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Chapter 17.5

A/N: Last chapter from Leigh’s pov. I will be missing writing from her pov.

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“Who are you now?” Leigh asked in exasperation.

The female before her had silver eyes and that alone told her that she was not a part of Earth.

The female smirked. “You are becoming a nuisance. Harper called me to deal with you. Be thankful that Harper had not told this to Dave yet. He is still expecting you to be his loyal servant. He even called you last night for checking papers!”

Leigh knew it was about time that Harper found out what she was doing. Not to mention Lukas would have gone to cried to her like a little bitch.

“I asked who you are,” Leigh sighed. Was her language becoming ununderstandable to people? “Not who sent you. I can figure out who did that. I am not an idiot.”

“I am the daughter of Mirfak,” she said. “My name is Rekha. I am half-star.”

“What do you want to do now?” she asked. “Stop me?”

“Kill you,” she said, her eyes glowering.

Leigh blinked at the half-star. What was that female thinking? “Bring it on.”

Leigh did not have time. Draco was admitted in the hospital. While everyone else thought he was in a coma, she knew better. His soul had taken a very deep blow and he was going to shatter again. Therefore to heal him, Dagen, Luna’s soul-bound had taken Draco’s soul to Abyss.

During this time, his body was very fragile, it was a shell without a soul and hence anyone could easily kill him. It would be a perfect chance to do so. If they killed him now, at this very crucial time, they would have to put him in another body and allow that vessel to grow again until he regained his memory. But Harper’s mother could find this out and she could kill Draco at that time.

These pulsars would heal best in the Abyss. When she had asked Surva why they took Draco’s soul there only now and why they did not take the other twelve, she had said something that a quasar named Akycha had created a problem there and Chaos was not very accommodating to people.

Bottom line, she had to protect Draco’s body until Dagen returned. She could have trusted this job to Gaelan, but since Harper’s mother was visiting the Dungeons, he had to be there. He could not shadow-shift and meet her.

“Do you know what you are asking?” Rekha snarled.

Leigh blinked. “Look. I am short on time. Can we just do this and go? If I win, you let me go and somehow convince Harper that I am on her side. If I lose, well you get to kill me.”

“You win?” she laughed. “You are joking, right?”

“Do I look like I am joking?” Leigh asked.

Annoyance flared in that female’s eyes as she raced to her. Raced was not the word she would use seeing the speed of that female. One flash, she was there and the next, her fist was flying towards her face.

Just in the last fraction of the second, Leigh dodged the punch and landed somewhere safe. What was that?

That is a half-star’s speed, Surva’s voice echoed in her head. Let me take control, child. I will fight this for you.

But you are in Origin-

I know where I am, she said, her voice cool and calm. I have defeated far more villainous things in my life. Defeating her would be brushing dust for me. Let me.

As much as she was prideful, Leigh knew when to draw a line. This was a half-star. Had Gaelan been here, she would not have worried, but he was not here and she knew she could not fight this female alone.

Take control, she said and with that, she was pushed to the back of her mind as Surva took over her body.

It was like watching an action movie. One second they were here, hanging from a terrace and the next, they were on a car, smashing it. But Surva was a quasar and that meant, she was more powerful than this Rekha. To say that Rekha lost to her in three minutes would not be exaggerating. After the fight was over, Surva gave control back to her.

“Wh-what was that?” Rekha wheezed.

Leigh just snorted. “Remember your end of the deal.”

Rekha nodded reluctantly. “I will do it.”

Huffing, Leigh changed her footsteps and ran towards the hospital. Mali was consoling a crying Kessa. Even Lana could do that, but Mali could not. Mali did not have any rights to do it. Leigh snarled and took a step forward, but a loud crash from the second floor caught her attention.

Giving the pathetic female omicron one last glare, she raced up.

She was late. A strong stench of narcotics hit her hard. She was about to open the door when Sean’s body fell on the ground. Leigh gasped and her legs shook. What the hell had happened?

With crazed eyes, Dave looked at her and Leigh schooled her features immediately. One slip of who Draco was, Dave would kill the pulsar.

“What is it, Dave?” Leigh asked. “You called me now?”

The only way to get through this was to pretend that she was one of them. She was not afraid of death, but if he knew that she was protecting him, he would kill him just to spite her. He had, after all, killed Justin.

Rage melted to utter confusion. “I called you?”

She frowned and nodded. “A female came to me. Rekha. She said you called me.” Just omitting a few words of a sentence was not lying, right?

“Who is that?” he fumed. “I did not call anyone!”

Leigh sighed. “Well, I will deal with that female later.” She cast a glance at Sean’s body and withheld the urge to vomit. “What happened?”

“This little bastard,” Dave snarled. “I was going to finish Draco here and he stopped me. Said he would take the title of Omicron. I had to kill him. He opposed.”

Leigh hoped her face was placid. Sean had won over Dave two years ago and he said he was not interested in the title. Hence, he stayed a quiet vampire in his coven. But if he wanted, he could claim the title anytime. Dave did not understand his own coven rules.

“So?” she pressed. “Did you kill him?”

Many sounds echoed below and the loudest was Lawan and Rune. As much as Leigh hated Mali, she respected Lawan. That female was truly amazing. Had they met under different circumstances, Leigh was sure that she would have done everything to befriend that female.

Dave gave Sean’s body a disgusted glare. “He destroyed the narcotics. I have to find another way-”

“Dave,” she sighed. “Come on. He’s not worth your anger.”

Dave just stared at her. When he could not fish anything from her, he left it. “I can’t. He... he broke Harper’s spell. He must be someone whom even Harper can’t control! I can’t let him go-”

“Dave,” she stressed. “Let’s go. Rune is coming.”

That name did it for him. It was good to know that Dave was afraid of Rune. What did Rune possess to make Dave fear him?

With that, Leigh managed to pull Dave from that room, not before giving Sean’s body a sad glance.

None of this would have happened if Mali had not listened to Harriet. Mali started this whether she admitted or not.

There are some unexplainable deaths, Surva said. Sean’s one of them.

Is death not fair? She asked.

It is always fair, Surva said. When you think you are doing someone well, that itself means it is bad for some other. You can never win the hearts of everyone. Perhaps, in order to protect the ones he loved, he did commit many crimes. No one in this world is ever free of the acts they commit.

Swallowing hard, she guided Dave out and Rune gave them a murderous look, but Leigh managed to avoid it. But as expected, she was unable to avoid Lawan. Wirat raced up behind Rune and the hallway was deserted.

Dave left her in the hands of the female Theta.

“You bitch!” Lawan raised her hand to slap her, but she caught it.

“You need to look at the picture completely to understand it, Theta,” she said calmly as she left her.

“Sean was killed!” she snarled. “He had a pregnant mate. They were nearly killed! He even had a daughter. What do you think you achieved by killing him?”

Leigh swallowed hard. As much as she knew the facts, hearing it made it worse.

“I know, theta,” she said. “I know.”

“You know shit!” Lawan spat.

“Dave was going to kill Draco,” she said and at that, Lawan froze. “Sean stopped it. I pulled Dave from killing Draco by dragging him out. Had I been there minutes earlier, trust me, Theta, I would have made sure that none had died.”

Lawan just blinked.

“I can’t lie to save my skin,” she said dryly. “And... don’t tell anyone of my involvement, if you can. That would be nice.”

Leigh began to walk away when she heard Lawan ask, “Why?”

Leigh stopped. “I owed it to Kessa. I owed her one and now I have repaid. I don’t like being in people’s debts.”

Whether Lawan said this to others or not, Leigh did not care.

Mali was still holding Kessa when Leigh walked out. Disgusted by the girl, Leigh left her and went to her room.

Hours later, familiar hands trailed her skin. “Awake?”

“I can’t sleep,” she answered honestly.

“Is... is there something I could do?” he asked gently.

Although their original arrangement had been purely sexual, the lines blurred so much.

“Just cuddle?” she mumbled.

Before she could finish the sentence, she was in his warm embrace.

“Anything else?”

“Can you remove someone’s memory of me being their friend?”



There was a moment of silence before he whispered, “Okay.”


How eighteen and half years passed, she would never know. Draco was doing fine and she had given Gaelan all the information that he regularly passed on to Lawan and Mali.

She and Mali were not on speaking terms, but she needed Mali to get some things done for her. As expected, Lawan was proving to be an asset. While Lawan did not know her of involvement, she knew of Gaelan.

But nothing mattered to her as she stared at the stick. The stick that she was sure would never show her positive was slyly grinning at her with two pink lines. When the first test was positive, she had freaked out and brought a dozen.

This could not be happening. It was not that she did not want it, but it was simply impossible. She could never get pregnant with someone else if she had met her mate. She could get pregnant only if she had a new mate bond. She did not have a new mate bond, she was sure of it. Even if she did, she had not slept with the person. For the past twenty-four years, it was just Gaelan.

“Are you going to come out?” Gaelan asked her. “It’s been too long.”

Taking the stick with her, she opened the door to find him laying on her bed on his back, with his limbs spread like a kid.

“Is it possible for me to be pregnant?” she asked after deep contemplation.

The aloofness he had crumbled suddenly. He sat up and stared at her. As much as the shock was there, there was also joy. Uncontained, unrestrained joy.

If she was with a child and if Gaelan did not accept it, she was sure would raise the kid herself. But seeing this look on his face, she was sure that he would a part of her child’s life.

“A-are you sure?” he breathed.

“I did about twelve tests,” she said. “Only one came negative.”

He heaved. “You are pregnant!”

“Am I not supposed to be?”

He blinked at her. “You can be. I am just being happy here. Let the dad be happy!”

She rolled her eyes. “Let me get an appointment and check first.”

He shook his head enthusiastically. “No need.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I did sense some change in you,” he admitted. “I thought it was something else, like some new stress or something. Turns out you are pregnant with my child!”

“You can sense it?”

He nodded and offered her his hand. “I can sense it.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Though it is feeble, it is there. I would guess its about three weeks.”

She licked her lips. “So, I am.”

He pulled her on top of him when she placed her hand over his. “You are.”

He pulled in her a kiss and this time, something was changed. Although he had kissed her deeply and thoroughly many times and it did have the same passion, there was something in this kiss. Just before she could get lost in him, a knock interrupted them.

While she groaned, Gaelan looked like he would murder the culprit. Laughing, she pecked his lips and opened the door.

There was not a day that she would choose any other place than West Coven. After that incident eighteen years ago, she secluded herself in West Coven. Although it appeared as if she worked for Dave, those close to her knew what she was doing.

The omicron pair were really helpful to her. Even after Justin was killed, it was Eliana, Justin’s brother who helped her settle. As expected, her parents disapproved of her. They were Thetas and as the ones who held that title, they hated disputes of any sort. To them, if Leigh was mated to Dave, their coven would have powerful backing. All was shattered when she returned to them.

Outside her house, Charis Minga, the coven’s Epsilon stood in dishevelled attire. It was clear that she had been running.

“What is it, Charis?” she asked, wrapping her hands around her.

Her coven members knew she had a visitor at night, but none questioned her. It was her life and she could do what she wanted here.

The epsilon grunted. “There’s a boy who trespassed our territory. Unfortunately, he does not know the security of a named coven. He was caught by our warriors and in interrogation, he said he was here to kill you. Remember offending anyone to that extent?”

Leigh frowned. She did have a lot of enemies and a lot would pay millions to have her dead. But who was this boy?

“I can’t remember offending someone young,” she said. “Do you know his name?”

Charis paused and she snapped her fingers. “Said his name is Kellan Fosser. Ring a bell?”

The first name did not. But the last name did. Fosser. After all, how many spawns did that bastard have?

She inhaled sharply. “I know him. Where is he?”

“In the prison, of course,” Charis shrugged. “He can’t say he wants to kill my coven member and walk away free.”

Leigh smirked. She could always count on her coven’s epsilons. They were a deadly combination. While Charis was straightforward with her questions and killed them if they did not answer, Erasma was different. She played weak and sly and literally no one could escape her mind games.

“Wait a minute, Epsilon,” she said. “I will get ready to meet the boy.”

Charis grinned. “Worried I will steal your lover if I came in?”

Leigh snorted. “Too interested in my life, should I be calling Erasma?”

Charis shook her head. “That girl has me wrapped around her finger. You think that male in your house could do anything?”

Leigh laughed and shrugged. “Come in if you want.”

Before even she could enter, Charis entered her house and took the sofa to herself.

Shaking her head, she headed to her room to find an annoyed Gaelan.

“Fosser’s kid?” he asked. “Should I finish him?”

She shook her head. “He saw me hurt his father. Of course, he would be angry. I expected him to come, just not so soon.”

“You are going to meet him,” he said.

She nodded. “I have to.”

“You don’t have to!” he said. “Not in your condition.”

She smiled. “I am just three weeks if it is as you say. I am not delicate.”

He just gritted his teeth. “Do you know? There is not a day I don’t regret-”

“-knowing about your daughter,” she said. “You want to find her and show her a way. You are, after all, her father. You have been denied your rights. You are worried about this fetus now.”

He blinked. “How did-”

“If I did not,” she said, pulling on a random pair sweat pants and a loose top. “I can’t say I’ve known you for twenty years.”

When she came down, Charis’ eyes were wide. No doubt the Epsilon heard their conversation.

“What is it?”

“You are pregnant?” she whispered.

“I guess that’s what carrying a fetus means,” she replied.

“Don’t be a smart ass with me,” Charis said, pulling her into a hug. “I am so fucking happy for you, Leigh. After everything, Luna still smiles on you.”

For the first time, she knocked on the bond she had with that quasar. Surva? What does this mean?

There was a momentary pause before she answered. You being pregnant?


Why can’t you be? She asked. You’re not happy?

I am! She said. I can’t understand...

Then don’t, she said. There are certain things we are not meant to understand. Take this as one and don’t lose your head over this.


You will find the answer yourself, child. She said and cut the conversation.


The prison stank. Was it always like this or was it because she was coming here after five years? Charis was walking beside her with calmness while Gaelan who was following her invisibly, was on her other side.

Kellan was bound by chains and when he saw her, he rattled it. She could see the aggressiveness on his face.

“Bitch,” he spat.

“Kellan Fosser,” she said calmly. “Son of Lukas Fosser and Harriet Grin. My Epsilon says you want to kill me. I assume it is because you saw me hurting your father?”

The chains rattled again. His green eyes were lifeless and filled with so much malice that struck her deep. His hair was unkempt and was strewn all over his face and his beard was growing.

“Hurt my father?” he snarled. “You know what you did, bitch? After you left, Harper came. She saw how my father was hurt and she fired him. She even fired my mother. While my mother did try to piece my family together, my father turned to drugs. He kept beating us up. Me, my mother and my sister. He still comes home and yells how you have ruined his life. You did ruin his life.”

Leigh did not utter a word. She knew he was not done.

“You were crazy,” he said. “You want the truth. ‘Oh! I am the manifestation of truth!’ ‘I want the truth to be out!’ ‘I have sacrificed myself for truth!’. Do you know the consequences of revealing a truth? It tore my family apart! The worst thing, my sister does not even deserve this. Tressa does not.”

With a controlled voice, she asked, “Do you know what your father did? Your mother did?”

He scoffed. “Why would I need to believe you?”

“Cause I can’t lie,” she said. “Want me to tell you a story?”

He rolled his eyes.

She took that as a yes.

“There was once a female,” she began. “She met her mate and she thought, maybe they could be together. But the one who was controlling that female’s life came in, b-broke the mate bond and killed her mate. Not only did that male kill her mate, he even took her to a lab where he said he wanted to do some experiments on her.”

At that point, she was crying, but she did not stop. “In that lab, she was handed to the head doctor. Unfeeling that the female had gone through emotional trauma, that doctor abused her. He injected her with chemicals that burned her veins. That turned her blood black and scorched her organs.”

She heard a gasp and that was when she realised that even Charis was hearing it for the first time. “You know what that doctor did if she screamed in pain? He would hit her with an iron rod, hot rods or sometimes even whip her until her skin no longer healed. He broke her bones, just to hear the sound. He starved her of food. Of blood.”

She looked at the boy through her tears. He was just glancing at her with an unreadable expression. “That female was me, Kellan and that doctor was your father. Tell me, can’t I give him a few punches?”

He inhaled sharply.

“Your mother,” she said. “Was a different story altogether. She says she did it because Harper had you under her control, but still, what she did was wrong. She meddled with a male, made him think she was his mate and altered his memory in such a way that he thought he had a baby girl with your mother. After the spell broke, he was shattered.”

Kellan’s anger was nowhere.

“Tell me,” she said. “Are your parents free of their sins?”

He shook his head. “Th-they are not.”

She wiped her tears and stood up. “You can go. You held a grudge against the wrong person.”

He shook his head. “I have to do something. Is there something I can do for you?”

She shook her head. “Be good. That’s all. Take care of your sister.”

“There must be something!” he protested when she turned. “There must be something.”

“I don’t want you to owe to me for what your parents did.”

“I have to do something,” he said.

She sighed and bit her lips. This boy was actually strong. He had taken after his father who was a vampire. While none could track her when she was with Gaelan, this boy managed to do so. Was he a warlock too?

“What is your race?”

He replied. “I am a vampire. I have a bit of Magyc blood in me, but that just enhances my power.”

“That is?”

“Tracking,” he said. “I am a tracker.”

Leigh’s lips took a faint smile. “I want you to track someone for me. Can you do it?”


“Just one spoon!” she groaned, running after him.

Her son ran as fast as his toddler legs could carry him into the backyard. She groaned and ran after him. He had just begun to walk and now he was running at every chance.

Her footsteps faltered when she saw him standing there, blinking at her son. Their son.

It had been a bloody year since she last saw him. He was there when their son was born, but he left immediately claiming that Harper’s mother had found his involvement and he had to go back to the prison. Ever since that day, he never came down. He had promised her that he would find a way to her but just did not say when. As months passed, she had begun to lose hope. After all, not everyone in her life stayed forever.

He crouched to his level and smiled at the boy. “Giving your mother trouble, eh?”

Leigh snorted. “What are you doing here?”

“No warm welcomes, Leigh?” he asked.

She scoffed. “You were gone for a year, you bastard! You come back suddenly and you want a warm welcome?”

He smiled. “How I missed that sharp tongue of yours!”

She shrugged and went back inside the house, leaving her son with him. After the way Gaelan held their son, she knew he would not do anything to him.

As expected, he came in uninvited, with their son on his shoulder.

“Leigh,” he said. “Leigh!”

But she continued to walk towards the kitchen and she pulled a knife. He took a step back, but she could see the satisfaction in his eyes. Keeping an eye on him, she began to cut the onions she needed for her dinner.

“I get the message,” he laughed. “I get it.”

He just walked out and played with the toddler in the hall.

Did he even know how much she missed him? She had to cry herself to sleep following his leave. Her son did offer her comfort, but it was not like Gaelan’s hug. That guy was a big cuddler.

As if he sensed her tears, he came into the kitchen and enveloped her in a warm hug. “I wanted you to be happy when you saw me. Not cry.”

She just cried harder.

“I am sorry,” he whispered. “I would have come, but Rionach, Harper’s mother, had a tracker on me. If I came to you with that, she would have found out about you and our son and she would have killed you both. I can’t lose you. I tried my best to conserve my energy to break out. Just when I did, Rionach came up to me and said how her daughter had captured my daughter, Epione. If Harper had Epione under her, she would use my daughter’s powers for herself. To stop it, I went to the West Pack.”

She bit her lips.

“I was late,” he said. “I lost her again. I had to come here. If I came here any later, I would have lost you too.”

She wound her hands around his neck and pulled him down hard. Their lips met in a frenzy. His hand immediately went to her hip and the other buried itself in her hair. Her hands were clawing at the shirt he was wearing.

The squeaky sound of a toy brought them back to reality. Her legs had been wrapped around his waist and his shirt was beyond redemption.

With a chuckle, he let her down. “What is his name?”

“Tristan,” she said. “I was waiting for his last name.”

He shook his head. “Tristan sounds good. Tristan, it is.”

She put an inch between them. “You are not claiming him as your son?”

He frowned. “I am.”

“I need his last name,” she hissed.

Understanding flashed in his eyes. “Rose, we stars don’t have any last names.”

She blinked. “What?”

He nodded. “I can’t give him the last name, cause I don’t have one. We stars recognise each other for who we are. Not by whose kids we are. If we really wanted to know whose kids we are, one sniff and they can tell who my parents are. Why do you think Royals don’t have a last name? They are descendants of a quasar. They can’t have a last name.”

“So,” her voice shook. “He won’t have a last name?”

Gaelan shook his head. “Sorry, rose. He can’t. He is my son and he takes too much after me.”

Too many thoughts flew into her head.

“Does that mean,” she began, gulping loudly. “Does that mean, he is immortal? You will take him to space?”

Gaelan pondered. “Yes.”

“You will take my son away from me?”

He frowned. “Now, why would I do that?”

She blinked. “I can’t understand! If you are taking him to space, I am a vampire! I can’t-”

He shut her with another kiss. “My mother’s race... we don’t have a soul-bound. That’s what they say. Ecthos don’t have a soul-bound. Do you want to know why?”

She raised her eyebrows.

“Cause we can fall in love only once,” he said. “Just once. We can’t live with a broken heart. Why would we need a soul-bound, tell me?”

She licked her lips.

“I love you, Leigh Caskor,” he murmured. “I love you too much to give up immortality to be with you. Does that satisfy you, my rose?”

She just blinked. “Then you better stay here. With me.”

“I would not dare anything else.”


They were in the Omicron’s office. Lawan and Wirat who had come here after Somsak’s death stared at her as if they had never met her. She could understand their surprise. They just saw her, and her son, who was sitting on her lap. And at the male standing behind her.

“Gaelan!” Lawan exclaimed. “What are you doing here? It’s been a while since I saw you.”

“Who is this male, Leigh?” Eliana asked, her hazel eyes though it fluttered on everyone, it lingered on Gaelan a little longer.

“Tristan’s father,” she said.

The twins, the Omicrons’ children exchanged looks and then they smirked.

Calix, the elder twin quipped. “So, you are the male Leigh has been seeing the past twenty-five years?”

Gaelan returned his smirk. “I must be doing a good job keeping her with me, right?”

Kyril shook his head. “I can see your good job.”

Leigh just glared at the twins. When they were young, they were a little less insufferable. But as they grew, it was becoming too much.

“Kyril!” Eliana screamed mortified.

“What, mom?” he asked with a smile. “Am I wrong?”

Before his mother could reprimand him, Lawan just blinked. “Gaelan? You are with Leigh?”

He nodded. “I am. Any problem?”

“All these years-”

“Leigh was the one who gave me the information,” he said. “I just passed it on to you.”

It was then Wirat’s phone rang. Seeing the caller ID, Lawan and Wirat rushed out.

At the same time, her phone rang. Passing her son to Gaelan, she raised her eyebrows at the name. Riley. He was half-brother of Nox, the star who Gaelan said was his friend.

She attended the call. “What is it?”

But it was not Riley who answered. It was Mali. That female had the guts to call her?

“I fucked it up, Leigh,” she wept. “I fucked up real bad.”

Leigh blinked. “What did you do now?”

Mali kept weeping. “Draco... Draco found the truth.”

Leigh let out a sigh of relief. It was like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. “That’s good.”

“It is not.” Mali wailed. “He... he stormed out. He is really pissed at me. Riley will do something to him if he harms me.”

Gaelan snorted next to her. Riley was half-star, son of Rigel. What can that half-star do to a first-generation pulsar? Nothing.

“It is your fault,” Leigh said mercilessly. “I have warned you countless times. What have you done? Hide the truth. Did I not say that lies will be better only until the truth comes biting you in the ass?”

Unable to listen to that female’s pitiful rant, she cut the call. Minutes later, Lawan and Wirat entered the office.

“We are sorry for the disruption, Omicron,” Wirat said. “We have to leave for Omicron Riley’s coven. Our friend has been cheated and lied upon. We want to go there.”

Belen looked at her. After all, they had come to the coven only after Riley had spoken to her. He asked her to grant their entrance and keep them safe.

Leigh clicked her tongue. “But Gaelan and I will come.”

Lawan was about to protest, but Wirat held her back. “Draco said you somehow helped him uncover the truth, is that true?”

Gaelan huffed. “She was the one who found out about Harriet in the first place.”

“That’s why you saved Draco that night,” Lawan whispered.

“That’s not the only reason,” Leigh said.

“What else?” she asked.

“I am coming,” she said. “I will tell you on the way.”

“Hold up!” Kyril said, opening his phone. “I am coming too.”

“What do you know?” Leigh asked.

“I know nothing,” he admitted. “But I do know, it will be fun.”

“Kyril!” Eliana admonished.

Kyril just grinned and showed them his phone. “Six plane tickets. The flight’s taking off the day after tomorrow.”

Leigh shook her head and headed out.

“Popcorn or nachos?” Gaelan asked.

“Why not both?” she smirked.

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