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Chapter 17.1

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“Be my mate, will you?” he asked, as he got on his knees.

Leigh Caskor covered her mouth, blinking at him with tear-filled eyes. She covered her mouth with one hand and just stared at him in shock. When he had asked her out for a date, she thought it would be a normal date as it has been for the past year. Never did she expect him to get on his knees.

“Did I not tell you, Dave?” a familiar voice said. “She would be in shock?”

Leigh looked up to see her sister smirk along with her family beaming at her. When had they come to the restaurant? Dave must have called them.

“Tell him an answer, hon,” her mother smiled. “That boy’s on his knees for long.”

“Yes,” she said, her vision being blinded by tears. “Yes, I will be your mate.”

“Thank Kamaria,” he swore as he got and kissed her.

Everyone who was there began to congratulate them. Then, a familiar face came to her line of sight. Although there was disappointment in his eyes, he was genuinely happy for her.

“Leigh Caskor,” he said as he came forward. “Do you know what this means?”

Leigh nodded at her Omicron. “I do, Omicron Belen.”

He took in a deep breath as he looked at Dave. “Congratulations, Dave Chaiwong.”

Dave merely smiled. “Thank you, Omicron.”

The night went on happily as the family members whom Dave had invited chatted with each other. It was quite late when she noticed her Omicron looking at her with a different shine in his eyes.

Before she could tell anything, he came forward and smiled at them. “Dave Chaiwong, would it be possible for your chosen mate to come to my office tomorrow morning?” Then he looked at her. “There are somethings I have to do as an Omicron.”

Before Dave could protest, she smiled at him. “Of course, Omicron. I will be there.”

He said, “Only you, Leigh. Only you should come.”

Though his words were weird, Leigh nodded. After all, she trusted her Omicron. He was a good friend of hers.

With that, he left the hotel, with a slight slouch in his otherwise proud shoulder.

Dave touched her hand. “Leigh? All right?”

She turned towards him and smiled. “I am.”

Then he slowly pulled her to the corner of the room where two female were standing. They were barely clad and in fact, a male was pressed against the shorter female.

“They are?” Leigh asked, fearing the answer he would give.

“Omicrons of my coven,” Dave began. “Have harem. Are you okay with it?”

Leigh blinked. She knew this way before they had begun dating. She had seen him with various females whenever he came to their coven. As much as he stopped going publicly with those females ever since he started dating her, she knew he had them at home.

“Does my opinion matter?” she asked, biting her lips.

Before those two females, her beauty was nothing. They were dripping in seduction. Their smokey eyes and the lush lipsticks enhanced their features. The shorter one had a long brown hair that would make many girls envious and the taller one had her strawberry-blond hair fall just below her shoulders. There was some sort of magnetism about them that made Leigh look at herself again.

“Honey and Berry,” Dave said, ignoring her question.

Leigh blinked. “Based on their hair?”

Dave nodded. “Saves me the time from remembering their names.”

“Oh!” she said, clearing her throat.

What would a female do if her mate introduced her to his mistresses? Probably rage and throw a fit. But she already knew he had female companions and yet she had agreed to date him. Could she blame it on her young mind?

It had been the last year of her college when she met him. In her young mind, he was strong and powerful, just the way an Omicron should be. At first, she loved the thrill of dating him. She just craved the thrill, but later, she found herself loving him. After that line was reached, she could not tell anything.

If anything, she must blame herself. She had dated a male knowing that he had more than one female to warm his bed.

“I expect you to get along with them, Leigh,” Dave said. “After all, not many could wear my mark. You get to wear it proud on your neck. They may sleep with me, but they will never wear my mark.”

Leigh gulped. “I understand.”

“And, Leigh,” he said. “Your opinion does matter. Want me to send them away?”

Leigh blinked at him. Was he seriously asking her? If she said she was uncomfortable, would he send them away? But there was a challenge in his eyes. That evil glint that dared her to tell him otherwise.

But then again, he was not her true mate. He could do whatever he wanted. If they met their mate, they would nullify the bond. They both knew it. As much as they loved each other, she knew about him. He would just fire these two females and have another two in their place.

“Does not matter,” she waved her hand. “Just make sure they have their rooms a floor below mine.”

That malicious glint faded as he kissed her forehead. “You are clever, female. Clever.”

She smirked. “If I have to be mated to you, I should be.”

He laughed. “That you should.”

Then the male who had been pressing against the shorted female smiled at her. “Female Omicron.”

“This is?” she asked.

“Devin,” Dave said. “My best friend. We share everything.”

Her face blanched. While she was fine with Dave having his share of females, she did not want to be shared.

“Except you,” he whispered in her ears. “Tell me if he comes after you. I will break his legs and shatter his mind.”

Reassured by his words, Leigh let a breath of relief. “I will.”

“Such a docile thing,” Devin commented as he took a chair and sat on it and pulled Berry sit on him. “Are you sure about her, Dave?”

Dave gave him a pointed look. “I am very sure, Devin. She will take my mark.”

The other male hummed and caressed the female’s exposed abdomen. She expected that female to shiver, but she did nothing to stop the wandering fingers.

Pulled Honey, Dave pressed a long kiss over her lips. She expected her heart to pain, but there was nothing. It was as if she saw two random strangers kiss.

There were no emotions in her.


Before her knuckles could touch the door, a familiar voice said, “Come in.”

Leigh opened the door to find her Omicron sitting on a chair with two females sitting on the sofa in his office. The female Omicron was sitting on the chair with her eldest son sitting next to her.

“Leigh,” the Omicron said. “Take a seat.”

She just stared at the two females she had never seen in her life. Though she did not know who they were, they screamed of power and authority that she had seen her Omicron possess. While one female’s gaze was like a lazy lion, relaxing under the mid-noon sun, the other one’s gaze was sharp and alert. If she had to guess, the second female ranked less than the other female.

“It’s rude to stare, darling,” one of the females said. “Especially if you are going to be mated to a Noble Coven as its female Omicron.”

That voice, with the amount of power it held, she knew. “Alpha, forgive me.”

The one with a sharper gaze slightly huffed. “She can survive.”

“Not all are you, Evy,” the first female chuckled. “I am so glad to snatch you as my female Beta.”

“I went through trials, Violet,” Evy snorted. “Before I proved to the pack that I was worthy of Carter in spite of being his true mate. And just after my trials, the Elders conveniently removed the concept of trials.”

Eliana smiled. “I saw your results, Beta Evelyn Throne. It was very impressive.”

Leigh just blinked at them. “You are… you are Alpha Violet Kite and Beta Evelyn Throne of West Pack.”

The Alpha female smiled. “That we are.”

Leigh bowed her head. She was just Theta’s daughter.

“Leigh,” her Omicron called. “I called you here to discuss a few things with you.”

When she fidgeted, Alpha Violet moved her eyes to an empty chair. “Have a seat.”

With shaking legs, she managed to find a seat and she pulled it closer to Calix, her Omicron’s eldest son.

“You agreed to mate with Dave Chaiwong,” Belen Andris said. “He is going to succeed as the next Omicron of Summer Coven.”

“I am aware, Omicron,” Leigh said.

“Good thing you are,” he said. “He is… known to have a lot of female companions.”

Leigh pressed her lips. Last night told her what a male Dave was.

“And not to mention, he is not exactly a pleasant male,” he said. “But I can get along with him for your sake. I am telling this to you because I can stop this mating if you want. But once you are mated and if you want to get away, this coven can’t support you. We are a named Coven and we can tide over many things. But Dave’s coven is a noble coven and there is a reason for it. We can go to war against many, but never a Noble coven or a pack or a tribe. We are not powerful like West Pack or North Tribe or East Coven to compete against a Noble. But that does not mean we won’t look after each other. We can stop the mating as long as you are in this coven lands. Once you leave and take his mark, I can’t do anything.”

She nearly choked when she heard it. Her Omicron, her dear friend, Belen Andris was willing to stop her mating for a safety. She understood what he was trying to say.

Yet, even after seeing Dave leave last night with Honey and Berry and knowing he was spending that night with them, there was no irrational jealousy or hurt. She knew he was going to fuck them and to her surprise, she was okay with it. Was it because she already knew this about him or she did not love him enough?

“Darling,” Alpha Violet called. “I am a guest here. I came to talk to your Omicron about some granite business, but he called me here to talk to you. Due to the amicable relationship my pack has with your coven, I shall say. I don’t think this is a wise choice.”

“Why not?” she asked.

She rolled the newspaper and hit it gently on her other palm, the way some teachers hit the ruler on their hand. “Among us, the leaders of communities, we don’t have a high opinion of Dave Chaiwong. Harem is something that is not accepted. Mate bond should be respected, even if it is chosen. He is not a wise choice for you. You are just twenty-four, you have long year’s ahead of you to find your mate. Don’t settle for him.”

Leigh bit her lips and she slightly shook her head. “Bu-but I have agreed to mate with him!”

“Can be called back,” the other female said monotonously. “Listen, girl, I don’t know what he had done, but nothing, absolutely nothing can topple the mate bond. Trust me. You don’t have to mate with him. Just tell him that you have met your true mate or something and no one can force you to bond with him.”

“Do you love him?” the Alpha asked. “Or do you think you love him?”

Leigh glanced at the two females, not knowing what to say. Did she love him? She did not know after last night. She did not want to find out.

“Leigh,” her female Omicron called her softly. “Are you confused? We can post-pone the mating if you want.”

Leigh’s lips trembled. “I am confused.”

“It’s not too late,” Belen said. “I can give this protection to you only as long as you are in the coven.”

Leigh felt stifled. “I… I don’t want you to fight another coven for me, Omicron.”

Belen waved his hand. “You are a coven member and that means you are worth it. As much as Summer coven be a noble coven, they don’t have a good hold in the Halls. There had been a fight of challenge in the coven and Dave lost to a vampire named Sean. The Halls want to replace Dave with him. So, this won’t be that bad. But let me tell you. Once you step in Summer Coven, I can’t help you.”

“Choose wisely, dear,” Alpha Violet said. “Once you take his mark, only a miracle would make your mate forgive you for the betrayal.”

Her head spun and her heart thudded. Yesterday when Dave asked her, why was it so easy to answer him yet, she could not face this situation today?

“If you truly want to be his mate,” Beta Evelyn Throne began. “You must know how to convince us. You would be the next female Omicron of a Noble coven. Not a normal coven. You will be expected to represent your coven in the royal palace. In the Halls. Can you do it?”

Could she? When she swept her eyes on all the people in the room, a whimper left her.

Could she do it?

Was she that strong? Strong enough to take that on?

She just fell to her knees.

She did not know.

She did not want to know.


Despite their words, she found herself leaving. While the Omicron pair had defeat in their eyes, Alpha Violet Kite looked haughty and Beta Evelyn Throne looked aloof. Especially when Dave came near.

They were outside her house. Her family and the ranked members had gathered to send her off. Seeing that Lana was quite close to Leigh, it had been no surprise when she wanted to come with them to the Summer Coven. At least, she would not be alone.

“You are?” Dave began.

Alpha Violet rolled her eyes. “You are going to be next Omicron of Summer Coven. It is a disgrace.”

“How dare you!” Devin snarled as he neared the female, his hands clawing as if he wanted to choke her.

“And you?” the female Beta asked in a sing-song voice. “A tiny bug?”

“Fucking bitch!” Devin swore. “I will just fuc-”

“Finish that sentence,” Beta Evelyn said calmly as she held Devin in one hand and flipped him to the ground, his back hitting the cold road hard. “I dare you to.”

“Evy,” the female Alpha admonished softly. “I need to go back to our pack without a headache. As much as I love drama, can we tone it down a bit?”

Evelyn scoffed and left Devin who glared at her.

“Alpha Violet Kite and Beta Evelyn Throne of West Pack,” Dave said, bowing to them. “It is indeed my mistake for not recognising you earlier.”

“Mistake indeed,” the Beta snorted. “Had I not been a ranked member of a named pack, would you have let your pack member talk to a female like that?”

Leigh looked down. Dave would have.

Devin glared at the female but thankfully kept his mouth shut.

“I am going in, Violet,” The beta said. “I can’t stand the stink of this male,” she pointed at Devin who was getting up. “I need to refresh.”

Rolling her eyes at the leaving female, the alpha followed her Beta inside the guest house that was next to her parents home. The Thetas residence usually was next to the guest house.

Her parents hugged her.

“Stay safe, Leigh,” her mother whispered in her ears. “Don’t cause trouble. And keep your sister in line.”

Leigh glanced beach to see Lana already settled in the car. Leigh nodded to her parents. Her father just gave a grim nod.

While as a father he was not happy with his daughter mating to Dave, as a Theta, he was elated. This was perfectly how he would have mated her away. Just not Dave, but some other ranking member in a named or a noble coven. That way, their coven would have connections.

Her brother was not here. The second he had heard her accepting her mating with Dave, he left the house. Apparently, he hated the notion of his sister being mated to him.

The epsilon pair were there, with Charis laying her head on her Erasma’s shoulder. Even they said nothing. She knew they were disappointed with her choice, but this was Dave they would have to oppose if she refused. As much as they thought they could win Dave in their land, Leigh knew better. Dave would kill all the ranked members and choose ones who would do his binding and then leave the coven if she refused.

Leaving her innocent life behind, Leigh got into another car. Lana smiled at her from the other car. Next to her, Honey was sitting with her back straight. Next to her, Berry was seated.

Why had she chosen this car? Before she could open the car and flee to the other, Dave opened the other door. “Leaving, Leigh?”

She gulped. “N-no. I-I was not.”

“Thought so,” he said.

With one glance, the two females got down and Dave got in, sitting next to her. He then motioned for both the girls to get in. While Berry sat on the other side, Honey sat on Dave’s lap.

Leigh stiffened. She had allowed him to have his lovers, but why should he rub it on her face?

“We are stopping in a nameless tribe before we go to Summer Coven,” he said as the car started.

Leigh just nodded. “Okay.”

“Good,” he commented as he moved Honey’s hair from her neck, and pierced her delicate neck with his fangs and began to feed as the car left her home far, far behind.


She wanted to puke. Not because she consumed some rancid blood. Not even because she was having motion sickness. It was purely because of Dave’s actions. She had thought that his lovers had been willing. Never did she know that he had bought them. They were his sex-slaves.

In the tribe they stopped by, Dave had ‘collected’ a witch. A female he had fancied. When she was not willing, he put a leash on her neck and put her in the car where Lana and Devin were.

Resuming their previous positions, Honey was practically clinging to Dave. at that moment, Leigh did not know if that female was doing this out of fear or she really liked Dave.

“You know what to do,” he whispered to Honey as she began to unbutton his shirt and kiss his exposed skin. “Leigh, you better not be pale when you meet my mother.”

Leigh nodded, but the urge to run was over-whelming her. Why did she accept his mating two nights ago? What had addled her mind?

“Berry,” he said. “Take it out.”

The other female took out a vial that had orange liquid. He gave it to Leigh. “Drink. This will calm the nerves.”

“I-I don’t need it,” she managed to mumble. “I need air, need time.”

“Drink,” he ordered. “Drink now, or else!”

The way he was looking at her was not right. There was not just an evil glint there, there was killing intent. He would kill her if she did not comply. He then looked at the other car that was following them. She got the message clear and loud. He would even kill Lana.

Pressing her lips together, with shaking hands, she took the vial and poured the contents down her mouth.


Last night was hazy. But her memories were returning slowly. When she got her bearing, she clutched her stomach and ran to the bathroom attached to the room. The scent threw her off.

Opening the toilet lid, she puked. Everything, right from what she had for lunch yesterday.

While her chest was burning, a painful moan echoed from the room.

Leigh just sat on the cold tiles and turned on the shower. She had loved warm, bubble baths and if it had to showers, the water had to be warm. She could not take the cold. But when the ice water hit her, she had no strength to resist it. If the cold could kill her, let it.

She glanced down to see her body filled with love bites. The memories were coming and they were coming fast. She scratched her skin hard, until blood came forth. Yet she did not stop. As much as it healed fast, she scratched again and again, until her skin was red even after healing.

Dave had met his mate last night. And Leigh had never been more thankful enough.

Finally, she could leave. Leave Dave and return to her coven. But that was all shattered when she began to respond to each and every command of Dave’s. When he had called her last night to come to his house, she remembered the fight she had with herself. But he had just called her name sharply and she found herself walking to his house.

In spite of him being marked by his mate, and fucking another female, he had asked her to strip and she had. What had she done?

She had been found in a compromising position with Dave by his mate. Mali had run out seeing them and Dave left chasing her.

Why had she been like a bitch last night? She could not understand. She did not want to be his sex-slave. No, she was more than that.

Was this what Belen warned her when he said he could not protect her if she was in Summer Coven? Did he already know what a kind of male Dave was? Did Alpha Violet and Beta Evelyn mean this?

The bathroom door was opened an inch and for a second, she feared it would be Dave. But it was thankfully not him. It was a person she least expected to see.

“Get up,” she said. “Your skin’s getting wrinkled.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Leigh rasped. “Does not.”

The other female walked up and closed the shower. Taking a white towel from the rack, she wrapped it around her and pulled her up to her feet.

Without a word exchanged between them, Berry took her to the room where Dave had fucked her last night. Leaving her alone, Berry opened the closet and picked a pink dress and fresh pair of undergarments.

Leaving it on the bed, Berry walked out. The other female who had been here was missing. Slowly, Leigh got into the dress and opened the door to see three females standing by the kitchen.

“Come here,” Honey called. “You must be hungry.”

She did get there. “I am not one of you. Dave said he would mark me. I am not one of you.”

Berry and Honey exchanged looks with each other before Berry sighed and hugged her. “You are not. You are the daughter of the Thetas of West Coven. You have a home to go back to. You are not one of us. You are not Dave’s slave.”

Leigh sniffed. “I am not.”

That was when she noticed her tears rolling down her cheeks. But did she not deserve it? She had come in between a mate bond, something she swore she would never do.

“Why are you so nice to me?” Leigh mumbled, moving from the other female’s embrace.

“We have accompanied Dave everywhere he went,” Honey said. “We know stuffs he never thought we would know. You don’t deserve how he treats you.”

“What do you mean?” the third female asked. “What stuffs?”

“Dave’s developing a new chemical that would make the consumer do the things Dave want them to do,” Berry said. “Whatever he wants them to do.”

Leigh sucked in a deep breath before she started coughing vigorously. “H-he gave me that?”

Honey bit her lips. “Remember in the car? Dave asked Berry to give you an orange liquid?”

Leigh blanched. “T-that one?”

Berry nodded. “It was a concentrated one. That’s why even your memory would seem hazy.”

She took a step back and stumbled on a chair. It was like a snake choking her. Crawling all over her skin. “Why? Why would he do that?”

“To show dominance,” Honey said. “He bought Berry and I in a black market and we have known him since. He loves to have control.”

“What are your names?” the third female asked. “I am Kanya. I am-was the head-warrior of this coven.”

“Just call us Honey and Berry,” Berry said. “If you know our names, it would make you feel that you have some personal connection and shit. Don’t bother.”

“How are you both living?” Leigh asked. “Don’t you want to escape?”

Honey took in a deep breath. “You think we have not tried that? We have paid the price for even thinking about it. It is not worth it. But you, you can escape. Have a mask. Show him you are cruel. Act like he has your allegiance. When you have convinced him, he won’t give you that tonic and you can live your life the way you want to.”

“Can I too?” Kanya asked.

Berry sighed. “Dave got on his knees for her. So it might work for her. You, I don’t know why he even set his eyes on you.”

“Thank you,” Leigh said. “For everything.”

Berry shrugged. “We could not escape. But if one female can, we will do everything to let her go free. But, remember, the key to escape him is to improvise. Be yourself, hold your ground and act like you would do everything for him.”

Leigh took in a deep breath. Could she do it?

There was only one way to know.


Six months passed after his mating and she had successfully convinced that she was on his side and she was still in love with him. Thankfully, he never gave that tonic to her after that day and whatever Berry and Honey said had worked until now.

He never kept track on her as he did with Lana and Kanya. He seemed to trust her completely. Seeing that he now trusted her, she had contacted her coven to find a way for her to go back. Dave trusted her to go anywhere and she would use that.

Omicron Eliana’s brother, Justin had returned from South Coven three months ago after finishing his higher studies. Dave had not seen him and him coming to pick her up would be perfect.

She got up from the bed and glared at her naked form with hatred. As much as she had her freedom, she hated the price she had to pay.

Dave got up from the other side of the bed. “What are your plans, love?”

She smiled at him through the mirror. “My Haze is coming up. I have to find a lover for that. So… I am going hunting.”

He gwaffed. “Interesting choice of words. Have fun.”

With that, he left her room and she glared at the door he had closed behind her.

Have fun? She was going to have fun.


She tapped fingers on the back of her phone impatiently. It had been years since she had seen Justin. She was not even sure how he would look like now. Her frappuccino was over and she was contemplating between leaving the diner and ordering another one.

Before she could order another one, a scent that demanded her attention wafted to her nose. Her back stiffened like an iron rod and she just blinked. Would Kamaria be kind to her?

“Leigh?” a voice that was her undoing called her. “Is that you?”

She turned and when her blue eyes locked with his brown ones, she forgot the simple act of breathing. Her heart thudded like an army of elephants were running and her skin prickled in anxiety.

His lips took a smile. “Or must I say mate?”

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