Wild Claim

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He said he was okay, but he was anything but okay. At times, I would catch him staring into space. His face etched with concern and pain.

Healing for him wasn't going to happen overnight. Terrified and broken for years and it hovers over him like a shadowy demon. I knew that when I told him to stay. If he was worth it, then there would be no regret.

I stepped outside of the cabin and onto the porch. I found him sitting on the steps and looking out to the woods. He hasn't run nor has beast appeared. He has been fairly quiet since the incident.

He looked up when he heard me come out.

"Hey," I said, moving to sit down next to him.

My shoulder rubbed against his. He grabbed my hand and slid his fingers mine.

"You are awake early," he stated.

Today there was a misty fog outside. A mixture of warm and cool climate staining the morning. The fog was visible but not that thick.

"Can you blame me? I woke up to my mate gone once again from the bed," I replied.

He gave me a half-smile and leaned forward to kiss my forehead, the bridge of my nose, and my lips. His free hand moved to cradle one side of my face. Liam's lips slanted over mine.

My body lit on fire. It has been so long since he touched me. Kissing him again was like a breath of fresh air. His taste was subtle and masculine.

I moved closer. Slid one hand up his chest and to the back of his neck but the second he felt me attempting to deepen the kiss, he pulled back. I missed his lips the second he withdrew.

I released a huff of frustration and turned away from him. My mom said for me to take it easy a couple of days and that includes crazy sexual activities. To Liam, that meant I was off-limits completely. He hasn't touched me for the last couple of days.

I was sexually frustrated.

Realizing this made me feel angry at myself. I should be more understanding and allowed him time to accept too. In order to do that and not throw myself at the sexy goodness next to me, I stood up from sitting next to him. It happened so abruptly that I forgot I still had Liam's hand tangled with mine. My eyes fell onto where our hands connected.

"I'm going for a walk," I told him.

"We can go together," he stood up from where he was sitting.

A part of me wanted to argue with him. He should stay because he was one of the reasons why I needed to walk but I couldn't do it. Having him close was comforting both to my wolf and I. So, I nodded my head in silent agreement.

We trekked across a worn pathway. The intermittent rain showers we had been receiving in the last couple of days have long turned the vibrant hues of leaves to a muddy and mossy brown. The light morning fog swirled around us.

Although the weather was slightly chilly it still had an odd warmth to it. So, the wind that whipped against my skin was not biting or chilly. I pulled on a thin sweater just in case before stepping out of the cabin to greet Liam.

"Is something wrong?" he questioned, sensing tension rolling off from me.

We had made it over a small valley and the cabin behind us have disappeared from sight. I turned my attention away from what was in front of us to him. I wanted to tell him what I was feeling but there was no way to create a sentence without looking like a complete idiot. So, I merely blinked, opened my mouth, and then snapped it closed.

He pulled us to a complete stop from our walk. I tugged on my hand until I stood right in front of him. I see that he was determined to find out what was troubling me.

How do I put it into words? My crazy need for my mate?

"Why? Why would you think something was wrong?" I stuttered with a shrug and a nervous chuckle.

He raised an eyebrow. Looking at him standing before me in a grey slim fitted sport Henley long-sleeve shirt that he had rolled up to his forearms just showing a hint of his inked arms already burned a lustful fire inside of me. Then staring into his rich chocolate brown eyes stirred a possessive desire inside of me. I loved this man deeply and yearned for him in a way that both frightens and engulfs me in one flame.

Deciding that action was better than words, I stepped closer to him. If he rejects me, I would be deeply hurt but words would do the same. I wanted to see how far he would let me go or if he pushed me away before I could even do anything.

He stood rigid once our eyes connected. Sensing the strange shift in the air between us but refusing to move from his position. That was a good sign, right? I stepped closer and placed on hand on his muscular shoulder and then slowly sliding it up to the back of his neck. Pressing my body closer to his, I can feel every heated inch of his body through my sweatshirt.

Then I stood on my tiptoes and pressed my lips against his. Slowly, I began to work the firmness of them, urging them to open for me to explore. He resisted at first from shock before he opened them for me. I moaned in happiness before melting into his body. His hands had moved to my waist to keep me steady on my feet.

My tongue slid across his tongue and a sense of urgency befalls me. I deepened the kiss. Loving the taste of him. The feel of him against me. They were drowning me, pulling me in like nothing else. I couldn't stop. I needed more from him.

Then I felt him apply pressure on my waist and pushing me away. I broke away, breathing hard but deeply hurt. The first thought that appeared in my mind was that he no longer wants me. He was here because of his duty as my mate.

"Sage, you're still healing," he rasped like he was fighting a torrent of internal battles.

It was then I realized that Liam did want me. He wanted me a lot. From the husky desire in his voice, I can tell he was fighting back his own desires. It was because he thinks I was still healing that he won't touch me. Although the idea that he was thinking about my health and injuries was sweet, my need for my mate is long overdue.

Boldly, I placed a hand over his jean covered crotch and noticed how hard he was. A small knowing smile appeared on my face and hope lit up inside of me. I rubbed his length before squeezing it lightly. He groaned and I watched his eyes squeezed shut, his body shook with need, and his hands fisted at his side. I took a step forward and placed soft open mouth kisses along his throat.

"I have healed completely already, Liam. The only thing that needs your attention is my need for you to be inside me again. I want to feel you deeply. I want you to make me yours again," I whispered sensually into his ear before nipping his earlobe.

Oh, I don't know what it was about him. Liam turns me into a shameless woman in a matter of seconds. Words that I don't think I would ever hear myself saying were spilled out of my mouth and into his ears. Yet I know that it was only him that could do this kind of thing to me. No one else.

He growled, eyes snapped open, and pushed me up against an old tree. He slammed his lips onto mine and this time took control of our kiss. It wasn't slow and sensuous like mine. It was hot and demanding but I wasn't deterred. I met his kisses just as hungrily.

He pulled away just enough to whisper, "Let's go back home."

But I didn't want to. I wanted---needed him now. I shook my head in disagreement. His darkened eyes looked at me quizzically before turning to look around the area.

"Here?" He sounded surprised.

"Why not?" I shrugged and gave him a smirk.

"What if..."

"This part of the territory is far from the pack. Border guards are more than fifteen miles out. No one would hear us," I said but busied myself by scaling my fingers underneath the hem of his shirt and running my hands up his chiseled abdomen. He inhaled swiftly, his beautiful brown eyes darkening even more before he kissed me once again.

His resistance crumbled to the ground and I moved his shirt up and over his body. He pulled back just enough for me to pull the darn thing off before his lips were again on me. I explored the soft, hard planes of his upper body.

Another throaty growl rumbled from him. He moved down and lifted my shirt up. Groaning in sheer delight when he saw that I wore no bra underneath. He captured my harden nipple into his mouth. Cool air hits my skin but it was hot and wet where his mouth was. I combed my hands through his hair.

"I missed tasting you," he groaned, pulling back from my breast briefly to pull down my black yoga pants before unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans.

Before I could catch a glimpse of him. He turned me around and pressed my upper body up against the tree.

"I can't wait, Kitten. I-I—" he stumbled, his voice laced with barely controlled lust.

"It's ok," I managed to squeak out.

I felt him at my entrance before he thrust inside of me. His hands were on my hips. Feeling him stretch me again was euphoric. My moan matching his moans of pleasure. He pulled out and rammed back inside of me. Another wave of pleasure hits me and I cried out softly.

"It feels so good," I cried out.

Desperate thrusts and pummels ensued. His hands slid up my stomach to grab my breasts from underneath my sweatshirt. His thrust deepened just as I felt him pull me up some more and closer to his body. Penetrating me from behind hit me perfectly. Loud heavy grunts and moans now pierced the quiet morning, foggy air.

He squeezed my breasts and I felt his lips on the crook of my neck. He kissed, licked, and sucked. Tension coiled inside of me and I released a whimper of warning. He felt my tightened my walls around his hard erection because he growled and increase his speed, speeding us quickly over the edge.

"Liam!" I begged.

His hands fell from my breasts to my hips for a better grip. With several more thrusts, he pushed me over. I cried out his name loudly while I rode the waves of my orgasm but just as quickly as I finished, I realized he had not cum inside of me yet. He wasn't done. His erection was still rock hard.

He pulled out just enough to turn me around. Grabbing onto one of my legs, he hoisted it over his hip. I leaned my back against the tree just as he entered me again. I threw my head back just as the fire inside of me came back to life. I felt his hot, breathy pants on my neck as he rammed inside of me. Placing my hands on his shoulders, I prepared myself once again. The coil was tensing and burning inside of me. The slapping of his skin against mine.

Then he turned his head and his lips grazed his mark on my neck. I felt fangs lengthening. This time I reached the edge so quickly I was surprised. The second he pierced my skin again, I screamed his name while I milked his cum inside of me. He growled deeply, his fangs digging deeper as his own desires numbed any rational thoughts from his mind.

When he stopped thrusting I knew he was done but he didn't pull out. He pulled back to look at me. His hands were on my hips. I was internally glad that he still held me up because I swear I would collapse if he let me go. We were both breathing hard and looking at each other.

Then I laughed and he smiled at my reaction. We must look ridiculous and like rutting animals. His pants were pooled around his ankles while I had one foot out and the other had my pants pooled around its ankle.

He pulled out a few minutes later and cleaned us both up as best as he could. Once we were done fixing our clothes, I looked to see him just pulling on his Henley shirt.

"So, did you still want to finish our walk?" he asked.

I smiled when I remember the reason why I did it in the first place. Taking two steps I stood in front of him and took hold of his hand before shaking my head.

"I needed a walk because I needed you. Now that I am completely satisfied, I think it is safe for us to return home. Maybe have breakfast?" I questioned.

He narrowed his eyes at me. "So, you brought me out here to seduce me?"

"That was not my intention!" I exclaimed.

He laughed before bringing me closer and throwing an arm over my shoulders. He leaned down and kissed my forehead.

"You seduced me, Kitten," he said smugly.

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