Dark Academy (Dark Secrets Series 1)

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Chapter 2

I wore the necklace. It looked beautiful."It will keep my thoughts safe"...What does she mean with that? And what about the "You will learn too how to read thoughts soon" thing? Never mind! She knew so she is probably right. But did she have to be dead?! It would be a lot easier if she was still alive to explain everything to me. Why do I have to find the answers on my own? "Agh! I can't stand it!" Oh boy I have to stop thinking that much, my head is hurting like crazy.

I got up from the bed. I had to find a way to clean up my room. I heard footsteps from outside, I head towards the door and opened it. I put my head out of the room. I checked the corridor but I didn't see anyone. I turned my head right and found something black in front of me.

"Aaaaaaa" I screamed jumping back. I clutched my hand on my chest., close to my heart, which was beating so fast I was wondering how was I still alive and didn’t have a heart attack. In front of me there was, I think, a teacher. She seemed like a middle aged woman, somewhere around her forties, with an annoyed look on her face."I'm sorry" I murmured as I lowered my gaze to the floor. She didn't say anything for a while. I looked at her again.

Even though she was a little old she was beautiful. Actually she was breath taking! She seemed to be powerful, well she was giving an aura that made you feel that she was powerful. She had all of her black hair up in a tight high bun. She was wearing a black dress with long sleeves that covered every inch of her body and a black plain corset around her waist. She was carrying a pack of big books in her hands.

"What do you want?" she snapped at me. That was...unexpected. I looked at her with wide eyes. Ok, I was rude before but I got scared, what else should I do? And I said I was sorry.

"What happened girl? Did the cat eat your tongue?" she continued with her cold tone but there was also a little concern in it. I looked at her in the eyes.

"I was wondering where could I find some cleaning equipment for my room" I murmured lowering my sight to the floor.

"Look up girl and speak louder! Be proud and don't fear. You don't need to clean your room. It's already cleaned". I looked up at her with open mouth. What did she just told me?

"What? I-I don't understand what you mean...", she motioned for me to look back. I turned around and looked. I think my jaw had touched the floor. The furniture were still covered but my room was cleaned. Cleaned! How could that have happen? It was dirty and full of dust few minutes ago. I turned and faced the teacher.

"B-but how did that happen? I mean it was a mess before and-" she motioned with her hand for me to stop."Don't. Stop it. You don't need to know. It's cleaned and that's the end of it. You have to learn not to question about some things".

I was speechless. I tried to comprehend what she had just told me. When I was about to ask her what she meant she was already gone."The Headmaster wants to meet you", I heard her say from the stairs.

That was...weird! What am I saying? Everything here is weird!

"Agh!" I wanted to hit my head somewhere. I was started to feel crazy with everything that had happened here. All the things that happened in a what? A few hours? Oh god what else is going to happen to me?

I shook my head to clear my mind. I turned to close the door but I thought of something. I didn't have a key, or in my situation, keys. What was I gonna do? The headmaster though had a big bunch of keys so I just had to asked him to open my door again.

I closed the door and started walking in the silent hallway. Little by little, more and more students started appearing here and there inside the mansion. I got out of it and started walking towards the cemetery. There were students coming to the mansion or others that were chatting with their friends under trees, sitting on rocks or benches or even on the graves. Even though the sky was covered with clouds I could see that the sun was setting down since there wasn't as much light as before.

I found my way out of the cemetery and headed towards the main buildings. As I got to the entrance I saw a bunch of people sitting on the stairs. Seb was there too. When I passed in front of them to enter the building most of them looked at me just like before. Seb looked at me with hatred in his eyes and if looks could kill I would be dead. But then his eyes got widen and he gave a questioning look full of curiosity. Everyone else was giving me questioning looks as well.

"What did you do human?!", one of the girls snapped at me. She had long black hair and yellow eyes, yes yellow eyes, with a look in them that made you fear for your life. She reminded me of a snake, what was it called...Oh yeah!...Adder!

I got away from them and walked up the stairs to the third floor thinking that I should stay away from that girl because she looks poisonous, like the snake, you get it? I got in front of the painting that leads to headmaster's office. I put my hand in the door's picture. I wonder if I should knocked first or something. He was the one who called me so I thought he didn't mind me stepping inside without knocking, right?

I pushed the door and stepped inside the room. It was magnificent. I just can't get enough of this room. It's so ethereal. I feel like I'm stacked between the past and the present. I walked between the giant bookshelves feeling its big shadows to fill me with a familiar sensation. When I got away from the bookshelves and stepped closer to the headmaster's desk I found he wasn't alone. Seb was here too.


What is he doing here again? And wasn't he at the entrance few minutes ago?

They were both closed to each other. Seb was whispering something to the Headmaster. As I got closer he stopped and they both turned and looked at me. The Headmaster told something at Seb and he started walking to get out of the office. When he passed next to me he turned his face and looked at me with hate again with a little bit of curiosity...

What's his damn problem?

I know he doesn't want me here but he doesn't have to treat me like that all the time.

When he got out the headmaster told me to sit in the chair next to his desk. He then sit in his leather chair behind his desk and crossed his hands on the desk. There was silence for a couple of moments. The whole situation was transpiring an awkward air.

"Well...I think I should explain to you about the school here...", he seemed to feel anxious. A lot.

"I think so too". Finally. I'm going to get my answers. At least a few of them.

"You see...Here is not a normal school. It is not just like all the other schools, both public and private..."

"I know". I told him with a bored look...He seemed shocked."Y-you do? How?".I smiled at him.

"How many schools do you think they have a cemetery in their grounds? How many schools do you think that they have secret rooms behind pictures and paintings? How many schools do you think they have a room like this?", I showed him around with my hands, "How many schools do you think their students and professors can read mind? How many schools do you think they have professors in black cloaks and witch hats? How many schools do you think they have a invisible cleaning stuff? How many schools do you think are like this?!", I was shouting now. I was breathing fast and my heart was beating like crazy. My chest was moving up and down and I could feel that my insides were gonna to explode. I was feeling angry, broken, sad, stressed, betrayed, shocked and I don't know what else. I had lost my self control. I felt insane with everything.

He didn't speak while I was answering in his question. Neither when I was screaming. Nor after I finished my whole break down thing. He didn't say anything. He just stayed there, sitting in the big leather chair behind his desk, watching me. That was the only thing he was doing. Watching.

I tried to calm down. I had to calm down or else I might continued with crying for the rest of the day and I didn't want to do that in front of my headmaster.

I looked up into his eyes. His tired eyes were filled with concern, sadness and sympathy. I felt ashamed for my actions instantly. He hadn't done anything to me and I had take on him all of my worries and my emotions. I lowered my head feeling embarrassed.

"Don't do that...", I heard him say with a calm tone in his voice. I snapped my head up and meet his eyes."Huh?".What did he mean? All I could see in his eyes were sympathy now."I said don't do that. Don't lower your head and don't feel embarrassed. You didn't do anything wrong. I understand that all of that is something new and difficult for you. It's all right.", he smiled at me...

"Well back to business now. I have to explain to you a few things for this school, right?" He looked at me with a funny face and bright smile. I wanted to giggle but I wasn't in the right mood for that, and I may looked at him like he was someone crazy 'cause I saw him frown after a few seconds. I changed immediately and force a smile on my face."Ok, let's get started!"

He changed and smiled too."Good. So...Let's get started!", he said clapping his hands. He motioned for me to sit more comfortable.

"Well, as I told you before this school exists since a couple of years after 1940.I've told you its story. You told me that you've seen a few strange things here", I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "Ok, you've seen a lot of strange, very strange things. But let me inform you that all those things were nothing compare to the other things that you'll see", I continued looking at him like he was crazy. Great! What else more am I gonna see? Wasn't enough all that?

"This school...is a school for... demons!".My mouth dropped to the floor. You've got to be kidding me. Nuh...this can't be true. I started laughing like a mad person. Oh god, this was so crazy! The headmaster was looking me like I was the insane here.

"A school for demons? Really! Ha ha ha...I mean a ha ha ha...I mean this is crazy! Ha ha ha...Ok, end of this joke Ha ha...Where are the cameras anyway? Ha ha ha....", ans so I continued with my crazy laugh. After a few moments when I noticed that the headmaster wasn't smiling anymore I stopped and looked at him shocked."It's not a joke?! But how? I mean demons don't exist and...", he moved his hand up to show me that I should zip it and listen to him. And I did so.

"I know that this may be a little bit difficult for you to believe all that, but please, listen to me first. Just listen what I have to tell you and then You can ask me anything you want", he looked at me and I nodded him to continue and that I was listening everything he was going to tell me.

"Well, as I said this is a school for demons, but not exactly demons. All the students here are demons sons and daughters. They are people who are half demons. Demons do really exist but they are monsters. Those teenagers may be their children but because they have a parent who is human they can make a choice. They can decide whether they want to become real demons with monstrous instincts, or demons who have a human side and live a normal life with the humans. This is what school exists for. To help those children to decide what they want. We can't tell them what is the right thing to choose. We just help them to clear up their minds and choose what they believe is right', he paused for a few minutes to make sure I was with him and listening what he was telling me.

"There are also some students who are withes or wizards, or even shamans. There are some of them who are half or are descendants of them. There are also some others who are something different. It's complicated to explain it to you right now. What I can tell you is that they are not humans. They have a human side but they are not completely humans", he stopped and waited for me. He knew that I wanted to ask him something.

"What about me? Am I completely human or not?", he nodded his head in approve of my question.

"You are human. Only human. That's what we feel about you. You see everyone here can sense the others, it's like you can read someone's aura. We can also smell and hear better than common humans. And we can read minds. Many of us can communicate with others through our mind. That's how I knew what you were thinking. But I can't now. Do you know why?", he looked at me in the eyes, "I can feel a little bit of your emotions. It's like you've built a wall around you. A wall that I can't see through. Would you mind explaining that to me? Is there something that you would like to tell me?' he continued looking at me with a pleading look. He wanted to know. He was begging me with his eyes to tell him.

"I found a letter from my grandmother in my room", he nodded me to continue, "She said that it is my new quest to find who am I, to find about my family's past and about my position in the world. She said that Dark Falls Academy is not a normal school and that you are not humans. That you think I am a human but I am not. She said that I belong here no matter what", he nodded in approval.

"There was this necklace inside the envelope', I showed him the small purple crystal, "She said that it will protect my thoughts and that I should never take it off", he continue moving his head up and down in a way that seemed he had listen to me and was thinking about all I've said.

"So this is the end", he said in a serious tone after a few moments."What do you mean?", I asked him not getting what he meant."You wanted to leave from here, You didn't like it here and you were afraid. You believed that you didn't belong here. We thought that too. But it seems we've been proven wrong. We may not be sure if it's true but we'll try to figure it out. What I want from you is to come and inform me if you find something else, anything. If you need help or you have any questions, as I said previously, You can ask me whenever you want or someone of the other professors. Is that clear?", I nodded in agreement. "Good", he said smiling brightly.

"Um...And what about the students?", that was the most important thing that was worrying me. The students. I've been here for a few hours and half of student body wanted to kill me!

"Unfortunately there aren't many things we can do about that. As you already saw I mention Seb to behave and treat you good. If Seb is good with you them many other students will be good with you too and all the others won’t hurt you."

"Why? Is he some kind of 'wannabe queen' here?", I blurted out cutting him of. His eyes popped out of his head but then he then he was the one who was laughing like a mad man.

"Yeah...something like that. You have your own way with the words, don't you? Don't worry I won't let him know that you actually said that. It will be our little secret!", he closed his left eye to me, "But we can't do much about the other students. At first it will be awful, I think. They will need lots of time to get used to you. If we found that you are not human then they will accept you even if they don't like you". Oh god...I'm dead!

"You see, the students here may be different each other, some of them may even hate each other, but when it's matter about humans then they will work as a team, a pack, like a beehive against the humans. The same goes for the evil demons. If an evil demon attack at the school no matter whose parent or not he may be they will protect the Academy. As long as they are in the Academy they will protect each other even if they hate each other."

"But they won’t protect me because I am human, right?", I cut him off.

"They may even attack you...".Uh oh...My eyes popped out of my head in shock, the hair in the back of my neck rose up and I felt as if the world around me was being sucked down."But don't worry! They won't do anything in front of a professor", he tried to comfort me.

Oh lord...!

"Yeah...well...in that case...You should watch your back", my mouth drooped to the floor again. What? You've gotta be kidding me.

"What? But...and..What am I gonna do? They are demons...They are gonna kill me and..."

"Oh no, no, I don't think that they will try to kill you...maybe?"


"Agh! Ok, they are demons and they are dangerous. They hate humans even if they try to live with them. They don't like that you are in their school. Only the teachers are more powerful than them that's why they won’t try anything during a class. I was thinking on getting a guard for you but the professor have lots of work to do and I don't think a student would be a good idea. Some of them are powerful and they would be great guards but it wouldn't be good for you if he or she hates you. That's what the teacher's council decided a few days ago. We will have a meeting again soon so that we'll see what to do to help you..."

"So you are telling me that I have to survive till your teacher's meeting?"

"Yes, and I'm sorry", he was feeling really sorry. I could see it in his sad look. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding from my stress all that time."Ok...Um, may I ask? Do you have a spare key for my room?".He snapped from his sad gaze and smiled again.

"Yes, yes, here it is! That's the main reason I called you here", he leaned forward and gave me a small silver key.

"Um...I think you forgot something. That's only one key and there were hundreds of locks on the door". He chuckled and raised his hand showing me the key."You don't need that many keys. That one only will unlock all of them. It's the only key, except one more that I have, which unlock all the door's locks. You just have to put it in the main lock under the knob and turn it. Then all the locks will unlock immediately and the door will open".

"Oh...Ok...", that was a little complicated to believe it but who cares...

"It's safer that way. Only you or a professor will be able to get in your room. See, I didn't leave you helpless", his got to his ears.

"Yeah...Ok...thanks, good night sir".

"Goodnight Beth". I turned around and got out of his office through the secret painting door. I walked at the empty hall. It was still dark, just like in the morning, with the difference of the fading yellow like lights that created a mystical sensation in the atmosphere. I would thought that it was beautiful and romantic but in reality it dangerous and frightening.

I got out of the buildings and head for the cemetery. It was a peaceful night with only the trees rustle and the little noises the little night bugs made were being listen. It was dark, the sun was no longer behind the clouds but hidden far away. The sky was a deep blue-black color. There weren't any stars, neither the moon. Only dark.

As I stepped inside the cemetery I felt the hair of the back of my neck to rise. Thankfully there were a few lights scattered between the graves. I kept walking, checking at the same time for any ghost or zombies. I was shaking like a terrified cat, or is it like a fish out of the water? Or like a soaked cat? I've no idea right now. All I know is that I was shaking from fear of the whole dead and cemetery thing.

I had already passed through half of the cemetery and I was getting close to the dorms. That was when I heard something. A voice. A whisper. A breath.

I shivered as the temperature started getting colder. I turned my everywhere but saw nothing. I heard it again. And again. As the seconds were passing I could hear it better. Wrong. I could hear them better.


"It can't be"

"I thought they didn't exist anymore"

"She is real"

"She is here"

“She can help us"

" Hallelujah"

"Help us"

"Don't leave"

"We need you"

"We want you"

"Come with us"

Hundreds of voices.

Thousands of voices were whispering to me.

I thought I went insane. I could hear them all inside my head. I was feeling like they were in my head. I thought that it was going to explode. To burst like a water balloon. I put my hands at each side of my head. It hurt. It hurt so much. I had to get out of here. I had to get away immediately.

I started running, springing between the graves. I could feel the frozen chill following me and I tries to run faster. I had to get away from it. I think I saw from the corner of my eye something like white smoke or mist behind me. Following me.

I got out of the cemetery and stepped on the marble entrance of the mansion. There were some boys with hoods sitting there. They looked at me with curiosity and raised eyebrows. I was panting and out of breath. I turned my head and looked back. There was no weird fog but I could still hear some whispers though it seemed like it was from far away. Thankfully my headache had stopped.

"Are you crazy?", I heard someone telling me. I turned towards the boys and found that one of them was Seb. He was wearing a black sweater and had his hood on, that's why I didn't notice him previously. I looked at him with a questioning look.

He stood up and got closer to me. All of his friends had their attention on me. He stood in front of me, his face was only a few centimeters away from mine."Are you just mentally insane or shit scared from cemetery's?", he asked me with a dark smirk on his face. His friends chuckled at his comment.If I wasn't so scared right now I would have glared to him like there was no tomorrow.

I just sat there and watched him making fun with his stupid comments. When the laughs faded I looked at him dead right in the eyes , he stopped laughing immediately and I walked away from him. I passed near his friends without looking at them. They had stopped laughing too.

I stepped inside the mansion but I didn't stop hearing them talking. "What the hell?", someone said."Was there something wrong or was it only my 'smoked' brain creating things?", someone else said. So they do 'smoke' in this school too...

As I kept getting away from them I turned my head a little bit and looked at them. They all had questioning looks on their faces except for Seb. He had a blank expression on his face which were proclaiming a little bit of concern.

I didn't give much attention though and went straight to my room. I don't think that I'll last long enough from drowning him. He is lucky he is a demon and I'm afraid for my own life. I swear the guy was bipolar. One moment he was caring, even a little bit, and the next one he was a totally ass who hated my guts and made my life a living hell. Actually all the students her want to make my life a living hell. I'm terrified of what might happen tomorrow and the day after and so goes on.

I took the small key out of my pocket and placed it inside of the lock the headmaster told me to. I turned it and heard many metal noises and then the door opened. I stepped inside and headed for my bed. I should unpack my things but after all the things that happened today I had no strength left.

I let myself fell on my bed without changing my clothes. Soon I felt being drifted in a black peaceful world.

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