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Chapter 2

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“Dave-” Zoya began, but when the omicron did not pay her attention, she pleaded again. “Let the boy go, Dave. Let him go.”

Prying her hands from his chest, Dave said nothing.

Lana smiled sweetly at me. The second my breathing became difficult, I knew she was controlling the muscles of my body. Without using any binds, she made me sit on the chair and stay there.

“No,” I whispered. The worst part was, I could not even close my eyes. I had to see it all. “No. Please.”

She pouted and jerked her head and that was when my voice left me.

“You know,” she said, dragging her nails across my face. “I love it when I hear your voice during our sessions. I love it when you beg. Gets me all wet.”

What kind of sick female was she? How could she even derive pleasure from molesting me? Could people even derive pleasure from what she did? Were people like that?

Why could she not understand the simple English word, ‘no’? No meant no. My body’s reaction did not mean I wanted it. It was a normal physiological reaction to a touch stimulus. Just because she touched in the right places to stimulate me and make me get an erection did not mean I wanted her to touch me.

It had taken about five years for me to recover what she did to me then. Still, I could not allow people to touch me. I could still feel the crawling fingers moving up and down my chest when she had strapped me to my bed and had her way with me.

I had tried to scream and shout, but who could listen when she had taken my voice? After she had left me, humiliation had crept up on me and no one could believe that a hitman like me was raped by Lana.

Would she have her way with me again? If so, I did not know if I could survive again.

“Draco,” she cooed in my ears. “I know you want it.”

I gulped and tried to breathe. Perhaps being calm and saying the right thing would get me out of this situation.

I kept staring at her. Pleading her with my eyes. What had I done to deserve this?

“Lana!” Zoya shrieked and Lana’s hold over me shattered. “That is not right.”

Lana began to laugh. “Not right? You mean... males can have their way with females and we can’t have ours with them?”

Zoya bit back her snarl. “It is not. Touch without consent is wrong whether it is female or male.”

While Lana looked at Dave, I could focus on getting my breath back. Zoya saved me today. But who was to say that she would save me again? Say that I could be saved again?

It was only after meeting Lana did I knew how fear could grapple you in its arms and never let you go. How it had an absolute say in every little thing you do in your life after tasting it. The power it had over me was terrifying.

Fear would force you in a corner and make you build a prison in the name of shelter around you. And sometimes when you began to believe what it said, it would make you lose the one key you had for you to escape, taking you its hostage.

To escape from that, you had to find the damned key and locate the lock. Even if you freed yourself unless you had help or helped yourself, you could never recover from the damage it did.

“Is it so?” Lana asked, cocking her head.

Before Zoya could answer, Dave glared at the female vampire and bit harshly down her neck.

She cried in pain and when Dave did not seem to let her go that easily, she began to whimper.

“Pathetic,” Lana commented. “And she wants to save you?”

I stayed silent. Though she was free to control me again, Lana shrugged and let me go. She did not control me anymore.

Did she finally understand that I was not interested in her?

“Don’t be so happy,” she snorted. “I let you go because you are unmated and I am unmated and with the full moon coming if I drink your blood, I will go in Haze. I don’t want to go in Haze because of you of all people. Filthy dogs.”

I ground my molars. I was unmated? I was unmated? Whose fault was that? Rage like no other burned in my body, but I knew to show my anger out here would be deleterious for me.

Yet the memory of the cold, still body of my mate in my arms pumped fuel in my body. Next to her, was my two-year-old daughter who was clutching to the toy I had brought her then. How could I forget my family? My mate and my daughter? When this coven was the one who killed them?

My body shook and it was quite hard to contain that anger. Kessa, my mother. Aiko, Sean’s daughter. It was only because of these two, I tolerated everything. They did not deserve this. If not for them, I would have given my best and hoped to kill Dave. If I had died in that process, it would not be in vain.

“Look at this!” Dave commented, releasing Zoya. “Draco is angry.”

Lana laughed. “Isn’t it cute?”

“Cute?” Dave asked, cocking his head. “Nah. Throw him where he deserves to be.”

Zoya gasped. “No! Not the prison! He did-”

“He did not do anything,” Dave said in a bored tone. “Yes. I know that. But who can question me? Better yet, who can stand against me? I hate him and I want him in the prison.”

Zoya zipped her mouth and cast her eyes to the ground. The bite had already healed, but her neck was still bloody. Her bra and her hair had taken the stain of the red liquid.

“Lana?” Dave called. “Care to take care of him?”

The she-vampire smirked at her on and off lover. “Of course. After that... will you give me what I came here for?”

Dave gave her a forlorn look. “Mali will be entering Haze this full moon. You know that. How can you ask me to be with you when I have to be with her?”

“Dave!” Lana pouted, placing her hands over her hips. “I haven’t asked you anything much this year.”

“Lana,” he reprimanded softly as he left Zoya and neared her. “Mali is my mate. This Haze can bless us with a child. We need an heir.”

“I am unmated,” Lana said. “It is true. I won’t enter the Haze until I am mated or consume the blood of an unmated person. But, the new moon does hit us hard. The craving for blood and sex would be undeniable.”

Dave sighed and kissed her full on her lips. “Mali does not say much about the whores I have on my side. She is rather a compliant mate. I want her that way. Once she has a child in her belly, I won’t be required to do all the duties of a mate. I will be free. Just this full moon, love.”

Lana snorted and took a step back. “You said the same thing last year!”

“Who did you go to last year when I said I had to be with Mali?”

Lana shuddered. “A human. A pathetic human.”

Dave took another step front and kissed her again. “Go find him for this time too. I promise I will find my way to your house the second the Three days pass.”

Lana did not meet his eyes. “You won’t come. You have got your whores, Dave.”

Lana and her sister, Leigh might be the only two vampires who could Dave by his name and walk away alive. It was truly a mystery to me. What did Lana do? What was she to him?

Zoya gagged behind Dave, who was ignored by Lana. If you asked any of the sex-slaves, no one wanted to share a bed with Dave. They were being forced. Why couldn’t this Omicron, like a normal person lie with the ones who wanted him and leave the ones who did not want him?

“Fine!” Dave groaned. “Who do you want to be with this time if not me?”

Lana smirked. “Wirat.”

Dave glared at her. “That male? Why him? He never looks at any other female who is not his mate!”

“Exactly that’s why,” Lana said.

“Lana!” Dave said. “He is the best Theta I got. Anything against him, all the relationship we have with other packs, covens and tribes will vanish. You can ask anyone. Even Rune! But not Wirat.”

“No fun,” Lana muttered and crossed her arms. “And, for your information, Dave, Rune is gay. A fucking gay. Better to throw him out of the coven.”

Dave took a step back. “Win Rune in a fight of fists and wits, Lana. I will do as you say. Until then, Rune will be my Epsilon.”

“Not even that worthy,” she muttered.

Dave’s eyes turned red and a snarl adorned his lips. “Not another word about Rune. Do you dare to forget the male who taught you how to fight? Rune is the best this coven has even better than Wirat. At times, he has even bested me. Not another word.”

Apparently, Lana finally understood where she stood. As much as that girl was a queen in gambling and illegal trading of weapons, she did not have much sense when it came to people who refused her. To her, she had to take what she wanted. She seriously had to learn many things concerning life.

Huffing, she turned around and walked ahead. Just as I expected, my muscles complied to her unsaid command and I was dragged behind her. I glanced at my bag mournfully and followed her. I did not have much choice.

The night hid me like it usually did. What the shadows saw in me to protect me, I would never know. Being in the tropical area, it rained and blazed every day. The clouds that had rained for the evening were retreating to leave the sky clear for the sun to frown through in the morning.

The vampires were out. In this continent, apart from humans, the three major races thrived in the night. Clubs and bars made thrice the money it did if it was open only for humans. And as the creatures who required less sleep, some were up after just four hours of sleep at night. Night and day businesses were quite happy.

Lana led me to the building that looked so high-tech outside. The prisoners it held on the top floors were better treated than I was. They were clothed, fed, and were given the freedom to do whatever they wanted. They only had to remain in that cell they had been given. As if that was punishment.

But no. Lana led me to the floors that were buried beneath the ground. The prison that was built by the Coven leaders years ago. This was not the legendary Dungeon. Dave was afraid to enter the Dungeon. He would be sucked in the Dungeon if he neared it. He knew it. But he could not do anything about that entrance. Hence, he threw an order to not allow anyone to near it.

The lift took us to the third floor below and it finally pinged. At this point, I was not afraid of the dark or what it could host. I had seen things worse than this darkness. The darkness that blinded the eyes was totally different than the tenebrosity of the mind. More dangerous. More damaging.

The second the elevator doors opened, the lights of the torches flickered to life. While some lights glowed with brilliance, others still held on the fickle life it had.

A snarl resonated in the empty floor. I had been on this floor many times than I could count. This floor had only one prisoner and she was here just because she was born to Sean.

Lana walked ahead and I trailed behind her. I preferred to walk on my own than be dragged by that female.

That snarl turned to a growl when Lana opened the cell next to hers. The door was made of fibreglass and it required a pass to open it.

“Lana!” she hissed when Lana pulled me to the corner of the cell and chained me to the wall. “Why-”

“Dave commanded,” Lana said in a bored voice. “Want to go against him?”

“Still-” she protested.

“I don’t make the rules,” Lana said when she was satisfied with the chains that held me. “I just follow them.”

Smirking, Lana bared her fangs to the starving vampire and left the floor, her laughter died seconds after she left. But the second she got on the elevator, the lights lost their glow. It became pitch black.

“What did you do now?” Aiko asked in a resigned voice.

“Nothing,” I mumbled. “Nothing at all.”

“You expect me to believe that?” Aiko asked, rolling her eyes.

I nodded. “You of all people know how Dave work.”

Aiko sighed as she sat on the floor with her legs crossed. “Something must have triggered him.”

The chains rattled as I shrugged. “Zoya tried to stop Lana going out on me.”

Aiko rolled her eyes. “Of course. Dave can never punish Zoya. He loves her blood. But you... he can punish.”

“Thanks for the motivating words, Aiko,” I said. “It helps.”

A rare shine came upon her light brown eyes. “Why? Thank you, Draco.”

I snorted but did not reply anything.

I did not know if mere seconds had passed or minutes or hours before Aiko asked, “How is he?”

My body went stiff. Was it safe to talk about them here? In a place where Dave could hear?

“Aiko-” I began.

“Just tell me, Draco,” she begged. “I am going crazy not knowing how my brother is.”

When I did not utter a word, she pushed. “Please.”

“He is doing fine,” I said, my voice breaking.

“Good,” Aiko said. “My mother-”

“You are asking me too much, Aiko,” I whispered.

“You don’t know how it is like!” she screamed suddenly. “I here for years! Years, Draco! I don’t know how many years I have been here. And for the past six months, I have not fed, not seen light until last night. I am on a thin line. I don’t know when I will die. So I might as well die happily knowing that my mother and my brother are safe.”

Her sobs ricochetted through the floor. Even the insects that had a party in the absence of light fell silent hearing her sad tale through her cry. All this time of being lonely had taken its toll on her. She was not the female I once knew. She was a shadow of that memory. Just a year ago she had said me herself when I visited her that I should never open my mouth regarding her surviving family. Now she was asking me to tell it.

“If Dave hears this,” I said, ignoring her tears. “If he hears this, he will find them and kill them. You know this.”

Aiko nodded her head miserably. “I do. By Kamaria, I do. But can’t I hope?”

“I will find a way, Aiko,” I promised. “I will find a way to free you.”

She shook her head. “Don’t waste your breath on something you can’t do.”

“Aiko!” I protested. “I promise. I will.”

“No more empty promises, Draco,” she whispered and her sobs finally died. “I am tired of them.”

“Trust me this one time, Aiko,” I begged. “Just this once.”

I had discussed with Rune about this last month. And after yesterday, I was sure that Rune would help Aiko out even if I was not part of the plan. After all, Aiko’s father, Sean was Rune’s best friend. And seeing Aiko in the prison was taking his life.

“Why? Why this time?”

I swallowed. “Rune was looking for help. As the Noble Omicron, Dave has connections with other packs, covens and tribes. We had to find someone who does not belong to the great eight but at the same time have enough power to resist Dave.”

Aiko blinked. “Rune? He did say that?”

I nodded. “What is up with Rune? Why is he being held in such high regard?”

Aiko shook her head. “You don’t know? You don’t know who Rune is?”

I shook my head. “I don’t.”

“Idiot,” Aiko muttered. “The royal family died two years ago. At least you know that?”

“I may not know many things I know,” I began. “But this is something literally everyone knows.”

“King Atticus,” Aiko said. “The King who passed away. His father’s brother, Julius, lost a fight to a vampire. Since he lost, his powers as the Royal family member was stripped and he was cast away, never to be acknowledged as a Royal. He was no longer called a royal. His blood lost every right to the throne and became a normal vampire. So, in lieu of the Royal family, he has the right to the throne more than any of us.”

I gasped. “You aren’t-”

Aiko gave nodded slowly. “I am not joking. Rune is the son of Julius. Since the Royal family is no longer alive, he has more right to the throne than anyone alive.”


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