didn't turn to look at her because I was already on edge with my nightmares and my beast was feeding on my anger. I didn't need her to see it on my face.

"No," I replied curtly.

My skin tingled to life. Heated rage burned inside my chest. It throbbed at my ribcage and pulsed through my mind. If she didn't interrupt, I would have drunk myself into an incapable state.

"What do you want, Sage?" I asked, needing her to leave right now so she won't get hurt.

"I-I-my gram's made some pie. She asked me to drop some off here. I didn't..."

I laughed because the idea of her grandma sending her into the woods to deliver pie reminded me of a little red riding hood. Except for the fact that I wanted to eat her like a meal in a different way. However, my laughter wasn't heartfelt. It was sarcastic, cold, and malicious.

"I need to be alone, Kitten," I told her.

"Why? So, you can drink yourself into an intoxicated state?" she retorted.

I growled and shoved my hands through my hair. Why was she making this difficult? I needed to release the tension in my body. My skin itched with the urge to shift. My beast was on the borders of taking over again. I needed her to leave.

"Go home," I growled.

She crossed her arms, "No."

I grabbed her arms and shoved her up against the closed bedroom door a little too hard. She landed with a thump just as I pinned her down. My body shook with the urge to shift and I'm almost positive my skin was burning.

"Don't you understand? I am dangerous to be around right now. I need you to leave," I snarled.

"I-I won't go," she muttered.

My eyes were glowing golden. She was so god damn stubborn. Grounding my teeth, I hissed before slamming my lips onto her shivering ones. She inhaled sharply in surprise. If I can't drink myself into a state where I can't remember. I needed her to replace it.

She struggled against me. Fighting me and tugging hard on her hands to free but I am so much stronger than her. I pinned her body with mine. Every inch of my naked torso touched hers fully clothed one.

My kiss was harsh and demanding. I released my frustration and anger through the kiss. It claimed and sought. It took all that she had and tasted every inch of the warm cave of her mouth.

Then she moaned.

And her body softened willingly.

My grip loosened.

Her hands slipped over my corded arm muscles, over my shoulders to cup my face. Her tongue met me, match for match. I grabbed her thighs and hooked them around my waist before moving my hands to her jean cladded ass. She moaned softly and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, bringing her body closer to mine.

Suddenly, my mind was thrown off track to how good she felt. I wanted more. I needed more.

Carrying her over to my bed and laying her down, I did not break the kiss while doing it. Her legs were still wrapped around my waist. My tongue slid across hers, groaning at how sweet she tasted. I broke from the kiss and trailed kisses down her jaw to her neck. Bringing in a piece of sensitive flesh, I sucked on the skin. She shivered in response.

I was delighted to taste a hint of morning rain-soaked on her skin. I wanted more and sought another spot to suck on. Lower, near her collar bone. I found the perfect spot, nipping and sucking. Her hands threaded through my damp hair.

"Liam," she whispered huskily.

My fingers grazed the side of her stomach and I instinctively slipped my hands up her smooth stomach underneath her shirt. I got a taste and a touch but now I want more. I'm selfish and greedy.

Using whatever little willpower that I have left, I pulled away from her. I kept my hands on her waist though while I hovered above her. Her lips were swollen and her face was flush with desire. She looked beautiful and the urge to seek more runs through me once more.

"You have to leave," I whispered huskily.

"Why?" she questioned.

I cupped one side of her cheek before placing another kiss on her lips.

"I don't want to hurt you," I grumbled.

She hooked her legs around my waist and with one hard, unexpected jerk brought my hard bulge close to her core. My eyes widened and she bit the bottom of her lips. Her eyes closed slightly at the erotic impact.

"You won't hurt me," she whispered and began rocking her hips over my bulge.

Those olive eyes burned to life with lust. It was so damn sensual and hot, I lost the last of my willpower.

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