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Chapter 20.1

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The kid had purple eyes. Like it announced he was not a part of this world. It seemed to be the purple that she saw in the sky at night rather than any earthly shade.

Though she did know that conception was rare in her kind, after seeing this baby, she could not help but think of one. Having her own bundle of joy.

The female who held the baby looked at her as if she knew something Lawan did not know. “Want to hold him?”

She was tongue-tied. How could Leigh trust her? For nearly thirty-nine years she had been hating her. Finding faults in her work, despite it being flawless.

There must be at least one pinch of hatred in that female towards her. Lawan knew how she had behaved with her. If anything, Leigh should have kicked Wirat and her out of the coven the second she received the news that she was going to come here. But that female had put in some good words about her.

The way the big eyes looked at her with interest, she could not help but extend her arm.

The baby giggled as he moved to her embrace willingly. “Pwetty.”

Lawan smiled at him. “You are pretty.”

Wirat took a step forward and Gaelan narrowed his eyes. But the other male did not say anything. He just silently observed her mate.

Wirat came and held the baby’s fingers. The kid gave him an innocent giggle which put a smile on both their lips.

“What’s his name?” Wirat asked.

“Tristan,” Leigh said with a smile.

Lawan smiled and she played with the boy for a while. While Leigh went up to pack her things, Gaelan was still hovering over awkwardly. It was that parenteral instinct to be there. Though the mother trusted them, the father did not. Rather, he was just being protective.

Ignoring him, she played with the boy who was all too enthusiastic. His scent was strong enough to fool everyone that he was a vampire, but she could feel that aura of chaos in him. The same feeling she received whenever she met Gaelan.

Currently, they were in Leigh’s house. The house that had the perfect sunrises and the moonglow. It was like a picture from a fantasy.

Someone knocked on the main door and Gealan still refused to move. Finally, Leigh had to come down.

She gave the male a nasty glare before she opened the door. Kyril and Calix came in.

“Ready to leave?” Calix asked, twirling the car keys.

Leigh nodded. “Just a minute. I have to let the luggage from my room.”

“Luggage?” Kyril asked as he came in further and made funny faces at Tristan who happily giggled. “We are not going on a vacation.”

Leigh glared at him. “I have a baby, Kyril. I have to make the necessary arrangements.”

Kyril waved his hand. “Whatever.”

Leigh huffed as she went up. “Let’s see what you do when you have a baby!”

Lawan did not know what to think of the female vampire before her. For a moment, she thought what it would be like if she had not hated her. What it would be like if she had not pretended to be with Dave. Leigh would have easily been a friend.

Calix smirked. “I am pretty sure he would be freaking out half the time.”

“I would not be freaking like you,” Kyril snorted. “I know how to handle a baby.”

Gaelan rose his eyebrows. “Have you ever handled one?”

Kyril shrugged. “It’s a reasonable speculation. When I have a child, parenting would come to me easily.”

Lawan stared at him. “You child, you need to grow up.”

Wirat shook his head. “Only if parenting was that easy.”

“It is not?” Kyril frowned. “It seems easy.”

Calix hit his brother’s head. “How are we even twins?”

Kyril rubbed the spot where he was hit. “It’s not my fault, I took all the IQ that was meant for the both of us.”

Wirat wondered. “How did you even survive for all these years?”

Kyril smiled. “I am smart.”

Calix clutched his keys. “I don’t know him.”

As if he sensed his mother, Tristan began to jump when Leigh made her way down with a huge suitcase. Seeing her, Gaelan snapped from whatever daze he was in and went to help her.

“Can we leave?” Calix asked.

Leigh nodded. “Yeah. We are all set.”

Calix opened his mouth and then closed it. Shrugging, he took a step out.

“What is it, Calix?” Leigh asked, picking her son. “Say it.”

“Must you take your son too?”

Gaelan snarled lowly. Seeing this, Leigh chuckled. “My mother does not approve of Tristan. You know this. I can’t leave him here. Not to mention, Gaelan will not leave his son out of his sight.”

Kyril snorted. “Your mother amazes me, Leigh. She was totally fine with you having an arranged mating with Dave, and now she is against Tristan? This female does not make any sense.”

Leigh shrugged. “I don’t know what is wrong either.”

Lawan licked her lips. “Your mother wanted to be mated to Dave?”

Leigh sighed. “Yes. She was ecstatic when I said I was going to be mated to him. When it broke off, she was pissed and refused to talk to me.”

“She still does not talk to you,” Calix said. “It’s been thirty-nine years. Why did you even agree to mate with him in the first place?”

Before Leigh could open her mouth, Gaelan growled. “Can you stop talking about that low-life?”

Leigh placed her hand over his chest. “It’s in the past. You know what happened. More than anyone else in this room.”

“What happened?” Lawan blurted out.

But Leigh did not answer. Of course, who was she for her to answer? They were not friends. They were not even acquaintances.

With awkward silence filling the space between them, they moved out. Leigh carried her son as Gealan packed their suitcase in the back of the car. Kyril took the shotgun and Calix took the driving seat.

Seeing this, Leigh passed Tristan to Kyril who happily took the baby. But the little boy began to whimper. Lawan guessed what she was trying to do.

Sighing, she said, “I will sit on Wirat’s lap. It’s not a problem.”

Leigh looked at her. “It is not a prob-”

“He is a kid, Leigh,” Lawan said. “I understand.”

Leigh took her son from Kyril and took a seat, while Lawan sat on Wirat’s lap.

“Why didn’t you bring a bigger car?” Kyril asked.

Calix frowned. “I miscounted.”

“And you say I don’t have brains,” Kyril said. “What am I going to do with you, brother?”

Gaelan smirked. “And you are the future Omicron. You miscalculated.”

Calix pouted. “It was a mistake okay? I am sorry.”

Leigh reached the front and ruffled his hair. “Is the baby angry?”

Calix moved away from her hand. “I am not a baby, Leigh.”

“Sure?” Kyril asked.

Calix nodded his head furiously.

Lawan smiled at them. This coven was much better than her own. Though Summer Pack was a Noble pack, there was nothing noble in them. Just a small banter and Boonsri, Dave’s mother would yell at them. She demanded absolute silence wherever she went. And Dave? He preferred to make dirty jokes, that often degraded people. For this reason, Wirat and her usually never joined those meetings Dave held.

“What is it?” Leigh asked her.

Lawan shook her head. “Is this what a coven should be?”

At her question, even Calix and Kyril looked at her through the rearview mirror. The twins exchanged a look before Calix cleared his throat and continued to drive.

“Summer Coven, eh?” Leigh asked. “I usually pitied you guys. From the way Apinya usually was, I could tell he hated being the Epsilon.”

Lawan nodded. “She did. She was given the title just because she had a relationship with a Royal.”

“Relation with a Royal?” Calix asked.

Lawan nodded. “She was in a relationship with past King’s uncle, Julius. Later, Julius was kicked out of the family. So, she was related to the Royal family in some way.”

“And,” Wirat supplied. “She has a kid with Julius.”

“That’s Rune?” Calix asked, applying brakes.

The lady in the car that was behind them yelled at them before she raced them and left. And being just as petty, Kyril rolled down his window and yelled something equally unintelligent at her.

Lawan nodded. “Yes. Is it so surprising?”

Kyril pulled his windows up. “It actually makes a lot of sense.”

“Makes me wonder,” Calix said, starting the car again. “Why would Dave be the Omicron if you guys basically have a royal?”

Wirat sighed. “Rune hates the title. If you associate him with the royals, trust me, he won’t speak with you.”

“He may hate the Royal title,” Kyril said. “But he could easily be the Omicron.”

“He hates titles of any form,” Wirat said. “He even hates being the Epsilon. Had Mali not been taken as Dave’s mate, he would have relinquished his post to her.”

Calix shook his head. “How could he do it? As the firstborn, I have that drive in me to be the next Omicron. To defend my title.”

Lawan eyed the other twin. “How about him? Kyril?”

Calix smirked at him who returned the gesture. “We have an understanding. If I am going to be the Omicron, he would be by envoy to the Halls. If he was going to be the Omicron, I would do the same.”

“But,” Kyril said. “I have no need for the title. I have acknowledged that Calix will be my next Omicron.”

Lawan shook her head. A single conception was rare. Twins even more so. But the bonds of twins were not to be underestimated. They had an understanding that went deeper than any bond save for the mate bond Luna gave.

A peppy song broke the silence of the car. The lack of vibration from her pocket said it was not hers.

Adjusting the kid on her lap, Leigh whipped her phone out and answered it. “I am leaving for Omicron Riley’s place.”

“You should have warned me, Leigh,” a deep voice said. “I called up mom and she said you left. Nothing more.”

“You know how she is like,” Leigh snorted. “What’s up? You rarely call.”

“I was coming home after the work in the quarry,” the voice said, but there was a hint of tiredness to it. “Now that you are not there, what use? I will head to the second sector. Try not to miss me much!”

“Who will miss you?” Leigh snapped, but her eyes were tender.

A laughed echoed and the call was cut.

“Cyril is coming?” Calix asked.

Leigh nodded. “He was… now that I am not here, he would go to the second sector.”

“Cyril,” Gaelan mused quietly. “Your brother?”

Leigh laughed and nudged her shoulder against him. “Who else would call me such care?”

“I pity your life, Leigh,” Kyril said.

Calix snorted. “Had Theta Lesya not intervened, Erasma and Charis would have adopted her. She has strong backing.”

Gaelan glared at Kyril. “She has me. I will call her.”

“No offence,” Leigh began. “But you won’t call. You will sneak behind me or sneak in my room. I know what you do.”

He grinned cheekily and pinched her cheek. “Don’t you know me the best.”

“By Kamaria!” Kyril groaned and looked out. “Even Lawan and Wirat are mated! Do you see them showing their PDA? Learn from them.”

At this, Lawan purposely pulled Wirat and gave him a kiss. Knowing her too well, he complied.

While two laughed, two groaned.


The interior of the plane was well furnished. The sharp white lights were replaced by warm ochre yellow on Kyril’s command. Giving the air hostess a wide grin, he plopped on a seat near the window.

Apparently, there was a room with a bed on it on the plane. Before she could even question about it, Leigh shook her head, warning her. And just as the blonde female predicted, Kyril said something along the lines of pre-booking the room.

Who would pre-book a room in their own plane?

Before the plane could take off, Leigh’s phone went off again.

“You sure are busy,” Lawan commented, taking a seat opposite to her.

Sighing, Leigh took the call. “What is it?”

“I have sent you the file,” the one on the other side said. “If it is her, I will continue my stay here.”

“You found her?” Leigh asked, her voice taking a sharp turn.

“After the information, you gave me last week,” he continued. “It was pretty easy to track her.”

“I-I will look into the files and let you know, Kellan,” she said. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he said. “I will keep an eye. She has three company. I will let you know about the other two as well. I could not dig any information about the other two other than their names.”

At this, Gaelan turned stiff, but he held his son with great care. Wirat, on the other hand, was just as confused as she was.

“Okay,” Leigh said, cutting the call.

“Who was that now?” Kyril asked, opening a water bottle.

“Kellan,” she said.

“I miraculously know him?” Kyril gave her a long look.

“He is…” Leigh dragged and then she saw Lawan. “Harriet Grin and Lukas Fossar’s son.”

Lawan coughed while Kyril spluttered the water he was drinking.

“That bastard has a spawn?” Kyril asked after he regained his breath.

“Harriet’s son?” Wirat whispered.

Leigh sighed and passed her son to Gaelan. “Before you could think anything else, hear me out. Kellan is not like his parents. Trust me.”

“How so?” Kyril asked, clenching his jaws. “Fossar nearly broke you. He tortured you. How can I-”

“You can’t judge a child by what their parents do,” Leigh said quietly. “I know. Lukas tortured me in Tahareh and experimented on me. But he was not a good father either. He used to hit Kellan and his sister. After listening to him, I felt bad. I gave him a chance.”

Lawan asked tentatively. “What do you mean by Lukas torturing you?”

“It is exactly what it is,” Leigh said and she took Gaelan’s large hand and intertwined their fingers. “If not for Gaelan coming to my cell that one fateful night, I would have died down there in that lab.”

Gaelan’s eyes flashed. And for that second she was reminded how he was not a creature of earth. It was not just the aura of the chaos of darkness that coddled him, it was death and misery. Like the veil between the life was lifted and he was the one who controlled the cries of agony of those who died.

There was two darkness that Lawan was aware of. One which held the wicked promises and forgotten whispers. That shielded feverish passion and stilled peacefulness. There was the other one which screamed in pain and laughed in desolation. That which had hidden blood and broken oaths.

Gaelan’s pain was trying to break that fine line. But when Leigh held his hand, it melted to whisps and smoke.

“So?” Wirat asked before she could open her mouth. “What is Kellan doing?”

She smiled at her mate. He knew she would ask a question about what had happened to her when she was in Tahareh and that would be deleterious to them. No one wanted to trigger Gaelan. Being the one who knew how to talk, he smoothly took on another topic. This change though everyone knew, welcomed it.

“Gaelan has a daughter.” Leigh opened her bag and brought her laptop out. “She was born about thirty-eight-years ago. Gaelan said she has strong powers that Dave or Harper might not hesitate to use against us.”

Kyril leant forwards. “You have a daughter?”

Leigh pinched the bridge between her nose. “I was aware of this, Kyril. He did not cheat on me if that is what you are getting at.”

Kyril scoffed. “He is… not a part of this earth you say. He had teleportation powers you say. What can you guarantee that he would be just with you?”

Gaelan frowned. “My race, Kyril. We are given one chance at love. We can love only once. If that one chance is messed up, we can no longer survive. Leigh is that chance for me. You think I will mess it up?”

Leigh was a fairly aloof person who rarely gave a shit about what others thought about her and spoke about her. But now, a faint pink colour graced her cheeks. Lawan chuckled seeing that.

As much as there was an awkwardness lingering in the air, there was a sweetness to it.

“So…” Wirat cleared his throat. “Kellan?”

Leigh looked away and licked her lips. “Kellan’s powers are to track. I asked him to track his daughter. He found some information about her.”

“She is?” Lawan pressed on.

“Her name is Epione,” Leigh said. Then she opened a file that was attached to her mail. She frowned at her screen and then cleared her throat. “She was taken into Alpha Cedric’s pack when she was found at their border. She had no recollection of her past. Before that even she does not remember and hence no one knows what happened until she was eighteen. It says she was in a relationship with her mate, a male named Estafan and she was pregnant with their child. But because Estafan was abusive, she had a miscarriage when she was two months into pregnancy.”

Gaelan’s hand clenched. Only his son was grounding him. Had Tristan and Leigh not been in this plane, Lawan was not sure if she would survive the journey.

“Later, she joined the ranks of warriors in her pack and she came to the battle at the West pack,” Leigh continued. “But she was captured by Harper there and she fled the pack after the war with Nira, a werewolf, Dubhe and Kage. Who are in Summer tribe right now.”

The anger vanished in an instant when Gaelan heard the word Dubhe. He just blinked at Leigh.

“He says he does not have information about Dubhe and Kage at the moment, but he does know about Nira,” Leigh continued. “She was the Beta to Alpha Jackson’s pack. After Harper mated into West pack, she was named as the Delta of West Pack. Her mate, Andrew left her for Alpha Lyra and during that time, Harper used Nira and conducted a project. The project that we were looking for so long… impregnating females with races of their wish. How cruel!”

Her face paled. That project was actually a success? As the Theta, she knew what Summer pack did. Dave had more blood on his hands than anyone would ever know. How many females had dies in his hands?

“Shit!” Kyril swore. “Harper did that to her own Delta? Especially when her mate left her for another female? How sick can she be ?”

“That project was a success, apparently,” Leigh choked. “Nira was pregnant with four children! Four!”

Lawan could understand why Leigh was choking. While twin pregnancy was rare, it would usually drain the mothers. More the number of children, higher the chances for that female to die after delivery. How was this Nira even alive?

“Did she give birth?” Lawan asked.

Leigh nodded, horror written on her face. “She gave birth to all of them. To make it worse-”

“Kage is Nira’s son,” Gaelan said calmly.

Leigh nearly dropped her laptop. “Say what?”

“Kage is Nira’s son,” Gaelan said. “He is Nira and Dubhes’s son.”

The adults were absolutely flabbergasted. While Tristan was playfully tapping the window,

Leigh cough violently. “The basic biology I have says that two females… can’t have a male child.”

Gaelan patted her shoulder. “We stars have a different constitution. Including DNA. Our science is very much advanced and it is possible for Dubhe and Nira to have a baby boy.”

Lawan froze. “You mean to say that-”

“Harper used our science,” Gaelan admitted. “Only then Kage would have been possible.”

Leigh slowly turned her head towards Gaelan. “Dubhe… she is not a werewolf?”

Gaelan shook his head. “Do you know who Ursa is?”

Seeing all their blinking faces, he sighed. “Do you know the Warriors?”

Lawan nodded. “Of course, we do.”

“She was one of them,” Gaelan said. “She met her soul-bound and she left the ranks to live with him peacefully. But who knew? She and her Soul-Bound were found dead.”

“T-this Dubhe,” Kyril started. “She is Ursa’s daughter?”

“Yes,” he affirmed. “She was born to Ursa and her first consort, Polaris. In a way, she had her mother’s powers of creating worlds. But when her mother died, her powers went haywire and she spiralled to madness whenever she used her powers.”

The air hostess came in and gave Kyril a sweet smile before she asked, “Is there something you would like?”

Leigh mumbled a sandwich and Lawan got herself a water bottle. The food on the planes sucked. No question about that. She would rather starve than force that tasteless thing down her mouth.

A few minutes later, she came back with the stuff they ordered and left immediately, closing the door with a soft click.

Munching on the sandwich, Leigh shut her laptop down. “So… What of Dubhe’s son now?”

Gaelan shrugged as he stole a bite from her. “He was supposed to die. But then Megrez, Polaris’ daughter showed him mercy and spared him.”

“Dubhe’s sister?” Wirat asked.

“Half-sister,” Gaelan corrected. “She was born to Polaris and his consort, Seren.”

Kyril shook his head. “Here I thought being in the Omicron family was tiring. Turns out that there are stars and your relationships are way more cumbersome than ours.”

“Well,” Gaelan cracked his knuckles. “If you have no death and you continue to live forever, your life tends to get a bit messy.”

“Is your life messy?” Kyril asked.

“How can it not be?” Gaelan asked. “You know about stars, but what if I say that there are other races up in space? Can you take it?”

Other races? What else was there that she did not know?

Kyril blinked at him for a long time. “I don’t think my mind can take it.”

“Shoot me,” Lawan said. “I am curious.”

“There are pulsars,” Gaelan said. “Opposite races of stars. Created hand-in-hand with the stars to balance the energies. There are Ecthos and Yarins.”

Leigh blinked. “I have never heard of this Yarins.”

“That’s cause you can even find an Ecthos, but not a Yarin,” Gaelan said. “Their race died out. Ironically, they were the races with mass.”

“Excuse me?” Lawan said. “I think everybody has mass.”

“You may,” Gaelan said. “But up in space, we are just energy. In pure form. We have waves and photons, rather than just flesh and blood. But this Yarin, they had mass. They were the race that guarded the veil between life and death. A very spiritual race you can say.”

“And they were wiped out?” Wirat asked.

“Yes,” Gaelan said. “They were. If you find one, consider yourself lucky. You have seen something that no one has seen in a billion years.”

Kyril snatched her water bottle and he emptied it. “I will consider myself lucky if I don’t meet them. Are they all the races?”

Gaelan smirked. “If I list everything, can you remember? Space is vast. And so is the diversity.”

She even shuddered to think about the other creatures. What more could be there?

“Nox is a star,” Lawan said. “Is there a pulsar or an Ecthos we can meet?”

Gaelan pointed to himself. “I. You are seeing one Ecthos right now. I am a half-Ecthos.”

“Other half?” Lawan said. “When you introduced yourself, you said you are someone like Nox.”

“And a half-pulsar,” Gaelan admitted. “I am like Nox, just out energies and the way we derive it differs.”

“Half-Ecthos,” Lawan echoed. “Half-pulsar. Nice.”

“Don’t worry,” he grinned. “We are going to meet a pulsar. One of the finest out there.”

“Really?” Kyril’s eyes shone. “Who is it?”

Gaelan chuckled. “You shall see when we meet him.”

See when we meet him? What did he mean by that? In Riley’s coven, Lawan knew nearly everybody. When Erica stayed in Summer Coven, she had told her all about Eric’s pack and Riley’s coven. Although she might have not met them, she knew about them.

“Is it someone we know?” Lawan asked.

Gaelan’s grin widened.

“I think,” Leigh said quietly after a while. “That your mother was a hybrid too.”

At her words, his grin dropped and he stared at Leigh in shock.

“What?” Leigh drawled. “You did not expect me to find this out? I can finally guess why you want to find Epione so desperately.”

Gaelan shook his head and simply chuckled.

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