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Chapter 15.1

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Thuban took in a deep breath. Some warriors were stationed outside his castle. He mentally snorted. As if the male inside needed any protection. Polaris was the Northern star. The one who everyone looked up to. Even Cosmos was wary of him, for he had power over her. After all, he was not simply titled the kingmaker.

A star came to him. “He will see you.”

Sending a wave of agreement, he followed that star in his energy form. It was just a ball of white light, but anyone could find out who he was. Each star had their own unique waves around them.

When he reached the hall, he saw Polaris sitting next to his consort, Lady Seren. No one trifled with this female. Not because she was Polaris’ consort, but because she was Moon’s sister and had powers of her own that could destroy anything in her way. Both were intently looking at their daughter and her soul-bound.

“You say,” Seren began. “Megrez let Kage go?”

He knew who the two were. They were infamous. While one was sent to guard Luna the other was a commander in the army. Although Polaris’ daughter, Alioth was born to his previous consort, Seren treated her like her own.

Two thousand years ago when Alioth’s mother, Ursa died, Alioth lost it and went on a rampage, resulting her to be imprisoned in the Dungeon, a place like Kelp Confusion which was meant to hold prisoners and connect different parts of the universe. Thuban had heard that Alioth had been released, but be had not been sure. But the proof was right before his eyes now.

“Yes,” Alioth said. “She let him go. Though I don’t know what possessed her to do so.”

“Perhaps,” Seren mused. “Kage is Dubhe’s son. Could it be that she did not want to kill her nephew?”

“Impossible,” Saiph, Alioth’s Soul-Bound said. “If she did not want to, she could have asked Aries or Taurus. Even I was there. She just let him go.”

Seren then glanced at her consort. “Polaris, now it has come to this. Is there any fate favourable to Dubhe?”

It was not a secret that Seren favoured Dubhe out of all the four. Though Dubhe was not her energy and vibrations like Megrez who was her child, she still treated Dubhe as her own.

Polaris sighed. “Up until now, nothing. But there are chances for it to change.”

Then he looked at him. “What brings you here, Thuban?”

He then morphed to his human form and bowed to the four. “I came here to report something from Kelp Confusion.”

That did bring the attention of all the four to him.

“Speak,” Polaris said. “What happened?”

He took in a breath, he did not need. “Elta... Eltanin moved, my lord.”

Seren stood up immediately. “What do you mean?”

Thuban looked at the four nervously. “Eltanin was put to eternal sleep by the second Warrior. That was the only way to preserve her soul after the battle we had when the binds fell. I thought it would take a million years before she showed any activity, but she moved. Her fingers moved and she began to emit vibrations.”

“Impossible,” Alioth muttered. “I was there at the battle. I saw how badly she was wounded. She took the poison to save the entire legion. There is no way she could survive even eternal sleep.”

“That’s why I came to report to you, my lord,” he said. “I did not know what to do.”

Saiph frowned. “Aren’t you her Soul-bound?”

Thuban looked at the pristine, crystalline floor. “I wish I was.”

Polaris frowned as if he was in deep contemplation. “Alioth and Sapih. Go with him and check the Kelp Confusion.”

Alioth blinked. “I am no navigator, father.”

Thuban bowed. “I am not a navigator. But living in the Kelp Confusion, I know how to navigate through it.”

“We will go then,” Alioth said.


The Kelp confusion was a place that rarely got any visitors. Hence, the kelp that grew here was hostile to new people. Just when Alioth was about to enter, it sent a tendril as it to warn her. Alioth snarled and cut it out. Thuban sent his vibration to the Kelps. After recognising a familiar vibration, it calmed down.

Navigating through the Kelp Confusion was a feat he was proud of. It took years, millennials of practice for him to know this place. But it stunned him sometimes all the same. After all, he was no Elta, who was born here. She navigated this place better than him when she was awake.

They moved slowly.

Alioth then asked. “Why... why do I feel that there is more to this place?”

Thuban pursed his lips. The Kelp Confusion harboured a secret. Only a few knew and in that, one was put to eternal sleep.

“Perhaps,” Thuban hesitated. “When the bind fell, this place was one the place that took the brunt force of the poison.”

“Possible,” Saiph said.

“No,” Alioth whispered as she stopped. “I feel vibrations of someone. Of someone who lived here in the past. I know this vibration.”

Before he could tell anything, Saiph asked. “Whose?”

“Someone similar to Lyra,” she said. “Not Lyra, but someone similar.” Then she looked at him, her eyes piercing his. “Who was here apart from you and Eltanin?”

Thuban panicked. She was not supposed to know this. Some had known in the past and their memories had been erased. Only a select few retained their memory. One was Polaris. That was why he went to him. Who knew Polaris would send his eldest daughter?

“Alrakis and Rastaban,” he said.

Five stars had been here in the Kelp Confusion, helping the Immune who tried his best to nullify various poisons. Though that Immune usually went back to Origins after finishing his job, he still called this place home. And among the five, one had left the place claiming it was too gloomy for him. After Eltanin was put to sleep, Alrakis and Rastaban were his only company.

“Not the stars!” she said, her voice hard. “Someone else. Who, Thuban?”

Was this the reason why Polaris sent his daughter? For her to learn what was going on?

“A pulsar,” Thuban whispered. “His name is Draco.”

“Pulsar?” Alioth asked. “Pulsar? What is a pulsar doing here? Is he even registered?”

Thuban frowned. “Of course, he is. Polaris knows him.”

“Pulsar,” Saiph whispered. “We just met Lyra.”

Thuban gasped. He had not met that pulsar directly, but Draco had told him enough for him to respect her. “I-is she alright?”

Alioth nodded. “She is.”

“That’s good.”

What more could he tell them?

With that, he led them to where Elta was resting. Next to her, Rastaban and Alrakis were there. They had recently Soul-Bounded and lived a quiet life in the Kelp Confusion. The female star had a joy he had not seen in many ages.

Yet again, Alioth stopped. Seeing her, Alrakis gasped and stood protectively before Eltanin.

“What happened?” Saiph asked.

Alioth glanced around and threw a protective shield over them. “Nothing inside will go out and no one our can hear what goes here. Tell me, what happened?”

Alrakis frowned. “What do you mean by what happened?”

Alioth clenched her fists. “Listen. I am still trying to find out who killed Ursa. I went to the location where my mother died. Though I was not able to find out who killed her, I was able to pick some vibrations there. Tell me, why those vibrations are coming from Eltanin’s body?”

“Impossible,” Rastaban said. “Eltanin was put to sleep three thousand years ago. Ursa died two thousand years ago. How could this be possible?”

“That’s what I am asking,” Alioth said, moving some inches forward. “Who else was put to eternal sleep around the time of the Bind War?”

Alrakis bit her lips. “About four more.”

“Where are they now?” Alioth asked.

Alrakis and Rastaban exchanged a look. Then she said, “Like Eltanin was hidden, even they are hidden by their comrades.”

“I need to find them!” She swore. “Damn it! At least do you know who they are?”

“Menkarlina, Seginus, Achird and Suhail,” Alrakis said.

Alioth closed her eyes and then opened them. “How could this incident be tied to my mother’s death?”

“What makes you think that this connects to your mother’s death?” Alrakis asked.

Ursa had been one of the Warriors. At least a first-generation star. Her death had hit them all in different ways. She was someone who was loved by many, but at the same time, hated by many too.

Alioth moved closer to Eltanin. “Ecthos were hunting my mother. That was what I was able to find out until now. And that, I have a sister. But why should they hunt my mother? I even went to Cosmos to this, but she does not know about this. Cosmos did not send them. Who sent the Ecthos to kill my mother?”

Thuban stilled. Ecthos had killed Ursa? Why would they do that? After claiming her throne, the first thing Cosmos did was to eradicate all the Ecthos and anyone who had any connection with them. Those whom she did not eliminate, she had them under her control. So, who could it be? Maybe... that was why Draco’s soul was harmed. Suddenly it dawned to him. Draco knew something before he was taken away by the Cosmos.

“What do you mean Cosmos did not send them?” Thuban asked. “Ophiuchus, Canis-”

“Ophiuchus is deep sleep,” Alioth said. “Canis, Cosmos regrets killing him and she gave him another chance and... he is living happily with his soul-bound. She killed Canis before Ursa died. Why would she kill Ursa if she already regrets killing Canis? Moreover, Ursa was Polaris’ consort. Why touch her?”

Saiph came closer to his soul-bound. “That’s right. But we still don’t know what exactly happened.”

“Right,” Alioth said. “I had a conversation with Lyra. She says, she remembers hearing about Ursa’s death, but she does not know what happened later. Something definitely does not add up.”

“Either Cosmos is lying or someone is playing Cosmos herself,” Saiph muttered.

At that point, he was sure that the latter had more chances than the former. Many wanted the throne Cosmos sat on.

“That’s...” Alrakis began. “That’s not possible.”

“Very much,” Alioth said. “Gaelan’s mother was still alive during the Bind war. What if... what if Cosmos did not kill all the Ecthos?”

“She did,” Saiph said. “I am in the Army. I know this record.”

“Something big is going on,” Alioth said. “I want to know why Eltanin’s prints were there on the place the night my mother died. I want to know what happened that night.”

“What about your mother’s soul-bound?” Rastaban asked.

Alioth shook her head. “She never spoke about him.”

“What if he was an Ecthos?” Thuban asked. “Maybe Cosmos-”

“Cosmos does not care,” Alioth said. “She favours all her first-generation stars. Why would she kill them?”

“Cause,” Alrakis said. “Cause they could potentially overthrow her?”

“They can’t,” Thuban said.

Alioth frowned. “Why so?”

“I don’t know,” Thuban said. “Draco kept saying that.”

What else did that pulsar hide from him?

Alioth peered over Eltanin’s body. “I will go to the four sleeping stars myself. I will see if there is anything that connects these five.”

“What if she is waking because Draco might return?” Alrakis said.

“Then are you trying to say that Draco might have killed my mother?”

“No!” Alrakis said. “Draco was a good friend of Ursa!”

Just as Alioth took a step away from Eltanin, a light began to shine over her body. Slowly, the light began to take a form. It was some sort of symbol. Like five needles floating next to each other. The third and the fifth were higher than the others while the fist was lowest.

Alioth gasped and thankfully, she fell into Saiph’s arms.

“What is it?”

“That symbol!” she said. “I saw it next to my mother’s body.”

“Are they the ones who killed your mother?” Saiph asked.

Alioth gulped hard. “It could be my sister, trying to give me a message.”

“That’s a good thing, right?” Thuban asked.

Alioth blinked. “I am not sure. All these years, I tried to reach out to her and she never responded. Why now? What happened now? That’s what I am afraid of. I need to know everything that happened three thousand years ago. What led to the bind to fall and what exactly happened after the battle. For the battle does not have any records of Ursa taking part in it, though she was alive at that time. What was she doing then?”

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