Wild Claim

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The pain in my head intensified. It was a throbbing, crushing pain that caused my eyes to become overly sensitive and my hearing increased. I can hear everyone’s heartbeat and breathing. Growling in pain, I crumbled on top of Sage.

“It’s for your own good,” I said after swallowing the dryness in my throat. My voice still came out a little hoarser than I wanted.

She snorted in an unladylike fashion, “Don’t treat me like a child.”

“You are a juvenile,” I replied.

"Was. I was one,” she corrected me.

“It doesn’t matter,” I growled, feeling my own irritation growing.

“You know what? I don’t care. Think whatever you want. It is clear that you don’t want me. So, why do I care?” she argued before spinning on her feet and walking away.

In a blink of an eye, I made my way to her. She let out a squeak of surprise just as her back slammed up against the tree and not too light too. She’s starting to rile my beast up and it was best to put her in her place while I still could.

My legs locked her in. Her hands pinned above her. I leaned down to look at the ethereal prey that I have caught so easily.

“That Collins’s temper. Fierce and irrational.” I trailed the back of my fingers down her cheek to her neck. I wrapped my hands around her neck and squeezed tightly. Instead of cowering in fear, she lifted her chin and leveled her eyes with me.

A flash of bright and defiant olive eyes flashed in my mind. The throbbing increased and I release a cry of pain. My claws were lengthening in fear. My body was shaking to the pain. I knew I was losing control. I hear a soft, sweet laugh and the voice of Sage.

“You won’t win this fight, Liam. Let it go. Let your true self show. Stop fighting the inevitable,” Silvia urged from a distance.

My eyes flashed open and I snarled in her direction. Shaking terribly, I crawled over Sage’s body and pulled myself into a standing position. She was unconscious behind me. I still don’t understand what Sage was to me. I only knew I couldn’t do it. Something inside of me was shouting and twisting.

Silvia took several steps back. Her eyes were hard and determined. They were cold and ominous, unlike Sage’s soft and warm ones.

“I’m your mate, Liam,” Silvia said but I can smell the wariness rolling off from her.

With each step I took towards her, she took one back.

Another memory flashed across my mind. I winced as pain throbbed between my eyes. It was excruciating and pounding.

“Are we mates?” she asked directly.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I replied.

“You told me to stay away from you but you told Tommy that you are my mate. Do you realize by telling everyone what it means?” she scolded.

“He needs to know,” I told her.

She rolled her eyes and got straight to the question that she was here to asked. “What do you want, Liam?”


I don’t know what was real or what was fake. The pictures that Silvia showed me, they looked real but the memories that were appearing in my mind can’t be simple imagination. I won’t be able to conjure up memories like this out of nowhere. They had to mean something, right?

“Let it go, Liam,” Silvia urged and took a step toward me.

“No,” I snarled, “you’re lying to me.”

“I’m not. I showed you evidence. You have to remember. She means nothing to you. She killed your mother.”

Squeezing my eyes shut, I willed the pain to go away. The rest of the world became abnormally detached and hard to distinguish, all I could concentrate on was the pain ingrained deep in my head.

Suddenly, another memory appeared. It was like looking through a glass window. Making love not to Silvia but to Sage. The emotions that it brought me. My heart twisted in my chest as I gazed up Sage’s nakedness. She was beautiful.

“You’re lying!” I roared and charged after her.

Grabbing her by her shoulders, I threw her across the room. She slammed against the already cracked wall before falling to the ground. Anger flashed across her face.

“Tell me the truth.” I stalked toward her.

“I am telling you the truth. I am your mate,” she repeated.

I grabbed her by the shirt and threw a punch to her face. She began to laugh. It was an obsessive and narcissistic laugh. Grabbing onto my hand that held onto her shirt, she looked up at me with blood dripping down one corner of her lips.

“Tell me,” I demanded angrily.

The clusters of headache and the throbbing pain in my head were barely manageable. I felt like my head was about to explode any moment now.

“Don’t leave me,” Sage pleaded.

My heart pulsated in agonizing pain when I heard her voice in my head.

“Sage,” I whispered in pain.

“She’s going to die, Liam. You’re too weak. Just like your mother,” Silvia whispered. My eyes snapped to her at the mention of my mother. She lifted her hand and there was a syringe. She swung and lodged it into my neck before emptying the liquid. I felt my body grew heavy and I fought to not lose control.

I released her and stumbled back.

“I know you aren’t perfect, Liam.”

“′ I’m strong enough for this. I’m strong enough for you, Liam. Don’t be afraid that I would run the other direction when I see the worse in you.”

Silvia stood up and I blinked several times. She walked over to me and crouched down. Cupping one side of my cheek, she looked down with a sinister smile.

“Oh Liam, you are so weak. Even if you can remember, you already hurt the only person who was the world to you. Now, you would know how I feel. The pain I went through when my father died,” she said.

“Silvia...” I rasped.

I remembered a little girl standing in the gallery. She looked down at me while I screamed for help. Her father injected drugs into my body. There was a ghostly look in her eyes. It was like she was as cold as her father.

“You know what is most disappointing? That you won’t escape this fate of yours. Give in, Liam. When you wake up, you won’t remember a thing and we will no longer be in this place. By the time they arrive, we would be long gone and you would always be mine,” Silvia continued. She had injected me with a tranquilizer.

Growling, I held onto whatever I had left. I latched onto the wrist of her hand that was caressing my cheek. Twisting with inhumane speed, I cracked her radius bone and broke her wrist. She screamed and took a step back.

The throbbing in my head intensified in speed. It was no longer a steady pounding but an erratic throb.

“I love you,” Sage whispered.

“I’ll kill you,” I promised Silvia.

Towering over her body, I kicked her repeatedly. The anger and coldness in my body frenzied my attacks. Everything around me was disoriented but I held onto the one piece of consciousness I had left. Silvia was not who she said she was. She lied to me. I hurt Sage. Growling furiously, I grabbed Silvia by the throat and tossed her across the room. She coughed and gagged and scrambled to get up.

I stalked toward her while she was still kneeling before kicking her hard in the stomach.

“You want a monster?” I snarled.

She whimpered in pain when I delivered another hard kick to her midsection. She rolled over to her back and tried to stand up again. I lifted one of my feet and slammed it down hard on her back. She fell to the ground.

“You want me to accept who I am?” I said threateningly.

The fury inside of me doubled. They had hurt me long enough. Sage was right. This was their fault. I can’t let them control me any further. I needed to fight for my life. I needed to protect Sage.

Grabbing Silvia roughly, I lifted her up from the ground to look at me.

“Then prepare yourself to see the monster that I can be,” I whispered and felt the walls within me dropped to a million pieces. It was like a dam that broke. The rush of power that ran through my veins. The blood lust that crawled quickly to the center of my stomach and blinded my vision.

My beast tore at Silvia’s body. I broke off every limb. Tore at her body until it was barely recognizable. Her blood coated the white walls and ground. However, letting the dam break broke me completely. My headache was beyond manageable now. It was excruciating and my beast was out of control.

Suddenly, the place shook. The lighting fixture above flickered in protest. The door flew open and it was filled with many people. Their eyes assessed the bloody situation before they fell on me. The bloodlust inside of me was unquenched it wanted more. I charged towards them.

“Shit!” A man with olive eyes growled.

“Liam, take control of your beast!” The blonde man next to him demanded.

I body slammed the olive eye’s man. He flew across the room and hit the wall. The lighting fixture flickered in protest again.

“Well, damn it,” he groaned from the ground.

The blonde man grabbed me from behind. Putting me in a chokehold.

“Control yourself,” he demanded and I roared while trying to throw him off me. “Help me, damn it. Don’t just stand there.”

A dark-haired man came over and punched me in the face but it did nothing.

“I don’t know if we can control him.”

I roared and kicked the dark-haired man in the stomach. He flew across the room and hit the wall before falling on the ground next to his friend. I bent over, latched my hands around the blonde man’s shoulder before flipping him onto the ground. I lifted my feet, ready to crush his brains out when a body slammed into my side. I went flying before hitting the ground.

“Liam, listen to me,” the olive man said from on top of me. He tried to pin me down. I roared and thrashed, trying to throw his body off me. “You need to control your beast. For Sage. She’s hurt. We need to take her back now. We can’t wait any longer or she would die.”

I threw a hard punch at the man’s jaw. He snarled angrily before throwing me a few punches in the face. I flipped us over and was about to throw a punch to his face when I looked into his eyes once again. They were the same exact color as Sage. A face appeared before me and it made me look toward her unconscious body. I blinked several times trying to figure out what was real or what wasn’t. My head still throbbed and I felt like I was missing a million puzzle pieces because I couldn’t put all my memories together.

Then I felt a pinch to my neck and something cool spreading from the area and all over my body. This time I couldn’t fight off the incoming darkness. I blinked once—twice and I felt my body topple over. Someone grabbed me before I hit the ground. It was the last thing I remembered before I lost consciousness.

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