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Chapter 1

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The gun clicked as I placed the weapon on my shoulder and looked through the lens. The night protected me like it always did, shrouding me with its shadow. Despite the moon shining bright out, no one could spot me.

It was not arrogance that ran through me. It was confidence. How many times had I aimed my gun at my targets at nights like these?

Too many. Far too many that I gave up counting them. While I did forget many of my targets, I would never forget the first. That night was tattooed in my memory.

I could still recall with precise clarity of the pale, wrinkled skin, the red lips that turned pale blue and that hollowness in the eyes that had always been lovely. The first person I had killed was a female who escaped Summer Coven’s Omicron. She had been his sex-slave and when she found that she was pregnant, she escaped.

The warlock came out of the cabin just as I had predicted. Smirking to myself, I exhaled and fired the gun. It recoiled with a velocity that would have dislocated my arm if I did not have enough practice. The silencer that I had invested was totally worth it.

The warlock did not hear a thing and he just hit the ground with a soft thud. A bullet through his head.

Had this been a normal bullet, his magic would have protected him. But I used the bullets that could penetrate through any kind of barrier.

I glanced at the window of the cabin. Within thirty seconds, this dead warlock’s friends would come out and try to track the killer. I had to escape within that span of time.

I sighed and began packing my gun into the bag. I had escaped in much less time, that these thirty seconds were a luxury to me. Just as the screams of a werewolf tore the silence of the town, I opened the door to the terrace and began to walk down.

My watch beeped and I pressed a button to quieten it as I took my phone out and sent a text message to the witch who hired me to kill that warlock.

I would not ask who my employer was and who my target was. The less the connection, easier for me to kill.

Forest view street, I typed. Walter Rossi dead.

With that, I threw the one time use phone in the trash that was placed on the third floor of this motel and removed my gloves and pocketed it.

Bling from my mobile told me that the transaction was complete and I had an extra 100,000 nyota in my account. As I walked down, loud blaring noise echoed from a room on the first floor that must have dulled that werewolf’s scream

I shook my head and came to the ground floor where the receptionist gave me a long hard stare.

“Who are you?” she asked, tapping her cigarette on the ash-tray.

I gave her my charismatic smile and pointed to the symbol my bag had that was slung across my shoulder. “Mattie had called me saying the dish was down. Came to check the connection.”

She nodded. “Is the television working again?”

I shrugged. “I check the problems with the antenna, not the television. From what I saw, the dish was perfectly fine. Call the maintenance for the television.”

“Ah!” she exclaimed. “I will let Mattie know that.”

“Good night,” I smiled at her as I made my way out of the motel.

My motorbike was waiting for me faithfully where I had left it. Taking the keys from my pocket, I ignited it.

I took in a deep breath as I wore my helmet. How long would I have this transient freedom? How long till I go back to the Summer Coven?

Just thinking about that coven was enough to make me retch. Did that coven have vampires? They had monsters. Only the Epsilon and the Thetas of that coven gave me some considerations. The epsilon was the one who took care of my mother when I was away.

Shaking my head, I revved up the engine and drove with all I could into the inky, unknown night.


“Again?” the bouncer asked when he saw me. “Thought you told us that you won’t be back for another month.”

I shrugged and pulled the zipper of my leather jacket down. “Thought so too. But Omicron gave me a task tonight. Since the site was near, I thought, why not check-in?”

Zeke grinned at me, his blue eyes matching his bye hair. This boy surely loved his contacts and his dyes.

“Wait for me?” he said. “My shift ends in another half-an-hour. I want to hear it all from you.”

“Whatever, man,” I muttered as I went in.

The disco lights were bright enough to blind me. The smell of alcohol, sweat and sex was mixed with lies, fake promises and betrayals.

Had I been a male of my past, I would not even dare to step into such a place. What more? I would have not even taken such a career. I had been a computer-wiz back in my days and I would have been working at some company developing an app or something. Not use my skills to crash a defence system or hack into some high-profile companies.

Life sure has its own ways to fuck you up.

Peggy saw me and she rolled her eyes at me. Her black hair was messy but knowing her, she could have taken hours to get that hairstyle. Not to mention that dark ink beneath her eyes. While I had to admit that it did bring her brown eyes out, that eyeliner made her look like a racoon. Who in Moon’s Realm wore that much mascara? Her sister had once told me that Peggy used one eyeliner for every two days.

What that girl saw in that colour stick, I would never know.

Next to Peggy stood her mate who was a burly male with a friendly smile. Neil was an amazing barista and there would be no question why the Alpha of Summer Pack appointed Neil here.

I made my way to the counter, past the females and a few males who decided I was up to game tonight. If only they knew what my bag had.

I knew what a sight I must be. That motorcycle rider with dark leather pants and a leather jacket worn over a white shirt. A silver chain was hung over my neck and my finger had colour bands taped to them with three silver rings. My hair that was dark enough for people to mistake it for the night, did not help my image especially when it fell over my forehead.

I really could not understand why the females thought these were attractive? Why did they crave the adventure of a wild night when they could be safe? Why were they drawn to the silent mystery?

But thankfully none dared to touch me. Touch repulsed me. Perhaps it has something to do with Lana, but it did. While touch soothed the nightmares of many, it brought me nightmares.

“Peggy!” I greeted the female.

“Draco!” she admonished. “What are you doing here?”

“Let the boy be, Peg,” Neil commented as he took a glass. “He must have had a mission tonight.”

I smiled gratefully at him. Neil was a male I knew I could count on. That was like a power he had. He could just tell stuff.

He then put two ice cubes in the glass and poured the right amount of beer in it before handing it to me.

“So?” Neil drawled. “What’s wrong? You may feel down after a mission, but it is never enough for you to come to a bar for a beer. What’s up?”

I gulped the contents. If only this alcohol could burn my memories as it burnt my throat.

“Neil,” Peggy called, giving him a glare. “Go serve others.”

I gave that female a thankful glance. While Neil may find what was wrong, he just did not know when to stop. Peggy was perfect when it came to that.

“Thanks, Peggy,” I mumbled.

“Leave it!” Peggy said, reading my face. “How is Kessa?”

I closed my eyes. The last image I had before I left for my mission was the Omicron dragging my mother to his chambers.

Peggy must have noticed my wince for she cleared her throat. “Where’s that idiot?”

I managed a smile at her. “Zyon?”

She scrunched her nose. “Yes. He is supposed to be here. Sleeping away again, I bet.”

I shook my head when a hand patted my shoulder and the person sat next to me. “Came!”

I suppressed my shudder. These people did not know and I wished to keep it that way. The Summer Pack was more of my family than Summer Coven would ever be.

Zeke gave that childish smile with dimples at the hard female. Peggy shook her head and left us alone.

“So,” he dragged. “What brings the mighty Draco Stykes to Summer Pack?”

I closed my eyes and gave him a long look. “Did... did you look into what I asked you?”

Zeke’s smile vanished and a frown took its residence on his face. “I did. Allen is safe... for now.”

I sighed deeply. Zeke and Zyon were the only ones outside Summer Coven who knew about Allen. Others never knew Allen’s existence.

With that question, I filled that blue-haired bouncer with what had happened that night. The warlock had been a security guard at the shipping dock and he saw the cargo to Summer Coven that he should not have seen.

Taking the last swing of my beer, I was about to leave when that familiar presence came up behind me.

His hair was dark as coal and his mismatched eyes never failed to a stun me to this date. That crimson and Azure looked purple under the dancing lights in the otherwise dim-lit room.

“Leaving without meeting me?” He asked, letting out a yawn.

I could just shake my head at him. Zyon was male referred here by Winter Coven’s Omicron. That was the reason why he even got a job here.

Or the only reason he was here without working and still having a residence.

“Peggy said you were sleeping,” I reasoned.

Zyon snorted. “If I play my video games in my room, it is equivalent to sleeping for Peggy.”

I chuckled. “That’s because you have slept playing games a lot of times.”

He huffed and sat next to Zeke. Upon seeing him, Neil came up.

“Good. Go take your job,” the barista said.

“What?” Zyon moaned. “I just came down.”

“Your shift began fifteen minutes ago,” Zeke said. “Tony is watching for you.”

Grumbling, Zyon got up and walked towards the door. Waving my hands at the three people, I left the club to catch up with Zyon. After all, he was the one who sent me a message to meet him tonight.

“Draco!” Zyon called when I was about to start my bike. “Wait!”

I raised my eyebrows at him.

“Your next mission,” he began.

“What about it?” I asked.

Zyon shook his head. “I can literally see all your missions, Draco. You survive at the end of them all. That’s why I leave you be. But the next one, your future is blank to me.”

I simply stared at him. He saw how each mission ended each time?

“What?” I croaked.

Zyon nodded. “I can see the near future of the people close to me. And I do see yours frequently cause you are always in the line of dying.”

Yes, that was exactly what I wanted to hear.

I cleared my throat. “So... you allow me to go on these missions only because I survive in your visions?”

Zyon nodded like a kid. “Yep. That’s the only reason why.”

“But you are telling me that my future is unpredictable from my next mission onwards?” I asked.

He nodded again. “True. That’s why I am trying to stop you.”

I snorted. “You know when Omicron Dave will let me go free. And you and I both know that it is not going to happen soon.”

My friend then muttered, “Why did you have to promise Sean?”

I started my bike. “Sean was my friend. If not him, I would not be alive. I owe him everything. There was... is no reason that I have to betray his son.”

Zyon inhaled. “But his daughter is rotting in the coven’s dungeon. That’s fine?”

I looked away. I did not have an answer for that. Even the one in the dungeon knew this and wanted to keep it that way to save her brother. But I did hope that I could save that family. I knew what it was to see your family die before your eyes. I would never put that pair of siblings through that pain.

Answering Zyon with silence, I left for my coven, hoping my mother would be free and was waiting for me with the tomato soup that I loved the best.


As I parked my bike, I reinforced a lesson I learnt when Omicron Dave took me and my mother. Life was never fair and would never be.

Epsilon greeted me when I was about to enter the building that housed the ranking member’s office. Rune gave me a curt nod before he neared me.

“Draco,” he muttered, keeping his hands in his pockets.

His brown eyes that had the shade of the chocolate a child would be seen running with held anxiety. His jet black hair that he usually kept in place was all messy and strewn over his face. As much as the male was strongly built, his features were soft as a rose petal. And his dark skin that did say to everyone that he was from Summer coven, appeared pale.

“Did you even feed?” I asked him.

Rune shook his head. “Does not matter. You know how Dave is on these days. Especially when he goes down to meet Aiko.”

I knew how Dave was on these days. He needed at least four females to satisfy his lust and chain him. His words, not mine. He visited the prisoners every six-months and it was a period everyone in the coven dreaded. It was like he caught a rabid infection after going into prison.

“Did-” I began, searching his face for an answer.

But all I saw was exhaustion. “No, Aiko was resilient as ever. I honestly don’t know how she is holding up without feeding for six-months.”

I gasped. As much I was an unshifted werewolf, I have seen what lack of blood does to these vampires. It was quite similar to a werewolf for going days without shifting.

“Six-months?” I exclaimed.

Rune nodded. “Six. You heard me right. When Dave saw that she was alive, he lost it. He nearly killed Jenna.”

I got off my bike and slung the bag on my shoulder. “My mother-”

“-Kessa is fine,” Rune assured me, raising his hands to pat my shoulder. But then he must have remembered how specific to touch I was.

“Rune,” I said, running my fingers through my hair. “What about the thing I asked you last month? Will it be possible?”

He inhaled sharply. “After seeing Aiko, even if it is not possible, I have to make it possible.”


A glare from him cut me down.

I could only restrain myself. Any action now would prove fatal to my mother.

“I will report,” I mumbled to Rune.

The Epsilon took a step forward like he wanted to hug me but still gave me space. I had the choice to decide but was I comfortable to hug him. I moved an inch towards him, close enough to feel his warmth and breath his citrus scent, but still maintained my distance.

Understanding flashed in his face before he moved farther away. “Dave is in his office with Zoya. I linked her, she will make your conversation smoother.”

I smiled gratefully at him. “Thanks, dude.”

He shrugged. “No problem. Zoya knows what happening unlike the rest of the coven members. She is your mother’s friend. She will help.′

With that, Rune left the building, whistling a soft melody. I wished I was brave enough to break the nightmares that threatened me to give Rune a chance, but it was nowhere possible. Rune had a mate somewhere out and mine was dead. Killed before me. How selfish could I be to wish that he was my mate?

The glassy moonlight kissed his form as the shadows of the night, gripped his in their strong arms and hid them from the world outside. As much as he was tall, he looked like a defeated male. This transient feeling I had for him would pass and I just hoped that we could remain friends after this.

Sighing, I pressed my thumb against the biometrics and the main door opened for me. Masking my fear, I took the stairs. Perhaps I could blame the racing of my heart was due to the fact that I was climbing stairs and was not due to the fear of meeting Lana. Her perfume was saturated in this building. I could even face Dave, but never Lana.

When I reached the fourth floor, I scented three scents. Dave, Lana and as Rune promised Zoya.

Through the glass of his office, I could see Dave feeding from Zoya as Lana was reading a newspaper. I knocked on the door and waited behind it.

Seconds passed before a loud growl was heard and a gasp echoed. No... Zoya had not felt pleasure when Dave fed on her. He was a bastard who knew just to inflict pain. Usually, when vampires were taking blood, they tried to give the blood-donors pleasure and some went as far as giving them the experience of sex.

“Who is it?” Dave snarled.

“Me, Draco,” I answered, trying to calm my heart down.

How I wished I remained a kid waiting for my mother to set dinner.

“You,” he sneered. “Come in.”

I unlocked the door with my fingerprint and iris scan and entered the office.

Lana smirked at me. She was an example of someone dripping with seduction. Her bright red lips, lush bronze mane and that curvy body. Had I not known what she was capable of, I would be worshipping her.

I knew that power she possessed and I was terrified of it. Lana knew that and enjoyed, revelled in my fear.

“Did you get the job done?” Dave asked.

Zoya shut her eyes and inhaled sharply. I could hear the fast pace of her heart and the irregular breaths. Her fangs were out and from the way it refused to go back in, I knew she was hungry too. But Dave would not let her have any blood soon.

“Yes,” I said, clutching the straps of the bag.

Dave then leant forward and took his glass of rum. Smelling the alcohol, he emptied the contents in one go.

“Aiko is alive,” Dave commented.

I knew what he wanted. One reaction from me would put my life and my mother’s on line.

“Is she now?” I asked, trying to control the flight or fight reaction of my body. I had to be calm now, not react.

“She is,” Dave said softly. “Surprising, isn’t it? For a young female of her age, she does control her thirst for this long. How long is it again, Lana?”

“Six months,” Lana answered. “She survived only on water and gruel.”

I resisted the urge to clench my fist. Only if I had some power like these vampires. I would be able to save my mother and Aiko and go to the Summer pack. But I was a werewolf who had not yet shifted. Even among the werewolf, I was considered weak. Considered. While it was true that i could not shift to another form, I was damn strong in my human skin and could beat the shit out of anyone.

“Oh!” I said. “Very strong of her.”

Dave smirked and I realised my mistake. “Strong of her?”

Before I could defend, he glanced behind me at my personal tormentor. When her hands touched my shoulders, I knew I was done for the day.

Zoya tried to calm Dave down by running her hands over his chest, but that omicron kept leering at me.

Lana then pushed the bag from my shoulder and pushed me onto a chair. Biting her lips, she smiled at me. Lana could control the muscles in the body. Although she could control one person at a time, her powers were quite lethal.

Seeing that familiar grin, I felt my heart drop. My torture was about to begin.


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