The Black Hybrid

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My name is Scarlett, I'm 997 years old. And I'm a hybrid. I'm a demon, werewolf and vampire hybrid. I'm also know as the most lethal weapon because of my powers. I've been hiding from every supernatural, I cover my sent which helps a lot. I don't want to be found and I certainly don't want a bloody mate. Will Scarlett find her mate and except him or will the amount of rejection she's been though be to much for her to handle? When we changes schools will her act fall flat and the bad boy see straight through her tough act? Will she live happily or will it end badly, very badly?

Fantasy / Adventure
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New school

Scarlett's POV




SMASH. There goes another alarm clock. Never mind I'll just buy a new one. Time to get up for another new shitty first day, why do I always divide to change schools, oh right I forgot I'm 997 and I look like a bloody 18 year old and I also get expelled a lot. Never mind I still look smoking though. I have black wavy hair that reaches my arse, a skinny but toned body, 6 pack, tattoos, piercings and my favourite my eyes which are piercing blue eyes which turn red when my vamp takes over, black when my demon takes over and they glow bright blue when it's my werewolf. If you haven't figured it out yet I'm a hybrid. Yes you heard right a god damn fucking badass hybrid. My mother was a demon and vampire hybrid and my father was a werewolf. However my mother was an original and my dad was a royal at that, so that makes me and original and royal too. I also I have one small problem, I have major anger and trust issues, that's the consequences of having your family murdered in front of you, however that's a story for another time. Right anyway back to school. I may or may not of got expelled from my last school because 1 the boys were pervs, 2 the girls were either sluts or bitches and 3 they all got on my god damn nerves. I walked into my bathroom and shut the door, stripped down and turned into the shower, once I turned it on I let the water slow run down my body, it relaxes me so much. I picked up my cherry and rose shampoo and washed my hair. After rising the rest of my body I turned the shower and stepped out, picked my blood red towel off the wrack and wrapped it around my body. I walked back into my room and straight into my walk in wardrobe. I picked out tight fitting ripped black jeans, a black crop top with 'don't mess with me' in blood red and my favourite leather jacket, to finish my look dark smoky eye shadow, mascara, blood red lip stick and my leather healed boots. After a final look in the mirror I was happy with my outfit I picked my phone up and slipped it into my back pocket and made my way down stairs. My house is pretty big I have 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a kitchen, an office, a living room, a games room, inside pool and some other shit. I love it. Right now I was walking into my kitchen and walked to the fridge, I opened a secret compartment in the back a pulled out a bag of blood, went to the cabinet and grabbed a glass and poured it in and took a sip, ahhh just what I needed it. I finished it and washed the glass out and made my way to the front door. I grabbed my keys to my baby and my backpack and made my way to the front door. I locked it and made my way to my to my Harley Davidson street 750 black and red motor bike, I love it so much, it's my baby. I swung my leg over and started the engine. It roared to live and I was on way my to hell...oh I meant to say school. It was only 10 minute ride to school and that's me not breaking the limit. I pulled up to the school gate. 'Here goes nothing' I thought. As I pulled up to a parking space I could feel everyone staring at me but I just shrugged it off. I turned my bike off and swung my leg over to stand up. I opened the compartment in the seat and graded my backpack. I took my helmet off and shook my head and let my hair fall. I turned around to hear all the whispers, 'I thought she was a guy', 'she's so hot', ' I'd bang her' and so on. I just smirked and walked towards the entrance. I felt a set of eyes on me and an intoxicating smell of pine and rain water. And the one word that I feared so much and never wanted to hear.


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