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Chapter 18

A/N: Be warned. This chapter contains hot and sweet in a whole new combination. You will see the other side of the characters you have never seen before. After what happened to Draco’s past, I wanted to write something light, but it turned out to be like this.

Anyway, enjoy the sweetness while it lasts!


I blinked. How of all places, did I landed in the Kelp Confusion again? Giant kelps that went on vertically. Why was I here again?

“Ursa’s dead,” a voice said.

Unlike last time, I was not able to see anyone. I could just hear voices.

“What happened to the others?” a familiar voice asked.

Familiar? I frowned. It was a voice I heard from my voice box. Of course, it would be familiar. But what was my voice doing here? And more specifically, how did it know what was going on?

“I don’t know, Draco,” the male voice said. “But... it seems like there was a symbol next to Ursa’s body.”

“Ursa’s body?” that familiar voice asked. “She is a first-generation star! How could she have a body after her death? She would have dissolved-”

“I know,” the first voice said. “That’s why the situation is curious.”

“And,” I said. “If Ursa had been killed with her Soul-Bound, where is his body? Or energy track?”

“We don’t know,” a new female voice said. “But we did find one thing.”

“What?” I asked.

“There was a pattern... a symbol next to Ursa’s body,” the female said. “It appeared like...”

“Like?” I pressed.

“Like the one, we saw beyond the bind,” the female said. “I don’t know how that symbol is related to Ursa.”

“Are you sure about the symbol?” I asked.

The female replied. “Affirmative. I checked it.”

“How is it even possible?” I mumbled. “Even Rionach-”

“Even she failed at containing the ones beyond the bind,” the male said. “We saw it.”

“What do you guys think?” I asked.

“Exactly what you are thinking,” the female said. “Lyra’s already working on it. We are planning on finding out who is behind this.”

“But our-” I began.

“We know,” the male said. “We can’t survive. We have to do this. We owe this to Ursa.”

“What can I do?” I asked. “Nowadays, I am sitting idly at Kelp Confusion doing nothing.”

“Are you crazy?” the female snapped. “I may be the life-extender, but you and that stubborn one are the reasons why we are still alive. You took the brunt force of the poison. Even if you are Immune, Draco, you still need time to heal. Even you have a limit above which you can’t take. That time, you took nearly all. I can see how clearly your soul is on the verge of shattering. Take a rest. We shall see to this.”

“I am coming to Origins as soon as I make sure Elta is stable,” I said.

“Stubborn,” the male muttered.

“Whatever,” she said. “Be safe.”


Sleep evaded me after that dream. Now, I was not sure if it was a dream or something else. It could be due to various reasons. One, this Elta character was a real star. She was up there. Number two, the feeling was different. I somehow accepted that the voice was mine. It made no sense, but it felt right. Were reincarnations possible? If so, I believed I was that Draco dude in my last life.

As much as I was awake, I did not open my eyes. I did not want to face the harsh reality. I had been so tired, emotionally drained that the last thing I remembered was going to Tara’s. Did I imagine that Taurus had come? If I had, that was a sweet dream I never wanted to wake from.

But the scent on the bedcover over me told me a different story. It held a unique mix of vanilla and silicon. Just by this scent, I knew whose bed I was on. While there was a chance that Taurus rushed over and took me to bed, I was sure that he would not have slept next to me.

My traitorous eyes opened and glared at the clock. It cheerfully showed me two fifteen in the midnight. I groaned and turned and laid on the bed again. Who knew? Being emotionally drained was as good as being physically beaten.

I tried to wrap the cover over me, just to find that I had been wrapped like a burrito. I grinned. Second Warrior did keep his words when he said he would do this.

I closed my eyes. If I pretended to sleep, would I fall asleep again? While one part of my brain said it was a great idea, other scoffed at it. I sighed and threw the covers off me.

Sitting up, I looked around the Warrior’s room. It was very spacious. They had given me a room that was just one-fourth of this room. Just how unfair was that? Just because he was a Warrior did that mean he could get a bigger room?

Pouting, I got up and found a pair of new shoes near the bed as if someone knew I would get up. My heart warmed at this. If someone told me that this was fake too, I would gladly live in this lie than the truth of not meeting this fluffy Warrior.

I slipped my feet into the shoes, and got up. Sounds echoed from outside. Was that where Taurus was? But it did not sound like he was talking to someone. Faint thumps were the only things I could hear. What was he doing?

I had to find him and talk about this. I had to know what was going on. If I did not, I would probably lose my mind.

I opened the door and followed the source of the sound. Fair enough, I was led to the basement. But before I entered, I frowned. I knew what power Taurus held in the Royal court as well as anywhere else. Getting on his good side would be something many could only dream of. But straight-up giving this guy a house to stay at? Was this not equal to bribing?

I went ahead. I had to see what this male was doing with my own eyes.

I wanted to thank him and talk about that weird dream but seeing what was before me, I could not utter a single word. I could just bite my lip and stare at the male who was punching a punching bag. Was he giving me a visual treat? That was how it seemed to me.

He was shirtless with his black pants hugging his waist and legs in the right places. His muscles were taut and each time his shoulder blades moved, a bead of sweat rolled down his brown skin. His hair was wet as if he had gotten out of a shower, but I knew better. He did not have boxing gloves but just black hand wraps.

I gulped. I would be lying if this did not turn me on. Damn it.

As if he scented me, he turned. Though there was a carnal rage burning in his eyes, they melted when they landed on me. I chuckled to myself. I could take that carnal rage on any time.

Before he could move, I went ahead, keeping my insecurities at bay. I brought that confidence that laced in my blood out. This guy was the top of the food chain or any chain for that matter. If I was going to convince him, I had to show my worth. It would do me no use cowering in the corner in fear and awe. If I had to make him see me, I had to be confident and know what I was worth.

But did the thoughts just spur me on? No, it was the way his pupils dilated, the way his tongue licked his bottom lip subtly, the way his adam’s apple bobbed and certainly the way his scent changed to call out to mine.

I could see the same emotion that ran in me shimmering in his silver eyes. Did he want this? There was just one way to find this out.

For a second, I faltered. It reminded me too much of Lana. What she did to me. What she took from me. I had not been able to fight her off. I had been paralysed in fear. Thought it was only once, the damage was done. Lawan and Wirat had taken me to a psychiatrist for about five years before I returned to normal. And even after all those sessions, I simply did not have the urge to have sex. Just a kiss here and there. Even that had taken most of my energy to not freak out.

But here I was. I was feeling an emotion I never thought I would be able to again. For this male. What if I was doing something to him, like what Lana did to me all those years back? Chills crept up my spine. I wanted words of reassurance from this male, but all I got was silence. Did he even want this? Or was I taking his choice?

But I damn well knew that if he had not wanted this, he would not be looking at me with those eyes.

I took leisure steps towards him, controlling my eagerness to run him. If I did that, it would ruin this whole teasing. I gave him enough time to back out, but he did nothing but keep his eyes locked with mine.

I smirked. This did nothing but boost my confidence. When there was merely a foot or two between us, he took a step back, as if he was afraid of me.

He was afraid of me? I searched his face, the lines that smoothened and the flecks in his eyes. No, he was not afraid. He was not disgusted. But there was curiosity, there was amusement and something else.

What was it?

Finally, he was pressed against the wall. And there was only a foot distance between us. I inched more and he still did not move his eyes away from me. I wanted words and yet again, I could not find my voice to ask the question that the rational part of my mind was screaming and he did not answer.

Purposefully, I glanced at his lips and licked my own. Those lush lips. How would it be when I kissed them?

His scent drove me crazy. It was all sweat and arousal. I nearly groaned just by smelling that. I wanted to breathe this more.

More. More. More. That was the only thing going on in my mind. Another half-inch, I stopped. No, not because I wanted to hug him, bury my face in his neck and breathe the scent that was my undoing, but I felt something. Down.

His pant between his legs was tented. I could feel his cock straining against the fabric. I stopped just there. My legs could brush it, but nothing more. Not until he took the initiative. Not until he opened his mouth and told me what he wanted.

While his body told me a story, his silence told me another. My confidence was wavering and the fire that possessed me was being subdued. The insecurities and the self-mockery became louder. Was I any better than Lana? I should be taking a step back, but I was rooted here. I could not physically bring myself away from him.

Why would this male ever want me? He was a Warrior! A top tier even in his race. Why would he ever want a mortal like me? An unshifted werewolf?

All his kindness could be just because I saved his life. Perhaps, that was where he drew the line. It could be just me who could not see it clearly. He could be straight. He could be just into females. While he could be accepting of gays, would be attracted to a male himself?

But despite everything, did I want this male? Did I want to possess him? I did. I damn well did. I did not usually taken what I want. But he would be the first thing ever. I would fight for him.

I placed one hand on the wall, next to his head. I steadied where I stood but just leant over. Even this was not meant to happen, even if he was not into males, I could just take his scent, right?

Even when I dove my head to his neck, he said nothing. If he was disgusted by this, he would have thrown me out. He had the powers to rip me apart, either by words or physically. But he did nothing.

I closed my eyes. I could no longer just read him silently. I inhaled his scent like it was my drug. A drug to which I could never develop tolerance.

The second the tip of my nose tip touched his neck, the second our skin came into contact, a moan so light reached my ears. My eyes snapped open. Did I hear it wrong? One tiny glance up, he was closing his eyes tightly and was biting his lower lip. Was he trying to make me lose control?

In the heat, I could feel how rapid his pulse was. How hot his skin was. His jaws were clenched and he was exposing his neck without realising what he was doing. His hands were by his side, clenching hard as if he did not know what to do with them. But his cock just became harder.

What was he doing by giving me dominance? Why was he being submissive? I thought if this was ever to happen, I would be the one to receive it. I would be the submissive one.

I lifted my head and traced the way his lips was being tortured by his teeth with my eyes. Before I could do anything, I heard the door being opened.

Apparently, he did the same. He opened his eyes, but the spell had not yet lost its intensity. If anything, I saw another emotion. Frustration.

Footsteps came closer and I took my hand off and moved away. But one had increased their pace and came into the gym before either of us could move. By the scent alone, I was sure I was in trouble. Thankfully we had moved apart and had controlled ourselves before others could come in.

I turned and looked into the eyes of the one who entered first. She had seen how we were. In what position we were before she came in. Her eyes obviously did not miss anything. Her brown eyes shone with mirth and excitement.

I just knew from one glance, I could not escape Antlia now.


We had cooled down pretty quick especially after two annoying creatures came into Taurus’ temporary house uninvited. Nox and Niran were arguing illogically. While Taurus went ahead to take a shower, Antlia pursed her lips and gave me that suppressed smirk.

I frowned at her. What did she want?

“A compromising position, don’t you agree?” she asked with a teasing tone in her voice.

I looked at the star who was making dinosaur noises for some reason and Niran acting like a stork. I was not even going to comment on that one.

I thought back. “Must I?”

She laughed. “I never took Taurus for being like that!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Usually, when people have problems with love, they go to Taurus,” she said. “But when it comes to the affairs of his heart, I don’t know what he does. But I do know that he has a lot of burdens and he does help people see clearly about love. Make them fight for it. But for him? I don’t know. Does he give himself a pep talk in front of a mirror?”

I snorted. “Clear about love?”

“What?” she challenged. “You don’t believe me?”

“I am not sure,” I mumbled. “I am not sure about anything when it comes to him.”

“Not sure about anything?” Antlia teased. “Are you sure? Cause what I felt between you guys... damn!”

I slumped in my chair. “I don’t know.”

“Don’t know,” Antlia asked. “Or don’t want to admit it?”

“I don’t know!” I protested. “I like him a lot, okay? Too much. He is so gentle with me and takes care of me so much that my heart melts whenever I think of him. But he? I don’t know, okay? Is he even into males? Is he bisexual? I can’t tell!”

“If he was not into males,” Antlia said casually. “Or at least he was not into you, he would not allow you to pin him to the wall like that. He is a Warrior! Dominance is in their nature. Just to think that he was there in that position, it spoke volumes. Just push him a little more, eh?”

“More?” I asked. “I am afraid, I might either die of rejection, embarrassment or just Taurus killing me.”

Antlia laughed. “Die of rejection? Are you sure?”


Upon my answer, her laughter stopped and seriousness took over. “Really? How deep are you?”

“I never expected to feel this strong this soon,” I admitted. To be honest it felt great telling it to one person. “It’s scaring me. After Harriet, I thought I would never feel this way. Even her, I don’t think I ever fancied her. I have never felt anyone’s gaze burning me, Ant. Every time I look at him, my heart beats fast, and happiness floods my system. If this is love, I want it. I want to fight for it. But, I don’t think I can ever take a rejection from him. If he says he is just straight, I don’t think I can live with that. Not after telling him what I want.”

“Draco,” she said, her voice full of sympathy. “I don’t know about his preferences. But many stars are indeed bisexual. But I don’t know if Taurus is too. No Warriors tease him with anyone, so, I don’t know. But, I will ask you to give this a shot. What if he was into you?”

“The fifty per cent chance of him not being into me is killing me,” I said. “All this while, I was thinking, I know about myself. But last night I learnt a terrifying truth. I don’t even know who I am anymore. With what face can I ask him to give me a chance?”

“If he asks?”

“Will he?” I asked. “If he does, I don’t know what I would do. As much as I want to be with him, I want to know who I am now. I want to give him the best version of myself, not the one who is still confused about what he wants and what he knows.”

Before Antlia could ask me another question, a loud crash resonated. We both looked up at the two imposters who claimed they were adults. The older one was looking at the broken phone with wide eyes, while Niran was gulping.

“I...” Niran began. “I will buy you a new phone?”

Nox then began to weep. I blinked. What the hell was I seeing?

“You!” Nox yelled, pointing his finger at Niran. “I shall kill thee.”

“Dude!” the vampire yelped when Nox ran after him. “It’s just a phone! My life’s not worth it.”

“Then you should not have broken it!” Nox shouted.

I looked at Antlia who was having a hard time keeping her laughter in check.

When did it escalate to this? Were they not mimicking a dinosaur and a stork? How did the phone come into the picture?

Just as Nox pulled Niran but his shirt collar and the vampire making an exaggerated choking noise, Taurus walked in.

I tried my best to look away. He had just showered. How could he appear more handsome than he already was?

His skin had a certain freshness to it while his hair was messed up very sexily. Not to mention, his lips were even more lush and his movements more pronounced. I could not look into his eyes. The eyes that had shown me the heat of the moment. I can’t look at it when it showed no emotion.

“What the fuck is going on here?” he asked, calmly as he took a seat opposite to Antlia, ignoring me. As expected.

“He,” Nox pouted pointing at Niran. “He broke my phone.”

“It’s just a phone dude!” Niran protested. “I said I will buy you a new one. Why are you creating such a fuss?”

Nox sniffed his faux tears. “Cause... cause that phone had something. If I sold that, I could potentially become the richest male alive!”

Antlia suddenly showed interest in that. “What did it have, oh great Nox?”

Taurus’ shoulder slumped. “Just for a phone!”

“I know right!” Niran said, sitting next to Taurus.

Though I knew Niran had been friends with Taurus for so many years and he was mated happily to Rune, it did not stop that ugly feeling that crept on me. It choked me to the point, I had to cough lightly and focus on the broken phone, hoping it would distract me. I did not like this feeling. It said how insecure I was. But that was the truth and I could do nothing.

“It had a piece of important evidence!” Nox said, looking at Antlia for support. “A very important one. Aries would buy it in a heartbeat! Cancer had already pre-booked it!”

Antlia’s eyes sparkled. “Cancer’s coming here?”

Nox nodded. “She is going to release a new album. She wanted to film her MV in Summer Pack. So, on her way, she is coming here.”

Antlia beamed. “Best news ever!”

“Cancer?” I mumbled frowning. Then it suddenly dawned to me. “Don’t tell me that-”

“Carcen, the greatest singer Laukris has seen in ages,” Taurus said. “Is Cancer. She... she claimed she had the heart for music. And she is doing well.”

“Carcen,” I mumbled. “Carcen is actually Cancer? Wow!”

“Her fan?” Antlia asked.

I blinked. “How can anyone not be?”

It was not possible to not be that female’s fan. Her voice, her ability to hit all the octaves and pitches was something no one could do it. She had complete control over the music and her expressions were on point.

While I was still in shock, Antlia asked, “What did she pre-book?”

“A photo!” Nox said. “A photo.”

“For a photo, you were about to kill me?” Niran asked.

“Not just any photo!” Nox argued. “It cost me a million!”

“A million?” Antlia spluttered. “What was that picture?”

Taurus pinched the bridge between his eyes. “Are you done? This is so stu-”

“A picture of you!” Nox blurted looking at the Warrior. “A picture of you.”

“A picture of me?” Taurus asked incredulously. “What was so great about that? You can take one now.”

“You don’t get it!” Nox said. “It was a rare pic of you.”

“Look if you are not going to get to the point, I won’t mind explaining to Rigel why I killed his son.”

Then Nox gave me a cheeky grin. At that grin, I knew he had something up his sleeve. Something that could potentially embarrass me.

“A picture of you,” Nox drawled, sharing an evil smile with Antlia. “Taking care of this assassin here. I even had a video.”

Taurus’ expression froze. I was mortified. For a second, I did not know if I should be happy that it got destroyed or feel sad that I could not see it.

“What?” the Warrior said, his voice deep.

“That look!” Nox said, his voice full of mirth and expression that said he was up to no good. “So soft and tender, as if you were dealing with a baby kitten instead of a grown-ass assassin made of muscles and killing aura. I got a good shot of it. Just last night. When you picked Draco from Tara’s. That panicked expression and full of concern. The way you carried him-”

Taurus snarled and Nox shut his mouth.

Niran then fell on the floor and clutched his chest. “I deserve to die! I have destroyed such a precious photo! Evidence! Kill me, Nox!”

Before Nox could do anything, Taurus waved his wrist and Nox flew to the other side of the room where he collided with the wall and fell like a lump on the floor.

I glanced at the Warrior who was busy glaring at Nox’s body. But while Niran raced to Nox and Antlia choking on her laugh, I saw shyness creep to his cheeks in the form of light redness. Slowly, his ear tips were red and so was his neck.

I was lost again at this sight. At a sight, I now swore no one had seen. Can I dare to call this terrifying male adorable?

I smirked and turned to Antlia. “Rigel will take this easy, right?”

Antlia just collapsed on the ground, her hands on her chest. Looking at her and then back at Taurus, I asked him. “Luna will take this easy, right?”

He avoided my eyes. “I am not doing anything to Antlia.”

“You won’t do anything to Antlia,” I said, suppressed my urge to smile at his pout that he was trying hard to hide. “But stats do say that it is possible for one to die from laughing.”

Taurus just glared at me. And unlike so many who had crumbled under his glare, I could see how light it was. How it did not affect me the way it should have. Either he was losing his touch, or it simply did not work on me. I chuckled at him, baffling him further.

A/N: Who would you guys be in this above situation? Niran, Nox or Antlia? Or Taurus or Draco?

What do you feel about Taurus in this chapter?

What do you think about Draco? Should he make the first move or wait for Taurus to give him the green signal?

What are your thoughts on the past that Draco saw/heard at the beginning of the chapter?

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