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Chapter 17.2

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After meeting her mate, she had taken him to her home and locked the door. Only after ensuring that it was locked was she able to breathe.

“Leigh?” he called again, with amusement in his voice. “What are you doing?”

“I...” she began. “I can’t let Dave see you.”

He frowned. “Is... is he that fearsome?”

She nodded her head fervently. “Very much, Justin. Very much.”

He then leant forward, pinning her between him and the locked door and took a deep breath. “Then why do you stink like him?”

She tried to push him, but he refused to budge. He was not in his right mind. He was growling lowly and his eyes were shifting colours. He was getting possessive. The grip he had on her waist spoke volumes. The way his fangs were elongating, she knew he would end up marking her right there. But if Justin marked her here and Dave got a whiff of it, he would kill them both.

"Justin,” she called his name, but it ended as a moan when he began to kiss her neck. “Justin... please. Listen.”

“No!” he snarled. “Why should I, mate?”

“Cause I want us both to live!” she said, pulling her strength to push him off. “I want both of us to live.”

He seemed to snap out of it. “What do you mean?”

She pulled him towards the dining table and pulled a seat for him.

After he took a seat, she bit her lips and told him everything. What she was doing to survive. Why she had his stink on her.

She knew she had not been faithful to him and it had been her fault for dating Dave when she was in university. But what she was doing now was to survive. It was the only way Dave would not make her drink that tonic and make her do what she wanted to do.

“I made a mistake, Justin,” she sobbed by the time she was finished. “A huge one. I should have waited for my mate. Why I dated him, I would never know. Why I even agreed to be his mate, I would never know. I thought I was in love with him. But after seeing him with the two female, I began to lose my feelings for him. I hate myself wasting my emotions and time over him.”

Her soft sobs resonated in the otherwise empty room. The clock ticked away and the winds knocked on the closed windows. Apart from that, two sets of heart, though one was beating out of duty, other beating out of shock, fluttered together in a rhythm that had her stunned.

Seconds melted to minutes when she found herself in a warm embrace.

“I... I honestly can’t judge you for what you did when you had not met me,” he finally said. “I had been away and you could not have... no one could have known that we were mates. As you said, you were in love. Or you were in the illusion of being in love. You were young, Leigh. People make mistakes when they are young. They grow from it. You grew from it. I can tell myself only that.”

At that, she sobbed even harder.


He kissed her lightly on her lips as they opened the door. After hours of conversation, they agreed to flee. Flee Laukris and run to some other continent. Somewhere Dave would not find them.

But the second she opened the door, a male with a sinister smile greeted her. “Fleeing, Leigh? Dave will not like it.”

Her face paled and her legs began to shake. Had it been her alone, she would have fought and died, but with Justin next to her, she was not sure. She would have to think of a way to let him escape.

“Fleeing?” Leigh snorted, trying to maintain her composure. “Why would I? I told Dave that my Haze was nearing and I needed a company. I picked him up. Problem, Devin?”

Devin chuckled darkly. “Who are you trying to fool, Leigh? Did you forget that Dave’s friend, Harper knows when a mate bond is formed?”

Leigh cocked her head. “A mate bond? With him? Are you joking?”

Justin clenched his fist and a slight tremble ran through him. If he was not going to act like a stranger, this male would definitely kill him. And she did not want that.

As much as she was not heads over heels in love with him, she had felt the power of the bond. The call of his heart to hers. She liked the way he did not judge her of the things she did before meeting him. She liked his feathery light kisses, his deep passionate kisses and the stolen kisses he gave her all day.

He was someone Leigh was sure she would fall for with no restriction.

“Am I now?” Devin said, pulling her out.

Thankfully, Leigh lived in the outskirts of the Summer Coven capital and not many lived in her neighbourhood. With the evening blending to night, not many dared to come out, especially after seeing Devin.

A silver sedan was waiting and when the windows rolled down, there were three familiar faces and one unfamiliar.

Dave got down and pulled Honey and Berry out. Their sight was too much for her. The two females had been stripped to naked and whipped too badly that their skin no longer healed. A whip mark ran across Berry’s face, cutting through her eyes. These two females were someone who Leigh would call her friends. Seeing them being like this, she could not take it.

Dave then walked to the other side and opened the door for the third female. The last time she checked, that was not Mali. The female Omicron’s skin saw the sun too much and winter too less. This female’s skin tone was of someone who rarely saw the day.

The female was in ripped jeans and white crop top. While she walked, though there was a touch of grace, she swayed her hips seductively.

“Harper,” Devin grinned. “This is Leigh.”

That female walked closer towards her and examined her body. “She would do. We can work on her.”

Work on her... did they want to experiment on her? Her eyes widened. She would rather die than have them experiment on her. She had heard stories of what Dave was doing in Tahareh. She had sometimes typed the results Dave said to her.

“Dave?” she asked, ignoring that Harper female. “What are you-”

“Eloping with your mate?” he asked. “Now that’s hurting me.”

“Mate?” she asked, trying to add the tone of disbelief in her voice. “Elope? What are you talking about? I said my Haze-”

Dave smirked. “You were never a good liar, Leigh. Especially with your powers being detecting the truth.”

Justin snapped. “What if she is my mate? You have a mate for yourself, right? Be happy with her!”

She never felt the urge to face-palm herself more. This was clearly a test. Dave was still testing her to see if he could see the fear in her eyes. Who asked Justin to snap? She knew her words were hurting him, but that was the only way she could be sure that he would be safe. Only if they both did not have a connection.

Harper simpered. “Such courage. The mate bonds Luna give would make one do anything for the other. I see it is true.” She trailed a finger down his face. “Darling, would you join me? I am in need of courageous males.”

He swatted her finger. “Not even in your dreams.”

She shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

“Leave him out of this Dave,” Leigh said. If there was only one who was going to walk away, it would be Justin. He did not deserve the cruelty of Summer Coven. He was the brother of West Coven’s Omicron. He deserved so much better. “Leave him.”

Dave laughed along with Devin. “Leave him? Leave him? How can I? He was trying to take you away from me.”

That second she wished her powers had not been merely detecting the truth. If her powers were anything like her Coven’s Epsilon’s, she would have broken through them and escaped.

“Then I will stay,” she bargained. “Let him go.”

“The hell!” Justin snarled. “I will not have you here, Leigh! You are coming with me.”

“I can’t!” she shouted back. “If I do, he will kill you. I can’t have you dead.”

“See, Dave?” Harper smirked. “Everyone will have a weakness. You said Leigh did not have one. And one presents itself now.”

Dave turned and glared Honey and Berry. “They said you how to evade that tonic, did they not?”

Leigh breathed deeply. “They said me nothing.”

“And I said, lying was never your trough,” Dave fired.

Dave without turning around slightly tilted his head and brought his fingers together like he was clenching his hand. The second the tips of his fingers met the heel of his palm, the two females collapsed on the ground.

Leigh choked. “W-why did you-”

“They should not have told you to play around,” Dave said. “They should not have.”

“What just happened?” Justin whispered.

“Dave’s powers are mind-controlling,” Leigh said, her voice wobbling. “He can snap your mind if he wanted.”

“Good you know, little snake,” Devin said.

Dave turned around and blinked at her mate. Leigh knew what he was planning. And she would allow him to do that only after her death. Snarling, she put herself before her mate. Justin was a scholar and he just knew basic defence.

There was something feral that was triggered in her. An uncontrollable rage. Bloodlust like nothing took a hold of her.

Her breaths became fast and deep and her muscles were already taut to jump and defend her mate. They would not get past her.

This was the power of a mate bond. And she was willing to give it away to Dave? What had happened to her six months ago when she had accepted to be his mate?

Harper blinked. “Interesting. I thought this would be a false bond that my mother was tampering with. Seems like this is a mate bond given by Luna.”

“How can you differentiate it?” Devin asked.

“The ones my mother give,” Harper shrugged. “It would never make you so protective over the other. Had this bond been the one my mother gave, Leigh would have abandoned this pretty boy and try to save her skin. Even if she loved him, she would not be defending him like this.”

“So?” Devin asked. “What are we going to do?”

“This changes nothing,” she said. “We will still break it and see if she can survive.”

Never! They could not break the bond she had with Justin.

With the rage fueling her blood, Devin came closer, his fists aimed at her face. With precision she did not know she possessed, she dodged him and gave a shove that had him on his back.

Devin stared at her in a new light. She gave him a wicked grin. That was right. Justin was hers and hers to protect.

“Leigh,” her mate whispered. “Where did you learn that?”

She just growled back. Dave came next, but even he could not enter her mind. What was happening? Was it the mate bond or was her powers something else?

She did not wait to find that out.

Harper came after Dave and when the two female began to fight, Dave and Devin targetted Justin. If Harper was fast, she was even faster. She even managed to land a punch on that female’s jaw.

When she was about to strike again, a pain like no other filled her. Even the pain after Dave took her the night he met his mate did not compare this. Something was cut from her heart and it was bleeding. Harper punched her in the stomach and Leigh allowed her to.

Another landed on her jaw and she was sure that her lower jaw was broken. Another on her back and behind her legs had Leigh on her knees. The mate bond she had with Justin was ripped apart. If that female had taken her heart out, Leigh swore it would hurt less.

Justin just gasped, but Dave and Devin were merciless. One second his eyes locked with hers, the next he was on the ground, his chest painted in red.

She just stared at the body of her mate that the two males had killed.

A blow hit her head and her vision blurred, but she could not take her eyes off him. Just when she thought life gave her another chance. She should have known. Nothing sweet ever stayed sweet. He was ripped from her just like that.

Her rage turned to sorrow and despair. If Harper killed her, she would be thankful. But life did not work that way.

“Leave the body,” Harper said in an annoying voice.

Then Dave walked towards her and pulled her up by her hair. No matter what he did, she could not take her eyes off his body.

“Dave,” Harper said. “The bonds Luna give are the strongest. Let her go. She needs closure.”

As he threw her down, she crawled up to her mate. Her body was refusing to heal and she knew why. His eyes were open and there was a cavity in his chest. The place where his heart should have been was missing that particular organ. Like it was unrelated to him, that organ was lying next to him outside his body.

Her jaw trembled as her eyes became more blurry. Her hands shook as her fingers touched Justin’s face. Why was her life cruel? Why had she not waited for her mate? Why did she date Dave? Why did she decide to play Dave? Why did Dave choose her for an experiment? Why? Why? Why?

A long, painful cry escaped her throat as she shook his body. Just that afternoon after she had told him her story, he promised he would not leave her. A promise was a promise. Why did he leave her?

As she berated herself in her heart, she just cried and cried until it was late at night and the rain began to pour, masking her tears as their own.


Her eyes burned when she forced to open them. White lights greeted her. This was heaven? She scoffed. With her rotten luck, she would be amazed if she ever went to hell.

The pricking pain from her skin made her blink. She counted the origin of the pain. There were ten such places. Three on her right forearm. One over her left wrist and one near her left elbow. Two on her right foot and one struck on her right thigh. Two others were on her other leg.

She tried to move, but something was holding her down. Her head was held in place and there was only one female who was there next to her, taking notes from the monitor that blinked.

She tried her best and finally found that female’s name tag that was pinned above her left chest. Dr Harriet Grin.

The door opened and Dave entered. What was he going to do?

“How is she?” he asked.

The female pursed her lips. “Not faring good. If we take the lines that are sending her the fluids, she will die. It’s better to kill her than keep her in this agony.”

Dave scoffed. “I know that. Did you look into it? Can she take another mark?”

Harriet gulped loudly. “She has not been marked. I don’t know if she can take another male’s mark.”

“We have to try that,” Dave smirked at her. “Don’t we?”

“That’s against-” Harriet began to protest.

“The rules?” Dave asked. “What rules? I am the one who makes the rules.”

Harriet lowered her head and began to take notes from the monitor.

Dave licked his lips and threw the thin white sheet that was over her body. When the cold stale air kissed her skin, she knew she was naked.

“Can she take my mark?” Dave mused.

Shock etched on the doctor’s face. “B-But you are mated!”

“She is not my mate,” Dave snorted.

Leigh just stared into his eyes, daring him to mark her. Mali might not be his mate, but she would never be his mate either. If he did mark her, she would find various ways to remove the mark and kill him. He had killed Justin and she would kill him for that. If he did this, she would be creative to kill him. She would torture him to the point of him begging her his death.

He brushed her hair from her neck. The belts held her down and she could just stare at him with no life. He had taken her life, her one chance at love from her and now he was going to mark her? What a joke.

But when his fangs did elongate, her hatred turned to something worse. Dave flinched when he saw her eyes but he continued to descend.

The monitor flared up and Harriet yelped. “We have to stabilise her! Omicron Dave, if you want her alive, please, let me call in other doctors.”

Dave did not listen to her as his fangs pierced her delicate skin on her neck. This was a signed deal.

Her hands clenched as he was forcing his mark on her. Her body was not taking it. It was repulsed by this poor excuse of a male. As he bit her again and again, she just glared at the ceiling, vowing to give him the most painful death.


Darkness greeted her. At least, was this afterlife? But the soul-wrecking pain that was emerging from her neck said her otherwise. This was her damnation.

The chains that held her wrists and her ankles were not going to stop her. She would escape this. She would find a way to get rid of that cursed bite and kill him. That fury was the only thing that kept her heart beating.

“Interesting,” a voice called. “Such rage... and such pain. You are an odd combination.”

She snapped her eyes to her right to see a male leaning against the wall. Someone who had clearly not been there a few minutes ago.

“Who are you?” she grunted.

He shrugged. “Does not matter.”

“How are you here?” she fired. She would trust no one. “Do you work here? You know Dave?”

“That rat?” the male scoffed and came closer.

That was when her heart skidded to a stop. There was a wolfish charm around the male. His high cheekbones were perfect and the way his obsidian eyes glinted in the dark enticed her. The way his hair fell over his eyes, made him look unearthly. There was something about him that made her hold her tongue back in.

His muscles rippled as he walked and just the action of his slow walking made her feel like he was the predator. The glint in his eyes scanned her like he was reading her soul.

“I have seen him,” he said, shrugging.

“Why are you here?” she asked, panting. “Harper?”

Coldness seeped in his gaze at the mention of that name. “That bitch and I go way back. Let’s say, I am here to mess the things she does.”

“A-and you get away with that?” Leigh asked.

He shrugged. “She can’t do anything to me in spite of being a hybrid. Her mother can’t do anything even though she is a first-generation star. Her father a spineless pulsar can’t stay in the same area as I am in.”

“Hybrid?” she tested the term. “First-generation star? Pulsar?”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “I nearly forgot how you don’t know the existence of other races than vampires, shifters, magycs and humans.”

Shifters? Were they not just werewolves?

Then he told her of the various races in the space. Only because her powers were detecting the truth, she knew he was not lying.

“Harper is that powerful?” she asked. Then was there no way to kill her?

The male hummed. “But you did manage to land a couple of blows on her being just a vampire. I must applaud.”

“Why?” she croaked out. “Why are you doing this? Why should Harper be afraid of you? Who are you?”

“Just someone who wants to piss Harper, her mother and her father,” he said. “I can’t kill them like I want to because I am currently held in the Great Dungeon and if anyone learns that I have shadow-shifted and sent a part of me here, I will be killed by the Cosmos herself.”

Leigh just blinked. “What are you doing here?”

“I am here to set you free, rose,” he said. “Don’t you want that?”

“What do you get from it?” she asked.

He frowned like he did not understand her. “I told you, rose. I get to piss those three.”

She shook her head. “I refuse to believe that. You must have another motive. What do you want?”

His crinkles cleared and he smirked. “A clever girl.”

Then he clicked his tongue and scratched his jaws like he was thinking deep and came forward. He pressed his nose close her neck- her unmarked neck and inhaled sharply.

This was overwhelming for her. As much as she hated the way her body was reacting, she could not help it.

“If that mark is gone,” he murmured against her skin. “And it will be gone, I want a night with you.”

She moved back and blinked at him. “What?”

“You smell heavenly, rose,” he smiled. “What? Did you not ask what I want?”

“My body?” she gasped. “Is that what you want?”

“You can put it that way,” he said. “What? Don’t want to do it?”

“Where can you get me out?” she instead asked.

He mused. “Where do you want me to?”

“Anywhere?” she asked.

He nodded. “You have no idea what I am capable of.”

She bit her lip. “How long has it been?”

“Since you came here?” he asked. “I have no idea. I just stopped by to see what I can mess up and I stumbled into you. But I did hear that the last flight that left was about six months ago.”

“Six months?” she whispered. “I am here for six months?”

He rolled his eyes and pressed his forehead against hers. What was he doing?

“You were here for about eight months,” he said. “Is that okay?”

There was something in his voice that made her tear up. The care was echoing in her ears. Like she was a delicate glass doll he was handling.

“Can you get me to-”

“I can get you out of earth,” he said. “Polaris owes me one. I can ask him to care for you. What you have gone through... is not something anyone must go through.”

She shook her head. “I... I must kill Dave. I must do it.”

He inhaled sharply and pressed his forehead against her again. “There,” he said after a minute.

“What?” she asked.

“I have changed it,” he said. “Dave cannot control you. He knows he has marked you and all, but he can’t harm you. Meaning, he will have the memory of hurting you when he is alone, but when he sees you, that memory of you meeting your mate will fade away and he will remember you as his lover whom he had broken up with. A lover he once marked. You work for him, but he can’t control you.”

“B-but that tonic-”

“It can’t control you,” he said softly. “I have made sure of it.”

“How?” she croaked.

“I am way older than many stars and pulsars. I am as old as the Warriors,” he said. “I have enough strength to do it. You can be close to Dave and take your revenge when you want to.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“Remember your payment,” he said, slipping in a bit of arrogance.

She laughed at that, surprising him. For what he was doing, that price would be worth it. “Take me to Summer Coven. I have to talk to his mate.”

He leant forward and pressed his lips against hers. At first, it was a gentle kiss, but soon enough, he took her lower lip between his and sucked on it.

A fire lit her body. Just one kiss and she was craving for more.

“Seal the deal, rose?” he murmured when he finally decided she needed air.

“Leigh Caskor,” she mumbled.

“I am a half-pulsar, half-Ecthos,” he said. “Gaelan.”


Just like he promised, she found herself outside Dave’s house. But that Gaelan was nowhere to be found. Ignoring his absence, she knocked on the door, knowing from Dave’s groans that he would not the one to open the door.

As expected it was Mali who opened the door. She knew how she was looking. Dried blood clung to her skin and dust had caked on it. Her hair was in knots and that chains’ mark had not left her. Her clothes were ruined beyond redemption.

Her face twisted upon seeing her. “Leigh Caskor. What do want? If you are looking for Dave, he is tossing in sheets with your sister.”

Leigh blinked. “I actually came here to talk to you.”

Mali’s tough exterior crumbled. “Talk to me? What do you have to tell me?”

“Dave is not your mate,” Leigh said urgently. “Take me in and I will tell you more.”

Mali froze but then wore a calm expression. “I know.”

“You do?” Leigh asked.

Mali nodded. “If you are going to tell me what I already know,” she was about to close the door. “Leave.”

“I know what Dave is doing in Tahareh,” Leigh said. “His experiments on mate bonds.”

Mali blinked, but opened the door and led her to a secluded room. “Talk.”

“He is experimenting on mate bonds,” she said, revealing that angry mark that was fading. “He marked me to keep me alive. But since he was not my mate, it is fading.”

Mali narrowed her eyes. “Okay. But why are you here? You could have-”

“I am here because,” Leigh said forcefully. “In Summer Coven, apart from Dave, you are the one with the most power. You can have access to things many can’t have here. If I want to bring that lab down, I need someone’s help here.”

Mali sized her up. “Why me? I hate you.”

Leigh sighed. “You may. But you can’t deny that you need my help. Else you would not have called me in. Are you willing to listen more?”

Mali locked the door. “Start talking.”

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