Wild Claim

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I went through the first three captains with minimal difficulty. It took a bit of strategizing, but I was able to use a few techniques of my own to take them down. The fourth one was a little harder. He had more years under his belt and is a little older than my dad. He definitely didn't go easy on me. He was able to deliver one lethal kill until I took him down with the last blow.

He chuckled while clutching his chest. My dad's fourth captain, Sebastian's eyes shined with respect. With a nod in my direction, he stood up with his hand still massaging the area over his heart.

"Nicely done, Sage," he managed to wheeze out.

I smiled before helping him leave the arena. My father met me at the gate. He flicked my forehead hard.

"Good job, pup," he greeted me.

I couldn't stop the wide smile from appearing on my face. Raising up my hand, I waited for my dad to give me a high five. He rolled his eyes before complying. I knew he was proud of me.

Many people think because my dad is Gamma it is only right that I take the title after him but a title is just a title. Earning respect is a lot harder to obtain which was why my dad put me into the assessment. For his captains to follow my orders and our Alphas, I needed to earn their respect. I needed to prove that I can handle them and put them in their place if they stepped out of line. Of course, our loyalty goes to Alpha Hunter but it doesn't mean that we can't have divided personalized loyalty to members of the pack.

The gates behind me opened and I turned to see Liam stepping inside. Underneath the bright lights shining into the arena, he looked like the devil disguising himself underneath a halo. When I first saw him in that combat training uniform, I couldn't deny the instant attraction.

The material fits him perfectly and although it covered every inch of his hard body, it hid little to the imagination. He watched with ease but slow intention. His eyes already trained on me.

"You sure you want to do this? I can swap him out for another pack member," my dad said.

I turned back to him and shook my head. A smile appeared on my face again.

"Don't worry, dad. A mate is a mate but a fight is a fight."

He chuckled before nodding his head. "Go."

I turned to my mate. Walking to the middle, I watched his eyes flare up with intense heat and domination. It made my inside shiver with pleasure. I discovered that I like that look in his eyes. The way he stares like I am the only thing interesting in this world that he would like to discover.

"I won't go easy," he said huskily between us.

I smirked. "Why would you have to?"

He was quick. I almost didn't see it coming. His fist flew and I leaned back to avoid the attack. I countered the attack with an uppercut. He staggered back in time before wrapping his fingers around my forearm. Our eyes connected as he maintains a tight hold on my arm. Yanking, he forces me to lose control of my feet. Growling, I placed weight on my heels before using his shin and grip as an entry to deliver my next hit. One foot on his shin and my hands wrapped around one of his arms. I swung my free legs and hit him in the side repeatedly.

Liam releases my hands and grabbed onto my leg. His elbow jamming into my thigh. Pain shoots through my leg. We broke away from each other.

We started the fight but neither one of us aimed for a death kill. His eyes dropped to the leg he had injured and I can see he was conflicted. Mates don't harm each other and then his jaw hardened. His eyes flew back to mine.

"You okay?" he asked.

I charged after him. Grabbed onto his shoulder. Caught off guard, he pulled back. My grip tore off one sleeve of his shirt, exposing his muscular bicep and arm.

"Sneaky but not sneaky enough," he breathed before pivoting around me. He wrapped his arm around my neck and squeezed. My hands went to his forearm. His other hand went to the opposite side. One twist and I am done. I hissed angrily.

"Dead," he whispered into my ear.

Angry that he got one lethal kill on me. I stomped on his foot hard with my heel. I dismantled his grip from around my neck but used this opportunity to flip him over onto his back. He fell hard to the ground. I swear the ground shook underneath me for a second. Kneeling down I aimed my lengthened claws at his throat. His eyes found mine. We are both breathing hard.

One for Liam. One for Sage.

He grabbed my hand while catching me off guard, flipped me onto the ground while swinging his legs over me. He trapped my body but I thrust high with my hips. Buckling him off me. I slid out from underneath him getting ready to stand but he used his feet and swung low. I tripped onto the ground. He grabbed my shoulder and tore off one side of my sleeve.

"Asshole," I snarled.

He chuckled. "You started it."

I threw a punch at his jaw. His bottom lip cut open from the impact. My heart twisted in my chest. I felt physical pain from hurting him.

"I'm sorry," I began, feeling guilty.

He turned back to me and grabbed my ponytail. He yanked it back and I watched his teeth transformed into long canines. A low feral threat vibrating from deep within his chest. He aimed his mouth at my throat.

Two for Liam.

My own teeth transformed. This wasn't in the book but he started it first. I slammed the heel of my palm into his chest. He staggered back. I ran towards him before kicking off the ground and kneeing him in the chest. We both flew back. His back slammed against the fenced arena. I stood on my toes when I aimed for his throat. My canines touching his skin. Instinct told me to bite. Get a taste of his sweet blood. I can see the beating of his pulse on his throat. His chest was rising up and down, waiting for me to bite. It wasn't supposed to be sexual but my body hummed with the thrill to bite him, dominate this male body and make it mine.

Two for Sage.

One more and then it ends.

He pushed me away.

I am impressed with Liam. I didn't expect this level of expertise from him. However, I don't know why but I felt like he was also holding back. It was as if he wasn't giving himself over completely but enough to make it hard on me.

Slowly, we circled each other. Knowing that one more lethal blow and one of us win. In those earthy hues of his irises, I can see miles of valleys and hills. A heaven that I desire and need with every fiber of my body.

He licked his lips and my body reacted as he had just licked me.

"Stop playing around," I snarled.

"I'm not," he replied.

"Fight me, Liam," I lashed out.

"I am," he said without feelings.

I growled feeling anger rise inside of me. I attacked him. My fist flailing out and knocking his jaw. I grabbed his shoulders and attempted to knee him. He hooked his hands underneath my knee and flipped me away from him.

"Kitten, what did I say about that temper of yours?" he taunted.

I growled before grabbing onto his shoulder with one arm. I swung behind him but he ducked and I fell to the ground. He knelt above me and I felt his hand wrapped around my throat. An image of him, gripping my throat as he thrust into me appeared into my mind. I shoved it away and knocked his hand away. Performing a perfect straddle pin, I pinned his hands above him but then again, he learned from my dad. He was able to dismount me and we rolled on the ground fighting.

It was aggravating and pissing me off even more.

I changed tactics and did the most obscene thing I have ever done. I straddled my mate's face with my thighs. He froze when he realized our position. I can feel his hot breath burning through the only clothing material separating us. I heard my dad growling and everyone gasping. I flipped my mate around and locked his head between my thighs.

Third lethal kill.

Everyone cheered when they realized what I did but neither Liam and I moved. I felt his big hands warmed through my pants and onto my thighs. A blush appeared on my cheeks and I felt hotter than a hot summer day.

Snapping out of my stupor, I attempted to break away but his hands tightened around my thighs. It stopped me from moving and so I stopped to look down. What I saw made my core pulse shamelessly. His eyes were a dark abyss of lust. I gulped and struggled against him. I needed to get away before I do something crazy like forcing him to eat me out. I swear the idea even sounds tempting. It's those darn erotic books that I have been reading. They are making me delirious.

Finally, he released me. I stumbled away and onto my feet. When I got up, he was already standing. My core was hot and I was feeling flustered with everything that just happened.

We stood in front of each other but I couldn't look him in the eyes. Slowly, I see his hand raised to pinch my chin. He lifted my eyes up to look at him.

"You did it, Kitten," he said huskily.

"Did you let me win?" I questioned, uncertain.

One corner of his lip lifted. "I wouldn't dream of it. You took me off guard. If it wasn't for the situation you put me in, I would have tried harder."

I bit my bottom lip and his eyes dropped down to that action.

"You did it, Sage," he said once again before dropping his hand back to his side.

"Oh my god, you did it!" Beta Male Scott was the first to enter the arena.

Then followed by Ellie, my mom, Luna Katya, Alpha Hunter, and my dad. They each took turns hugging me. Once they were done, Ellie pulled me aside.

"Oh my god, that was so hot. I swear you two were practically killing each other in a sexy way," she breathed.

I laughed nervously before glancing at Liam who was already retreating. I watched him disappear into the men changing room. Ellie pulled me into another hug.

"That last technique, girl, you got to teach me," Ellie laughed.

I bit my bottom lip again and shrugged. "Honestly, I didn't mean for it to turn out like that. I just wanted to win."

"Yeah, well, it was hot." She wiggled her eyebrows.

After we did the finishing ceremony and the selections, everyone headed back to the packhouse to celebrate. Usually involves a huge bonfire outside where everyone is feasting on good delicious food. I hitched a ride back with my family but my mind was constantly on Liam.

Excited Ellie took me upstairs to her room where she proceeded to dress me up for tonight's celebration. It will be a huge hype and goes on into the late hours of the night. Honestly, a part of me couldn't wait. I wanted to see if Liam will be there.

While Ellie was in the closet finding some clothes for me to wear, I heard a knock on her door. Walking over, I opened to see Tommy. He smiled when he saw me. However, I noticed his hand was bandaged.

"What happened?" I asked him.

He lifted his hand. "Accident."


He chuckled. "You know me. I am not very good at being careful."

"Are you okay?" I asked, taking his bandaged hand into my own. I lifted it up to examine.

When he didn't answer me, I lifted my eyes to look at him. He was looking at me strangely. When our eyes connected he gave me a sad smile.

"Sage, I—"

"I found it!" Ellie squealed while hopping out of her closet. We both turned to see her carrying a bohemian orange skirt and white cropped long sleeve top.

"I just wanted to come in here and say congratulations. I'll see you tonight?" Tommy murmured from in front of me.

I turned my gaze back to him. Nodding my head, I gave him a reassuring smile.

"Yes, I'll see you tonight."

He smiled. "Good."

He leaned forward and kissed my forehead before disappearing. I turned back to Ellie.

"It is too cold outside. Even if I am a werewolf, I would like to wear something comfortable." I shook my head.


"No," I said firmly while stalking to her closet.

A few hours later, I found a nice comfortable t-shirt in her closet with a pair of dark denim skinny jeans. I slipped on some white shoes that even I am surprised Ellie has. We headed out of the packhouse and to the loud and very active front yard where everyone was already enjoying the large fire pit, food, and drinks.

Ellie slipped away and returned to my side with a spiked drink. Her eyes shimmering with wicked intents.

"Ellie, we can't—"

"Take it!" She pushed the drink to my lips and lifted. I gulped the sweet, sizzling substance down and immediately felt my body warm.

"What the hell, Ellie?" I growled.

She laughed. "You needed it."

My eyes caught a movement to my right. I turned my head just in time to see Liam walking up the activity. He was dressed in a loose dark green v-neck t-shirt that hugged his biceps and shoulders snuggly. His hands were stuffed into his pockets. He stopped when he was a few yards away from us. His eyes doing a deliberate scan until it found me.

I watched his eyes move from my face and to the place where Tommy had placed a kiss. A scowl appeared on his face. He stalked his way over to me and my stomach filled with a million butterflies upon my mate's approaching and intimidating form.

Author's Note:

Alright, last update for this week. I don't know if I will be doing updates next week but I'll definitely be working on edits for YTR. We will see. Until then, enjoy this chapter.

P.S. Who guessed Sage will win?


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