Wild Claim

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When we arrived at the cabin, we found Hunter's truck sitting in the driveway. Katya was standing next to the passenger door. She turned when she saw returning. Her eyes moving from Sage and then back to me.

"You two are marked," she stated.

The driver's door closed. A second later, Hunter stepped around the head of the truck to greet us. He did a similar observation.

"Does Judah know?" Hunter asked.

I nodded, shoving my hands into my jean pockets. The sky was still gloomy and grey with a rumbling threat that it would rain soon again. I glanced down at Sage before gesturing with my head for her to head inside first. It was getting windier outside and she had a large bag in her arm.

Sage turned to my sister. "I grabbed some slices of chocolate cake from my parent's house. My grandma made them. I wouldn't mind sharing."

Obviously, Sage wanted Katya to step inside the cabin to ward off the cold and to share some chocolate cake because of Katya's fragile pregnancy. Katya nodded her head and they walked inside together.

I turned to the man that I looked up to and raised me. I remember many nights he would stay awake watching over Katya and me while we slept. I think he was half afraid we would run because that was what we have been doing for the most part of our lives. Trusting Hunter and the pack was a process. It didn't happen overnight. Even with the bond between my sister and him, she wouldn't allow him close to her.

Hunter broke into a smile.

"Did he take it well?" Hunter asked.

I smirked. "Better than I thought."

"I'm guessing Rosemary was there as well."

I nodded and took out one hand in my pocket to run through my hair while I glanced inside the cabin. I catch Sage placing a plate of sliced cake in front of Katya and a cup of milk. Hunter's eyes followed my direction.

"How is she doing?" I asked.

He sighed in frustration. "Your sister refuses to talk to me about the pregnancy. She hides all the information during her visits. She's about three months along. I just want to know if everything is okay. I feel like she's falling back to her old self again. She won't talk to me."

"Did she tell you everything that happened at the camp?" I questioned.

He frowned while rummaging through his brain for memories and conversations he had with Katya. I don't know if he knew the real reason Katya was scared. Hunter massaged the area between his eyes and sighed.

"I know she's afraid of giving birth because of your mother. She delivered your stillborn baby sister," he said with a wave of his hand.

"There is more to it. She's frightened of giving birth but there is something else. You need her to tell you."

"I know what happened at the camp. When we raided the place, we discovered drugs, DNA samples, test subjects, and a lot more," Hunter noted.

Smart man.

"Then you should connect the dots," I told him.

His eyes sought mine. I watched the emotions that flew across the man's face. He was confused one second and another furious. The fury that flamed those irises grew in size. He took a step toward me.

"Are you telling me that my mate was a test subject?" he growled.

"That is something you should talk to her about," I told him.

His hands were fisted at his side. Hunter closed his eyes and fought to control his fury. He was upset. Anybody would. Especially hearing that their mate may have experienced something more traumatic than living in a cell quarter.

I walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder. "She would talk if she knows how you feel."

"She knows I love her. That I would do anything for her. Yet she failed to mention this to me?" he said harshly.

"Don't be upset with her. Put yourself in her shoes. She's scared of the future. Your future," I told him.

He inhaled slowly before exhaling. When he opened his eyes, they were normal again but his body still shook with barely restrained fury.

Hunter has seen my beast before. Once when he stood watching over us. I had shifted and attacked him as a pup. Clawed the man almost to death because I thought he was the Rogue Alpha. When I came to, my sister had me wrapped around her arms to restrain me. It was one of the worst memories of mine. Hurting people that were trying to take care of me.

Hunter and I walked inside a few minutes later to the sound of Sage and Katya's laughter. It was a warm and comforting sight for me. Another memory to cherish. My mate and my sister together.

"Eating all the cake without me?" Hunter questioned just as he entered into the small-sized kitchen. Katya turned in her seat and shared some of her cake with him. The look that Hunter gave Katya, I knew the man was head over heels over my sister.

"So, I am assuming Sage that your father allowed you to live here then?" Hunter asked after finishing their cake.

"I'll be living with my mate," she announced.

"And what about the Gamma title?" Hunter looked between us.

"Sage would inherit the title as soon as she finishes school," I replied.

"And what about a party for you two newly mated?" Katya added.

Sage looked at me because we didn't discuss this too. A party wasn't necessarily needed but many packs do it to announce it publicly to everyone the news. I shrugged my answer.

"I guess, we don't need one?" Sage said turning back to look at Katya.

"Nonsense! We should have one. Besides, we have nothing else to do within the pack. There aren't any big plans and winter is just around the corner. It is best to get it done before the year ends. You know, end the year with a happy ceremony," Katya insisted. "Plus, I'm sure Rosemary would love to plan with me."

"You're pregnant, love," Hunter mentioned to her.

"It doesn't make me a handicap," she retorted with a frown.

"I want you to rest as much as possible," Hunter advised.

"I am resting and if my mind is on other matters, I won't have to worry about other things," she replied.

Hunter threw me a look before looking back at his mate. He nodded his head in agreement.

"Alright, let's head back home. You need to rest." He placed a hand on her back.

They left shortly after which left me and Sage alone again. I trapped Sage between the counter and me. I wrapped my hand over her hand that held her fork, cut into the cake and brought a piece into my mouth.

Pulling back the collar of her t-shirt, I kissed her shoulder all the way up her neck.

"Finally, we are alone again," I muttered.


I pressed my lower body into her bottom. She felt the hard evidence between my legs. Snaking one hand underneath her shirt, I slid it up her stomach and to cup her voluptuous breasts. One thing I was obsessed about was her breasts. They were perfect.

"Liam," she protested weakly.

"Hmm..." I hummed.

"We just got home. It's been a long day. I want to take a shower," she argued in breathy moans.

"Excellent idea, Kitten. I'll join you," I replied, sweeping her up into my arms. I carried her into the bedroom. Her arms slid around my neck. She leaned forward and placed small, open mouth kisses from the base of my throat and up to my chin.

I stepped into the shower. Right away, I saw the confusion on my mate's face.

"I believe that showers involve taking off our clothes, Liam," she stated.

I laughed just as we stepped inside. She released a squeal when we both got wet instantly. I dropped her down onto her feet. She moved to step out of the shower but I wrapped one arm around her waist and brought her back to me. She was completely trapped in my arms.

I cupped her cheek and slanted my lips over hers. She made a soft sound before her hand slid to the back of my neck. Her tongue met mine halfway. I can taste the chocolate cake in her mouth. The erotic swipe of her tongue against mine. The soft little moans she made were all driving me crazy.

By now, we were completely soaked from head to toe. Changing direction, I skimmed my lips down her cheek and to her neck. Giving her a hot open mouth kiss on my mark that rested beautifully on her neck before grabbing the collar of her shirt and ripping it in half.

When I had touched her earlier, I noticed she did not put on a bra. That thought alone made my knees buckle and my heart tripping after her. Now, they bounced in protest when the only thing holding them in place was removed. I leaned down and captured one peak into my mouth, sucking ravenously.

I felt her hands grab the hem of my shirt and slid it up my body. I released her hardened peak for her to be able to remove my shirt. Then I unbuttoned my jeans. Cursing when my feet got stuck. She laughed at my poor attempt in trying to remove the damn material.

Eventually, I got it off before removing her lounge pants and panties. Completely naked, I pushed her up against the shower wall, grabbed her legs and hoisted them around my hips just as her arms went around my shoulders.

In one single thrust, I entered her completely. Home. It felt so good.

"Mm...so this is how we shower now?" she whispered.

I gave her a wolfish grin before pulling out and ramming back in. She threw her head back in ecstasy. I made love to her in the showers until the water ran cold. Then, we did what we were supposed to do in the shower and cleaned ourselves up.

Two hours later, we were settled on the bed. Her arm wrapped around my torso. She drummed her fingers lightly.

"Your sister looked a little paler today," Sage mentioned. "I haven't spoken to my mom yet but I wonder if she is getting all the nutrition she needs."

Now that Sage mentioned it, I also noticed it as well earlier this evening. She did look exhausted. I don't think it had to do with nutrition. I think it had to do more with her stress. Katya was worried. Maybe I should pay her a visit soon and speak to her. She shouldn't go through this alone. I made a silent promise that if she doesn't resolve the root of her stress in the next two days, I would personally speak to her.

"I'll speak to her," I told Sage. "You should go to sleep."

She nodded before snuggling closer to me. I held her in my arms and stared at the ceiling. The minutes ticked by and my eyes grew heavier. Soon, I was fast asleep but tonight my nightmares didn't stay out.

Tonight, my nightmares came back. In front of me, I saw every person I loved. My mother. My sister. Hunter. Sage. Everyone. Suddenly, my arms felt heavy.

I looked down and saw a bloodied Sage lying in my arms. Her face pale and lifeless. Panic soaks through my body and I frantically called out to her. Her stomach looked like someone had torn into repeatedly. There was a huge bite on her throat that leaked blood like a water hose.

She was dying in my arms. Despair filled me but another prominent emotion lingered deep within my chest.


When I awoke from my nightmare, I was no longer sleeping next to Sage. I was outside in the rain again. The surrounding was unfamiliar. I squinted into the darkness and found bodies of cattle lying around me. It was a bloodied field. A farm filled with cattle.

The sun has not appeared over the horizon yet but soon everyone would be awake. Ashamed and feeling hopeless, I shakily stood back up onto my feet and disappeared into the nearest line of woods.

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