Wild Claim

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I knew something was off the second I stepped foot inside the packhouse tonight. The beast inside of me felt stronger than ever. He’s breaking down the mental barrier, I can hear it cracking. Being completely on edge, I can’t fucking leave this dinner.

Then I smelt her and my carnivorous thirst grew. I wanted to sink my canines into her skin and taste the sweet iron flavor of her blood. I’m not a vampire, but I am a beast that loves the taste of fresh kills and she is the prey that I now have caught the scent of.

There was no escaping me. My canines lengthened and I felt them pierce the inside of my bottom lip. A warm, metallic taste filled my mouth. The blood is rushing to my head and groin to a point where I don’t know if I am aroused or just fucked up enough to devour a werewolf.

I could barely hear what was being said between everyone. My fingernails dug into my palms and I focused on the incoming light footsteps. Her scent was getting stronger, which meant she was heading this way. Shit, I hope she doesn’t enter this room.

One of the dining doors swung open. I stopped breathing. Literally, stopped breathing. I’m afraid if I get any more of her scent I will go mad and kill her. I can imagine the life draining from her eyes as I rip into her flesh.

I imagined everything possible, but not this. The moment I looked at her, I was fucking done for.

Time slowed to a stop. Everything ceased movement, except for her.

She was a tall she-wolf with the most voluptuous body I have ever seen. Even my beast was momentarily shocked by her beauty. This she-wolf was filled in all the right places. Her breasts were large enough to fit in our palms, which wasn’t easy at all when it came to our hands. Her waist was small, but those hips were wide.

A sudden provocative image flashed across my mind. It was me putting my hands on her hips while I thrusted like a mad man inside of her. My eyes dipped lower to those long creamy legs. The dress she has on, barely hiding those delicious legs of hers. They were toned and strong. Something about the curvature, shape, and roundness of her legs reminded me that she wasn’t fragile. The fact that they weren’t slim told me that she has endured several injuries and gained muscles from her aggressive training.

I drew in my bottom lip and bit it hard. She was the definition of strong and sexy.

Damn it, look away, Liam.

It took every bit of effort in me to rip my eyes away from her legs. The second my eyes connected with her’s, I knew I was done for.The beast inside me howled, my skin tingling. I was losing control.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Gamma Judah’s voice filtered through my lust-heated haze.

“Jude,” Gamma Female Rosemary interjected.

“Get your fucking eyes off my daughter,” Jude growled.

My beast snarled and the tingles on my skin intensified. Fuck, I needed to get out of here. My beast was taking Gamma Judah’s warning as a threat and I didn’t know what he would do.

I shot out of my seat, my chair flew back, clattering against the marble flooring. Katya stood up from her seat when she saw me stand up.

“Liam,” she said in an attempt to calm me down.

“I have to go.” I could barely get the words out.

It came out raspy and dry. Shaking my head and keeping my it down, I walked around the dining table. Unfortunately, the only exit was behind my mate. I was shaking visibly due to this test of control. My canines elongated the second I got closer to her. She didn’t move. No, she stood like a statue in front of the fucking door. I wanted to snarl at her and tell her to get away, but she didn’t move.

I brushed past her, our shoulders grazing lightly enough for sparks to fly. My vision started to blur with black dots. My blood heated up and I knew I was close to shifting in front of her.

I ran out of the packhouse like my life depended on it. The second I was out, I didn’t even bother hopping on my bike. Shit, I ran deep into the woods, past their territory, and out into unknown land before I shifted.

My beast’s howl pierced the air just as I lost consciousness and succumbed to him.

~ ~ ~

I awoke the next morning naked in a bed of fresh grass. Blinking, I stared up at the sun-lit sky. It was morning. I remained outside all night. Rolling over, I groaned once again, feeling my body achy from my shift.

My hand landed on some fur. My attention snapped to what I was touching. I found myself staring at a dead bear carcass. I had devoured the animal almost completely. My skin, stained with blood and guts. I reeked, but I couldn’t remember anything. Just like every other night.

When my beast takes over, I blackout completely. Disgusted with myself, I pulled away from the dead carcass. I heard a running river nearby and walked over to it, bathing in it until I could no longer smell the scent of dead animals on me.

Once I was done, I jumped out of the chilly water. I made my way back to the cabin in record time. I walked inside and rummaged through my duffle bag for a green t-shirt before pulling out a pair of boxers and dark denim jeans. I pulled them on and was in the process of zipping up my pants when I heard an engine rumbling.

Someone was coming. I stepped out of the cabin to stand on the porch just as my mate rounded the corner riding my bike. The sight sent all the blood in my body rushing down south, but it seems that after last night’s ordeal, my beast is a lot tamer today.

Sage came to a rolling halt in front of me. I watched her remove my helmet and shake out her long, burnt umber hair. It was a tumbled, careless mess that I wanted to bury my face in.

She hooked the helmet strap onto one of the handles before swinging one long leg off the bike. It was so casual but so fucking sexy.

“I brought your bike back,” she replied.

Her voice was different, and it wasn’t because she’s my mate. It’s deeper, but at the same time sultry. She wasn’t trying to be seductive. Hell, she was just speaking normally, but I found it rather calming to hear her talk. I left so abruptly last night that I missed the chance to hear it until now.

When I realized she was looking at me, I nodded my thanks. I have somehow lost the ability to speak.

“You know, a ‘thank you’ would be nice,” she stuffed her hands into her baggy jeans and shrugged her shoulders, revealing a glimpse of her stomach for me to see. The t-shirt she wore was on the shorter side.

She snorted and it brought me back to our conversation. or whatever she was saying previously.

“Whatever,” she grumbled. Sage tossed me my keys before turning her back to me and walking away.

I wonder if she really is going to just walk back home? What was her real intention in sending my bike back to me? I could have gone back to easily grab it.

She then spined around and threw me a glare. I arched an eyebrow at her sudden turn in attitude. She was clearly pissed off at me for some reason.

“You know what? Walking out on me like that wasn’t cool,” she lashed out with a swipe of her hand, reminding me of what happened last night.

She doesn’t know the real truth. She’s tiny, like a little kitten. Compared to me, she’s a complete meal that I wouldn’t mind devouring to its very bone.

“It’s for your own good,” I said after swallowing the dryness in my throat. My voice still came out a little hoarser than I wanted.

She snorted in an unlady-like fashion, “Don’t treat me like a child.”

“You are a juvenile,” I replied.

"Was. I was one,” she corrected me.

“It doesn’t matter,” I growled, feeling my own irritation growing.

“You know what? I don’t care. Think whatever you want. It is clear that you don’t want me. So, why do I care?” she argued before spinning on her feet and walking away.

In a blink of an eye, I made my way to her. She let out a squeak of surprise just as her back slammed up against a tree none too lightly. She’s starting to rile my beast up, and it was best to put her in her place while I still could.

My legs locked her in, her hands pinned above her. I leaned down to look at the ethereal prey that I caught so easily.

“That Collins’s temper. Fierce and irrational.” I trailed the back of my fingers down her cheek to her neck. I wrapped my hands around her neck and squeezed tightly. Instead of cowering in fear, she lifted her chin and leveled her eyes with me.

Damn, vixen.

I watched those defiant olive eyes light up with a fire that both pleased and excited my beast and I. Her breathing grew heavier, which caused the rise in her breasts to be more noticeable.

“When I say it is for your own good… it’s for your own good, kitten,” I murmured before releasing her.

I took a step back, catching a glimpse of her let down guard before she blinked and it disappeared. She jutted her chin out stubbornly. Her hair, a fallen mess around her and strewn lightly over her face. Unable to resist, I smoothed her hair back from her soft features with my fingertips.

“Thanks for returning my bike,” I murmured under my breath before walking back to my cabin.

I needed to get away before I pushed my beast too hard and he snapped. He might be tame for now but feeling the bond awakens a craving inside us. We want what is rightfully ours.

I can feel her stare burning into my back and it was damn disturbing. I wanted to teach her a lesson, show her who is in control, but I have a feeling it will be a battle between the two of us. She’s not going down without a fight. I smirked to myself just as I closed the door behind me.

Sage Collins.

I remember holding her in my arms when she was a baby. I remember watching her take her first steps, her first tooth. I watched her grow up to be a wonderful kid.

That’s just it. In my eyes she was a kid. I saw a flash of her long, toned legs across my vision and my abs tightened. She was no longer a kid. She is a woman now.

I shoved one hand through my hair and growled in frustration. I should be sickened at the way my thoughts were flowing with heated images of her, but I was not. I can’t picture her as a kid anymore. All I see is the luscious beauty in front of me. A woman who is filled in all the right places. A woman made especially to satisfy my beast and me.

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