The Animal Whisperer

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I'm just what I consider being among the average. My grades, my family and my life were pretty basic as far as I was concerned. The only unfortunate thing is that people judge me by my eyes, my fuschia pink eyes. The first thing people think is that I'm an albino with sandy blonde hair. When life gives you lemons, suck on it. My predominant motive to keep on with life were the words of my mother: "Do things that you would put your heart, soul, and mind into and making it worth your while even if it displeases people. Don't kiss ass for popularity that will cost you your dignified personality." With a spirit of boldness and bravery but a soul judged as pure and innocent, she was given a task that involved galactical and dimensional travels with the title of The Animal Whisperer but was she prepared to commit and discover the truth of her involvement with intergalactic matters? {Italian and Spanish language translations}

Fantasy / Erotica
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☽ Chapter Zero ☾

~ Always under editing! ~


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I highly recommend readers 15+ due to the use of mature language, sexual content, graphic violence and mature themes -DO READ AT YOUR OWN GAMBLE. Don't say you weren't warned.

Certain characters in this story will frustrate you and some things may get a little confusing and overwhelming as you were seeing through the perspective of the main character but give them time.


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All rights reserved. This story is based on pure imagination and daydreams excluding religions and the obvious other things. If any problems, I would prefer if you brought the matter to me personally and privately for discussion. Some of the fictional characters don't belong to me entirely and all rights belong to the original creators of the characters.

If any part is seen copied at any point, anywhere, please let me know. That person will be fined for breaking the copyright rules. My work has been written and edited by me on Wattpad. If you see this story anywhere else, please, I kindly ask that you report it for copyright and message me about it.

Author's Note

Right, because I'm a salty human being, I would gladly accept any constructive criticism and if there are misspelled words or wrong punctuation, I don't mind the correction. Just don't overdo it. If, however, there are mistakes within any of the speech DO NOT correct me. We make mistakes while speaking and at times it would be intentional as not everyone talks like Siri or Alexa. We all have different dialects and accents which I like to portray with the way I write any dialogue.

A vast majority of this novel is fantasy based while some other things are illegal. Don't attempt any of these things that are in the book because they are either prohibited or misleading. I am aware that adults will be reading as well but I would like to warn everybody of this. There will be consequences for committing these offenses (dependent on where you live and what crime you commit). I can not stop you from reading this story, as I have already mentioned: Read at your own risk.

On the other hand, I'm grateful that you have chosen this book to read and giving it an opportunity. I just wanted to get all the serious matters done and dusted first. I hope that you enjoy and suggestions are more than welcome. This leans into the category of erotica novels with steamy elements and in addition to this, the story includes a fairly innocent main character who is surrounded and partially swayed; there are many other characters with various different personalities.



• I have a life outside of Inkitt that consists of school, family, friends, work etc. Hope this isn't a huge shock for you.

• I am a massive procrastinator when it comes to editing

• I'm not going to guarantee any kind of ending as I am a huge fan of cliffhangers

• Only accepting constructive feedback and not any petty bullsh*t simply because you will end up blocked :)



And at long last, enjoy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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