The Legendary Forest

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After the big fight and the redivals oversaw the seven magical kingdoms in the forest. After everyone started to hate them, it was thousands of years later when Queen Midnira twins were born and both decided the Redivals will be finished. When Prince Niderudion and Princess Nivillerua do everything to stop them, a mysterious girl with visions of the future appears and is in danger. With secret meetings, fighting, magic, and romance some didn't think would happen will they both be able to stop redivals?

Fantasy / Romance
Legendarian Fever
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The Appointed Knight

Twins Point of View

“Don’t you know what happened next?” I asked my twin

“No, tell me Brother.”

“After both of the heirs of our kingdom and the Selven-Eerie married and died a few months afterwards, both of their siblings fought a long battle for the throne for years...” I began

“Ah yes, I remember what happened next. The redivals came and stopped the fight, splitting the kingdom back in two and we became the Esperon-Moon Kingdom and they haven’t been heard from for years...” She interrupted

“Then the Redivals sadly oversaw all royalty in the kingdoms and made a set of rules to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again, but we all know the Redivals are really dark hearted that plans to spread darkness to all kingdoms!”

“I just hate them, it is annoying enough that they exist, but they are guarding our kingdom to make sure we follow the rules, but I say I’d never follow rules that are so stupid made by people that wield darkness!”

“I hate it too, but it’s a fact they are stronger than any of us, and our magic alone won’t stop them. Nivilluerua someday I will be able to kick them out, so they won’t bother us anymore. After all, we are the twins of Esperon-Moon Kingdom.”

“Oh, Niderudion, as long as we’re together, the Redivals can’t do anything to me, but all I want is for us to both be the next ruler of Esperon-Moon.”

“Soon it won’t just be us, Mother is thinking about having a knight to guard us.....everywhere" I sighed

“What!? No...way- some random person I don’t know! I don’t care who it is, if it is a Esperonean or another Legenderian, I don’t want them! The only person I care about is you and Mother, and besides we are like the same person but mind gifted into another being!” She was shocked and hated if another came into our lives

“Niderudion and Nivillerua, please I’m got a list of people that may be your knight, these people are all checked and are they are all Esperoneans!” Our mother called

“Averilern Nasunamaya, 15 years of age, black hair, blue eyes. Runjevero Manasherdo, 13 years of age, Maroon-Red hair, violet eyes. Viteshian Vurijaru, 11 years of age, and Nyadekeir Deveria, 12 years of age, Cyan hair, green eyes.”

“Those are the options? Well they are younger than I thought....”

“And older than us too. Come sister, let’s see who I hate the less”

“Agreed, Nideru!”

Nyadekeir Point of View

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. I always wanted to be a knight of the royal family, and if I become it that means I’m higher than anyone but Her Majesty and their Highness-es, then I’ll prove to my sister that I am and always will be the first and perfect sibling that does everything.

“If I just prove myself to them, I know I will get I am as I have arrived” I say aloud to myself

I hear I strong, gentle, voice telling another that their registration was denied, and as it sounds as if they did something terrible to their highness-es. As I come closer I see both of the twins: Crimson-Orange hair with dark blue side bangs connecting to his twin’s dark blue hair with a white long coat with red designs, and a pale orange robe. Then his twin sister had dark blue hair with Crimson highlight with a silver matching coat with dark blue designs, and was wearing a blue robe.

Twins Point of View

“How dare you, get away, and I thought you were decent you’re a Esperonean! You dare disrespect our traditions, and you can say your registration is denied!” the young prince yelled back

“Here comes the next one...I swear if this one is like the others who tried to see what we really look like.... why can’t people wait till we are the age we become the next rulers!” the girl commented

“Shh Nivilluerua, well hello Nyadekeir is it?” he said to me

“That would be correct, and it would be an honor to protect you both, Your Highness-es. I also have noticed your hatred for Redivals and I think I have an idea that may help us defeat them.”

“Go on.”

“Yes, please tell.”

“I can help and train you to fight not just magic, but with swords. Do you oblige?” I asked

“If only you will, you know the terms sense you volunteered.”

Then the twins realized how Nyadekeir would take this seriously and protect them and even train us to use swords to be able to defeat Redivals or their allies the redivals which were a group that does the redivals' goals for them. Then Nyadekeir became their highnesses' knight.

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