Dark Academy (Dark Secrets Series 1)

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Chapter 4

I woke up feeling heavy, like I had been hit by a truck. My head was hurting a lot and I felt dizzy. I sat up on the wooden floor and looked around me. There was enough light from the closed window to brighten the whole room. I didn't hear any sound or movements out in the hallway. What time is it?

I crawled to where my things were and look for one of my bags. When I found the one I wanted I opened it and took out a clock. Four hours. I was sleeping for four hours. Classes had started two hours ago. Oh boy, I'm screwed.

I heard a light knock from my door. I got up and walked slowly there tripping on my own way. I couldn't even move my own legs. They felt so heavy. I opened the door and found the breathtaking female professor from yesterday. She looked at me in the eyes and then checked me from tip to toe."What happened girl? I was informed that you didn't attend your first two classes and you don't look good too. Did something bad happened?", she said with a serious tone in her voice but I could feel a little care too.

"Um...I wasn't feeling good and...I think I might collapsed or something when...I woke up a few hours ago but...That's why I didn't went to my classes...", What should I tell her? It was the truth, well, except that I skipped the brain-pain because of weird-voices part...

"I heard something like that. That's the reason Headmaster send me to check on you. So, how do you feel now?", she tilted her head to the right as if she was trying to look inside me but she couldn't.

"Um...I'm fine...for now", I whispered the last part of course. I wasn't sure if I was gonna die because of my classmates or those freaking voices. "Let me please to change my clothes and I will go to my classes immediately.", she nodded in understatement. I turned around but before I could close the door she had stepped inside and headed for my suitcases. I looked at her with question and closed the door. I went to her and watched her unzipping my bags and looking inside of them.

"You should wear this", she said after a few moments when she turned to face me. I looked at her with question and she motioned for me to look behind her on the bed. There was a dark purple dress with long sleeves along with black leggings, a scarf and a dark olive green coat. I looked at her with a raised eyebrow and she motioned for me to wear them. I just shook my shoulders and went to do so.

After helping me to get dressed we stepped out of the room and she locked with just a movement of her hand. I looked at her with surprise. She hadn't even touch the door and it closed itself, let alone locked.

We started walking next to each other down the hall without speaking. Even though she was scaring me a little for some reason I could feel comfortable around her. We walked out of the mansion and head towards the school through the cemetery as always. Thankfully the voices didn't 'appear' again. We got in the main building and she lead me through the big hallways in front of a big brown door. It's height was somewhere three to four meters and there were sculptured leaf designs. It was really impressing.

She cleared her throat and knocked the door, then she pushed it open and stepped inside of a classroom. Well it was nothing like a normal high school's classroom, it looked more of a university's classroom with the big druid seats.

"Hello professor Mira. How may I help you?", a man in his early forties asked.

"May I have a little bit of your time?", she asked him politely. I was amazed by her. Her actions, the way she moved and stand, even the way she talked, they were all overflowing with power.

"Of course, just give me a minute", he answered with the same polite tone. It's amazing how the teachers are all so gentle and well mannered in contrary to their students.

Professor Mira stepped back and closed the door, she then turned to face me. "You don't need to worry about anything. It's not that bad". I looked at her like she was crazy. "Um, are you sure Miss? Because I heard that they hate humans and that they want to hurt me. Not to mention to kill me".

I saw a glimpse of surprise and worry in her eyes, but only for a little. She turned behind to her cold self but her gaze was softer now. "True, but I know that you can made it". That as her last words before the other professor came out.

"Ok, everything's fine. We can talk now in peace, so...What did you want me for?" he asked while rubbing his hands.

"I've bring with me your new student", his gaze fell on me, "Let me introduce her to you. Professor Sparks this is our new student Beth Willow, Beth this is your new English teacher Professor Gregory Sparks", she motioned between us with her hand.

We spend the next few minutes watching each other. Professor Sparks watched me like he was trying to read me while I was observing his characteristics. He had brown hair with a small bald on the back top of his head, a little bit crooked nose which I think it was a little bit small too and grey weird eyes, like those that can read in your head. He then stopped watching me and smiled. "Welcome Beth, it's nice to meet you. I hope you feel like your own home here. Before we get inside may I ask why didn't you attend my class from it's start?"

Nice. How was I going to explain to him about the voices? Using the same excuse like before might help but thankfully someone else answered for me."She was a little bit of sick this morning, that is why she hadn't attend any of her previously classes. The Headmaster believes that she might has gotten a cold or something. He told me also that she hasn't eat anything since yesterday morning but he will take care of that", she looked at me with this soft look in her eyes just like before.

She is weird, the students are weird, the Headmaster is weird, the school is weird, hell! Everything here is weird!

"So I'll be leaving her in your hands from now. Oh, and also we haven't given her a schedule yet so, could you please take her to her next class and inform the other professor to do so?", she asked him while looking at him dead in the eyes. It seemed like they were talking in their heads just like Seb and Headmaster yesterday but, without the arguing thing.

"Yes. Of course. There is no problem at all", I heard him say finally. Professor Mira nodded and then turned and smiled to me. She then turned around and started walking fast to the opposite way of the one we had came from. I looked at her long black dress waving while her figure was getting more and more away.

"So Beth...Shall we get inside?", I heard him say in a calm voice. I turned and nodded to him in agreement. He then motion for me with his hand to follow him while he opened the door and stepped inside the classroom.

As we got inside, I have to say that there weren't that much noise even though most of the students were talking with each other. I noticed that Seb was here too. He was sitting at the top row of the seats talking with a bunch of boys all around him. After a minute he turned his head and faced me with a blank expression. Actually everyone had stopped talking and they were looking at me with hate, annoyance, or even disgust in their faces. Nice...

"Everybody sit down and take off that that annoying expression of your faces. We have a new student here and I don't want your stupid faces to make her feel unwelcome!", I heard Mr. Sparks telling behind me. The students that were up did sat down but no one change the expression on their faces. I saw that Seb had turned his from the other way and wasn't looking my way anymore. Jeez! What's that kid's problem? He should choose the way he wants to treat me and not be hot and cold all the time. Not even in his period wouldn't he act like that!

"Well, from now on Beth will be one of your classmate too. I am suspecting that you will treat her good and accept her. If I heard that any of you did something bad to her he's or she's going to pay for it! I promise you that ladies and gentlemen!", wow! Even though he seems to be a nice person actually he can be a really strict and scary teacher. I was surprised by his behavior!

"Good, so now Beth you can go and sit in the empty seat in the front row", he show me with his hand the way. I did as I was told to. Everyone's gazes were focused on me. Wherever I moved they moved too. After sitting down I let my sack on the wooden surface of the desk and put my hands crossed on. I felt a strange stare on me. Actually everyone were staring at me but this one was different. i turned a little and came face to face with the girl next to me. Even though hers was blank it had an intense glimpse and I noticed that she was trying to read me just like the teacher before with a more bored way though. She made a big bubble with her pink chewing gum which burst with a loud 'pop' after.

She had brown to little red hair up in a high tail but it wasn't long at all. There were a lot of wisps that were falling on her face and some were escaping from her tail. I watched her then starting checking me moving her gaze from head to toe and then up again. All of that eating her chewing gum in a bored way with open mouth, having piercings and her clothes reminded me of the punk gangster girls from the movies, you know, the ones that used to take drugs and kick asses?

I raised my eyebrow up hopping that she is not a lesbian gangster who's checking me out right now. Well, it seems that in the end she did notice that...

"Don't look at me like that! I'm not a lesbian or something! It's just that I can't figure you out!", she started shouting to me. I jerked a little bit away of her. She sure was scary though her small figure.

"Abby! Stop scaring her! Turned forward! And everyone turn your attention back to the board and leave the poor girl alone!", Mr. Sparks was shouting like mad now. Hopefully everyone did so though I heard a few whispers like "What is she doing here?" and "What the hell?!" and "Why is the teacher so protective over her?". I even heard comments like "Who that little human think she is?" or "What the hell is she to be here?". I pushed all of them out of my head and focused on the board and the teacher's lesson. It's gonna be a long day!

"Everyone you are free to go. Class has ended", Professor Spark announced closing his book. He then turned and started cleaning the blackboard. I closed my notebook and started getting ready to get out of the class. "Beth wait outside please. Oh I almost forgot, about your books and your schedule, a professor will bring it to you tonight in your room", he aid while writing something at his small black notebook.

I nodded and then turned and started walking towards the door. There were a lot of people both in front of the door and outside the hallway. The moment I stepped outside the door I felt something hitting me on my shoulder and found myself came in touch with the hard wooden frame of the wall across the classroom. "Move little shit!", I heard someone say. I looked up and found a guy with a deep blue hood smirking down at me. I tried to get up of the floor but felt another hand on my back pushing me up to the wall. I hit the wooden surface again and felt someone else to shove me to the wall to the other side of the hall. And then another push, another pull and another shove. I felt like that tiny little metallic ball in that 'flipper game'.

"Enough! That’s it! Get the hell out of here! Everyone go to your damn classes NOW!", I heard more cursing and shouting. I looked up and found Mr. Spark grabbing students from their sweaters and shoving them away. After he made it sure that there was no one close to me he rushed over me and helped me to get up.

"Are you ok? Oh god, I am so sorry. I should have guessed that something like that would happen! Come on", I felt my head heavy and saw the world spinning all around me. i almost tripped and fell but thankfully he grabbed me. "Don't worry honey, I won’t let them harm you. Come with me. I need to take you to the doctor and inform your other professors ".

I just nodded with my head. I wasn't able to stand on my own so I let him to hold me by my waist and my arm and take me to where he wanted to. Doctor? I couldn't even imagine this school had a nurse let alone a nurse room. Wondering where they might have hide the nurse room I found myself lose consciousness and being drifted to a world of darkness.

I opened my eyes and watched. There was a lot of light. this room was tall, very tall. After a few moments I leaned up a little and looked around me. The walls of this room were dressed with grey upholstery with small white flower and plant designs. There were a lot of beds to the right and to the left of me but only to the side of the room that I was. I turned a little and found that behind me there wasn't any wall but big windows that ended high, just a little bit before the roof. The roof was painted with angels and light blue, gold and pink clouds just like the ones that you can see in historical buildings in Rome or Prague.

"How do you feel?", I heard a male voice asking me from my right side. I turned and found Mr. Spark sitting in a dark wood chair next to my bed. He was smiling to me. "You seem confused huh?"

"How long had I passed out?", I asked him rubbing my head. It hurt and for some reason I felt in some spots of my head cold.

"You were sleeping for a couple of hours. You lost two of your classes. History and Latin. Don't worry, I have informed your professors. And you lost also half of lunch. I brought you this", he gave me a sandwich wrapped with gelatin and a can of juice. "I put some ice bags on your head. You had hit it pretty bad", so that was why I was feeling it cold...

"Um, where is the doctor? Or the nurse?", that was weird. I was in a nurse with no nurse and the professor just told me that he had take care of me. Shouldn't be a doctor doing that?

"Yeah...I told you I'll take you to the doctor, right? Well...there is no doctor. We do have an infirmary with beds and medicines and all that stuff, but we don't have a nurse or a doctor. Every one of the professors has medical knowledge and we are the ones who take care of the students if it's need.", I see. "Do you feel better?". I nod him yes. "I suggest you to eat and then if you want you can go back to your classes. If you don't want to you can stay here or go to your room", he paused, letting me think about it.

"What do you think I should do?", he seemed surprised by my question. Actually I didn't know what to do, or better what I wanted to do. I didn't want to go back to that 'hell' and have another 'attack'. I had lost many classes though and I didn't believe that was good. I had already lost a whole month and I had no idea what kind of lessons they were teaching here. What would I do at the exams?

"I believe you should go back to class. I f you don't show up they'll think that you are afraid of them", I am afraid of them!

He was right though. I couldn't miss more classes even if they were arts or potion making! It's not that I don't like arts, it's only that they are not a final exam lesson and many people in my old school usually didn't even showed up. Now about potion making...I don't know if that's an exam lesson. Wait. Do I have a potion class here?

"Umm...Beth? Are you ok?", what? Oh yeah...I forgot about Mr. Spark. "Um, yeah!", I said smiling. He looked me like I was an alien. "You don't seem ok. You almost dazed off for a little while", really? I have no idea.

"Listen Beth", he paused for a little and looked at me with seriousness. "I know you must be terrified. I can see it in your face it right now. I saw it at the hall and the classroom too. Most of the students, and some of the professors doesn't believe that you belong here. I believe that you do belong here. I haven't talked with the Headmaster to know more about you or the reason you are here but I have to say I like it. You, in this school. You see, I believe that this school should have more humans as its students. What kind of school would we be that teaches the demons how to survive in the human world if there aren't any humans here too?", he said smiling while opened his hands in a 'voila' movement. It reminds me of a TV performer in an advertisement or something.

Watching my blank expression he frowned and let his hands drop heavy to his sides. Well, his theory was right, I agreed with that but...I didn't want to die!

"Um, well...you can eat your lunch now and then...um..."

"You'll take me to my next class?, he seemed surprised of my option. Yeah...I was surprised too of my own option.

"Yes...Yes! I'll take you there. Now relax, eat your sandwich and I'll be back in a few moments", with that he turned around and got out of the room. He seemed quite happy now. Actually I wondered why didn't he started jumping up and down from joy 'cause he seemed like that. He must be really satisfied of my decision. He reminds me of the Headmaster. They are both always with a bright smile on their face.

I sat more comfortable on the bed and took the sandwich. Till the moment I finished it I was thinking on what to do next, what kind of lesson might I have and what might happen to me again. Not very positive, I know...

True, after a few moments Mr. Spark came back and helped me get ready. He checked if any bump had appeared on my head or something and then lead me to my next class.

The hallways were empty. There was no soul and no sound. Even when we were passing by a classroom there was no sound coming inside of there. Some corridors were dark with some dim light of small gas lamps, while some others were full of light because of the giant windows.

After a while we turned left to a short dark corridor and kept moving. It was like we were moving in a small secret passage. There were a few gas lamps to lighten the passage that were hanged up the walls which seemed to be wooden. The dark brown surface and the floral manufactured designs on them made you to get in that conclusion. A corridor that it's walls were made by wood with sculptured designs everywhere.

We came to the end of the passage. It was so dark there that I couldn't notice the small double wooden door. Mr. Spark gave it a small push and a great wave of light burst to the small corridor blinding me.

When it subsided I started recognizing some shapes around me. In the end I found out that I was in a class. A big one. There giant windows that covered the three walls of the room and some smaller ones on the roof. There were everywhere tubs with plants and bushes. All the students were sitting on marble benches behind their marble giant counters. I looked around amazed.

This school was completely weird! From the dark and scary rooms you jumped to the peaceful ghost like ones.

I followed Mr. Spark to the desk in front of the blackboard. "Hello Annabell, how are you?, I heard him saying. I was standing behind him and leaned right to check how the professor looked like.

"Very well Mr. Spark, thank you", I heard a very sweet female voice replying. Then I tilted a little bit more to the right to watch better and damn! Why all the female professors here were so beautiful. Madam, or better Miss Annabell was the youngest professor I've meet till now in this weird place. She seemed to be very young but I could say that she was somewhere to 35 years old. She looked like a doll with her black curly hair, petite body and smooth characteristics. My gaze met with her big brown eyes which were looking me with question and amazement.

"And who's that sweet cutie thing behind your back?", she smiled and I felt my cheeks getting on fire. I', sure I looked like poppies now.

"That sweet thing behind me is our new student Beth Willow. And Beth this is-"

"Oh my goodness you are the new girl. Aw you are so cute and beautiful that I want to grab and squeeze you like a stuffed animal. Oh yeah, how you feel? I heard you were sick at the morning and my poor little thing I heard about what happened in the hallway. Don't worry about anything sweetie! Oh and you can call me Miss Annabell", she cut Mr. Spark of and I was surprised he didn't said anything about that. Instead he seemed to enjoy it very much and his gaze seemed to be so warm towards her. Me, on the contrary, was stunned by the way she could talk so fast and with so much energy, it was like you've put her in her fast forward mode.

I was happy though. Having a teacher like her, or Mr. Spark was something that would made my day.

I started feeling a chill down my back. The hair of my neck raised and I felt like daggers were hitting me. I turned my head a little bit and looked behind me to find a crowd of students watching me with pure hate and envy.


I turned my head back to the front and leaned closer to Mr. Spark and Mrs Annabell. Now I'm scared...I wanna go home! I looked up at them and found them staring to me weirdly, never leaving the amusement in their eyes. They both started laughing with my actions. They weren't the only ones of course. The students behind me were laughing too...silently evil!


For some reason I felt now like the class's clown...

"She is so cute! Don't worry Mr. Spark, you can leave her with me from now on", Miss Annabell said and Mr. Spark’s laugh was cut instantly and a sad look came up to his face. He nodded and turned to walk out of the class. Each step he took made him look more and more sad. I felt bad for him. He were all day so happy and now he looked like you had killed someone he loved. I wonder if there is something between him and Miss Annabell. She, on the other side, didn't seem like something might had happened in the past. She was nice to him but didn't pay much attention. That lead me to think that maybe, I wasn't sure, he is in love with her...

I guess I'll find soon...

Miss Annabell show me where to sit. My counter was marble too and it was in the first row, close to the blackboard. She was all the time next to me, never leaving me. I could feel even more daggers on the back of my head, but her appearance next to me all this time made me happy and forget about the demons who want me dead behind me. She was an amazing teacher. I never thought that Botanology might be this interesting.

The subject of this lesson was herbal plants, their medicine use. their potion use or their use according to some ancient traditions from countries all over the world, how to take care of them and how we could use them to make some charms and all the weird stuff like that. I was never interested that much in plants but it was pretty nice to find that some flowers that I used to like could be used for healing and medicines. Or something else.

When the class ended everyone took their stuff and started walking through the small wooden door. I was about to follow them and find where my next class might be quickly when I heard Miss Annabell calling me.

"Beth sweetie wait a minute. I will show you your next class but first I want to talk to you about this lesson. You've lost a big part of this class and of course I know that is not your fault. I will come to your room later in the afternoon', she paused turned to lock the door and then started walking to the small dark passage. "I am going to bring you some books to read in order to catch up with the others. I do not want you to learn everything they say by heart. I think that it would be better to give you some projects to make. I believe that it will be very useful and easier for you that way. If in the end you are a witch you'll have to attend a potion and charm class, where you'll learn more about herbals, plants, moon, blood and all that stuff..."


"Um, ok", I think.

We got out of the small corridor and turned the other way of the one that I had came with Mr. Spark. After a while we pass through an open door that led outside. It was a light brown wooden one with colorful stained glass like the ones in baroque churches. I never thought that there might be and other doors which lead to the school yard or in our situation, the woods!

There were many students sitting with their friends here and there. Many of them got up and started walking back to the building while some others started walking in a small passage in the woods. I found the weird punk girl, I think Abby, walking in the forest. She wasn't in Botanology class and I am not sure if I should be happy or sad about that.

And Seb. I didn't like him. He was in both my previously classes, at least the ones that I attended but thanks god he didn't do anything except from staring with annoyance. I was used to that by now. In the end it took me less time to get used to it than I thought. Not that I wasn't afraid anymore. I was terrified of what might happen to me the next 5 minutes!

"Your next class is P.E. and this is your last class for today. You have to follow the students in the pathway to the gym. Most of them have already gone there so there won't be any one in the passage to harm you", I heard Miss Annabell whisper in my ear. I felt her squeeze my shoulder in a supporting way and then she turned leaving me alone.

I left a heavy sigh and started walking in the passage following the last students from far away. Is there a real gym?

Well, it seems that there is...

After about five minutes of walking it the woods I came in front of a big modern building. I would say the only present building in the whole campus. It looked no more than eight years old, so yeah, according to the whole decor in this place it was the only thing that reminded that you are actually in the twenty first century.

I sigh again, counted to ten and stepped forward closer to the small crowd of students outside the gym's door. As I got closer to the middle of the crowd i could feel more glares on me. My gaze met some of the students’ ones and found them being full with hate, disgust or even aversion. Here we go again.

"Relax everyone. Eric open the doors", I saw a pair of keys flying from behind me and ended in the hands of girl-No, boy in front of the gym's door. "Listen up everyone", I turned to face the teacher and maybe I shouldn't have done that. He was big, really big, even though he was old like 50 years old and reminded me of an old sergeant commando."Today we have F.E.", F.E.? I thought we had P.E. "To those who might don't know or remember from last year, we have three time P.E. per week. Two of them are F.E. aka Fighting Education. Some of you have been training for years. Some others didn't. So some of you will start training from now. You'll be taught martial arts, self defense, how to use weapons and more. Some of you already know about that stuff. That is why we'll be working on pairs from now on and for a couple of months so that the elders will be able to teach the younger. Any questions?", question? I have one! What the hell? This is bad, really bad. I think that I wont make it alive from this class. That's for sure!

"No? Good. Now let's move inside", with that he turned and walked inside the gym and I just followed the crowd of students, trembling. I looked at some of them and found them smirking evily at me. Gulp!

Well, let's see the positive side of this hell. I'll be training with only one person, and I hope that he or she will be a good one and not someone who wants to eat me for dinner.

I got lost in my thoughts and didn't notice that there were already some pairs ready. It seems that I wasn't the only new student here. There were at least another three more students, with the difference that they were already here for a whole month, they weren't humans and maybe they were in some other 'demon' Academy before or knew already some of the people here 'cause they seemed like everyone knew each other and were great buddies.

A big shadow woke me up from my rumbling mind. I moved my gaze up and came face to face with the giant coach. "You must be our newest student, huh?", I didn't answered him, all I did was to continue looking at him with full open eyes. I felt like I was going to cry. "Oh no, don't be afraid of me. I might be scary, old and ugly but I am not going to harm you. So what's your name girl?", he smiled to me. Wow! With the smile he looked more human and carefree.

"B-Beth Willow sir," I answered with a trembled voice.

"Look at her! She is so scared that she can't even spell her own name!", I heard a girl say and almost everyone burst in laughs. She sounded like 'Adder'. Then I heard a lot of evil giggles from more girls and some other comments from both girls and boys.

"SILENCE!", I jumped at the coach's shout. I could swear that the building tremble from his shout's force. "Good. Beth you don't need to call me sir. I am not in the army anymore", so he did used to be in the army. "I'm coach, ok? Well, listen up everyone. Who wants to train with Beth over here?", he put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me closer to him waiting for someone to volunteer. And...Nothing. "No one?", he sounded disappointed.

"I want to", I heard a familiar voice said and found Abby raising her hand up. But I don't want to! Not her!

"Too bad... Eric! You'll pair with Beth", he announced as if he hadn't seen or heard her. Like he didn't care what she said. When I looked back at her she seemed sad and angry. I would be too if no one cared for me. What am I saying? Nobody cares for me too!

Feeling bad for her I turned to meet the boy that had opened the door before and was supposed to be my pair.

Eric was...Emm...A Viking! Seriously now he looked like young Viking. With long, very long light brown hair that was folded around his neck like a scarf. He was tall just like all the boys in this planet. And totally worked out. I could say that by watching the way his tight T-shirt came in touch with his abs and the whole 'buff' enough chest. I couldn't see his arms because they were being hidden by his jean jacket. He was wearing jeans too. That reminds me, weren't we supposed to wear athletic clothes?

My question was answered the same moment the coach called us to go and change in the locker rooms. I followed the girls through a metallic red door. To my surprise, it was pretty normal. There were wooden benches and metallic red lockers, showers etc...

I was really surprised when I found that every locker had a student's name on it. I looked for mine watching not to get to close to the angry girls. Finally, I found it at the end of the row. There were some other ones with no name on them at the end of the other locker rows. I opened it and found a pair of athletic shoes and some sports clothes. An even bigger surprised was that they were from my own stuff. Weird...

When I finished changing everyone had already gone. I walked out of there to find most of the students paired fighting. I froze for a little watching all the things they were doing. The punches, the blocks, the kicks... How was I going to do all that stuff?

I continued walking and went straight to the coach who was standing in front of the wall in the middle of the room. Next to him was Eric. Naked from the waist and up with a pair of a black track suit's bottom. And with no shoes. I noticed that most of the boys were naked on their torso area. My gaze found Seb, chest naked too, standing with a bunch of other boys in one of the room's corner. Demons or not all the boys had definitely nice abs.

When I got to the coach he was shouting and giving instructions to some students.

"Took you long to come", I turned and looked at Eric but he wasn't facing me, he was looking only straight towards the coach. What's his problem?

After a little he turned to me finally, but maybe that wasn't a good move. His look was fool of annoyance and even though his face expression was blank you could see the abhorrence he was feeling towards me. He definitely didn't like that he had to pair with me. His gaze was testifying how much low rank was I to him and what a great affront he found that he had to teach me. I supposed he was one of the top students in fighting or else he wouldn't look like that. Or maybe everyone might looked like that if they were forced to pair with me.

"Let's move. I found a good spot", he almost growled to me. Without anything to say to him I followed.

"Eric I want you to teach Beth all the basics for starters, then you'll have a little fight to see what she've learnt from you. Be nice and don't hurt her. Understood?", the coach instructed him with a bit of threatening in his voice.

"Yes coach. I won't hurt her...", he answered to him and then moved his gaze to me without turning his face from looking the coach's way,"...much!", he finished grinning evilly.

Gulp! Why don't I like what I just heard?

While I was following him through the fighting pairs my gaze met Abby's. "I'm sorry for you. Good luck", I heard her whispering to me from far. Huh? What was that now?

"Make sure that you don't get lost", I heard Eric saying while he kept walking without even to check a little on me. Get lost? Like were walking between the trees that don't exist in the gym. Very smart mister Viking. He is starting getting on my nerves.

We got close to one of the room's corners. There was a big black exercise mat and we stepped on it. "The first thing you need to learn is how to defend yourself. And the most suitable martial art for that is tae-kwon-do. It's a Korean, mostly defensive, martial art that it's philosophy supports the peaceful way of solving your problems and fights. It is one of the very few martial arts that hasn't much of blood and death during the fight...", and with that he continued explaining to me everything. He told me more about it's history and philosophy, he explained me the different ind of kicks, block and punches and their names. Every time he was talking for a kick or a block he showed me how to do it and then helped me copy him.

After explaining to me everything about tae-kwon-do we started training with slow attacks from different places in order for me to learn how to block them. He was stopping every time to correct my posture or to show me something from another kind of martial arts.

Then we worked to the attacks. He showed me all the type of kicks and punches in tae-kwon-do and soon we started practicing all of them. During the practice he was stopping to correct me just like before and he was also informing me about other types of attacks. I learned a lot about kung fu, Greek wrestling, kick boxing, aikido...

I was surprised that he didn't do anything bad to me, when he was attacking me it didn't hurt that much, he used the right amount of force, nothing more so that he could hurt me. Maybe the reason was that the whole time the coach was watching and instructed us.

"Ok, now let's get to some defense moves", and here we go to the dangerous zone.

Ok, maybe it wasn't as dangerous as I thought. Actually I found it pretty useful. They were some special moves that you use when someone is attacking you; like when someone tries to punch you, you'll have to grab his hand, lift him of and throw him with his back on the ground. Or when someone is grabbing your neck with his hands and drowning you, you get if you grab his thumbs and push the back to the sides. There were many different moves that could help you in any kind of dangerous situation and I learned too, how to dodge a knife attack or someone with a gun.

In many of them I was ending up on the floor but thanks to the mat it didn't hurt. Or so I thought till the coach left us alone to go and correct some other students. The moment he left us from his sight the practice became more...intense!

Eric started using more force to his moves and now every time I ended on the floor it hurt, more and more.

"Um, Eric... Maybe, we should take a small break?", I asked him out of breath. I tried to get up panting and stand back on a defense posture. h moved quickly and hit me with his palm on the chest making me to tall back on the ground. "Why? I just started having fun", he whispered to me when he leaned over me. His face from calm and expressionless had change with a dangerous evil look. His satanic grin was the greatest evidence that he did really enjoyed hitting me.

He moved fast again, he leaned down, grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "You need to fix your legs. Your foot must settle steady on the ground. your knees must be a little loose, relaxed. Like that it won't be that easy for someone to push you and it will be easier for you to react", he told me with a calm voice again. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. What the hell? Where did the evil go? Is he bipolar like Seb? Oh no! I am practicing with Seb number two!

"Good job Eric. That's enough for today. We are finished. Thank you for teaching Beth", so that was why he changed back to the blank face guy. Little sneaky bastard. When the coach was close he was an angel, a perfect well mannered student but when the coach was away he was just his real demon self.

"Ok, listen up everyone! We've been practicing for almost two hours. We have another five minutes till the end of the class. For those five minutes you are going to fight with your pair using all the moves that you learned today. Please note again that our class will be like this only for a few months so that our new students can catch up the rest of you. Right? Good. Now, start fighting", most students shout in agreement and moved to get ready to fight at their spots.

You've got to be kidding me!

I turned to look at Eric while the coach was moving away checking all the other pairs. "Ready to fight?", he grinned evilly. Gulp!

Mother of good god help me!

I moved and head back to my spot. This is gonna hurt a lot...

"Ready?", I nodded. "Good", and so we started. Or better, he started. I wasn't able to do much. He was moving very fast. I managed to dodge a few attacks, most of the time though i ended up on the floor hurting. He was too much strong for someone with an angel like face like his. He was a demon though. No matter how handsome and well mannered he may seemed to be, he was a devil from hell who wanted to eat my guts for breakfast.

I have to say that, no matter how much I was trying to fight back, I couldn't concentrate much. I was observing my surroundings, watching the other students was like watching ancient god warriors fighting. After a little bit many of them stopped and turned their attention to me. i could hear them laughing every time I came face to face with the floor. I caught Seb finding very amusing the whole situation, me trying to save my poor life.

I hated that. Me getting hurt and humiliated. That's why I hated changing schools, that's why I hated school. The children didn't care for what you might feel and being in a demon freaking school made thing even worse. I hated so much that I started feeling sick of this.

The coach wasn't here. I didn't know where he was but most of the students were cycling more and more around me and Eric. I looked at him to find that he was quite amused and I could say he was enjoying it very much. I wasn't the type of person who likes to make fun of others and destroy their lives but right now, I would kill to find him on the floor for just once.

I tried to concentrate more. After hitting the floor and being hit by Eric for a hundredth time I decided that I should do something. Something that would show them that I am not the scared little girl they think I am.

I got up of the floor and stand up ready to try and fight for real this time. He came to me again. I didn't do much but I did manage to defend a little bit better. I tried to do some of the special moves he showed me before but they didn't help at all. The boy was the genius in martial arts. All my efforts, all my tries, he could stop them with just only a small move and in the end, I ended up on the floor.

That's when an idea pop in my head. If I could find a little small opening in his guard, if I could move really fast and hit him when he won't be ready for it that would be my chance to push him down and prove them that I am not a little scary human girl. Yeah...Too good to be true!

It seems though that the dear god heard me and the opportunity came. While I was trying to block his damn punch and kicks I found his torso open and unprotected. This is my chance. I'll show you Mr. Freaking Eric, asshole Seb and everyone else. I'll show you what I am!

I moved fast, as fast as I could, and hit him with my hand on his chest, just like the crazy saolin teachers on the movies. I was so angry of all this shit that I got out of control and, well, things didn't go as I expected.

Let's say that, the moment my palm hit his chest I felt a great rush of energy leaving me. I saw some weird...lights? Sparks? Fireworks? I don't know but it was something weird. Eric was like he was hit by electricity and right then I saw him flying back ten meters and hit the wall, the he fell unconscious on a pile of gym equipment.

I was shocked! Everyone else were shocked. I did that? They all had frozen in their place trying to figure what had just happened.

"Ok everyone, class ended, you can all leave now and-What happened to you? Why the hell are your mouths hung open like that? Why aren't you fighting! And what the hell just happen-", he stopped the moment he caught Eric lying on the floor with the gym equipment scattered everywhere near him. Eric struggled to get up but he lied down again putting his hand on his head. Coach's shocked gaze moved from Eric to me. "Beth, what happened exactly?"

I didn't answer though. I just turned and walked right in the lockers room. I changed back to my dress and coat and left the gym leaving a crowd of shocked people behind me...

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