Dark Academy (Dark Secrets Series 1)

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Chapter 7

Here I was, outside the big painting that covered the secret door to the Headmaster's office. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what I should do. I mean, who knew what might've waited me now...

I sighed and turned to look all around me. There was no one here. I was all alone. I didn't hear any voices or noises from the floors below too so I thought that everyone had went back to their classes. I turned to face the painting again. As much as I might didn't want to go I had to. Don't get me wrong. I loved that place. Since the moment I first stepped inside it I felt peacefully calm for the first time in years. The only time that I was feeling like that was only when I used to spend time with my grandma as toddler.

No. I wasn't afraid of that place. Neither of the man that was sitting behind this door. What I was afraid of was what I was going to learn next. Abby said that the teachers now understood what I was, a witch.

Not only some witch but the witch...a very special one. I recalled all that she told me few moments ago. If Seb said that I was a very special witch then I was completely screwed. That kid had such a high opinion of his self that he would never say something like that for someone he considers as lower. Since he did tell something then it must be really special and sadly so but so true.

I didn't like that special thing. I didn't like either that I was not a human but it seems that it's not something I can have a word for.

I breathed in and then out. I raised my hand and pushed the painted door. I stepped inside and let it close behind me. I walked through the giant bookshelves. Unlike last time there wasn't white light in the room but an ocean deep blue. That was weird since it wasn't night yet. Even last time when it was evening the whole room was lighted by the white light that was coming from the giant windows.

It did reminded of a peaceful forgotten place but, something had changed.

While I was walking through the heavy bookshelves I felt myself like it was walking in a dream. I saw something blue move ahead of me, just a little far from where I was. I stopped immediately and tried to understand what it was. It moved fast but it seemed more like a piece of cloth. The low back part of a dress maybe. I moved my eyes all around checking my surroundings. I started walking again with a slower pace.

Every time I was coming to a new corridor I was searching for something weird. I felt like I was walking for hours and the bookshelves never ended. Last time wasn't that long to get to the Headmaster's office...

I continued walking under that dimly blue light. I felt like I was being lost in a never ending labyrinth. Even though I never changed my direction or turn in some other corner the bookshelves just never ended. I was always moving straight yet I still felt lost.

While I started walking at the beginning of a raw of bookshelves something else stepped at the end of it. There was only some meters keeping us apart but the moment it walk ahead of me my heart started beating fast. Soon it slowed its pace as I realized that it was just a woman.

She was wearing along ocean blue dress, not a deep neither a light one, but it seemed old, like from another era, or better century. She had long wavy dark brown hair that was reaching her waist, some of them falling up her chest. Even though I could see only the left side of her profile I could notice that she was a very beautiful woman. She seemed to be close to her thirties. I couldn't manage to find her eyes' colour. She was far away enough and they seemed to be very dark, like a dark grey-blue colour or dark brown.

I shouldn't have been thinking of her eyes though. Indeed, I should be wondering what a woman like her was doing here. Okay, I had seen many professors wearing cloaks but this seemed just...too much.

For some unknown reason I was drawn to her. I don't know if I knew her, hell I didn't knew her for sure, but I felt familiar with her. I concentrated back at her face getting out of my thoughts.

Just then she turned her head to face me, only what faced me wasn't something that I liked. Instead of another beautiful part of her face that should be completing the other one there was only a part of a skull. There wasn't an eye looking at me but a deep black hole....

The beauty that I had admitted before now was a nightmare of bones and blood. My heartbeat started speeding and I was about to scream the moment I felt a hand pressing my shoulder. It spanned me around and I came face to face with Professor Mira.

"Beth is everything all right?", she asked with pure worry filling her eyes. I turned my head back towards the place the woman was few seconds ago. There was nothing. I was back in the same room from this morning. The one with the white light coming in through the giant windows and the bookshelves that did ended to the Headmaster's desk. I wasn't in that dreamy yet scary world anymore....

"Yeah, everything's all right...now..." , I whispered that last word. I turned back to her. She was now a bit relaxed but the worry did not get away from her eyes."Well, shall we go?", she motioned for me with her hand to keep moving ahead. I nodded to make her feel better and started walking. Few minutes later we were close to Headmaster's office.

He seemed to be lost in his thoughts and in the gigantic piles of papers on his desk. He didn't seem to notice us till we reach in front of him and Professor Mira cleared her throat. That seemed to catch his attention as he then moved his gaze to us, having a completely tired and lost expression on his face. He looked first at her and then to me. His eyes widened in surprise and disbelief.

"Beth? You-you are awake?! Oh thank god!", he dropped his glasses to the desk and rubbed his eyes with his trembled hands, then he looked back at me.

Seb let the books fall with noise on his desk and sat down on his seat in the far end of the class. He didn't want to get annoyed by someone, teacher or student. He wanted also to be able to watch, observe, everything that's going on in the class and sitting in the back was the best place to do both of them.

It seems the Sleeping Beauty decided finally to wake up. Wait, why did he called her a beauty? I mean the sleeping angel.No! he didn't thought of her of an angel too. Yes, she was too goody to be a demon and could possibly be an angel if they existed. She was neither an angel neither a beauty tohim.

Hell, he was supposed to hate her and not to think such sloppy things about her. He shouldn't be wondering of what she was to him. Her evil good energy must be bewitching him, that should be. He shook his head to clear his mind from all that craziness he's been for a bit of time now. He needed to delete those sweet like yet dangerous thoughts. The stupid girl was up now and it was about time for some damn answers!

"So...the human’s up?", Seb looked up to find Ciel looking at him with a rather happy expression on his face.

Ciel was a demon, one of the strongest actually. He and Seb had a lot in common. Powerful and dangerous fathers, with Seb is being way too worse. Ciel's father was like the Duke of the Underworld while Seb is theKing. Both their mothers were killed when they were both in really young age, only difference that Ciel was too young to remember anything from his poor human mother. They were both taken by their demon fathers and were used to being used like trash most of the time.

Ciel, just like Seb, had short black hair with only difference his eyes, being the reason why his father had named him after. That colour difference created a big contrast in the whole dark package.

Next to Ciel there were standing some guys of their bad crew. Seb moved is gaze and found Eric who had just entered the classroom. Eric wasn't on the hallway before to know that the supposed human had awaken. He moved his sight and met Seb's. With just one look he understood that something had happened and he should learn about it right away. He moved quickly to the back of the class. He smiled as the guys greeted him.

"Hey! What's the matter?", he asked with a little worry in his voice. He didn't like the look that Seb had give him before. "You didn't learn it dude?", a guy asked. "He wasn't with us when it happened but, really you didn't hear anything too?" another asked. Eric looked at them with question. Seb hadn't said anything at all, he hadn't show any emotion nor gave him a clue.

"It seems the human girl has woken up", Ciel finally said. Eric froze immediately, so did his expression. His face became hard and his blue eyes looked like ice. He had no expression on his face, neither his eyes. The only thing that moved was his gave which went from guys to Ciel and then, lastly, to Seb who continued not saying anything, he just blinked to show him that it was true.

"Why do you keep calling her human when we know that she is a witch?", a blonde guy with his hood over his head stated. Seb moved and sat on the back of his seat leaning his back on the wall and placing his foot on the seat.

"Because even though she may be a witch she was never raised as one of us. She was raised as a human, lived her life like a human and thinks like a human", Seb declared with clear disgust in his voice.

"So what? Many of us were raised as humans before we came here", the blonde continued.

"Yes but we all knew what we were. The reason why we behaved like those mortal beings was so that we could fit in their stupid world. She never knew what she was. She didn't even manage to fit in the human world and hell, she'll never manage to fit in the demon world too!", that last one was bad but it was true. That was what he believed. She would never make it as a witch.

She'll be a failure.

"Dude, that's kind of harsh!", someone else said and all the guys burst out laughing but Seb didn't care. Their fathers had taught them how to recognize those kind of things, to understand who was going to be a powerful demon and who would fail. Ciel believed the same too. The other guys had just no idea. Their fathers were lower demons so they didn't understand, they couldn't know.

Eric was the only one who, even though he didn't want to believe it, he had a feeling that this girl would be something different. Something powerful, dangerous.

Something that could change them forever.

He admitted that he did hated her for beating his guts on the training and was thinking on how to make her pay for that. But he was also feeling sorry for her, for what happened to her, what's happening and is going to happen in the future. He had promised to himself that he'd made her pay; small shoves, calling her bad names, pushing her too much, small evil actions that wouldn't harm her but would be enough to satisfy his male ego.

If someone else though tried to hurt her or kill her he would make them pay with their lives, just like the Headmaster wished all of them to do.

"Okay everyone, class is about to start, sit down at your seats", Professor Isaac said as he entered the classroom. Everybody moved around to sit at their seats. Ciel, Eric and all the other guys sat close to Seb.

"I wonder though, do her parents know what's going on here? Aren't they worried of what might happen to their daughter?", the blonde with the hood just didn't know how to zip it today. All of them looked at each other and in the end they turned to Seb.

"Don't look at me! I have no idea!", he growled in annoyance. Sometimes it was too annoying to have the role of the information booth. He was also wondering the same thing though. He knew that human parents were very protective over their children, especially the female parents. Human parents usually were more protective to their little girls too. So what was going wrong here?

He shared one last look with Eric and Ciel and then concentrated for the first time on what the teacher was saying. He needed to get out of his mind all those shit...

I was sitting on the old chair in front of the Headmaster's desk. We've been talking for a while now about things that I already knew from Abby. I didn't tell him that though.

After he'd filled me on what had happened after I lost my senses and the whole time period that I was asleep he finally reached to the part of my origins, of what I am, also named by me as my little witch problem. The whole time he was talking I was sitting ahead of him having Professor Mira standing behind me. I didn't interrupt him when he was talking to me, I didn't say anything. All I did was nodding with me head and watch him straight in the eyes with a serious expression. Mira hadn't speak at all too.

I listened to him carefully now as I wanted to learn more about that type of special witch that everyone'd been talking about. That was the moment Mira started talking too. They were explaining to me everything that they thought it was right. The one was completing what the other's words. The Headmaster started a sentence and Mira was finishing it adding all the necessary details of the subject.

I listened to everything about the witch hunting in the old ages, the main categories of witches and their characteristics and how I was being differ from them.

I learned about the Streghe, those Italian women with the amazing powers. I learned the reason why they believed I was one of them. They told me their story, no, their history better, that mystic myth. Hell, those women seemed to be the Myth! I couldn't even think myself of being one of them.

"Beth", Professor Mira called my name with a serious tone in her voice to get my attention, "Do you know anything about your family? Your origins, your great-grand-parents or any other relative, your family's ancestors? Anything?". I've had no idea about that. No one ever told me anything like that, not even as a kids fairy tale. I shook my head in negation.

"Beth", now it was the Headmaster, "What about your parents? Do they know that you are here? I know that you are eighteen years old now but they must know where you are. Can we speak to them?", he question me what I never wanted to here anymore.

I lowered my head not wanting to watch their faces while I was talking. "My mother does know that I am here...", I exhaled hard. This was going to be difficult. They both turned and faced each other. They knew there was a "but" in the end of my sentence. The Headmaster turned back to me.

"Oh...okay. What about your father?"

"Does not exist", I answered quickly. So simple. I wish I was back to my room now.

"I'm so sorry, I had no idea that something like that had happened. How long is it-".

"He is not dead. He just doesn't exist", I cut him off. I really wanted to go back to my room now...

I felt his gaze deepening me. His eyes darken with curiosity and a bit of fury but immediately they melted with sadness. I felt Professor Mira moving closer to me. "Beth", she tried to comfort me but I stopped her. "Please, don't", i didn't want to talk about this subject.

I breathed deep and looked at the Headmaster for one last time. "I am sorry but I cannot talk about that. I-I don't want to, I don't care and I don't know, i am really sorry", exhaling and inhaling fast I got up and moved quickly outside. I didn't answer at Headmaster's calls of my name neither let professor Mira to grab my arm as I moved past her. Before I knew it I found myself facing the empty hall before the giant painting.

I ran down the stairs and got out of the building. On my way to the main exit I bumped on many students, heard lots of them shouting or cursing as I made them drop their books or whatever they were holding... I didn't know who they were or where I was going. Everything seemed like they were whipped of by an abrupt wind. My vision was blurred and my body was moving on it's own running through the corridors as fast as it could.

On my desperate getaway I think I heard Abby's calls and I felt her trying to catch me. That made me run faster than before. I didn't know why, I just wanted to get out. I felt imprisoned here for reasons that neither I could understand.

The conversation about the family ting was something I never wanted to talk about. Something that I couldn't talk about. Every time that someone brought up that subject my body and my mind just shut everything down and tried to get away as soon as possible.

I felt hitting on a wall of bodies which quickly separated and let me pass through them. "Was that the human witch?", I heard someone from the body wall saying as I moved away from them. My vision cleared a little and then blurred again as I turned my head and found that my supposed wall was Seb, Eric and their friends.

"Should we check on her?" some from them asked. I heard some answers but I was too far to understand them. Few minutes later I passed through the main door. I turned right and continue running through the cemetery. Thankfully there were no dead voices calling me neither black smoke trying to shake me this time.

I surpassed some students that were walking towards the dormitories, I reached the building and ran up the stairs. There weren't many students here since classes ended few minutes ago. I made it to my door and tried to turn the knob to open the door.

Wait... Where is my key?

Oh no... You have to be kidding me!

I moved my hands all over mesearching in my jean's pockets, my jacket's, I even checked in my sleeves and folded the low part of my jeans to look if the key was somewhere hidden. The only thing I found was that I was wearing black socks too. Weird. I don’t remember checking their colour when I wore the converse. Why black again? Agh… Nevermind.

I continued checking by roaming my hands all over my body in case that it was under my clothes or a secret pocket. I reached up for the jacket’s zipper and opened it. I saw for the first time the shirt they got me on; another black one that was hugging tight my upper body with white graffiti like letters, I didn’t mind reading them though. It was something usual now, the whole luck of fashion in this school, even I was more fashionable that the kids here.

Nope, not a key here.

Oh no no no no no… I started panicking. I wanted so desperately to get inside the safety of my room right now. I needed to get in now!

Then another thought crossed my mind. The necklace. Was I wearing it? Or not? I hadn’t check if I had it at all!

I reached to my neck and touched the tiny silver chain, feeling it in my hand helped me relax a bit. I moved my hand down to touch the small crystal only to feel something else bellow it. There was another silver chain around my neck, longer. I moved my hand deeper and touched a small metallic sculptured thing. Instantly I moved it out of my shirt and checked what it was.

Pure relief filled me as I watched the small key to my safety, to my own heaven.

With shaky hands I pulled the chain up my head to take it off and placed it to the small hole under the knob. The sweet noise of metal and gears moving and hitting seemed like a lullaby to my ears. I pushed the door and entered the only place that will be giving me some peace for the rest of the year.

I heard someone knocking lightly with a steady pace though on my door. I let go of the book I was reading and got of my bed. When I moved in front of the door I hesitated to open it not knowing if I wanted or not. I hadn’t answered on the knocking, I didn’t know what it might be outside, good or bad, so I try to give them the impression that I wasn’t here. I thought it would be a good idea to do so. But the person behind the door had other intentions.

“Beth, it’s me, Professor Mira, open the door please”, I moved my hand to open but froze when I circled with me hands the knob. Was she here to scold me? I didn’t want that. I already felt awful about my previous behavior. It looked down feeling a new wave of sadness and panic rising inside me. It took me some time to think what to do next and to calm down. She had stopped knocking but I knew she was still there, waiting for me, giving me time to feel better. I took a deep breath and then exhaled it hard before I opened the door. Professor Mira stood there as always in her black glory. As she turned to look at me I noticed that she was keeping a bunch of big books on her hands. I felt embarrassment and guilt filling me. She must be felt tired of waiting so much time for me to open.

“Good. I’m glad you are okay”, she moved past me and walked into the room. “I brought you some books to read. It’ perfect for you to study them if you want to reach the other students. I think you noticed there were some more books here when you came back”, she placed the books on the big wooden desk close to the end of my bed.

“Yeah, I found lots of stuff that wasn’t mine”, it wasn’t only books. I found textbooks, clothes, plants, witch-crafting stuff, there were even some food packages like biscuits or bagels in one of the cupboards ahead of my desk.

“Oh yes, Miss Annabel brought you the books she had mention to you. All the other things were from me or some other professors in order to help you study and learn more about the witches and your powers”, she said while moving around my room checking all the things that were given to me.

“And what about the clothes and the food? Are they going to help me learn more?”, I asked her with a raised eyebrow. Okay with the books and the other things, I understood, but those were just too much.

“Oh, we are just taking care of you!”, she answered to me like what I had said was something silly.

“Yeah, but why only me?”. I bet they didn’t do the same thing to the other students. Why all those special treatment?

“We want you to feel safe and comfortable. Like you are at your own home. We want to be your family , since you don’t have one now…”. No. It might was true, I could see it in her eyes but there was something else too.

“Yes but there are other students with no families too! And from what I’ve learnt many of my classmates are that kind of kids! So why aren’t you treating them as nicely as you do with me?”, I was kind of shouting a little now. Abby’s words were still banging in the back of my head. Why so much care towards me? This could be dangerous if all the other kids learnt about it. They could get jealous and hate me even more than they already do now.

“You are special”, that only made my blood boil more.

“And they are not?”, I cut her off not caring of her explanation. She sighed and looked at me with a serious expression that was unlike any other time.

“The previous Headmaster wanted us to take care of you. He may didn’t wrote it down on a letter or something but, just by keeping a place and a room here for you we understand that he wanted you to be in good hands. He wanted you safe and happy, just like your grandmother wanted that too. I don’t know about your family but those two amazing people who may not be with us anymore cared for you. They wanted the best for you. We want the best for you, and because of all the things that happened to you, and may happen in the future, we want to make you at least happy”, and with that she passed me and walked towards the door.

“My mother knows that I’m here, she just doesn’t care. She doesn’t even want me to exist. My grandmother was the only person that I considered as family, no matter how cold and strict she may was”, she paused at my words and turned to look at me. “ I just wanted you to know. I am… I am sorry about earlier. I just… I don’t like talking about it. I can’t stand it”, I continued talking with trembling voice. It was hard. I lowered my head waiting to hear her steps and the door closing. It didn’t happen though.

“You don’t need to feel bad about earlier. It’s okay, we understand. This, the whole school and witch thing and everything, is hard for you”, she had a sad expression while saying that. I could see that she really understood and respected me. Her face’s expression turned to her usual of a serious professor.

“You should start reading the books we’ve brought you. You won’t be attending any classes for the next week. We need you to study all the things you’ve lost for two years now, and maybe more. Most of the students knew many things since they were born and you have to learn them in such a short amount of time…We’ll be tracking your progress and then we’ll see which classes you’ll be able to attend soon. Is that okay?”, I nodded with my head and turned to move towards the desk. I should continue reading since there were even more books waiting for me now. She turned and moved to leave.

“And one more thing Beth”, she stopped at the door and turned her head just a bit to watch me over her shoulder, “we are your family now, and we always take care of our family members”. With those last words she closed the door leaving me alone surprised. That soon led to a sad feeling growing little by little deep in my guts.

That was kind of weird. I wasn’t expecting her to say something like that. It’s not that I wouldn’t love a family right now, since mine is kind of ruined, but I am not sure about this kind of family either… I wasn’t sure if I wanted such an extraordinary family.

I decided not to think about that for now and to concentrate on other more important things, my studies for example. We’ll see how my dear classmates will deal with the whole family thing soon…

It took me some time to tidy up the room, put all the books somewhere and find where all my other belongings had been placed while I’ve been unconscious. Later I decided to start reading some of the books and, few hours ago I placed my poor body on my bed.

It was just few minutes before midnight and I had almost finished reading the book “Plants and Herbs: Your Basic Guide to All Kinds and their Use”, one of the books Miss Annabel had talked to me about before the “smoke” accident. Thankfully it wasn’t so hard to understand what it said and I had wrote my own notes in order to remember some information better.

I didn’t stop reading till I felt my face hitting the book I was keeping that I decide it was about time for me to go to bed. Tomorrow I would talk with Miss Annabel to see what else am I going to need to study so that I’ll be able to attend her class again. That was the deal. I would study every book they were would bring to me and later they would decide when and which classes I would attend. Yup.

I sighted and closed my eyes. Let’s hope I’ll be able to have a sweet peaceful sleep this time…

It would be midnight in half an hour but Seb didn’t care at all. Actually he never cared about what time he’ll go to sleep or if the following day he had a class. Too bad tomorrow was Saturday; he would love to be a school day and piss of a little his teachers.

After hanging around the Academy’s property the guys decided to hang in a room all together to drink some beer and have some fun. No girls, no worries, just men having a good time.

Ciel and two other guys had went to buy the beers while Seb, Eric and the others would go back to their rooms to change and grab whatever they wanted and then meet at Seb’s room.

Seb was sitting on his window thinking about what might had happened to the human witch when Eric knocked and entered in. He wasn’t wearing a shirt just like Seb but he had on an athletic jacket, zipper opened and the sleeves pulled up on his elbows. All he needed was just a look to understand what was bothering him

“Wondering what happened today?”, he asked Seb with a spark in his eyes that he had it on only when he was thinking about something that would cause trouble later.

Eric was the quiet type of guy, even as a kid. He was the little angel always, Seb thought. But when it was the prank time or when they were planning something bad it was like the devil child was wakening up inside him. Just like his father, Thor, he was quiet but when the time came he could become a real beast, like all men from up there. All Scandinavian men were like that though Eric was a bit different. Being the youngest son in his family he had a childish and troublemaker part that merely let on the surface. That little spark was proof of that he wanted some trouble now.

“Yeah”, Seb sighed and turned back to looking out of the window. It was going to rain tomorrow, maybe even later. The clouds were moving too fast and proved that. Or was it something else? Maybe the trouble Eric wanted so much was coming soon.

“I’ve been thinking about that too. What do you think might happen?”, Eric of wondered as he moved in the room and jumped on Seb’s bed.

“I’ll tell you what happened! She just learnt that she is some kind a monster and her poor brain can’t stand it!”, Ciel shout as he burst the door open just when Seb was about to speak. Ciel came in and one by one all the other guys followed. They started sharing the beers to each other as they sit all around the room.

“Man you need to relax a little”, he said as he leaned and offered to Seb a closed bottle of beer, “you too blondie”, he turned and throw one at Eric. He grabbed it and opened it with his bare hand.

“Aren’t we aloud to be curious?”, Eric teased him with an evil grin as he lifted his bottle and drank.

“Yes, yes, but I think we need to chill out. The last few days it’s been all about that girl. Anything we think or hear is about her. Not to mention that because of her attack things here went strict. We haven’t gone to the town to have fun at all the last two weeks. This sucks!”.

“Hmmf, I think you are the one who needs to chill out, Ciel”, Seb huffed sarcastically.

“Seb come on man! When was the last time you had real fun? Since the human came here it’s been all about her, and we can’t even have fun with her!”.

“So the problem is that you haven’t done any human lately, right?”, Eric continued his evil teasing. “Why don’t you just do some of the girls here?”.

“Because I don’t want to! The bitches here are crazy, they’ll think I wanna do some serious relationship with them and shit! And also, I’ve already done them..”, with Ciel’s last comment all the guys in the room burst in laughs. “Oh shut up! You all have the same problem!”.

“Nope, not me. I know how to keep my needs in control just like all big men do”, Eric said between his laughs.

“I am a big man too! That’s why I need to take care of my needs! Come on Seb, I need some help here!”, he moved his hands up desperately looking at his best friend for some support in this mess.

“Nuh uh, I don’t think so man, I am a big man too”.

“Ooooh, you just got betrayed!”, a guy said while he burst in louder laughs.

“Thanks man!”, Ciel said moving his bottle up and towards Seb.

“Always yours!”, he replied by leaning his bottle up too with a big smile on his face. That was how the rest of the night followed, full of jokes and laughs, till someone decided to bring the first subject up again.

“I don’t think she looked upset because of the witch thing”, a dark-haired guy named Connor said. He had an ordinary name for a guy that came from an ordinary demon parent but, unlike other guys like him he had balls. That was what Seb liked about that boy. The guy was never afraid about anything, not even to dare to fight with him, and that was what made him a part of this crew.

“Who’s she?”, a dark redhead boy asked.

“I think he means the human witch”, a black guy answered. Now everyone had stopped talking or making any kind of noise. They all had focused on what was going to start soon.

“I don’t think she acted like that because she learnt that she is a witch”, Connor started again. Ciel whispered a “What the hell do you mean?”, while all the other guys were looking at him with question and curiosity, especially Seb and Eric. “Actually, I don’t believe she learnt it from the Headmaster at all”.

“Then from who?”, the black guy asked creating an even bigger question flew through everyone’s minds. No one was moving, some of them not even breathing. There was a silence so dead in the whole room that no one could understand if they were still alive, if their hearts was yet beating.

“I believe she already knew it from that little redhead who’s always with her”, Connor shared his opinion, thinking about that little demon who spent her time taking care of the human witch all the time.

“Oh, you mean that little brunette demon punk? That little psycho?”, a blonde guy asked.

“Yeah, but she is kind of a redhead”.

“No, she is brunette”.

“But she has some red like shade…”

“Okay, we are not gonna spend our time on that. She is a brunette with some red shade, okay?”, the black guy put an end between Connor’s and blond guy’s disagreement. With that little stupid thing the human witch’s subject got forgotten and everybody started talking about that little weird demon. Connor’s thoughts though had created some big question marks in both Seb’s and Eric’s heads.

What if he was right? Then what happened with the Headmaster that made her that upset?

All thoughts and laughs got cut immediately when they all heard a weird noise coming from the room next to Seb’s. From Beth’s room.

Then there was nothing, but they still didn’t make any noise or move. They all had their ears straighten like a cat’s trying to listen something, anything. What they’ve been waiting for didn’t come late. A deep, female scream came from the room. All boys tensed, ready to jump and fight any moment but yet remained still, waiting.

Few minutes passed and the screams did not fade at all. Indeed, with every minute passing they became more intense; they could hear lots of thuds and grunts from her room. Some other voices and noises came from the hall as more and more students came out to see what’s happening. Some of them in their pajamas, others in their clothes and some others half naked. All of them moving towards her room whispering and wondering what was happening.

The guys decided it was about time to learn.

Seb moved and opened his window. It was next to hers so it could be, kind of, easy for them to get there. He climbed out along with Eric and the black guy while all the others opened the door and went out to the corridor.

Seb grabbed from the gutter. He moved his weight and jumped with force to grab from the roof that was up her window. He let go of his hands and landed on the window’s marble mantel. The other two did the same and landed on both his sides. They started working on her window’s lock. After a couple of minutes when they entered her room the rest of the guys burst from the door.

“Man! That was a lot of lockets!”, said a guy with a black hoodie up his head. Many students rushed in the room looking anywhere for someone or something dangerous.

“Oh my god! Beth!”, Seb heard a female voice say and felt a rush of movement towards the bed. He saw that lil’punk, that demon that was always with her, rushing there. He moved his gaze there and looked at the body that was laying on it.

“I don’t get it. There is nothing here! Why did we hear the screams?”, one of Seb’s crew wondered proving everyone else’s question.

“She must had a nightmare, poor little thing”, someone said with biter sarcasm in her voice.

“I don’t think that nightmares make you scream like that. Not to mention for that long amount of time”, the black guy from Seb’s crew stated. That guy seemed good. He should hang out more with him, he might be useful someday.

While everybody was deep in their thoughts they didn’t notice Beth’s body shaking violently on the bed and her low voice whimpering in pain. At least not before they heard another scream coming from her, which died quickly with some granting.

Seb moved to her bed immediately, having Eric behind him. “Hey!”, the demon punk girl complained as he shoved her away and lean up from Beth’s body. She seemed to be possessed with all that shaking but her eyes were closed like she was sleeping. It didn’t make sense.

He felt Eric leaning to examine her too. “Seb, she is not breathing! She is choking!”, he said loud, surprise and fear in his voice. Seb’s eyes moved to her lips looking for sights of breathing and then moved down her chest, only to stop at her neck when he saw it.

Her neck was red with something like blue fingerprints. What was worse? They got bigger and bigger each time like some invisible hands were trying to struggle her. They didn’t felt any dark aura in her room though, except for a really little darkness coming from her. No one was here to kill her, in her room. They seemed to be in her dream though and they couldn’t do anything to save her. She was all alone there. Even though all the students had moved closer to examine and help her, they couldn’t. No one could. And miracles don’t happen in real life, not even in dreams.


"Seb let go of her now! You are drowning her!" I heard Abby shouting. I opened my eyes only to come face to face with Seb sitting on me. He had my hands pinned down up next my head with his right hand while the fingers of his other one were circling my neck...

My eyes widen in fear.

“S-Seb?”, my voice got out hoarse and I almost got chocked on my own. I tried to move but his body prevented me. I looked up in his eyes. They had a weird expression I couldn’t understand. Was he feeling fear too? Or was he mad at me? Did he hate me that much? If he was worried then why was he trying to kill me right now?

I felt the weight leaving from me and saw him leaning back and sitting on the bed. I sat up and moved my hands to my neck. When I touched it I hissed in pain. I felt it warm, really warm, like I was wearing a scurf.

I looked up at him, his expression completely blank now, nothing like before. Then I looked around my room, to all the students. I saw Abby next to my bed and felt a bit relief but got panicked again when I spotted Eric next to her. Why there were so many people in my room?

“Hey Beth, are you okay?, Abby moved closer and leaned forward as if she was examining. Her eyes moved up and down my body. She seemed scared, frightened and that made me wonder what had happened.

“I-I’m good. What are you all doing here? I don’t understand… And how did you get inside?”, I started looking at them again, moving my gaze from face to face.

“We heard screaming”, Eric stated as he leaned to examine me too. I looked up him with question and then my eyes moved back to Seb. He was pissed now for reasons that I didn’t understand at all.

“I…”, I tried to excuse myself but I couldn’t think of anything to tell, since I didn’t knew anything. “I… I… I feel my face burning", I really did. Eric’s face changed to question and worry while Abby stepped back as I got up and run to the bathroom. Everyone’s expression changed with one similar to Eric’s. Seb got up from the bed and looked worried too.

I tried to open the door quickly with trembling hands and then turned on the lights. I stepped in front of the sink immediately and looked up the mirror.

I wish I never had…

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