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The coven leader smirked. "If you want your mother alive, kill Torre. Bring me his head. Perhaps, I will consider sparing your mother then." I heaved. No one in the right mind would try to kill Torre. Torre was untouchable and was famous for eliminating his threats before his threats became a threat to him. Disclaimer: (The main couple is gay. If you don't like to read this content, please leave. Don't leave hate comments.) Draco happens to be best Hitsman in his coven. Call him assassin or whatever. He is the male everyone goes to if they want someone dead. His aim has never been wrong. His prey has never escaped him. This predator may look like he has it all, but he is the prey in his coven. With a werewolf mother who is the Coven leader's sex slave, and himself being a werewolf with no beast, he is not given any respect in his coven. His coven leader had killed his mate and his child and uses the bond Draco has with his mother to control him. But on a mission, for the first time, his aim misses. For his target is not anyone. His target is a male known for surviving anything. Torre is a businessman and he knows how to evade the bullets shot towards him. Perhaps that silver-eyed male named Taurus who went by the name Torre is all Draco needs to live again. Note: (Draco is the name of a constellation. This name is not taken from Harry Potter)

Fantasy / Action
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The second his breath hit the cold glass, it condensed and broke the pattern of frost that had grown there. Despite allowing him to see the ring below, the glass showed his face.

The cool glow of the lights bounced his form. Jarred had dimmed the lights as per his request. The fewer people knew about him, the better.

While his rugged hair that fell in curls over his face and his sharp features may make him look human, his eyes gave who he was. Those silver iris would be the bane of his existence on Earth. Especially when the Royals were killed a year ago.

He took his glass and sipped the scotch. The burning feel on the back of his throat was welcomed. As much as he wanted, he could never get drunk. At least, of the alcohol, these earth beings had created.

“Who would win, you say?” Jarred asked crossing his legs as he took a swing of his rum.

He smirked. “You know who I would bet on. Do I even need to say?”

He glanced at the boy he made his bet on. While many would bet against the sixteen-year-old boy who stood in the arena, Taurus knew better. He looked thin and lean, but that contender packed strength like no other. When he saw that boy for the first time, he was shocked himself. Not many that young could defeat vampires and Magycs and wolves, one after another. And to say that boy had lost only three matches in his life would speak for itself.

Jarred rolled his eyes but smiled. “It’s like… he is winning because you bet on him.”

Taurus shrugged. “Who knows? It could be my luck.”

The female next to him gave him a dirty glare. “Your luck? That sixteen-year-old male is so much capable. He… no one could simply win him.”

Taurus’ lips curled. “You are saying that, Fia?”

The shifted nodded, adjusting her wheels. “That’s right. I am. Nox once came down to see this lad because I was talking about him. He even bet Nox in the ring.”

“Really?” Jarred asked. “But… Nox is a star!”

Fia dead-panned. “I didn’t know that.”

Taurus’ smile widened. “That means I have bet on a very capable male.”

“Very capable indeed,” Fia agreed.

Fia usually never took part in these duels, but she did bet on that boy as Taurus did.

The match began.

The first to fight the boy was a male shifter who had the advantage of muscle bulk. If what Fia said was true and this boy had defeated Nox, this shifter would not be a problem for him.

And just as Taurus predicted, the boy was fast and he attacked first. He was like a bullet, fast and swift.

The shifter did not see it coming, that fist. It hit him in his jaws and before that shifter could defend himself, the young lad landed another blow on the male’s temple and the shifter collapsed on the floor.

Without breaking a sweat, the boy went to his corner of the ring. The arena grew silent before the screams and shouts rang in the night.

The next was a female vampire who bared her fangs at him. The boy, without an expression on his face, nodded at her.

This time, the vampire rushed towards him. Calmly, he spun out of the way and jabbed her in her ribs. Only because he was a Warrior, he could see the boy’s moves. Had he been a lesser star, even he could not trace that boy’s movements.

She hissed and raised her hands.

Taurus smirked as he sipped the golden liquid. So the vampire was telekinetic. This was getting interesting.

As expected of the boy, he fought her power and remained glued to the ground as though he could control the earth.

Shock registered on her face but that split second was enough for the boy. He dove in for his killing punch and emerged as the victor.

“Who is he?” Jarred breathed. “Is he even a human?”

Taurus shrugged. “He… is a wolf who has a bit of vampire blood. He is a hybrid… of a sort.”

“Still,” Fia pressed as she pulled her wheelchair closer to the windows. “He is terrifyingly powerful.”

“Whatever he is,” Taurus commented. “I will take care of him.”

“Why so?” his warlock friend asked.

“Because I feel it so,” the Second Warrior, the one who represented the light of the Moon said.

Below their high cabinet, the entire crowd cheered one name. The name of the victor.

They cheered, “Lupus.”

A/N: Hello! New and Old fans.
If you are new, don't worry. It is not a necessity to read the previous book.
If you are an old fan, welcome back. Excited to seek the answers to the left questions from Aries?
What do you think of Lupus?
This part is to make sure that I am starting Taurus and it will begin to be serialised from January 1st, 2020.
I will be putting many things related to Taurus in Insta from December. My ID: @quillsecret.
Words for NaNoWriMo as of now: 18,413.
Until then,
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