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Chapter 12

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I kept staring at the screen. That was all I could do. Now, I understood what Nox was trying to tell. No wonder Lyra had also scolded Silver for it. It was not Nox or Lyra who would suffer, it would be them.

Seconds blended to minutes. Aiko was no longer conscious. She just fell on Silver hoping ze would take care of her. After all, ze was her mate. She must have been so starved to even scent that her mate was no longer hers. That Silver was already Marked.

Was it the shock of seeing zirs mate or was it the shock of seeing her like that made Silver freeze?

“You have to leave,” I said. “You have less time.”

Gathering zirs wits back, ze raced out of the prison. Right to the room where the guards were waiting. I groaned. What was wrong with the Theta now?

Before I could do something, Silver screamed, “Nox!”

That star came in a blinding flash and got them both out. While the guards were looking at each other in confusion, they slowly resumed their work assuming that it had all been an illusion. I took the headphone from my ears and shut my laptop down.

What the hell just happened?

“Nox?” he asked. “He went to the rescue?”

I nodded and then gasped at him. “Silver! Ze... Marked Mina but now-”

“-ze met zirs mate,” he finished.

I nodded again. “That’s-”

“Aries did tell me that Lyra warned them about this,” Taurus said. “But it’s their life, Draco. We can’t step in it.”

I frowned. “I was never going to step in. I am just worried about Aiko.”

Taurus gently shook his head. “Their problem. They will solve it among themselves.”

“I guess so,” I mumbled.

Seeing the amount of food we had, I felt guilty and I fished my wallet. But before I could take my card out, Taurus went to the cashier and flashed a polite smile at the girl there. Without missing a beat, he paid for everything, including the coffee that I had ordered and never had.

Then as if he accomplished something, he came back and sat where he had been previously sitting.

“What in the Moon’s lair did you just do?” I asked.

That self-satisfied smile broke into confusion. “I... I paid the bill?”

“You are telling me or asking me?” I huffed, packing my things.

“I paid it,” he said smugly.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. “I hope you know there’s a concept. It’s called sharing.”

“I know,” he said with a frown on his face. “I shared the food we ordered.”

I groaned. “I was talking about the payment.”

“Payment,” he said. Then his eyes shined. “Payment for this... dinner?”

I glanced at the time on the clock and saw that it was indeed the time for dinner.

I nodded. “Yes!”

“You know,” he laughed quietly. “How many would actually kill to be in your place? How many females had prayed that I would take them out? Be glad that you are the only one.”

I nearly panicked. Why did no one tell me that I was out on a date with the hottest male I had ever set my eyes on? I would have put on better clothes. At least, combed my hair. But look at me. I was in my dishevelled blue shirt and a tousled hair - courtesy of running my fingers through them too frequently. My rings were still on my fingers, but I was missing one.

And since when was I the one to be submissive? I had gone on two dates three years after my mate died. Lawan and Wirat had forced me to go. Both had been a huge disaster for me.

In the first date, the female had been too shallow, ignorant of my feeling. The second was with a male who just wanted to get laid. As if that was all to dating ever. But did I let that male dominate me? Never. The second he saw me, he was the one spluttering and blushing. After those two tragic events, I had sworn off dating.

But this. Whatever tonight was, I was actually looking forward to another. Was this how dating should feel like? I would never know. While the pain of losing Harriet was still there, I actually enjoyed the night. For the first time, I no longer felt like I was cheating on Harriet.

When had this change come? What I had for him was pure lust and desire or was it something more?

“There might be many,” I said. “But I don’t care. It’s me and I don’t like the way you just got up and paid.”

“You don’t?” he asked in an amused tone.

“I don’t,” I affirmed. “Next time, I will be the one to pay.”

He slowly blinked at me. His lips parted and those silver eyes, By Amaris, it would be the death of me. He stared at me intently with those eyes. How could I escape his gaze?

“Next time?” he asked.

“Why not?” I shrugged. “I mean if you did not like this-”

He laughed. “Did not like this? Just text me the date and time. I will be there.”

“That’s good,” I said and waved at Tara before I left.

Taurus followed me, but he hummed a song and kept his hands in his pockets. The air between us was quite amiable. That actually scared me more than it should have.

What if these feeling were just from me? What if he was not into males? What if I was reading everything wrong?

As we walked, two familiar voices came from the bench behind a bush.

“-are the one stalking me!” she exclaimed.

“I am?” he asked in an offended tone. “You are in my coven lands, Mali. You are no longer the Omicron female of Summer coven.”

“I am aware of that, Riley!” Mali snapped. “I am. But as a female, you are not giving me my privacy.”

“I just walked past here, on my way to my Zeta’s place.” he defended. “I thought I heard someone crying and came to help them!”

“Someone is crying and you will come to help them? Are you even hearing yourself, Riley?” she asked.

“What is wrong in what I said?” he asked.

I glanced at Taurus who gave me nothing but a smile of mischievousness.

What was he up to?

“Omicron Riley?” he called in a strong voice.

I frowned at the warrior.

His voice paused whatever Mali was going to fire at the vampire. There was a slight shuffle and then two vampires emerged from the bushes. Mali may have been skittish around Riley or may act like she despised his presence, but her body was the most relaxed I had ever seen in ages. And Riley’s face had a shine though his lips were curled in contempt.

Was I reading it all wrong?

As soon as the Omicron saw Taurus, Riley nearly spluttered. “S-second Warrior!”

Taurus just smiled. “Omicron Riley. I came to your territory unannounced and I just thought that I should inform you.”

Mali’s eyes widened as her gaze flickered to mine and then back at the Warrior before she bowed. “Second Warrior.”

I nearly frowned. What could she be thinking about?

Riley composed himself. “It would be a pleasure to host you, Second Warrior. I will get the things done.”

Taurus waved his hands. “Honestly, I came here for Antlia. Just inform your rankers. We don’t want anyone feeling suspicious about a male with silver eyes, do we?”

Riley nodded. “I will make sure. But, are you sure-”

“You are Rigel’s son, aren’t you?” Taurus cut him. “Nox’s half-brother.”

Riley slowly nodded. “Yes. I am.”

“Rigel?” I asked. “Who is that?”

“In the province under Orion,” Taurus said. “Rigel is the navigator. There is no place on the universe that is hidden from him. One might say he is Cathan himself, had Rigel not been a star.”

Riley narrowed his eyes. “Cathan was one of the best at navigating space. There was no one who could beat him. My father, he is not Cathan.”

Taurus chuckled. “You don’t know who Cathan is, do you, my dear?”

Mali was looking at me as if I had all the explanation she wanted. As if I knew. But somehow when they were talking about this Cathan, I knew he was not a star. Something told me that I had met this Rigel somewhere.

Riley shook his head. “No. Rigel never told me. Nox neither.”

“You were there in the battle against the West Pack, right?” he asked.

Riley nodded. “I was there.”

“You know what Lyra is then,” Taurus said.

“Cathan is a pulsar?” I asked.

I was not able to control the words that just spewed out my mouth. They just came as if they were muscle memory than cognitive memory. I didn’t even know who this Cathan is much less know what a pulsar was.

Three identical frowning eyes fell on me when I cleared my throat. “I am sorry. I did not know what I was saying.”

“What was that?” Mali asked.

“How do you know?” the Omicron asked.

But my companion said nothing but gave me a curious look.

“I swear I don’t know what I am talking about,” I said again.

It was Taurus who saved me. “Yes. Cathan was a pulsar. One of the very best at navigation. After him, there are only few who are worth mentioning and your father, Riley is one of them.”

Riley gave the warrior a smile. “He sure is.”

“You sure that the traits were not passed on to you or your brother?” he asked.

Riley shook his head. “Definitely not me. If Nox had shown potential, Rigel would have taken him under his wing and never let him out of his sight.”

Taurus nodded. “It’s just that, something tells me otherwise.”

“Well,” Taurus said and he placed a hand over my shoulders. “If that is all.”

I stumbled as he guided me out. That phrase ‘heart was beating in my throat’ was so true in my case now. By Amaris, I did not know what was happening to my body. But all the confusion was wiped out the second his scent silently rolled on my skin. But that panic was deep embedded in my body.

I could feel it replacing the anxiety my body had and gently coaxing me to relax. I could not even fight it. It was soothing my soul and I let it consume me. How could I say no to this?

He did not take his hands off me and as much as I liked it, my heart was thudding in my chest. While his scent was soothing me in one way, his touch was not helping it. I tried my best to think that this was Taurus and not Lana, but fear was irrational and I could not help but slowly take his hands off me.

There was not much distance between us, but there was a thin gap between. It was enough. I took in a deep breath. I had gone to counselling and it had been helping me. I had discontinued it five months earlier. I had to go for another check-up again.

“Where is Antlia?” he asked, his voice dangerously close to my ears. How I controlled my body would be beyond me.

“S-she said she was going to play volleyball,” I said.

He hummed. “Lead the way, hitman.”

And so I led us to the playground.

The night in this place was truly a destination spot. It was like a world of their own when they lit the fairy lights woven around the trees and the shops. Instead of LED lights flickering in the lamp posts, they had soft orange lights that resembled fire. Spices and perfumes filled the air along with the music of laughter.

There was another race that I saw here more and they were humans. Had there been a tribe, I was sure that all the races would be here in harmony. No one judged anyone based on their race and if anything, they all hung out together.

The playground still had its players who were playing volleyball. Sweat and dirt coated the air and some people were standing around the ground and were cheering for the players. One group wore red shirts and the other yellow.

I was the one leading the way and people parted the way for me without even looking at me. This was what I commanded. As much as this power terrified me, I revelled in it sometimes. Especially when I was trying to impress the male behind me that I could be dangerous.

We stood on the frontlines when the red team gained a score.

“Who do you think will win?” Taurus asked.

I glanced at the scoreboard and then at the players. The yellow team was leading by two points and the red was trying to catch up slowly.

“What’s the bet?” I asked.

Taurus shrugged. “If I win, you owe me a favour. If you win, I owe you one.”

I looked again carefully. While the yellow team had all that buff players one would expect to win, the red had fairly lean players. I was trying to find one, just one familiar face.

“And you are allowing me to choose first?” I asked, trying to find that girl.

“Yes,” he said. “I thought that would be fair since I just visited their minds and I know who would win.”

“Say what?” I gaped at him. “Visited their minds and-”

“Calm down, Draco,” he said. “Just place your bets.”

I snorted. So much for trying before him. I saw again and I saw that in spite of the service being good on the yellow team, the red defended terrifically. Their players were even more coordinated than the other team.

“I place my bet on the red team,” I said.

It was then I saw two familiar faces on the red team. Sorrel was shouting at someone as she took the ball. She served and the other team could not defend it and just like that the two teams were at tie again. The other was Zeke who had his dye running thin, exposing his blond hair for everyone.

“You choose well,” Taurus said. “Alas, I have to pray for the yellow to win.”

The other team had three faces that I knew. Erica was all energised and was eyeing the ball like a hawk while Niran was winking cheekily at his mate who was standing on the sidelines. Seeing that, Rune rolled his eyes and he continued his conversation with Alpha Sam who stood next to him.

The last was the princess who was glaring at Sorrel.

I chuckled. Antlia could just win by her glare. But instead of fearing that, Sorrel stuck her tongue out and went back to her service place. Zeke gave a wink to which Erica rolled her eyes.

The game continued and people screamed when she served again.

This was entirely different and I was loving every second of it. I had never felt more alive than I had in the last hour. I screamed with the crowd when Sorrel scored another point for her team and Erica just flicked her middle finger at her.

As much they wanted to win, this was, after all, a friendly game.

When Sorrel served the fourth time, Niran hit the ball and Antlia struck it to the other side. Zeke smashed the ball Erica gave an answer to that.

The ball finally touched the ground and the red team scored another point. In my excitement, I failed to see what my free hand had done. Traitorous hand. My left hand was holding my bag having my laptop, its charger, pen drives, memory cards, card readers and my laptop cooling pad. My other hand. The right hand was literally holding on to the male’s hand next to me.

The only thing it did not do was to interlock the fingers. To my surprise, he never took his hand out of mine or did he hold mine. It was just there. His face, on the other hand, was glancing at what Antlia was doing. My thoughts began to race. He had not touched me, I had.

Just as I was about to take my hand from his, the ball was about to hit Antlia. As much as she dodged it, Taurus’ hand clenched. I gently caressed his palm and he did calm down. This was just a small game. Was he terrified? No, he was worried like how a parent would be.

I chuckled. That princess had the Warrior wrapped around her pinky finger.

Much to my surprise, the red team won and Sorrel grabbed a male next to her and kissed him. I blinked. Neither wore a mark, so I knew both were not Mates. The players congratulated each other and then they dispersed.

Antlia then removed her yellow top and gave it to a female there with a smile. When she turned, there was not an inch of sweetness in her. If a glare could kill, the one next to me would be already dead.

The furious princess marched towards us. Her eyes went over both of us and I just took my hand off him before she could see it. But the way her lips turned in the corner, I knew she saw it.

Then, ignoring me, she glared at the Warrior who blinked at her as if he had never done anything wrong.

“You.” She pointed her finger at him. “You better give me an explanation.”

He folded his arms. “For what?”

“For coming so late!” she exclaimed.

His shoulders dropped and his arms hung by his side. “What?”


Behind the princess, the familiar vampire dragged his groaning mate towards us.

“Where are you taking me, Niran?” Rune asked.

Standing before us, Niran raised his hand to Taurus. He saw the raised hand and then at the beaming vampire.

Slowly he hit the hand then shook his head at Rune. “Niran’s your mate?”

Rune slowly nodded. “He is. And you are?”

“He is Torre,” Niran grinned.

Rune blinked. “The businessman?”

Taurus then glanced at the two family members. “Did you tell him, Niran?”

The vampire saw them both and then shook their head. “I did not. He just woke up an hour ago and she was warming up for the match.”

“Who?” Antlia asked, giving Niran a confused look.

“Settle them, Niran,” Taurus said. “I will speak with this little one here and then talk to them both. Draco, will you-”

“On it,” I said, pulling Niran and Rune with me.

After Rune was sure we were out of Taurus’ hearing distance, he literally freaked out. “That is Torre! What is he doing here?”

I shrugged. “That girl wanted to meet him. So when I was talking to him, I asked him to come over.”

Rune was exasperating. “You called and he just came over?”

I knew how it sounded. To not wanting to make the matters worse, I just nodded.

As the crowd disappeared, Erica came towards us pulling Zeke. “Oh! By Amaris! Did you see who is here? Torre! He is here.”

Niran just pursed his lips. “You know, I work for him.”

“Duh!” Erica rolled her eyes. “But are you him? No, so you won’t get the special treatment.”

“Hey!” Zeke interrupted. “I met Torre once!”

“I was there, Zekey,” Antlia said, her voice sugary. “I saw how you avoided him.”

Zeke glared at the princess, but kept his mouth shut.

“Yeah,” Rune said absent-mindedly to me. “If you call him, would he come over? One call from Draco, he is here.” Then he looked at me as if he was seeing me for the first time. “What spell did you put over him?”

“What?” Erica screeched.

I grunted. “Black magic. Happy?”

“So?” Mali’s voice cut whatever Niran was about to say. “That’s Torre?”

I turned around to see Mali, Riley and Sorrel walking towards us. “What is wrong with everyone here? Why are you all obsessed with him?”

For that, I just got five blank stares and one laugh. The night was going great.


The omicron pulled us over to the dinner table where everyone sat. I took my place next to Niran and Erica. Mali simply sat next to Riley and since the Omicron did not tell anything, I knew it would be alright. Rune was sitting next to his mate and the male Sorrel brought.

That male was her boyfriend, Brody Shay. Zyon grumbled something to which Zeke grinned.

Alpha Eric and his mate came with Taurus and Antlia. Her face was taut like she heard something she did not like, but this was Antlia. And no one could tell what she was truly feeling.

“Eric?” Riley called. “Joining for dinner?”

Eric nodded and took a seat next to Erica. Sam followed but Taurus came over and pulled a chair between Niran and I. Antlia sat next to Sorrel.

“Second Warrior?” Riley asked. “You want dinner?”

“Nah!” he said. “I just had mine.”

“S-second warrior?” Rune yelped. “Y-you are a warrior?”

Taurus nodded slowly. “I am.”

“What?” Erica cried. “You could have given me some warning, Eric.”

The Alpha just grinned at her. “Sorry.”

Rune turned to his sister. “You knew?”

Mali shook her head. “I just came to know this now. Like half an hour ago when I was talking with Omicron Gracia.” Then her sharp eyes fell on me. “Apparently, Draco knew it before us.”

All their eyes fell on me and I could see that little bastard grinning ear-to-ear. “Niran knew too. Why are you not asking him?”

That vampire shook his head. “Hey! I work for him. Hence, I know.”

I was going to kill him. This was the best part of being an assassin. You knew how to kill and how to hide the body which came handy in situations like these. A useful skill, actually.

“I know too,” Zyon said in a bored voice. “Is it much big deal?”

Taurus eyed the male intently before he nodded his head. “Zyon.”

“Taurus,” Zyon said directly looking in his eyes. Unlike many who had spluttered and shivered under this Warrior’s presence, Zyon was pretty calm, like he was one of them.

Zeke blinked. “You too, dude? Betrayed by my own brother!”

“Stop it, Zeke,” Zyon said in a bored tone. “You were that night when Taurus came to drop Antlia with us.”

Zeke huffed and folded his arms like a child. “Can’t I act a little?”

“You,” Erica said, pointing her finger at Zeke. “I will come to you later. Let us, Draco, how you know him.”

“Yes,” Antlia said, biting her lips as she propped her chin on her palm. “Tell us.”

She knew Taurus trusted me enough to allow her to stay with me. What she did not know was how Taurus and I met.

What was wrong with these people? What was so interesting about this? I just happened to know a Warrior. That was all.

“I... I saved his life?” I began. “That’s how I know?”

While they just blinked at me, Antlia coughed. “Saved? Can you elaborate?”

Taurus swept a glance over them and they all closed their mouths. Even Antlia, which surprised me.

“Draco,” Taurus said, momentarily looking into my eyes. “Draco took a bullet that was meant for me. He saved my life.”

Mali blinked. “But, but Draco, you... Dave sent you to kill him, right?”

I nodded. “Taurus found that I was hiding and he was about to kill me when someone else came in. That boy took a gun and shot a bullet at him-”

“-which Draco took for Taurus here,” Niran said in a voice filled with awe. “Then...” he paused for a dramatic effect, which he got. “Then, Draco was losing his life force and Taurus just could not see the one who saved him die. So, he pleaded to the Cosmos above, screaming at death-”

“I did no such thing!” Taurus exclaimed. “Stop exaggerating!”

“-to give Draco his life back,” Niran continued, ignoring the Warrior conveniently. “Then seeing that it was not going to happen, he came forwards and gave Draco his energy! His own core energy! Trust me when I say that he had never done this before. I confirmed it with Fia and others and even they said that was the first time Taurus was doing this.”

“Niran!” Taurus warned.

“Keep going, Niran,” Antlia said with a huge grin on her face, which was not good. “I am loving this. Then what happened?”

“Then,” I pressed, cutting Niran who was pouting. “I was saved and I was allowed to go home.”

“There are two kinds of people,” Sam commented.

“Not fair!” Erica cried. “Allow Niran to finish. He is much better in the art of storytelling than you ever will be Draco.”

“There are three,” Eric said.

Taurus glared at his subordinate before he grunted. “The reason I came here.”

“Is not for me?” Antlia asked, blinking her eyes.

“Is because I have to tell you all something important.”

“That you swing on both sides? That you-” Niran was cut off by a punch to his sides by the Warrior.

“Antlia,” Taurus said. “Meet Rune Bidaya, your uncle.”

While Antlia’s face went from smiles to shock, Rune just blanched.

“Great!” Riley groaned. “Get me another fucking bottle. This one beer will not do for me for the night.”

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