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Chapter 10

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The second Somsak’s body fell on the ground, there was a heavy silent pause. For that one second, the wine overflowed from the glass into which the waiter was pouring it in. The lead singer missed the beats to which he had to sing. The man who was juggling fire at the entrance dropped a fireball. The camera that was snapping pictures froze, just like it froze the time in it.

The conversations that were buzzing louder than the soughing night winds out came to a halt and the winds took the bragging rights of being the winner.

Just everything paused when he fell down. The glass he was holding, shattered next to him and Theta Wirat who was standing next to him just stared at his comrade, blinking. This guy was one good actor.

It was Lana who gave a shrill cry and shattered the spell over the venue. She rushed towards him and checked his pulse. “Get a doctor here! Get a damned medic.”

Then she pulled his head on her lap and cradled it. “Hold on, Som. Hold on.”

When no one responded to her cry, she shouted again, “Get me the damned doctor of the coven!”

Dave rushed towards his Zeta. “Somsak! I command you not to die, friend. You can’t die.”

With that, Dave crumpled next to Somsak.

I did not know what was wrong with Lana, but she began to do CPR. She raised his torso and closed his nose. After making sure that his tongue had not rolled back, she a deep breath and blew it right in his mouth. After she did this, she knelt next to him and interlocking her fingers, she pressed on his chest. But did the medics not check the pulse first?

Why was she doing it? Somsak was already dead by the time she had demanded a doctor. Did she not hear the last beats of his heart?

While Dave looked frantically at them both, Leigh came up slowly next to her sister and she touched her shoulder. “Lana, Somsak’s dead. Let him go.”

“No!” she cried, her tears running down her face along with her eyeliner. “You’re lying!”

Leigh sat down next to her. “Lana. He is gone. Let him go.”

“No!” she shrilled again and when her sister hugged her, Lana lost it and she began to sob in her sister’s embrace.

I frowned. Lana could control muscles and if she had given just one thought about it, she could still have him alive. It was truly terrifying if one thought about the things they could actually do.

Mali entered the hall again with Lawan on her heels. Seeing Dave on his knees next to his friend, she neared her crying mate and then touched his shoulder. “Dave.”

He raised his head. It was not sorrow I saw there. It was rage.

“You!” he snarled. “You did this, Mali. You killed him.”

Dave did have some brains after all. Or he was simply pinning it on the female.

Mali took a step back. “Me? I am your Omicron female! Why in Moon’s Realm would I kill my Zeta?”

“My Omicron female?” Dave sneered. “You are not even my mate, Mali. You are not worth my mark. You did this.”

All were a part of the plan. When we had planned it, it seemed simple. But now that it was playing in front of me, I should have thought more about this.

Mali gasped and put a fist over her heart. “What do you mean, Dave? You are not my mate?”

“Never!” he shouted getting up. “I never was. It was a part of experiment Harper was doing and you are a success. I must say, fucking you was quite good.”

Mali stumbled and took a step back. “What are you telling? I-I was just an experiment?”

“This dude needs to die,” Kyan muttered in the sidelines. “Taking a female my force. Not only that, even going as far as deceiving her.”

At his words, many began to nod and support Kyan. The fact that the Zeta was dead was forgotten. Just how fickle the minds were. No wonder, assassins like me could survive.

Whispers rose and it subdued the sobbing of Lana.

When the Elders of the Coven began to question Dave, Mali smirked. That female was one good actress. Just like that, she won over the favour of the coven’s Elders. If this was a normal coven, the Elders could throw Dave out and keep Mali as the Omicron. But this was not a normal coven and I was worried for Mali.

Just as expected, most of the Elders were glaring at Mali while one or two looked at her with pity. Mali sure knew how to gain sympathy of others.

“You killed Somsak!” Dave raged. “I will kill you! It was you!” Then he looked at us- me, Rune and Wirat. “All of you colluded! All are traitors! Kill them! Kill them all!”

Rune took my hands in his and then nodded at his mate. Kyan gave Rune a curt nod while Rita had rushed to Lana and hugged her. Zayin Deanna had a smirk on her face while her daughter and her mate did not share that sentiment. It was like she knew something like this would happen tonight. Erica, that sly female had pulled Nox away. Where were those two now? But if they were safe, it was all good.

The guards hesitated for a minute before they raised their weapons. This was their Epsilon and their Theta. Though Dave was the Omicron, though he had power, he was never amiable with his subordinates. That one second of hesitation was enough for us to escape.

We had many plans. One was where Dave believed us that we had nothing to do with Somsak’s murder. The second was where he would pin it on me and Rune and Niran would escape with me. Third where he would pin it on Niran. But I had suggested a plan where he would suspect all of us. Apparantly, he came to know that someone had sent inside information to someone else they were targeting Somsak and Devin.

How Dave had the brains to figure that one, I would never know. Perhaps, he had some geniuses working for him. Whatever, this entire thing went according to at least one plan. The last plan where he would pin it on all of us.

“Rune!” I protested, prying his arms off me as we raced to the parking lot. “I am capable of walking!”

He looked behind us to notice Lawan and Wirat following us. Lawan took her hidden pistol and was shooting at those who were targeting them. Thankfully, Lawan’s mark did not miss.

“Clever,” he commented seeing them.

It was then a pair of bright lights flashed from the parking lot and an SUV came up. The windows to the driver seat rolled down and Erica was at the wheels. “Do I need to give you thick heads an invite? Get in!”

Rune opened the shotgun and climbed there. When I opened the doors to the middle seat, my mother was seated right behind Erica. I gasped. But Wirat pushed and I got in.

Lawan got on the back seat and unlocked the door.

“Draco,” my mother whispered. “What is happening?”

I just held her hand. “We are a step toward freedom.”

“Aiko-” she began.

“I will get her out,” Rune said. “Somehow. I will try my best to get her out. She is Seans’s daughter and that male was my best friend. I will get her out, Kessa.”

“Where is Nox?” I cut whatever Wirat was going to tell.

“He is a star,” Erica said. “Worry about yourself and us. He knows to take care of himself.”

“Come on!” Lawan muttered.

And they did come. Mali and Niran running towards us, with the entire warriors of Summer coven at their heels. How the hell can we outrun this?

“I am having second thoughts,” Wirat said calmly.

“Doubting me?” Erica said. “Don’t worry. I got cover.”

I frowned. “How so?”

Just as Mali and Niran reached the car, Lawan opened the doors for them. They did get in, but Erica still did not begin the car. Though the warriors were behind us, they were vampires. Did Erica not see the speed with which they were running?

I was having second thoughts with my friend. For some reason, the will to live echoed in my soul. I did not want to die. Not at the hands of this coven.

But the warriors never reached us. Before I could brace myself for the impact, a certain silver-haired male, dusted his hands and got on the car, stunning the three people who were seated back. When Niran was still blinking at him, he motioned for him to move and Rune’s mate moved. Sitting comfortably, he closed the door and gave Erica a thumbs-up sign.

“Alright there, Nox?” Erica asked.

“Right here, Rica,” he said. “Let’s go.”


It was then I realised it was amazing having a star to cover your tracks. Being a star, Nox just made them stop and confused, masked that we ever existed in their minds for a few hours. He did say he could erase their memory, but he did not do it for two reasons apparently.

“Because I am already on probation,” Nox said to Lawan. “I don’t want Saiph or Alioth to throw me in the dungeon, even though Alioth got out. Just how badass that girl is? Alioth managed to get out of the legendary Dungeon!”

Before he could dive into how amazing Alioth was, Lawan said, “Your second reason?”

“Too many people,” Nox said, ruffling his silver hair. “There were more than a hundred vampires running. If I erased, I will be tired. I mean, I can get my energy after erasing, but it would be such a hassle. And yeah, taking their memory will be violating their privacy.”

Erica snorting. “Violating their privacy takes the third stand? You need an appointment with a therapist.”

Kessa frowned. “Who is this? Where is Apinya, Cintna and Zoya?”

Mali chuckled. “It is refreshing seeing you, Nox.”

Erica sped up and crossed the Summer Coven’s lands. Who knew this girl could be such an amazing racer? Perhaps, I had to let Erica and Vela race, just for the fun of it.

But where was Erica heading? The bright lights ahead of me gave me the answer I was looking for. The white LED lights were a sharp contrast to the soft night that shrouded us. While the area was quite deserted, cars and taxies were bustling around it.

The airport had around eight runways and it was one of the major airports in the Northern region. Seeing that it was quite near to the North Pack, North Pack gave it the maximum security along with the Summer Tribe. The airport was on neutral grounds and no one was the ruler of this land.

“I haven’t packed!” Lawan exclaimed. “Anything!”

“Lawan!” Mali reprimanded. “We are running for our lives. Is packing the most important thing to you?”

“Yes!” she fired back. “You need to spice up your life! I mean, I bought all those lingerie. Laced-”

“God!” Erica shouted. “Stop it.”

Lawan snorted. “If you have a mate, Erica, I bet that you will try your best to seduce him at each chance you get.”

Wirat just blinked. I just looked at my mother who was trying her best to look at the scenery out, blocking the conversation. I then glanced at Rune who suddenly found at most interest in the game ′Match three’, which he had hated until moments ago. How was it on his phone? Niran had downloaded it against Rune’s wished to rile him up.

Mali scoffed. “Please, girl. That boy is whipped for you for so many years. You just breathing is enough for him. What more do you want?”

“Still,” Lawan said, pouting. “I like to spice things up.”

Wirat then coughed and said, “As Mali said, you alive is more than enough for me. Dave will catch on what we did and he will try to hunt us down. No matter where we leave.”

“Not to mention,” Niran began. “Dave lost all his ranking members in one night. He would be furious!”

His words struck us. He was right. Dave did lose all his ranking members in one night, including his ‘mate’. What would he do now? Hunt us down? But who would do that for him? Who would replace these ranking members?

“He has connections,” Mali said. “The second I am out, he will Mark Lana as his mate and crown her as his Omicron. As for Epsilon, he will force my mother to take the rank again. It is as we planned. He was already planning to change the Theta to Kasem. His only loss will be Somsak.”

“This female is well informed,” Nox commented.

Mali glared at him.

Erica said suddenly. “You think I will let you go just like that?”

“What do you mean?” Mali asked. “The tickets to West Coven was for them to escape, isn’t it?”

Erica smirked as she sped up the car again. “Omicron Riley has connections and he personally requested the West Coven to take care of you guys. Nothing will befall you.”

“That’s nice to hear,” Wirat said, as he slouched against the seat. “But... I don’t have any identity card with me to pass the security. Knowing Dave, I can’t waltz in without an identity card. He would have alerted the force.”

That was when Erica stopped before the airport gates and Rune took a bag from the dashboard and gave it to Wirat. “It has the documents you need and cash and credit card for you to survive. Pin for the card is Lawan’s birthday. All you need is in there.”

“Even gun?” Lawan asked. “I lost my pistol while I climbed in the car.”

At her question, all of us turned to her.

“What?” she asked. “It is a perfectly valid question. Self-defence!”

“You know,” Erica said. “Airport security.”

Lawan scowled but got off the car. Seeing her, Wirat took the bag and got off.

“Nox,” Lawan said. “Take care of Mali.”

That star just smirked. “You think so low of me, Theta?”

“Well,” she said. “I wouldn’t think high.”

Nox’s smirk widened. “I will take of her.”

“You better,” Lawan said.

Blowing a kiss to Mali, Lawan bade her goodbyes to us and walked towards the airport.

“Will you be alright?” I asked Wirat.

This male had always been a gentle soul. He was the peacemaker of our coven. Even his power was sweet-talking. He could not harm anything. But Lawan was the complete opposite of him. She had initially been trained for being the Zeta, the one who trained the coven. But due to circumstances, she became the Theta. Yet, she had the entire weapon room under her control. She had the heart and the soul of a warrior.

Wirat nodded. “As long as that female is next to me, don’t worry.”

“Try to give get in contact with us after you reach West Coven,” Mali said. “I have to make sure that my two best friends are alive.”

“We will try to return to you guys soon,” Wirat said. “Dave will not let this go and we can’t be hiding for the rest of our lives. We have to face him one day, and I swear Draco, that Lawan and I will be next to you when that happens.”

I smiled. Wirat was a male I knew I could trust on. After all, how many were as lucky as me to get a friend like him?

“Why will that be Draco?” Mali asked. “Why won’t it be me?”

Wirat shrugged. “I bet more than you, Draco has more vengeance against Dave. Dave did kill Harriet and his daughter. There is no one more aggrieved than him.”

Giving Rune a smile and Niran a warning glare, Wirat left, hurrying to catch up with his mate.

Closing the doors, Erica asked. “Shall we?”

“Where now?” Rune asked. “You know, we all planned together, Erica. But it seems that you have a plan on your own.”

“Is that yours,” Nox asked in a leisure tone. “Or was it my brother’s plans?”

Erica literally paused the car and turned. “Your brother plans great, Nox. But he does not plan everything.”

Nox said nothing but he raised his eyebrows.

Erica cleared her throat and turned and started the car. “But yeah, Riley did plan this.”

“You got to tell us!” Rune said.

Erica began to drive. “I will.” Then she turned her head slightly and addressed Nox. “Will the Summer Coven not catch up with us?”

“Nah!” Nox waved his hand. “They won’t remember you until tomorrow morning. And if before that we make it to the place my brother asked you to come, they can never catch us.”

“How do you know?” Erica asked.

“Cause he is my brother,” Nox said. “We think alike.”

Erica made a gagging action. “Please, Nox. If you both thought alike, we all would be dead six hours ago.”

Erica was speeding up in a direction I had taken only once. It led to a territory somewhere between East Coven and Summer Pack. It was a vague boundary which was shared by some nameless Alphas, Omicrons and Zayins.

I had gone there for my third target. How could I forget the face of the old male who gave me that helpless look when the bullet that flew from my gun pierced his chest?

“What of your mother, Rune?” mom asked. “And of Cintna and Zoya?”

Rune sighed. “Apinya knows about this. In fact, she did pitch in a few ideas herself. Apinya and Cintna will stay back. Sakda knows too. They will take care.”

“Won’t Dave suspect?” Kessa asked.

“He might,” Rune said. “But the Elders would favour her over Dave. They already have. Dave knows this. He might try to suppress her, but he can’t kill her. And, no one else can be the Epsilon of Summer Coven. She is the only one qualified enough. As of Cintna, she truly is innocent. She does not know about this plan.”

“Zoya?” my mother asked in a soft voice.

“Dave’s target will be you, Kessa,” Niran said in a firm voice. “Zoya won’t suffer anything. I have made sure that she has enough protection.”

That reassurance did calm my mother’s heart. But it did not mean that they were safe. As long as Dave was the Omicron, no one could be safe there.

Erica kept driving and Nox kept whining about how long the ride was.

“If it was me,” he started for the fifth time. “I would have reached that place in a second.”

“This is like the millionth time you are saying this!” Niran growled. “If you say it again one more time. Just another time, I am going to throw you out.”

Well, Niran had said the same threat when Nox complained for the third time. Rune had plugged his ears and was listening to some soft music and my mother began to sleep. Mali was wide awake and was always on her guard. A slight jerk and she glanced everywhere.

It was by the crack of dawn that Erica stopped the car and she got out. She stretched her body and shivered.

By this time, Nox and Mali were conversing in a soft voice and Niran had fallen asleep. Rune glanced back at his mate and sighed. He got out and went back. Seeing him, Nox moved to sit next to Mali and Rune took his place. As if he knew, Niran’s head fell on Rune’s shoulder and he hugged his mate’s arm in his sleep.

Smiling at that, I slowly took my mother’s feet from my lap and placed it on the seat and got out with Erica.

She had stopped the car in front of a small coffee shop. It gave a feeling of cosiness and warmth.

“Want croissants?” she asked.

I nodded and opened the door. “Anyone wants anything?”

“A latte for me,” Rune said.

“A slice of quiche and poached eggs,” Nox said.

I nodded. “Anything for you, Mali?”

She shook her head. “Nothing. I am not in a mood to eat anything.”

“Killjoy,” Nox muttered. “You need to be in a mood to eat?”

Mali closed her eyes. “Yes.”

Rune gave his sister a hard glare. “She will have a sandwich.”

“Rune!” she began to protest.

“Mali!” he admonished. “Do you realise what you have done? All this while the coven was holding on to you as the Omicron, whether you are Dave’s mate or not. Now that you have abandoned the coven, it will suck your energy.”

Mali muttered but did not counter her brother.

I left with Erica to enter the coffee shop. Being at six in the morning, we were the first customers. But apparently, the owner of the shop knew Erica.

As we gave our orders, my phone rang.

“You did not throw your phone?” Erica nearly shouted at me after the owner took the orders and left.

“This is,” I said, taking my mobile. “The number only few people have. I threw the phone I used when I was in Summer Coven.”

Erica snorted.

Ignoring her, I picked the call.

“We are here,” Peggy said. “Where are you?”

Erica must have heard it. Taking the phone from me, she said, “We are just an hour away. We stopped for a coffee break.”

Humming, Peggy cut the call.

As per the plan, Peggy, Neil, Zeke and Zyon came to the location Erica gave them with Antlia. Rune told me that Dave had found the address that I was spending my time during the day and said that Dave would definitely go there if I escape alone. Hence, it was necessary to move them too. But Peggy and Neil said that they would move to Summer Pack as soon as they leave Antlia to me. After all, Dave might be the Omicron of Summer Coven, but he could not rule over the members of other packs.


After the light breakfast, I drove and Erica sat in the shotgun and directed me.

I had to admit, this place was beautiful. It was a place, I would have brought Harriet and our daughter. The way the sunlight touched the Witch’s peak took my breath away. While we were not driving towards that mountain ranges, from the road where I was, I could see the peaks of it.

As Erica kept directing, the ranges became nothing but a mere outline of light purplish green. The people who lived at night were retiring and those who lived for the day filled the streets. There was a drastic change in the shops. The bright multicoloured lights were taken down, loud blaring music tuned down and the scent of the mysterious, insidious night was washed away the second the daylight crept up. Instead, the windows were opened, country music took its stage and smell of coffee and fresh-cut flowers wafted in the air.

Around seven, the change was drastic.

When we reached a street, Erica said, “Stop. I will have someone to take the car in.”

I glanced at the street. “Where are we? Your territory?”

“I wish,” Erica said. “In Omicron Riley Garcia’s. Since his coven and my pack are close we share the same territory.”

“That close?” I asked.

Erica smiled. “So close that you will think we are one big family. We weren’t so fifteen years ago. But after what happened to Arnold and Alpha Aspen, we merged into one big community. Even the boundaries are blurred and we all live together.”

With that, the female Gamma got down and opened the metallic door a yard away from us.

I turned back to see my mother wake up slowly and Niran let out a huge yawn. That big baby was still sleeping.

Mali opened the back seat and off, followed by Nox. Rune got off and carried his mate in his arms, in bridal style.

“Let’s go, mom,” I said softly.

Nodding, Kessa and I got off and followed Erica. While the huge building in front of me was white, others weren’t. Perhaps, this building was used for official work. Trees adorned the spaces between buildings and far away, there were a small park and a decent mall. I was aware that the pack and coven here was not named, but at the same time, it had a reasonable population. Not too much, neither too less.

Erica was laughing at something a male said. Next to that male stood two more males and a female.

Seeing us, the female straightened herself and coughed. The dark-haired male with who Erica was laughing with took a step forward and the light-brown haired male gave me a smile. The male vampire who was standing there did nothing but glare at something behind me. More specifically at someone.

“Brother!” Nox said and went to hug that glaring vampire.

“Who’s your brother?” he bit out and tried to back away.

But Nox was successful in giving him a hug. I knew who I was seeing. It was Nox’s half-brother, Riley Garcia. The feared Omicron. Even Rune seemed to have respect for him. That was something.

Erica grinned. “This is my Alpha, Alpha Eric and his mate, Alpha Sam.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said.

“That is Draco,” Erica said, pointing at me. “And his mother. That is Mali, Rune and the one Rune is carrying is Niran.”

Before Riley could say anything, Alpha Eric intervened. “It must have been a long journey. I will ask Sorrel to show you to your rooms. Breakfast will be served, but if you want to sleep in and join for lunch, that is also possible.”

I was grateful to the Alpha. He must have thoroughly thought it through. And this was the first time I was seeing a coven and a pack sharing their territory. There must be a deep friendship between the two if the Omicron and Alpha were standing so close and the Alpha was able to order the female vampire.

The female stepped forward. “I am Sorrel.” she glanced at her Omicron before she said, “I think I will take you guys to the guest house of Alpha Eric.”

Omicron Riley was about to protest, but Sorrel cut her leader with a glare. That female had my respect. It was then I noticed how fidgety Mali was. It was like she wanted to run away at the same time run towards something. To be honest, it was the first time I was seeing her like this.

Sighing, Riley went inside a white building and Nox followed him.

“Excuse me,” Alpha Eric said and followed his friend up.

Alpha Sam then said, “I think you know where your room is, Erica.”

Nodding, she left.

“Thank you, Alpha Sam,” I said as we followed him and Sorrel.

“Just Sam would do,” he said tiredly. Then he gave Rune a smile seeing Niran. “Mate?”

Rune nodded. “Forgive him.”

Sam waved his hand. “I am newly mated too. I understand. He is Niran Chankul, right?”

“You know him?” Rune asked.

Sam chuckled. “Of course. He is very close to Torre. He mentioned him once or twice.”

“You seem to know Torre,” Mali commented casually as if she had not been fretting when she saw Riley.

“I saw him alright,” Sam said. “I met him in the West Pack war.”

“That war,” Rune mumbled. “It was all over the news. Your Alpha won.”

Sam shook his head. “Lyra was. Now, she is mated to a Warrior. She is no longer my Alpha. I took Eric as my Alpha.”

“Lyra,” Mali said. “Such a strong thing.”

Sam laughed as if he knew a secret. “You should have met her.”

“You should have,” Sorrel pipped. “Lyra was amazing! Her shift! Damn it. It was something so beautiful.”

I had heard that she was a female shifter and she had shifted to a dragon. That had made me want to meet her. After all, she had been an unshifted werewolf like me in her pack before she had shifted.

“Where is she now?” I could not help but ask.

Sam shrugged. “I don’t know. The last time I checked, she and Aries went to search for clues in Autumn pack and her sister went over to the Royal lands to check on this.”

“Oh!” Mali said.

“The Warriors,” my mother said. “They are real?”

“Very much,” Sorrel said.

Sam took in a deep breath when we reached the building that had a board that said, ‘guest house’.

“But she will be coming to Summer tribe tomorrow,” Sam said. “If you want to meet her, you can either go there or... if she is free, I can ask her to come here. But she herself will most likely come here in three days.”

“You will do that?” she asked as she came out of the building. “You can call Lyra?”

Sam smiled at the princess. “I can. I bet that Lyra will come to you. You have no idea how much she wanted to meet you once the war was over. But... we got some lead in Autumn Pack and she rushed to go there. She terribly wanted to meet you. When I texted her this morning that you are with me, she wanted to skip her meeting in Summer Tribe to meet you. So... I can say, Lyra will come in three days time. After all, there is something important in Summer Tribe.”

I fake gasped when I saw her. “You miss her and not me?”

Antlia grinned and threw herself on me. “You are my friend, Dray. Never forget that.”

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