Dark Academy (Dark Secrets Series 1)

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Chapter 6

When I opened my eyes I saw angels dancing, running and hiding in the soft clouds before me. Is this heaven?

"Grandma?", if I am really in heaven then at least god please let me be with my grandma.

"Boy, you sure aren't good!", uh? Since when god whistles and talks with a female's voice? I felt a hand on my shoulder shaking me a little. I focused on the angels again to found that they weren't moving at all. I moved my gaze s little more to check my surroundings. Gray walls with small white flowers. Big windows behind me. I knew this room.

"Hey, are you okay?", I knew that voice too. I leaned up immediately but hit my head somewhere. "Augh", I fell back on pillow while I heard something big to fall on the floor with a grunt. Ouch, it hurts a lot, I press my hand on my forehead feeling it hot.

I tried to sat up but closed my eyes the moment the whole room started to move round and round. Thankfully it soon stopped, not the pain though. I was feeling also numb all over my body. I focused my eyes forward again trying to check what had fall down but I didn't move towards it. After a while a white thin hand appeared on the end of the bed, and then brown head.

"Agh! Your head is hard for sure...", a punk girl told me, wait, I think I know her. She moved and sat up on the bed. Yup, I totally knew her. We were classmates, and I thought she was a lesbian who was checking me out. I think her name was Abby...

"Oi, you okay?", she leaned closer and tilted her head to the right as if she was examining me. I shifted and moved even more to the back wrapping my arms around my legs close to my chest. "What are you doing here?", I didn't like her but something made me to want to trust her, even a little bit.

"Gosh you are so annoying when you do that! Listen, I am not here to harm you, I am not gonna eat you or something, okay? I am here to make sure that everything is all right, that you are fine. I don't know if that makes you feel better but the Headmaster told me to be here and watch over you", she moved back a little giving me some space. She wanted me to trust her. Her expression was vouching that, showing frustration, annoyance and indignation too. She really wanted me to stop acting like she had cholera. I couldn't though, not right now.

"What makes you think that just because the Headmaster forced you to watch over me I'll trust that you won't attack me?", Seb and Eric were told that too but we all know what happened in the end.

Her faced moved looking mine immediately like she was just slapped. "No one forced me to do anything! Do you really think that I would not attack you if I wanted even if the Headmaster had told me not to? I volunteered to be here. I was begging and begging for five days to let be here with you because I didn't want any from the other stupid students to hurt you! ', she was angry. Very angry. And sad. And hurt. And sounded so desperate. And I was speechless.

I lowered my sight feeling a little bit ashamed of my actions. I didn't know what to say? What should I do? Should I change the subject? Or should I comfort her?

Well, even though she is weirdly scary what she had just said was something good. I mean the last part, about not want to let the others hurt me. And that begging and begging for five days thing was a little bit weird but it showed that, in the end, she really cared about me. Maybe this is my chance to get finally a friend and maybe, a future ally. She may look really weird but she seems to be fine.

I decided to go with the second option and try to lighten the whole thing by apologizing. Apologizing for what though? For thinking that she was a crazy lesbian? Or that she wanted to smash me just like all the others?

I took a deep breath trying to think how to start and what to say. She noticed that and leaned her head forward and down trying to see why i did that. Her doleful eyes mirroring question. I moved down and to the left to meet her gaze, my eyes showing repentance.

"Hey, um...Abby, right? Look, I...I...I'm sorry for the whole misunderstanding. I-I thought that you were like the others...and you wanted to kill me just like they did. I-I didn't know...", I sight, "I was an idiot! I shouldn't have done what I did....and treat you like that, when I didn't know you....", she moved quickly and closed my mouth with her hand, preventing me from talking, and trembling, more.

"Look...Agh! You don't have to apologise, okay? It's my fault too... You were human... Well, you were supposed to be human. At least now we know that you are a witch... You had no idea of what's going here and you were so scared. I mean, who wouldn't be?! Everyone treated you so bad and stuff... In some point I know how you feel about all of this...", she dropped her hand of my mouth and moved a little back to sit again close to the end of the bed.

I was...stunned! Well, confused. I didn't expect her to apologise, neither that she was feeling so bad. I felt somewhat sorry for her, with the positive meaning. What she had just said made me feel good for some point.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I could't think of something. I must looked like an idiot opening and closing my mouth like a fish with a question mark written all over my face. She noticed my perplexity and moved closer to me.

"Look, you don't have to say anything. We made a bad start. Let's just...forget it", she moved back a little and lied down, crossed her hands in front of her chest laid her legs with the black army boots on the mattress making herself comfortable.

"I'm Abby, a bad-ass demon girl. I don't like shit and that's a reason why all those dickheads hate me, because I don't like their shit and I don't do what they do. You could say that I am the outcast of this school. The monster girl, the freak. Just so you know there are students who are even more freak-like than me", she winked at me with meaning.

I recalled how the coach treated her. Like she didn't exist. That was what she meant when she said she knows how I feel. She must have passed the same student torture like me, with the difference that the teachers, maybe, did not cared as they do for me.

"So, to everyone here I am a nobody", she finished with a little pissed and sad expression. Okay, she was a good one, just like me,and the good ones needs to make each other feel batter, right?

"Hey, um...I'm Beth, but I guess you know that... I'm...Well, I don't know what I am! That sucks, huh?", I gave her a small smile. I hope I made her feel better. I hope...

"Well, I know what you are, and I know also that what you did to that jerk Eric was super awesome!", super awesome? Who's using that kind of words nowadays?

"You do know what I am?", that means that I am not human?

"Yeah...kind of", I looked at her with a raised eye brow. What does she mean by kind of? "Look, the teachers and the Headmaster made some research. They will talk with you later. They haven't tell us much, actually they have tell us nothing at all! They don't want us to know nothing about you because they are afraid of what might happen".

Well, that was a good one. At least I wouldn't get attacked for a little while...or maybenot?! I hope Eric does not have any hard feelings for me....

"But I do know something!", I looked at her with my eyebrow up looking at her with question and disbelief. "What? I might overheard something from the teachers!", she shook her shoulders up getting a little guilty-not-so-guilty look. A really funny and naughty look on her face.

"You dare to eavesdrop the teachers? Shame on you!", I teased her with a bit of a mother tone in my voice.

"It is not shame on me! It is not bad to do that sometimes! It can save your ass many times! And just so you know there has been someone spreading some rumors about you and what you are", she turned her head to the side but there was a naughty grin on her face. It seemed that I did made it to make her day.

"What, wannabe queen is feeling jealous or something? Does he hates me that much?", her head turned to me immediately.

"I didn't say 'he'. How do you know it was Seb? Wait! Wannabe queen is Seb?!", with that her smile reached to her ears, just like that purple Cheshire cat's from Alice in Wonderland, before she burst out in crazy laughs. "You just called Seb wannabe queen!", I swear the girl must've been possessed by demons; she was hitting her hands and legs everywhere from the laughs. Well, it was quite funny, really.

"Why? Isn't he?", as soon as I asked that a new wave of laughs started from her having me with my mouth hung opened. How could she laugh that much?

It took her a little time to calm down. "Well, you are right about that. He kind of be one", she gave me a naughty grin again. I felt like I was talking with a female version of devil. Speaking of devil...

"What's wrong with him?", time to get some information about this dark goat.

"Whom? Seb?", I nodded. "Well, lots of things are wrong with him. You see, he is the son of one of the most powerful and dangerous demons. He is the right example when we say 'demon from Hell'. That means that he is not only powerful because of his father's power but because of hisDNA too. That made him to be the king here....

He became the student boss around here. The leader of those idiots. You could say that he became the President of the student body. Most of the students are scared of him but they adore him like an idol. There were many of us who didn't want him to be the President but we couldn't do much. There wasn't an election either, just like they usually do in human schools. He just came here and in a short amount of time became like that.

Even the teachers fear him!"

"Real wannabe queen huh?", she bark with a laugh at my comment.

"You have no idea! I hate him so much. He is such an ass. He has no manners and his attitude sucks. He is a real pain in the ass for the teachers. They literally let him do almost anything he wants. I wouldn't mind if you bolted him a little", she gave me a small evil grin.

I laugh. If only I knew how to do that again I may tried it... I knew that what she just told me was some-kind of a summary of what really happens here. And I felt that there were much more things about her too. I had noticed how the teachers were treating her and it was totally opposite of how they treated me. I didn't like that.

"You don't have that many manners too", I teased her with a small evil smile on my face.

"Yeah, but I have to keep the image of the bad-ass punk demon girl. I have to keep my ass safe. Besides I am not a pain in the ass like him. You know what I mean, the boy is something else!", I laugh at her attempt to present herself as the good one in the story. She was a demon for christ, she couldn't be the good one. That moment I thought of many other ways to tease her in the future sometime. Then, something snapped in my head.

I had years to laugh like that. And I never get along with girls about my age. Neither boys. Hell I never get along with people my own age. But here I was teasing and laughing with a little punk demon like all teenage girls do. Maybe I had created the wrong image of her. I could try befriend her. She may was weird a bit but everyone were in this school. It seemed that even I was not that normal. That reminded me...

"What did you heard about me from the teachers? And what is Seb spreading around?", I blurted out without a second thought.

"You get lost in your thoughts very easily, right?", I looked at her with question written all over my face. "Here", she tossed me a sandwich along with something to drink. Again? Don't they have real food in this school?

"You must eat that. The Headmaster told me to give it to you when you'd woke up. He told me also to get you to him so that he can explain everything. I can talk to you though about what was happening this whole time you were unconscious", I nodded and then try to rip a little the sandwich's cellophane. I started eating and she moved to sit a little better on the mattress. After all that laugh the whole bed and its sheets were a whole mess.

"Well.... How do I start? You see... You were being unconscious for almost two weeks", she told me with a stupid smile while I choked on my food. What?! I started coughing and grab a bottle of water that she had left on the small table next to my bed.

"Easy, easy... We don't want you to die. Headmaster will hang my head on his wall if something bad happens to you", I gave her an are-you-crazy look. "Well, yeah, it's true. Both of them", I huffed in annoyance. What is wrong with people here?

"What is the last thing that you remember?", she questioned me. I didn't answered immediately though. For some reason I was feeling really hungry right now. I couldn't take my mouth away of that sandwich. I gulped a big bite and try to remember so that I could answer her.

"I remember...The Headmaster... And some professors along with a few students... And Seb...", I almost spit on his name, boy I hated that guy's attitude. "All of them running to me... Then dark...", I tried to collect all of my memory flashes that I had in my head. I couldn't remember much....

"Hey, it's okay if you don't remember something. The Headmaster said that you'll need at least a day to fix yourself and remember everything. Well, when that... Think, whatever it was! When it lifted you up, as you might know, you lost your senses. Everyone ran to you, as you said... Wannabe queen too", I almost choked for a second time because I wanted to laugh so bad at her comment.

"The headmaster waved his walking stick and some weird sparks came out of it, I've never seen him do that. Oh and then, some other teachers used their wands or their hands and some weird energy light and sparks came out and went to... To that thing. They attacked with, you know, magic. Some students and teachers transform into smoke to move faster to you before that thing drowned you completely. It was weird. It was like it was struggling you and at the same time it drawn your life energy. No one has ever seen something like that", I saw her shiver.

"Well, when they reached that thing let you and... disappeared? I have no idea. It moved really fast and got vanished. Wannabe queen, as you like to call him, grabbed you before you hit the ground and laid you down. Mira and other professors fell on you and started checking you, if you are alive, for injuries, your life's energy etc. Then they moved you here where they treated you. Mira was every day here checking on your health progress and taking care of you. She washed you many times and feed you only soup. I am amazed you didn't asked for the bathroom yet. I wouldn't be able to keep it for two weeks. I hope you didn't wet the bed!".

I gave her a stern look. She responded by closing her right eye and grinning evilly to me. I rolled my eyes in indignation and continued eating my sandwich. “Now that you mentioned, I would like make a stop the bathroom before we go to the Headmaster’s office”, she laughed with my comment and nodded in agreement.

“She was also changing your clothes so don’t get all red if she or someone else might have seen you naked”, well I got all red. “I helped her choose what you are wearing right now”, she raised her finger showing me. I looked down. I hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t wearing the purple dress. Now I had a black thin jacket with dark jeans. There were also some black converse on the floor next to my bed. I looked back at her.

“Seriously? Black? What’s wrong with you people and fashion?”, she grinned like the devil she was.

“Hey! You are in dark academy with dark demon students for classmates. And please, don’t tell me that you actually follow what fashion presents. Your style should fit the circumstances. Besides, you don’t look like those stupid blond bimbo girls who follow any fashion trend that is up in the moment. It’s not that you are not as beautiful as them but you do look good in black. I may turn into a lesbian to be with you right now”, she winked at me while my mouth reached to my legs. “Don’t worry, don’t worry. For the last time I am not a lesbian. Happy now?”, I would like to give her the finger right now but it is not right to do that…

“Oh by the way, wait to see what she has made for you for the Pro-Halloween Dance!”, she closed her eye to me. I don’t like that…

“What Pro-Halloween Dance? Am I missing something that I shouldn’t?”, for some reason I was feeling panicked now…

“Relax girl! Damn! Calm down! It’s not something big. At least not as big as the Halloween Prom”, I looked at her with wide eyes. Now I was for sure panicked. “Chill! It’s nothing bad. Just a school dance where there will be students from other ‘demon’ schools”, she rolled her eyes like what she had just said was nothing special and I was creating a big fuss for no reason. The hell it is nothing special and I am not panicking for nothing! I’ll die then!

“Are you serious! I have already enough problems with students of this school! I don’t want more from other schools too! I almost died back there! Who knows what’ll happen at the dance!”, I started shaking nervously now. I was way beyond dead!

“Actually they’ll be here too for a few days before and after the dance…”, she added with a dull voice like it was nothing interesting or special.

“WHAT?!”, I almost screamed that word. I better call my lawyer to start getting ready my own will’s papers.

“Dude, you are such a pain in the ass! Okay, let me explain how it goes”, she paused for me to stop acting like an hysteric chic/ little kid and focus on her.

“Today is Friday, in seven days exactly, a whole week, next Friday is the Pro-Halloween Dance”, she repeated so many times in how much time it is like she wanted to make sure I understood. She thought that I didn’t get it when was the stupid dance. I looked at her with a boring expression. Dude, I get it, no need to act like that, I am not an idiot, I thought copying the way she had spoke to me before.

“Okay, well this dance is a kind of Halloween mini prom a week before the actually Halloween night for our school’s students only. Then, after the dance, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday schools from other states will be coming here. See, our school is the biggest in the whole American continent. It is also the first that was founded. Those are the main reasons why the other schools will be coming here and not some other academy. We are the ‘Mother Academy’. All the other schools are way smaller and there will be coming half or all of the students of each school, along with their teachers.

Later, during Halloween night the Great Halloween Prom is being held. After that, about two days later, they will be leaving to get back to their own grounds. You follow me?”, she looked at me in the eyes with some arrogantly and serious expression. I just nodded with my head. I wasn’t going to start a fight now that we’ve actually started on getting along with each other.

“Good. During the time that they will be here they will be attending our classes and they will be staying in our dormitories. There will be also something like a presentation from each school, I’ll explain it to you some other time. We’ll be also attending some of their teachers’ classes. At least all the others and me, I don’t know about you, she raised her hand to stop me from asking. “The teachers will decide everything, not me”. I frowned.

“Okay”, I whined like a small child.

“You should probably see what Mira is making for you to wear for the Pro-Halloween Dance. Actually I think that she will make something for you to wear in the Halloween prom too. I heard they will be both dark and… tightly sexy!”, uh ooh, why didn’t I like what I just heard?

“I see you’ve finished eating. Let’s get ready to take you to the Headmaster then. But before that”, she raised her hand and showed me with her index a small door next to the room’s entrance. “Bathroom!”, she commanded me. I laugh at her reaction, got out of the bed, wore the black converse and head to the bathroom.

After a little while I got out. My stomach was hurting a little. I have no idea how I managed to like that for almost two weeks.

Abby got up from the bed and lead me outside of the nursery room. As we moved in the buildings hallways I noticed that it was too silent. I turned to Abby and looked at her with question.

“It’s class hour. All of the students are attending their scheduled classes”, she answered immediately understanding what I meant.

“And how you are not there too?”, I asked teasing her a little bit. She huffed in annoyance.

“I had to take care of you, it’s simple. Besides, they don’t care whether I am in their classes or not”, she shrugged. And again I felt bad for her.

“Don’t say that. They can’t be that bad. Not the teachers at least”, I tried to excuse them.

“You don’t know because they treat you good. You are a mystery of unknown power to them while I am just a useless girl coming from a low rank damn demon. We are so much different”, I didn’t like that. They shouldn’t treat me differently than the other students. That might triggered many of them and attacked me.

I had to admit though the more time I spent with her the more I learned about this school, its students and her.

We turned in some other corridor. Now we were about half the way from the Headmaster’s office.

“Hey, I just remembered I didn’t answer your question. You know, about what the teachers believe you are and what Seb has been telling to everyone”, I turned to her with question and at the same time relief on my face. Relief that she changed the previous subject.

“The thing is just like that. You are a witch. That is what everyone believes. I believed that too the moment I first saw you. You were too miss goody two shoes to be a demon”, I frowned at her comment.

“Hey! What do you mean by that?! Am I not good enough to be a demon?”, I asked feeling a little bit angry.

She exhaled in frustration. “You could of have been a demon because you are not dark at all. I am not talking about the clothes neither for your damned melancholy but hell! I someone could see people’s auras they would say that yours is shinning. Let’s face the truth, you are not a bad girl to be a demon. No one believed that you might be a witch for the reason that you are too sweet. Hell, if you were a food you would be a candy”.

“So you think that I am a candy?”, I laugh at that.

“Jeez, don’t start this shit again! Not lesbian, remember?”, even though she huffed in annoyance I could see a small smile forming on her lips. Busted!

“Let’s get back to what I was saying. The so called so many times in our conversation suspended spreading rumors. Seb has been spreading that you are a witch, of course, but a very special one. Actually it wasn’t him spreading them but the students. Seems like some of his fellow friends asked what he learned from the teachers’ meeting and after a lot of pushing he told them just that. They are the culprits here.”, yeah, okay, if I want I may believe that. I didn’t think that he just turned into good just because some cloud tried to eat me for dinner.

“So, I’m a witch, uh?”, I didn’t knew if that was good or bad. It was good when I was only human too. I didn’t know if I would like it being a witch.

“Hey, you don’t have to worry about-“, she was stopped by the noise of a bell ringing the start of a break. Immediately all of the doors that were in that corridor opened having students walking out with bored expressions. Instantly Abby and I moved closer to each other. Me because of my fear, Abby because she wanted probably to protect me, I guess…

My gaze met with Seb’s while he was moving out of a classroom. He didn’t say anything, neither did. His gaze showed a little bit of surprise but then he just turned his head and starting getting away. Some of the students though did not follow his good example. As some of the boys passed from next to us they smirked evilly or pretended to attack us.

“In your classes, now!”, a male teacher ordered. He wasn’t much tall, neither young. You could tell that by hairless area that was appearing on the top back of his head. He gave us a gentle smile when he passed close from us. We started walking faster, trying to get away us much possible.

As we passed from a classroom’s opened door I saw professor Mira gathering some books. Our eyes met and I saw her smile a little the moment she noticed that it was me. I guess she was happy I was awake again.

We turned to the dragon’s stairs and walked up the floors. When we got in front of the big painting we stopped. ”Well, I guess I’ll see you later”, Abby pat my shoulder and then turned around ready to leave.

“You won’t come with me inside?”, I asked with a little fear in my voice. I didn’t know why I was afraid. I guess I liked her companion in the end.

“No, you’ll do fine. You’ve been there before. I don’t know if I’m actually welcomed there”, and with that she started walking down the stairs leaving me alone in the dark corridor in front of the giant painting.
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