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Where education and magik meets. Wicca Academy was designed to mold a young witch into reaching her full potential. Five young witches all drawn to one another meet at Wicca Academy where secrets of the past threaten their future. An evil warlock defeated by the cluster and imprisoned is on the rise again to escape and plots to use his daughter as a means of returning. With the help of the other four girls, she must become stronger than her father and lead them in defeating him once again.

Fantasy / Drama
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“Madison was standing in front of a mysterious emptiness. It was like a thick cloud of black smoke. She felt slightly anxious about it but wanted to explore it. So she slowly extended her hand and arm into it. As her hand entered, it disappeared. It was as if this darkness was consuming her. Madison tried to pull away, breaking the hold it had on her. It wouldn’t allow her to emerge from it, and slowly it devours her. At that moment, She notices she is unafraid. She is curious about if she enters into it, what would she become?”

Madison twisted and turned, trying to shake the feeling of her uneasiness. She laid on her back with her long sandy brown hair scattered all over the pillow, sweat running from her forehead.

This made some hair sticky, and it stuck to her head like a second skin. She clenched her hands so hard that blood was already dripping from her left hand, and the wrinkles beneath her eyes showed the struggle she had been having for many nights.

She was having a nightmare and couldn’t release herself from it. She groaned as a dark aura emitted from her body, she felt something pulling away at her. She was deep in sleep and tried fighting the feeling of something attempting to engulf her.

Finally, she wakes up in a fit of panic. Placing her hand over her chest, trying to calm herself. “Why does this keep happening?” She whispered. Lately, it seemed as if her nightmares were happening more frequently, and they were becoming grimmer, but the worst part of it all was when she woke up. She could never shake the feeling that what she dreamt was more than a dream.

Every year around Madison’s birthday, the dreams would get more intense. They would become more vivid and telling. In these dreams, she would be in unfamiliar places. One particular place she recently started to frequent in her dreams had an atmosphere that was darker than anywhere she had previously been. She was being haunted by something that felt like if it completely consumed her, I would cease to exist.

The alarm clock goes off, and she reaches over to press the snooze button only to notice that the cuts on her hand reopened again. She sighed as she sits up, drenched in sweat, and reaches over into the nightstand and grabs the medicine that helps block out the nightmares and a rag to clean her cuts. She changes her shirt then lays back down to try and get some rest before school.


“Maddie, wake up! You are going to be late, honey,” her mother yells from the bottom of the stairs. She looks down at my alarm clock and sees she has about 3o minutes to get ready for school and make it there on time. Jumping from the bed she runs into the shower.

The hot water pouring all over her felt great. She was hoping to wash away the restless night she’d had. She got out, wiped her hand across the foggy mirror, and stared at her reflection. The steam from the shower was surrounding her as she stared, lost in a trance. She was replaying the scenario of the nightmare.

When She came to, She realized she was no longer in the bathroom of her home. She was in a room that looked like some kind of dorm room. As she tightened her towel around herself she began to look around the room. A girl came from the bathroom and walked through her. She gasped in disbelief. “Holy shit! did she walk through me?” She whispered.

Madison looked up at the girl who had suddenly stopped walking. She paused and turned to face me. The girl was beautiful, with a round face and delicate features. She had freckles on both her cheeks, and she wore glasses that made her look very intelligent. She had curly black hair and she was the same height as Madison. The girl looked directly at Madison with her expressive brown eyes. “can she see me?” She mutters. Madison reaches her hand out into the air as if to touch the girl.

The girl looks around the room suspiciously. She places her hand up as if to touch what she could not see. The moment their hands met, something sparked between them, and Madison is back in her bathroom in front of the mirror...

“What was that?” she whispered to herself.

“Madison Delarose. You have five minutes to get yourself dressed and get down into the car, or you will be walking to school, my dear,” Karen, her mother, yells again.

Madison hurries to get dressed, grabbing a pair of jeans, she struggled to get on because of the weight she had gained. She was curvier from the waist down. She snatched a t-shirt from her dresser shakes it out and tosses it on. She throws her wet hair into a messy bun, grabs her backpack. She takes one last look in the mirror. Her face was kinda puffy around her eyes, so she ran back into the bathroom to apply a small amount of makeup. “That should keep these bags under wraps for the time being” she forced a smile. Her forehead was especially shining from the oil she applied to her light brown almond skin. She took a rag and dabbed it across her face to get rid of some of the shine. When she was done she hurried down the stairs.

Grabbing a banana off the counter she heads toward the door where her mother was standing “good morning, mom, she smiles, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Get in the car Madison, you do this every morning.“Karen sighed.

The car ride to school wasn’t long, so Madison knew she would get there just in time for roll call. As she sat in the back seat, she stared out the window. Her mom watched her in the rearview mirror and could see how tired she looked.

“How did you sleep last night,” Karen asked.

“I didn’t really get any sleep, mom. The night terrors are getting worse, and this time they seem to be happening while I’m awake.”

Her mother had this concerning look on her face. “Maybe we should amp up the dosage of your medicine. I’ll reach out to your doctor today. In the meantime, keep taking the ones you have now.” They arrived at the school, and Madison raced to class.

Karen pulled out her cellphone to make a call. “Hey, it’s me. The pills are not working anymore. Her abilities are getting more out of control. She astral project more frequently now.”

The voice over the phone was low and deep. “If we amp up the dosage now, it could be harmful. I think it’s time to just be honest with your daughter, Karen,” the man suggested.

“No!” Karen yelled. “I have been off the radar all these years. I will not let anything from my past ruin our lives now.” Karen was determined not to let her past catch up with her or her daughter.


Madison entered the school hall with clenched hands while telling herself repeatedly, you can do this. She knew that it would be the same thing every day, getting yelled at for doing nothing or people purposely taunting her over nothing. She was entering the class when she got knocked over by someone. She almost fell but stumbled catching herself. She entered the class with her head down when someone snatched her around. It was none other than Kelly Walker. She was Madison’s biggest problem at the school. Every day she took it upon herself to make her life hell.

Madison would always try to ignore her and be the bigger person. Still, she was just about fed up with Kelly and her shenanigans.

“If it isn’t crybaby Madison.” Kelly teased. Referring to an incident where Kelly embarrassed her in front of a guy she liked and Madison had gotten so angry that it brought tears to her eyes. That was a moment Madison regretted the most because she never wanted Kelly to see her in that state.

“Go away, Kelly,” Madison said through clenched teeth. Madison brushed past her and went to take a seat in the back of the class. Kelly, still insisting on taunting her, followed her to the back, making the sounds of a crying baby.

“You are so childish, it’s no wonder George Bradley broke up with you,” Madison said smugly. As soon as the words left her mouth, she knew she had only made the situation worse.

Kelly was fuming. She pushed Madison’s books to the floor then slammed both her hands on the desk. The sound was so loud it grabbed the attention of everyone in the class.

“I guess I’ve been too nice. You seem to think that you can speak to me in that manner and not be punished.” Kelly smirked cunningly and then gave the two girls standing behind Madison a nod. They grabbed her from behind and snatched her out of her seat. Madison yelled for them to let her go, but they only tightened their grip on her.

Madison looked around the classroom, and no one was coming to her aid. They all sat watching her being tormented. The girls shoved her to the ground. Kelly stood over here, grinning like she was enjoying bringing misery to Madison. She snatched her backpack off her back and dumped all its contents on the floor.

“Your going to regret the day you ever thought talking back to me was a good idea.” She laughed and proceeded to attack Madison. All three of the girls were on top of her, kicking and punching. Madison was tired. She was so over everything. All she could think was, ‘Why me?’

The more they hit her, the angrier she got. She started to feel the warmth come over her, and before she knew it, she screamed out.

“ENOUGH!” The girls went flying across the room. Kelly flipped over a desk and broke her arm. The other two went flying into the walls and were knocked unconscious. The class gasped and screamed in fear. Madison gets dizzy and passes out.

When she opened her eyes, she was back in the room she had dreamt of earlier.

“How did I get here? What happened to Kelly?” She questioned.

I must have fallen asleep again. This is crazy. How could I possibly fall asleep at a time like this? Or maybe Kelly and her dogs killed me from that beating, and I’m permanently stuck in this place... Madison thought.

Her thoughts were all messed up. She was thinking of the worst, not even realizing the girl from earlier was standing behind her. The girl was holding a book open, and she was repeating words over and over.

“What the hell is going on?” Madison says out loud in confusion.

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