Wild Claim

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Rain pounded heavily against the roof and windows of the cabin. The sky had an overbearing grey shadow that dampened the outside world. Yet inside the cabin, the temperature had spiked. Sexual tension thickened the air like a dense fog.

Seeing the surprised shock on Liam's face, I wondered if he thought I was too forward. Did I press a little hard on our relationship? Was he not ready? Doubt was setting in and heat crawled onto my cheeks.

I watched him close his eyes tightly. His lips pinched tight like he was fighting his own demons or inner thoughts. My legs were still hooked around his waist. I didn't expect to come here like this but seeing the pain flashed across his eyes and his attempt in drowning his own pain in tonic was what drove me to here. I was born to ease his pain as he was born to ease mine. I could do this to him because he was mine as much as I was his.

When his eyes flew open, they were glowing golden with a fierce intensity.

"If I do this, there is no turning back," he rasped.

He looked so intense and untamed. There was an uncultivated aura that expelled from fierce eyes. It twists the invisible string of lust inside of me seductively. I found myself being attracted to this almost unrestrained side of him. I cupped one side of his cheek with my hand. Raising my upper body, I captured his lips in mine. I kissed him with the same fervor.

Slowly but surely, Liam's rough, calloused hands slipped under my shirt again and slid higher and higher. A slow trail of tingles erupted on my skin. It was mystifying and tantalizing. His hands found my breasts that were covered in a cream-colored satin bra. It was thin in material and so it was easy for him to locate the already hardened peaks. The second his thumb rolled over the sensitive peaks, my breath hitched and the throbbing between my legs intensified.

A groan rumbled from deep in his throat and passed between our kisses. There was an ache between my legs that caused my hips to move on their own. I rocked and twisted underneath him, begging for some kind of friction between us.

He dropped one hand down to my hips to hold me down. I moaned my protest but he stopped me short when I felt his hand slid to the button of my jeans. He unbuttoned it and pulled down the zipper before slipping his hands underneath my panties. He slid his fingers down my wet slit opening. The sensation was toe-curling hot. Instantly, my hand dug into his hair while the other gripped his huge biceps. A throaty sound escaped my lips just as he dipped a finger inside.

Instinctively, my back arched and I attempted to tear my lips away from his which led his lips to skim down my jaw and the length of my neck. My skin riddled with goosebumps. My body was feeling so many new things.

He worked his finger, thrusting it inside of me and stretching me slowly. My body was not used to the foreign penetration but the sound of how wet I have slapped the air. Our arousing scent expelled the room, drugging our minds.

"Liam," I breathed, squirming beneath him.

He slipped his finger out before slipping two inside of me. I cried out as a new sensation entered me. I felt so full, stretched, and good. I moaned and twisted in his arms.

With his free hand, he pulled my shirt up and over my breasts. Yanking my bra down, he captured my nipple like the beast he was. Sucking hard on my breasts while his tongue swirled around my nipple. It was too much. The string inside of me pulled tighter and tighter. My heart beat harder and faster. I cried out his name and tried to move out of his grasp, not ready for what was to come but he held me down firmly. Thrusting a third finger inside, a pinch of pain hit me but it quickly went away.

"Liam," I pleaded.

He applied pressure to his palm and it touched my sensitive nub. It was all it took for me lurch off the bed, gripping the wrist of his hand that was stuffed down my pants. I rocked my hips fast and hard, moaning and crying out his name as my orgasm took me for a long ride.

When I collapsed onto the bed, he started removing my pants and tugged off my t-shirt. My limbs were shaking like crazy and so I let him undressed me. The towel around his waist had fallen off. Giving me a perfect view of his body. He was by no means small. The man was six foot five brick walls. Everything about him was hard, including the large and thick erection that was sticking out before me. I licked my lips just as he grabbed my hips with his hands.

Lifting me higher and almost off the bed, he brought my core to his lips. A soft surprised sound slipped just as his lips latched onto my core. His tongue lapped at my slick opening. He tasted me hungrily and earnestly. A different kind of hot sensation pulsed between my legs. The string began to tighten again. I squirmed, extremely sensitive already from his hands.

"Liam," I protested weakly but it fell to deaf ears.

The build-up began again in the pit of my stomach. With one hand, I clutched at his bedsheet but on the other hand, I grabbed at his hair. I had wanted to control the strength of his eating but instead, I found myself trying to keep him there like some crazy woman. I hooked my legs around his head. He lifted me higher and almost off the bed completely.

"Oh god," I cried just as another wave hit me. My body wiggled and squirmed. My legs tightened around his head.

When I came down from my second orgasm, he had gently placed me in the middle of his bed before crawling on top of me. He leaned to his left and pulled out a condom. I watched him ripped the foil quickly before putting it on.

He positioned himself at my entrance and our eyes connected. Slowly, he entered me. Inch by inch. I held my breath because the man was huge and stretched me in ways that I have never been stretched before. Sweat beaded his forehead and he was biting his bottom lip. His upper body shook with barely restrained control.

"I—" he said a little worried when he saw me wince.

"I'm fine," I whispered. "Finish it."

He gave one large thrust of his hips and entered me completely. I hissed in pain. Tears stung my eyes. He hid my face in the crook of his neck.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

"I'm fine," I croaked.

He didn't move. We stayed in that position to what seemed like forever until finally, he began moving. It was slow at first. He pulled out almost consciously. It felt weird when he pulled out completely. It felt like I was missing something until he thrust back inside of me. I arched my back as another sensation hit me. The tip of his cock touched a spot inside of me that throbbed and added fuel to the fire already brewing inside of me.

"Again," I ordered in a whisper.

He did it again. Pulled out and thrust back inside of me. All the way inside of me. I cried out and dug my fingers into his back.

"Please, again!" I begged. Needing this feeling again.

He growled and his hands dug into the mattress beside me before his hips began moving at an almost hard but slow rhythm. Each time he would hit me deeply, the bed would shake and squeak. My hands slid lower to grab at his ass.

"Again. Again," I kept muttering. It was the only word that made sense in my head. I needed more.

He growled louder and gripped the bedframe behind me. He rocked harder and faster. The sensation felt so good. My body was screaming in a sensitive way. I couldn't think about anything else but what I was feeling. I needed more. My claws have lengthened and I scraped his back before digging them lightly into his ass.

I heard an animalistic sound come from him. My eyes flew open to see almost a sinister look on his face. I was instantly reminded of Liam's beast. This was him. He was here.

"Mine!" he growled possessively. His thrust grew harder and faster. It was a frenzied pummel.

I thought I would feel fear but this time I didn't. Instead, I was turned on even more. The look of possession that appeared on Liam's face. The beastly glow to his eyes egged me further to the edge. His teeth lengthened to sharp canines. My head lulled back on its own accord, giving him full access to my body. He seemed to like it further because his thrust grew rampant.

"Oh!" I cried out, feeling good too fast, too quickly.

"Mine!" he snarled again. "My mate!"

I cried out, completely under his mercy. The bed shook terribly. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and sensitive. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and hid like a little baby. He didn't hurt me this time.

This time he was intent on giving us both what we needed.

"Yours," I whispered.

He snarled and I felt his canines sink into my neck. The knot in the back of my throat was my scream. It escaped my lips as my world shattered into a million pieces. White dots coated my vision and I pulsed and squirmed underneath him like crazy. My lips turned towards Liam's throat and my own canines elongated before I clamped it around his throat. He growled furiously, pumping so hard inside of me that I orgasmed again just seconds before the last one. I felt hot spurts coat the condom. He murmured sweet possessive words in my ear as he came.

By the time I came down from the last one, I could barely keep my eyes open. My whole body shook and felt weak. I couldn't move even if I wanted to. I felt his weight over my body but he was careful not to crush me.

"I'll never hurt you. My mate. Mine. I'll protect you," he whispered repeatedly.

I was too exhausted to respond and allowed him to fall back and then pull me into his arms. I slept on his chest.

When I awoke though, I found I was alone. It was dark outside. Yawning, I stretched the aches my body. It still throbbed between my legs. I can still smell him all over my body.

I realized that Liam's beast seemed to appear when his emotions are at their highest. It was there at the end. I can feel heat crawling onto my cheeks again. Immediately, I covered my face and body with his blanket in embarrassment. It was amazing but now I fear facing him. We both didn't expect this.

Then I remember the mark on my neck. I released the blanket to touch the mark on my neck. It still stung a little but I felt complete.

A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened. I pretended to be asleep because I couldn't face Liam yet. However, I should have known that he would know that I was awake. He tugged the blanket off me. I had to cover my body with my hands as much as I could. I noticed he had pulled on some sleeping pants but was naked waist up.

"Hi," I said softly.

He smirked. "Hi."

I pulled myself up into a sitting position and then proceeded to tug the blanket back but he had a tight grip on the blanket.

"I'm naked," I whined.

"I prefer it that way," he replied before leaning forward to grab the back of my neck and pulling me forward to kiss him. My body collided into his. He kissed me hungrily to the point where my toes were curling and my body was responding once again.

When he pulled back, I found myself straddling his hips. His hard erection poking me again between my legs. His hand that was around my neck, touched the mark. His eyes flew to mine.

"I shouldn't have marked you. I couldn't help it. He did it and I couldn't stop him," he sounded slightly angry.

"It's ok. I'm yours either way," I told him honestly.

"He took over at the end, Kitten," he said.

I nodded. "I know."

"Were you scared?" he asked, looking deeply into my eyes for answers.

I shook my head, remembering the way I felt when I saw him. I was extremely turned on. It was like I almost had no control over my body's reaction. Everything I felt was real. I wrapped my arms around Liam's shoulders.

"I wasn't scared at all."

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