Wild Claim

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My cheeks were burning with embarrassment. My parents had called my cellphone to check up on me. In my poor, stuttering attempt in explaining what had happened, I had Liam laughing into his pillow next to me. His body shook as he tried to muffle his laughter. I hung up and placed my phone on Liam's wooden nightstand. Instantly, my handsome--still laughing mate moved his upper body over my lap and pressed his lips against my stomach.

It felt like feathers brushing against my skin. I loved how he felt against my skin. The way he touched me like I am a delicate piece of china.

"It's not funny." I shoved him away but it did nothing to stop him. He laughed some more. His hot breath fanning my stomach from his laugh. I can feel his smile against me.

"I have never seen you so flustered," he laughed harder while tucking me underneath his naked body.

I wanted to be annoyed with him but his laughter was distracting. It filled these walls and lightened the air between us.

When I attempted to turn away from him, he grabbed onto my shoulder and pressed me back onto the bed. He removed my hands from my face and ran his lips across my cheeks.

"Liam," I protested.

He was still smiling. Grinning with mischief. His eyes twinkling with pure amusement with my uncomfortable conversation. He looked dashingly handsome and carefree right now. His eyes were warm and his hair a complete bedridden mess. It does nothing to steady the rapid beating of my heart.

He leaned down and gave me a quick chaste kiss before his lips skimmed down the side of my cheek and down to my neck. The fluttering sensation disorients my addled brain and I unconsciously moved my head to the side for him to have better access.

He sucked on the side of my neck. I felt his canines lengthen, digging into my skin. My hands wove through his hair, encouraging him to continue his sensual assault. A low throaty sound resounded from deep within his chest when he felt me tug hard on his hair.

"I h-have to go h-home," I stammered breathily.

"Stay." His callously large hand slipped down my body, caressing the side of my left breast, to the side of my waist, and down to my squirming hips. Applying pressure, he opened my legs and nestled himself between them.

"Not a chance, Kitten," he replied hovering above me.

His eyes darkened with possessiveness. My heart skipped a beat at how quickly he had shifted from sweet to dangerous. In school and during my conversation with my mom, she had told me that male werewolf who are newly mated are severely possessive and dominating of their mates. I didn't quite understand it then but it was different now.

"Oh? And what would you do if I did leave?" I moaned when he slid down my body. His lips now scattering soft kisses all over my chest until it reached the curves of my breasts. He pulled in the soft sensitive flesh and sucked.

Feeling him on top of me was comforting. I felt safe and protected. I reveled the feel of his skin against mine. Every single part of his body was hard in comparison to me. I count myself as someone who was very toned but when comparing my body to my mate's, he was a chiseled as stone.

Suddenly, he bit into my flesh. I felt his canines pierce my skin. I gasped both in outrage and in pleasure. An exhilarating pulse shoots from his piercing canines down to my core. I moaned and squirmed desperately underneath him. This crazed mate of mine had marked me for the second time. It wasn't unheard of. Many werewolves do it but the first mark was always the greatest and most effective. It still doesn't prevent werewolves from marking and re-marking.

He lapped at the wound before his tongue slid effectively down to swirl around one of my hardened nipples. His hot breath cooling the wetness of his tongue but at the same time sending another thrill down to my core.

"You re-marked me." It wasn't an accusation as it was a statement.

"I'm not done yet, Kitten," he whispered. "He took the first bite but I'm going to have the pleasure of biting every single part of you."

"W-what?" My voice dropped at the end when he captured my nipple into his mouth and sucked. My back arched and I let out another soft cry of pleasure.

His mouth moved down the planes of my stomach and over my belly button. I knew where he was heading. One of my hand wove through his hair just as I felt the warm press of his lips against the inside of my right thigh. Goosebumps scattered all over my body. I moaned and my legs fell farther apart. I was at his complete mercy.

I was on a euphoric wave. My whole body was pulsing with awareness. He was tasting and seeking all at once. When he found the perfect spot to lay his claim, his canines plunged into the meaty flesh of my thigh.

It was overwhelming my senses, my core throbbed so hard that I cried out seconds later when I felt his lips latched onto my core. His tongue and lips worked my sensitive nub. I was feeling all kinds of sensations. My mind was not working. My hands were digging into his scalp but it only pressured him to assault my core with an added fever.

He bit down gently on my most sensitive spot. I screamed his name while my orgasm hit me hard. My body twisted and wiggled. I was unable to control my actions. All I knew was I needed as much of this before it ended.

Weariness settles into my bones and muscles. My breathing was irregular. Looking up at the ceiling, I couldn't believe what he had done with his mouth but before I can fully comprehend everything, Liam poised above me. I felt his length enter inside of me. I wondered briefly how he had pulled on a condom so quickly but my thoughts stopped short when he thrust in one swift move inside of me.

Air evaporated from my lungs. My frantic, lustful eyes collided with Liam's dark and sensual ones. He filled me so perfectly and deeply, leaving me breathless.

So quickly, my desires came rushing back. He moved with slow, deep thrusts. It was agonizing. I felt every single stretch and nerve in my body tingle to life. I gripped the sheets underneath me. My legs wrapped around his waist.

Liam's hands moved to grab onto the curves that connected my shoulders to my neck. Using it as an anchor, he slowly pulled out before thrusting hard back inside of me. My head rolled back. My back arched, begging for more. The coil in my body tightening once again.

"So tight and sweet," he said.

His voice was huskier, threaded with repressed hunger and desire. From underneath my eyelashes, I could see the biting of his bottom lip. The smoldering heat ignited in his eyes was intense.

Suddenly, he grabbed my arms and hoist me up. I straddled his hips while

He kneels below me. His hands wrapping around my waist and sliding up my spine.

"I'm severely possessive of you, Kitten," he whispered and I started rocking my body. He groaned in pleasure.

"The things I want to do ought to be unlawful. I want to lock you inside this cabin and make love to you until you can't think about anything else but me," he continued.

His words make my heart flutter. Biting my lips, I increased the speed of my hips. Pressing my forehead against his, he stared into my eyes with dark smoldering ones.

"I want to litter your body with greedy bite and love marks, leave no room for any other males to touch but me."

I captured his lips hungrily. His arms tightened around my waist. An overpowering dominance started to simmer in the pits of my stomach. I wanted to please him in every way that I can. This beautiful, proud male of mine.

Stopping the kiss, I lowered my lips his throat. He lifted his chin, exposing his weakness to me. Letting me do everything I wanted to him. Placing open mouth kisses down his throat and around to the side of his neck, I felt his hands slipped lower to grab onto my ass. His own sexual starvation taking over. He helps my hips move up and down his length. It felt amazing to be on top of him, to be able to have this kind of control of someone as big as him.

I moved my attention to the right side of his neck where there was no mark yet. I ached to mark him again. My canines lengthened and pierced the soft flesh of his neck. He released an animalistic guttural sound mixed with humming pleasure before pushing me back onto the bed but I refuse to let him go just yet. My legs were wrapped around his waist. My arms were around his shoulders. My canines were still latched onto his neck, refusing to detach yet. Immediately, he took control. He thrust hard and deep. It hit me to the hilt.

First hard thrust.

"I am possessive of your body," he grounded. His hot breath unfurling onto my neck and shoulder.

Second hard thrust.

"I an possessive of your heart and soul. No other should get to taste the sweetness that I have tasted."

Third hard thrust.

"You are mine, Kitten."

The bed creaked in retaliation. He was so rough but I didn't want him to be delicate with me. I wanted all of him.

The sensation sends me over the edge. I couldn't hold onto his flesh and broke away with a cry of his name. It didn't stop him. My toes curl with each deep thrust---stretching me incredibly and driving me insane. I clutched at the sheets underneath me.

"Let it go, Kitten," he snarled.

I cried again and squirmed, refusing to give in just yet---needing to feel this beautiful feeling some more. He gave another harsh throaty sound of determination before he gripped the sheets on the side of my head and pounded harder inside of me. It did it. White lights clouded my vision. The coil inside of me released and my back arched at the beautiful tension that rippled through my body.

I felt him go over the edge at the same time that I did. His erection throbbed inside of me. His upper body falling to cover my body. His face hidden in the crook of my neck while he released his semen into the condom.

Collapsing on top of me, his heavy weight pressed me into the bed. It was crushing but it was also comforting. I can feel the rapid, irregular heart beats of his matching my own. His lips were still dangerously close to mine.

Liam's strength of possessiveness shouldn't make me quiver with need. I have never tolerated being dominated but underneath his heated gaze, I fall apart. To be wanted and needed intensely. To feel how much I affect him was breathtakingly sweet.

His lips skimmed my neck and down to my shoulder. Renewing the electrical hum between us. My skin responded with tingles and goosebumps.

I guess I will not be returning home any time soon. Judging by how fiercely Liam has me in his hold, I am afraid we would be holed up in his cabin for a while.

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