Dark Academy (Dark Secrets Series 1)

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Chapter 3

I woke up feeling a cold breeze rushing all over my body. I opened my eyes and sat up on the bed rubbing my eyes from the sleepiness. The breeze started becoming more and colder. I turned around and found that I hadn't closed the window. Of course. How stupid of me.

I got up and closed it. I checked a little bit of outside to find the sun rising up a little from far away.

Yesterday was a hell. Today would be an even worse hell. And yesterday night sleep was nothing but peaceful. At first it was good, a perfect sweet sleep, but then it became a living nightmare. The voices never stopped calling me, hunting me. It was awful.

I turned around and started walking back to my cozy bed. I had to tidy up my room but I wanted to get at least a few hours of paradise like sleep without annoying voices. Before I could made it to my bed the nightmare started again. The voices.

It was crazy. They were whispering the same words again and again, nonstop! It was like there were thousands of them in my head. I wasn't even in the cemetery so how could they do this to me!

I fell to the floor holding my head in my hands. It hurt, a lot!

I was inhaling and exhaling slow. It was hard for me to breath. My sight started fading and blurring. For a moment though, I thought I saw someone. My door was opened and someone was standing at its frame. Seb.

"Aaaagh", a new wave of pain started and I shut my eyes closed. When I opened them again he was gone. The door was closed too. Thankfully the pain started easing and the voices were dying down little by little. After a few moments I was just lying on the floor panting but thanks god I could breath normally again. It seemed like the time had stopped then.

I laid down there exhausted. I closed my eyes and drifted finally to sleep...

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