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Chapter 9

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Who knew Antlia would make herself comfortable here? It was like she owned this damned place. With Peggy and Neil fussing over her, she adapted to the place by morning.

I scowled at the door. Not long before Taurus left, Zyon went out with him, claiming he ‘saw’ something. Whatever that was.

“Draco!” Peggy called me. “Are you listening?”

I grunted. What work did Zyon have with Taurus?

“You have to go back,” Neil said. “Lawan called. You are needed.”

I glanced at the breaking dawn. The sun was shyly peaking from the orange clouds. A few morning birds berated their sorrow for the parting night.

I sighed. “Will you be right, princess?”

Antlia nodded enthusiastically. “I will be fine, Dray.”

I blinked at her. “What did you call me?”

“Dray?” she said. “I mean Draco is a long name.”

“Seriously?” I shook my head and got up from the sofa. “I am leaving.”

She laughed. “Will you come back again?”

I nodded. “Yes. I got a message from Lawan last night. The gala is taking her life. She needs as many help as she could get.”

At this Zeke frowned. “Isn’t Rune the one organising this? Why did he pass it on to Lawan?”

“You see,” I began, taking my bike keys. “This decision was made last night and Rune found his mate last night. So...”

I left the sentence hanging. Zeke grinned and Peggy and Neil shared a smile.

“Met his mate last night?” Ant asked. “That’s so sweet!”

“I will come later today,” I said and walked out.

Taurus and Zyon were yet to come. Where had they gone last night?

Shaking my head, I made my way to my bike. Imagining Taurus behind me while I rode it brought pleasurable shivers in me.

Starting the bike, I left for the Summer coven.


Just like that one week passed and three things happened in the seven days. One, Rune was irresponsible for the time and ditched all his work just to spend time with his mate. That was acceptable seeing the fact that he was newly mated. Apinya took over the work of Epsilon for the week.

Two, Lawan was stressed. That girl was never stressed. I could not see her pull her hair and bite her nails. She was the most relaxed person I knew and seeing her like this was not something I expected.

Third, I spent most part of my day with Antlia and Peggy. While Neil and Zeke left for work, Peggy took the week off to take care of the princess. The three knew who she was.

But was that the third thing that bothered me? No. Taurus did not call me at all. Not even to check on Ant. It was like he never existed in the first place. But why was I missing a person I just met? The worst part, even Zyon came back two days ago and he refused to talk a word about what he and Taurus did that night.

I straightened my tux and glanced at the mirror. My dark hair was tousled and a curl fell over my forehead. My features had the sharpness most would want and my eyes held that killing intent, making anyone aware that I was the Assassin of Summer Coven. This gaze did make many fear me and never come near me and that left me alone. Just the way I wanted to be. The designer suit Niran got me was a perfect fit. In all, I did like the way I appeared.

Slipping on the shoes, I made my way out, buttoning the cuffs.

“You know,” Erica chuckled seeing me. “I think many will fight me.”

I snorted. “I needed a partner and you needed one. We are friends, Erica. I don’t see what’s wrong in going together?”

She laughed. “Nothing is wrong.”

She was beautiful in that alluring silver dress she had borrowed from Lawan. The dress had a low cut V neck and was backless. It did have a slit that reached up to her mid-thigh. She had worn her hair in a high styled bun, no doubt the work of Buppha. Her eyes sparkled in mirth.

“Looking good,” I said.

“I hoped to be,” she said. “So many people are going to come tonight and what if I meet my mate here?”

I shook my head. “I hope you meet your mate here.”

Smiling, she grabbed her clutch from her room and we left the floor where our rooms were located.

There was a huge building in the northern part of the coven lands where the galas of this coven would always be held. Seeing that this was Dave and Mali’s mating anniversary, many were attending.

A tent was pitched outside the building where people could take as many photos they wanted and a red carpet was being rolled out when we arrived.

Erica seeing the poor Lawan instructing the other workers to adjust the decorating flowers, she walked there fast and began to help her. I glanced at Wirat who was losing his temper on a servant who brought the wrong juice. Though cranberry and pomegranate juice appeared similar, Dave was allergic to cranberry. I suddenly had wishful thinking of swapping Dave’s drink and seeing him die of some allergic reaction.

Sighing, I went over to Wirat. “Problem with juice?”

Wirat growled. “Yes. Damn it!”

I turned to the servant who was nearly shaking in fear. Was it from seeing me or was it facing Wirat’s anger?

“Just exchange the juice,” I said. “Dispose of this juice if you can.”

Nodding his head vigorously, he left, pulling the container of juice with him.

“Wirat,” I said, putting an arm around his shoulder. “Calm down!”

“Draco!” he shrieked. “I cannot! If I make a mistake-”

“You won’t,” I said.

Slowly, but firmly, I pulled the distressed male into the venue. The gala was yet to start and already many people were here. Upon seeing Wirat and I, Niran approached us. Just by the scent, I knew what they had been doing moments ago. Wirat wrinkled his nose.

“I am tortured enough!” Wirat cried. “Don’t come closer, Niran.”

But that vampire did nothing but smile more widely. “Rune should be here in a few minutes.”

I did not even bother to ask what that male was doing. Seeing from his grin, it must have something to do with him picking up another suit.

Wirat slumped on a chair there. “I am miserable! It’s been seven days since me and my mate saw each other eye-to-eye and talk about things that are not related to this gala.”

I felt a wave of pity for the male. Everyone knew the story behind Wirat and Lawan’s mating. That male had been in love with her ever since he was young and then when the chance came up, he had marked her as his mate.

Niran patted on the Theta male’s back. “There. There.”

Then he fished his phone from his pocket and then waved it in front of Wirat. “There are two tickets from here to West coven. The plane takes off tonight at three.”

Wirat growled. “Enjoy your honeymoon, dumbass.”

Niran laughed and shoved the phone further into his face. “See the name, doofus.”

Wirat stared at the screen for a second and then at Niran. When he stared at the screen again, he snatched the phone from Niran and screamed. “You books the tickets for Lawan and I?”

Niran smirked. “Rune and I decided that you and Lawan took the job that was meant for the four of us. This is a gift.”

“Hell yeah!” Wirat shouted, throwing his free hand in the air. “We deserve it. West Coven? With that beach? Damn it! I love you both.”

Just then an irritated Lawan and Erica entered and walked towards us.

“What’s so nice?” Lawan snapped at Wirat. “There still-”

“My dearest mate,” Wirat said, taking his mate by her waist and he spun her around. “Rune and Niran bought tickets for us to West coven.”

Lawan’s lips parted and she laughed for the first time in three days. “That’s definitely nice to hear.”

The tension that was present over the mates wore off. That was all good.

“Your partner for tonight is Draco, Erica?” Niran asked after Lawan and Wirat calmed down.

Erica nodded. “Yes. Is there a problem?”

Niran shook her head. “I just expected it to be someone else.”

At his comment, I blinked at him. “Who did you expect?”

Niran coughed. “No one. Did I say anyone?”

Before I could utter another word, a scent that I was trailing for this week wafted to my nose. My heart raced. Tonight would be the perfect time to kill him.

Somsak appeared in a cherry-red suit and beamed at us as if he did not kidnap two girls from the deeper parts of the coven. I gritted my teeth.

“So,” he drawled seeing Niran. “Where is your mate?”

Niran smiled at him with ease. “Doing business.”

Somsak coughed but left the Epsilon and walked away.

“Tonight?” Niran asked me.

I nodded. “In this gala, there are so many.”

“So many, yes,” Erica answered. “But none as qualified as you when it comes to killing,”

I frowned at her. “You make me sound like I am a killing machine.”

“Aren’t you?”

I blinked. “No! And by the way, no one can suspect me.”

“Why not?” Lawan asked. “You are the best at guns.”

“I don’t need a gun to kill him,” I replied with a smirk.

“Poisons are enough,” Niran answered and took a vial out. “This one will cause symptoms like an allergic reaction. When the body goes for post-mortem, Jarred there will be to take care.”

“You guys have planned it?” Erica asked.

I nodded. “I can’t delay it anymore. And... how is it with my mother?”

Erica said, “Trust me. Kessa will be out the second you kill Somsak.”

“Aiko?” I asked.

“We are trying to find a way out,” Niran said. “Last time Mali let me out because she could command the prison. Now, only Dave could release Aiko. The authorisation is quite complicated. If anyone else tries it, the cell will lock down and Aiko will die.”

I nearly growled. “You should have come to me.”

“I did say,” Erica quipped. “Riley will help us to take her out.”

“How?” Niran asked. “When Dave was closely watching you ever since you returned? Mali and I managed to change his memory, but he still suspects you.”

“Perhaps,” Lawan began. “Once you go out of this coven, you can change the authorisation?”

I took in a deep breath. Was wishing a simple life bad? I had to get Aiko out and reunite with her brother Allen who was living in outside Laukris with his mother. After all, their father, Sean died saving me.

“The sooner I get out, the better then,” I said.

The small group of people nodded grimly around me when a scowling Rune came in.

As suspected, he had changed from the grey tux he wore earlier to a navy blue one.

“Not again!” he exclaimed seeing Niran. “If I ever have to change my dress because of you, I will throw you out of our room for three months! Three!”

Niran nodded fervently. “I understand.”

Rune relaxed when his mate wound his arm around him. Then Rune said, “Erica, did you get all the details you need?”

Erica nodded. “As much as possible. I already have sent people to leave for the Autumn pack next. We have to put a stop over this.”

Niran nodded and then he looked at the door. “It’s beginning.”

The lights flashed and the Omicron pair entered the venue and anyone who did not know anything better would say that the couple was in love.

But I could see that sliver of disgust in Mali and the sadistic pleasure that ran in Dave when he eyed Leigh and Lana who were standing close to the door.

This night was getting interesting.


Just when I thought the night could not get any better, a silver-haired male approached the Omicron pair. The way Mali’s eyes showing alarm and Erica’s face shimmering in amusement, I knew this male must be Nox.

Dave smiled with fake politeness to the guy. “And what’s your good name again?”

Nox smiled. What was with these stars and smiling with a charm? These smiles were dangerous. Taurus once smiled and I was done. This guy had charmed even Dave. But I had to admit, Taurus had much more dominance and appeal than this guy.

“I believe in the work of mysteries,” he said. “And I like to keep it that way.”

To be honest, Dave did the most foolish thing anyone could have done. He believed Nox. Who would believe a guy who said they did not wish to reveal who they are? If it was me, I would have called my guards to chuck this guy out of my territory.

“How did he do that?” Rune asked softly to Erica.

“That’s Nox, alright,” Niran answered with a grin.

Turning her head from the Omicron couple, Erica huffed. “You still have not told us how you know Nox.”

Niran shrugged. “If you are working under Torre, you will know people in high places. I am just curious of how Nox knows Gaelan.”

In high places. That was a nice pun.

“Niran,” his mate warned.

“Okay, okay,” he said, giving under his mate’s glare. “You both know who Torre is?”

“He is a businessman,” Erica said.

“He is the one Draco was sent to kill,” Rune said, giving me a weird look.

Niran laughed lightly. “Should we tell them, Draco?”

I glanced at the wine glasses before looking at the new Epsilon. I had poured the poison in all the glasses. But only Somsak would die. The witch to whom I had gone to was a powerful one.

“Tell them what?” I asked. It was Taurus’ secret to tell. Not mine.

“Who he is,” he pressed.

“Why are you asking him?” Rune asked.

I nodded fervently. “Why are you asking me?”

Niran groaned. “Come on! He trusted you with the information of who he is!”

Rune blinked at me. “When did this happen?”

“After he took bullets for Torre and was lying on the bed with an IV line,” Niran supplied helpfully.

I glared at that cheeky vampire. “I can answer, you know.”

“What a surprise!” Niran commented.

“How the hell did you manage that?” Lawan’s voice reached me.

The Theta pair was walking towards us with that star between them. He had a smug smile on his face.

“Nox,” Niran said when the three came to us. “This is Rune. My mate. And Rune, this is Nox.”

That star smiled and pulled Rune for a hug, ignoring Rune’s handshake. The second he did that, Niran growled lowly and pulled his mate to his side. “A simple handshake would do.”

Nox gwaffed. “I never thought I would live to see a day when Niran would be possessive over his mate.”

“Miracles happen,” Niran commented dryly. “Glad that you are alive to see this day.”

“Is it a miracle that I am alive?” Nox asked.

“Is it not?” Niran fired.

“What did you manage?” Erica asked, sipping the champagne from her flute.

Nox gave her an unruly grin. “Manage to evade Dave.”

Erica snorted. “If you have not evaded Dave, I would be surprised.”

Nox took a step back and placed a hand over his chest. “The faith you guys have in me is killing me.”

Rune and I exchanged a look.

Lawan sighed. “This is Nox. The star who exposed what Dave was doing to us. That’s how we know him. How do you know him, Niran? Erica told us how she knew him.”

“You guys make it sound like I am a famous celebrity,” Nox said.

“You aren’t,” Erica said bluntly. “Trust me.”

Niran hung his head. “Truly, it is not my secret to tell.”

“Then?” Rune asked.

Nox waved his hands between the two mates. “Don’t fight over this. You both are newly mated. I will tell you guys myself.”

At that, everyone looked at the star with wide eyes. But I made the connection before he could tell anything. Taurus was a star, a Warrior and he did tell me that he was kind of a superior star. He could know Nox by then. Niran nodded his head lightly when he saw that connection in my eyes.

“Torre and I,” Nox began. “We go way back. Let’s say, Torre was the male who sort of grew me up. That’s how I know Torre and Niran working under him, that’s how we both know each other.”

Rune frowned. “Then what was Niran blabbering about Torre’s secret?”

“If it is his,” Nox said. “Should you not ask him?”

“Fair,” Wirat said.

Nox said, “So... this is Draco. The assassin.”

I sighed. “Can we forget that?”

When the two Epsilons gave me a look, I shut my mouth. Tonight Somsak should die. If he did, perhaps the people Erica mentioned could save those girls.

The party flowed and we stayed pretty tight. Lawan and Wirat were called by many people seeing that they were the Theta pair. But surprisingly, the coven left the Epsilon pair. Was it because the coven had an aversion towards gay or was it because they knew newly mated would be on the edge? The coven did not have anything against gay or anything. They welcomed every mated pair. It was Dave’ family who harboured severe hatred towards mating of same-sex. Boonsri would have kicked Rune out of the coven if he was not the son of Apinya.

While Nox was telling Rune all the embarrassing past of Niran, Erica and I kept an eye on the wine glass Somsak was having. He did not even take a sip until now.

“Dude!” Niran protested suddenly next to me. “You have always crashed parties. What’s stopping you?”

“I can’t,” Nox gagged. “If I do, my brother will kill me.”

I blinked at Nox. “Scared of your brother?”

“Terrified,” Nox whispered as though he had seen a ghost. “Have you met Riley Garcia?”

“I met him a few days ago,” Rune said. “A respectable male.”

“Of course you would say that!” Nox grumbled. “You both are quite alike. Goal-driven.”

A female whom I had seen in the news and heard about in legends came before me with a champagne flute. Her flaming red hair told me that she had her origin down south but that tan on her skin said she was someone who enjoyed basking under the sun.

Zayin Deanna Lynch was every bit of a female I respected.

“The famous hitman,” she said, her voice cool and collected.

I bowed to her. “Zayin Deanna Lynch.”

I knew why she had come. Zayin Deanna Lynch struck fear in the hearts of many because of the way she dealt with the affairs of her court. Ten years ago, there had been a mob of rogue warlocks running around creating havoc, destroying the lives of many. Even the royal force could not stop that group. A madman named himself the Zayin and led them. It became too much that King Atticus was called forth to stop it. But Deanna had asked for a chance and cleared it herself.

Killing them all, up to the very last. Those who wished to reform were taken to the rehabilitation centre in her tribe. I knew why she came here.

“Thank you,” she said.

I blinked. “Anyone would have done it, Zayin. And I think you should thank Vela instead of me.”

Vela was a very good friend of mine since we both were in the same profession. Bonus, she raced in her free time. She was the one who taught me how to ride a motorbike in the first place. But she downplayed a lot, not letting anyone who she truly was. To the rest of the world, she was a famous racer, but only a few knew that she was an assassin and the best at that. While I was good at only guns, she made it a point to teach herself various weapons.

“Vela?” the female behind Zayin Deanna asked. “The racer?”

“She...” I trailed off. How could I say that when I killed the leader of that crazed Magyc bunch, Vela killed the other ranking members of that twisted group? “Got me out.”

Deanna chuckled softly. “Had you not killed the leader that day, I don’t think I would have killed the others. There were nearly thirty crazed Magycs.”

I smiled. “You give me too much credit, Zayin. I am pretty sure that you would have found that leader and killed him yourself.”

She would have. I just put the bullet through that leader’s head and Ara killed his two trusted subordinated. The rest were cleansed by Zayin Deanna.

Rune stepped forward and bowed his head. “Zayin.”

“Eldest son of Apinya Bidaya?” she asked with a glint in her green eyes.

The female behind the Zayin took in a deep breath and male suppressed a smile.

“I am Rune Bidaya,” he said.

The Zayin chuckled. “No child of Apinya shall bow to me.”

Rune slightly bent his head and Erica and Nox wished their greetings quietly. When it came to Niran, Zayin Deanna’s eyes lit up again. “Your mate, Rune?”

He nodded. “He is.”

“Your heir, I presume?” Niran asked giving the dark-haired female a glance.

The female cleared her throat. “My twin, Zarola is. I am Vessa Lynch. Tzade of my tribe. And this is,” she said gesturing to the male next to her. “My mate, Darren.”

I could not help but ask, “But your eldest daughter, I take is not Zarola?”

Deanna laughed. “I see why you are the best assassin in this region. No, Zarola is my second daughter. Kaina Lynch is my eldest daughter. She is not the heir, unfortunately.”

Erica then began tentatively, “Did she-”

“My sister is not dead if you are asking,” Vessa said, her voice sharper. “Kaina is mated to a wolf named Rhaze Throne and they are on the neutral lands now. The war in the West pack was over a few days ago and they need some peace.”

Erica inhaled sharply. “That war... did your sister fight in that?”

Vessa nodded. “I went too, but the battle had already begun by the time North Tribe came. Kaina was my sister, how could I abandon her?”

For one, Erica’s pack, the pack under Alpha Eric had supported Alpha Lyra in the war. The battle in the West Pack almost took most the news these days. The change in leadership was quite shocking. Especially when it was the Beta who became the Alpha and not Alpha Lyra.

Nox stayed silent. It was quite contrasted to how chatty he was a while ago.

Zayin Deanna’s eyes glinted. “We fought for Alpha Lyra, girl. My eldest daughter is, in fact, her sister’s mate. Who else we would have fought for?”

Erica looked down. “I am sorry, Zayin. It’s just that, my Alpha fought for Alpha Lyra too. I was just worried.”

Vessa frowned. “Who is your Alpha? Are you a guest here?”

Erica nodded. “I am a guest in Summer Coven. My alpha is Alpha Eric.”

“Eric and Erica?” Tzade Darren wondered. “Who named you?”

The werewolf next to me laughed. “I was already a child of three when my parents joined the pack. Imagine their surprise to know that their Alpha’s son was named Eric.”

The Zayin chuckled. “Indeed. How is your Alpha doing? The last time I heard, my daughter-in-law’s pack member was mated to your Alpha.”

Erica smiled. “Yes. After so long. His name is Sam.”

Erica had been ecstatic when her Alpha’s mother had called her and gave her the news. This was one of the many reasons why she wanted to rush back home. As the Gamma of her pack, she had to present when the Alpha’s mate was introduced.

“How in a weird way are we related,” Zayin Deanna commented.

Mali was conversing with Kyan and Rita when Lawan hopped to her and whispered something in her ears. Gasping, she excused herself from the two and left with the Theta female.

When Kyan’s eyes found mine, the four made their way to us.

This group was getting bigger and bigger and Niran went ahead and struck a conversation with Darren. While Rune was talking with Deanna and me, Erica and Vessa stood there silently.

Only after Kyan’s entry did life flared in Nox’s eyes. No, not on seeing Kyan, but on seeing the silent brooding guy next to him.

Unlike the star, Lupus showed no emotion as he glanced at the party.

“This is?” the Zayin asked.

“This is Kyan, my cousin,” Rune said. “And this is-”

“Rita, Daughter of Alpha Costa of Summer pack,” Vessa supplied.

“You...” Rita dragged before she smiled. “You are Tzade Vessa.”

“Indeed,” she said.

They must have met in a party or a cultural or a sports meet or a scientific expo. Who knew? One was the daughter of an Alpha of the Four Great packs and other the Tzade of a prominent Tribe. While North Tribe was not a part of Four great Tribes, it was a part of the eight prominent tribes. These two knowing each other was not a surprise to me.

“You are Lupus!” Nox said, silently fuming.

The boy merely glanced at Nox before he fixed his sight on Somsak.

“You know him?” Rita asked in surprise.

Niran chuckled, breaking his conversation from Darren. “He sorely lost to Lupus once.”

“What?” I nearly screamed.

Nox was a star. If anything, only a star of rank higher than him could have defeated him. No creature of Earth could. How the hell did he lose to Lupus? That literally made me take a step back. Was Lupus a star?

From the way Niran’s eyes glinted, I knew Lupus was not a star but a creature of Earth. How was this possible? Could it be that Lupus so powerful or was it that he had an unknown celestial ancestry?

Lynx huffed at the comment and looked down again. I truly wanted to free him, but I did not know the agenda he had with Summer Pack. Alpha Costa was a male of justice. If he knew about this, I could not do anything, but if he did not, I might try to free him. After all, I felt a spark of kinship with Lynx. Was it the fight I saw in his eyes that made me feel this? Could be.

“You better give me a freaking answer!” Nox said. “Another fight. I will win this time-”

Lupus looked ahead where Somsak was standing and then said, “That guy is going to,” he then glanced at his watch and then saw the Zeta again. “Die in another five seconds.”

I did not know what shook us. Was it the words that silent person said or was it the words itself? Before Kyan could even question his companion, Somsak touched his neck and choked. And just as predicted, he collapsed to the ground.

My eyes met Niran’s and he gave a tiny smile that would have the darkness running in the other direction. And at that moment, I knew that he would be the perfect one who could take care of the male who took care of me for so long.

Dave screamed and he rushed towards his Zeta, but one glance at the clock, I knew the Omicron was just a minute late.

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