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Chapter 22

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My soul literally left my body. Only when he pressed his lips on mine firmer did I understand what was going on around me.

This was the last this I had ever expected to happen.

His hand that was on my neck crawled to my hair and tugged it gently, making me respond. And to kiss him was something I was dreaming of for so long.

My hands did not stay by my side. Ever since I saw him last time, I had been wishing to touch his skin. Feel if it was as smooth as it appeared. Feel if the callouses were really there.

But so unlike me, my hands just stayed on his hips. Just my thumbs went beneath his shirt to feel the skin.

Compared to his rush, I wanted to savour the first kiss. I wanted to remember every second of this for the rest of my life. I understood his frenzy. His want. His rush. I wanted to do the same.

Tear his clothes and taste his skin right here. Make him think of nothing other than me. And most of all, make sure that he stayed right with me. Always.

I took a step forward and he complied easily. He let himself carried away by me. At his compliance, that lust that I had been holding back almost broke the barrier I had set around it.

His scent was getting sweeter and sweeter until I could get high just from inhaling that addictive scent.

He moaned when I finally pressed our bodies together, but that was soon lost in another kiss. Those small groans and moans undid me.

I pulled his lower lip between my lips and sucked on it until he was moaning. But he was, after all, tempered by time. His tongue followed and licked my lips until I had to open them. Immediately, he pressed his tongue against mine.

I could not help but smirk. This was how he was if he let go of that facade he wore. This was the male I loved. This passionate male who hid nothing from me. Who found our kisses as intoxicating as I found it to be.

My thumbs left their finding and my hands wrapped around his waist as I brought him more closer. His hard evidence of desire was pressing against me. I wanted to snap the control that I had put over myself.

His hands were not innocent either. While one kept tugging my hair, the other was going on my back and my waist.

It was that one moment when I felt his heartbeat that matched mine. His breathing was erratic and his eyes were glazed, but there was a satisfaction in them.

I closed my eyes. I no longer cared who was to come or who was to see us. I was living my dream. If they ever had to say a word against us, I would gladly let Taurus kill them.

Finally, his hold on my body relaxed, but he made no move to move out of our bubble. My embrace.

“I do want this,” he whispered against the skin of my neck. “But I don’t know how.”

It took my mind a couple of minutes to comprehend what he was telling.

“Don’t know?” I asked, subconsciously tightening my hold over him. “Even I don’t know how.”

He buried his head at the junction of my neck and left shoulder. “I don’t mean that.”

Seeing this mighty warrior like a kitten, something warm spread throughout me. “What do you mean?”

He sighed and pulled away from me a little. I expected him to move out, but he stayed. He moved a bit in our embrace, but he stayed right there.

When he saw me with those silver eyes that just showed me every emotion he was feeling, I was tempted to kiss him again. But hesitance was slowly creeping up in them.

“You have ever been with a guy?” he asked.

It was not his words that made me hold my breath, but it was the innocence in his eyes.

“Once,” I admitted.

“Female?” he asked.

“A couple of dates,” I said.

He nearly whined. “See? You know who you are! I was thinking that I was into girls. That… maybe one day like Aries met Lyra, I would meet my female.”

My hands loosened around him, but his hands tightened around mine. Rooting me. Making sure that I won’t be the one to run away this time.

“I never expected you to crash into my life, Draco,” he said, his voice quivering. “I don’t know how to handle this.”

“You don’t know how to handle me?” I asked. “I am pretty easy.”

He shook his head with a small frown. “I don’t want you to be easy, Draco. I do want to prove to you that I want you… but I am not ready. I don’t know how to be with a guy. I can’t accept it yet.”

I blinked. “That’s the problem?”

He nodded.

“You just seem to like a guy instead of a girl,” I said. “Just see the person for who they are. Not their gender.”

“I know,” he sighed. “But it still takes time for me to get used to. I want to give my best, Draco. But unless I find peace with myself, I can’t seem to do it. Can you please give me time to wrap my head around this? I need time to understand that I…” his voice faded away as a faint pink colour slowly crept his face. “...like a guy.”

Without my knowledge, my lips curled into a smile. This would probably be the best confession I would have ever heard in my life. That tiny hope in my heart speared me and collected that shattered pieces and moulded it to something that was far more beautiful than it was in the past.

I could see the cracks, but the healing made it more realistic.

“I could give you almost anything to you,” I said.

Confusion laced his gaze. “Almost?”

I smirked. “I can’t give up my feelings for you.”

He rolled his eyes. “Cheesy.”

I pecked his lips again. “You’re stuck with this.”

There was a comfortable silence between us and the air became soft around us as it cocooned us, protecting us from what was waiting out.

“Can you do me a favour?” he asked.

“What is it?”

“Can you not…” he trailed off again.

“I never realised you had this trait,” I commented.

“What trait?”

“Not finishing your sentences.”

His shoulders dropped. “I have never done this before.”

“Done what?”

“Talk about my feelings?”

I stared at him. “Then from now on, at least when you are with me alone, that is what we are going to do.”

“No,” he said, stressing the word n.

“Yes,” I said. “Your argument is invalid. We are going to do it. If we want this relationship to work, we have to talk about feelings. Emotions. Sorry to break it to you, but talking solves a lot of problems and misunderstandings. We are going to do that. So, now. Tell me what you were about to say.”

He was silent for a minute. “I don’t want you to tell others that we are dating.”

My hands that were still around him shook. “May I ask the reason?”

He took in a deep breath. “I do want to tell the world loud that you are mine, Draco, but I need some time to adjust. It is too much to ask you. I am sorry. But that is the reason. All this while I was thinking I was straight and suddenly liking a guy is different. It’s like I am naked without any protection. Though I know that our friends would accept us, it is that little barrier in my mind. I just need a little time to get used to this.”

“Once you get used to it?” I asked.

He pinned me down with his intense eyes. “I will tell the whole universe that you are mine. But you do need to understand, Draco. I don’t do flings or casual relationships. It’s either a Soul-Bound or nothing. If you are willing to wait for me to work myself out and if you want to be with me for the rest of your life, I want it forever. I want something that even death can’t tear apart.”

My words failed to give him an answer. That part of my brain that was responsible for framing answer suddenly joined the part that region that was involved in understanding what was being said. Even if my whole brain was involved in that comprehension process, I was sure I would take another day to understand it fully.

“I want what Aries and Lyra have,” he continued. “I want that. I can’t gamble with my heart. I have had a fair share of heartbreaks myself. I have dated five females in my long life and I know flings and long relationships that just appear to be forever. I don’t want that anymore. I-”

I kissed him again. When words fled from my grasp, this was the only way I could answer him. What I felt was definitely not something light. Just the thought of him rejecting me was enough to shatter my soul. I wanted to see this to the end. I wanted this as much as he did.

Just when he was kissing me back, my phone began to ring.

I ignored that. Could I really care for a call right now? Now when my relationship was barely beginning?

About two minutes later the door through which I had come out opened and two pair of familiar footsteps echoed.

“What the fuck am I seeing?” Niran gasped.

“I see two people making out,” Aries replied.

It was that Warrior’s voice that snapped us out of the desire that was coursing through us. I could definitely scent his lust now. It hung heavy in the air and on my skin. As if it was trying to seep into me, branding me as his. His lips were swollen and red, enticing me to kiss him again.

We let go of the embrace as I saw the two. But he did not let my hand go.

While my lips lifted in a satisfied smile, he was surprisingly calm. Though that blush did not leave his face, he was not flustered or panicking.

While Aries looked like this was something he expected, Niran was stunned. He just blinked at us and our hands.

“Am I dead?” he asked.

“You will be,” Taurus said, his voice taking that laziness again. “If you don’t stop looking at like that.”

He suddenly spun to Aries. “Tell Rune that he had been a good mate. He was the best mate one could ask. And… and, I like purple lilies. My funeral flowers. And,” he gulped. “I have written my will. All my savings and properties will go to Rune now. And-”

“Why the hell are you behaving like Zeke now?” I asked. “He was the one who planned his own funeral. Ever since he learnt what a funeral was.”

He grasped Aries’ hand. “I am not dead?”

Aries gave him a bone-chilling look. “If you are, how can I kill you?”

“Ah!” he shouted as he took a few steps back. “I-I really saw that?”

Taurus rolled his eyes. “Yes, you saw me kissing Draco. What is the big deal in that?”

My eyes nearly bulged out. What was the big deal? Just a few minutes ago he was struggling how to answer me and now he was perfectly fine with this?

This was a very big deal to me.

“Are you guys sure that I am not dead or on drugs?” Niran asked. “Cause I am seeing things.”

Aries smacked his head. “You are very much alive.”

Niran rubbed his head. “Damn! I am!”

“What is it?” I asked.

Suddenly Taurus squeezed my fingers.

“I need to make it clear,” Niran said, ignoring my words. “Are you both dating or just hooking up?”

I pursed my lips. It would be his answer.

“What is it to you?” Taurus asked, his power rising.

Niran whimpered feeling that. The reason why Aries was able to resist Taurus’ power was clear. But why was I able to?

But I knew that underneath this facade, he was terrified. His heartbeat was erratic and his breath was shaking. His palms were just skin with water.

“Forget I asked,” Niran mumbled.

“Calm down, Taurus,” I whispered. “I won’t take it to an offence. You made it clear.”

He closed his eyes and took in deep breaths. He was not terrified of people finding it out. He was afraid of something else. That little squeeze of his hand told me. He was afraid that his answer might make me walk away from him.

“We are trying to see where this might go,” I said.

“I just came to tell you guys that Lawan and Wirat landed. They tried to call you, but you did not pick up,” Niran said. “So, Lawan called Rune.”

“Got it,” I said.

Shaking his head, Niran went it. Aries stood there, folding his arms across his chest. As if he was a police officer and we were criminals who were caught red-handed.

Taurus pulled his hands from mine. “Not telling you anything, buddy.”

He followed Niran in, leaving me alone with a smug Warrior.

“Go big or go home, eh?” Aries drawled.

I shrugged. “Going the way it is.”

Before I could follow him, Aries stopped me. “Thank you.”

I blinked. “For?”

“Being patient,” he replied. “Being there for him.”


To say that our return journey was awkward would be an understatement. Nox and Niran kept glancing at me like I was a freak while Rune refused to take his eyes off the road. Aries and Lyra were wired and they were listening to a podcast and Antlia was having a huge grin on her face. It was Zyon who pretended to be sleeping. Taurus who was currently pressed against me just closed his eyes.

When we reached our destination, I breathed in relief. That was one stressful journey.

But many did not share that sentiment.

There was a silver sedan parked right outside Omicron Riley’s office. I did not need to second guess who had come. Just from the shouting and the hollering, I knew who was inside.

“So protective,” Taurus said, smirking.

I sighed. “To them, I am nothing but a kid.”

Niran who was standing next to me, waiting for Rune to park the car, spluttered. “Kid? You?”

I frowned. “Compared them…”

Niran shook his head and shuddered. “If only they knew.”

“Niran,” Taurus warned. “Let me tell you one thing.”

Niran gulped. “What?”

“The reason why you are still alive,” Taurus said.

“Why?” he asked in a small voice.

“You are Rune’s mate,” Taurus said. “That’s the only thing that’s protecting you.”

Niran blinked. “Not because Fia and Jared grew me up and you love me?”

Taurus glared at him.

Niran nodded. “I will remember to thank Rune.”

Shaking my head, I made my way to Omicron Riley’s office. I was hesitant about going there. That was the place where I learnt what Mali had done. What the female I had trusted had done.

I pushed the door open to see Lawan seething and Wirat was holding her back. I was pretty sure that if he was not holding her, she would have sprung like a spring and ripped Mali’s face. After all, Sean was our friend.

Riley’s face was darkening as if he wanted to kill Lawan, but a male I was sure I had seen somewhere was smirking at Riley, silently challenging him to dare. He was holding a child in his arms so tenderly. Complete contrast to what he was doing

Mali was panting hard while Leigh just crossed her arms across her chest as she calmly sat on a chair. Next to her was a male I was sure I had seen in a photo. He was Kyril Andris, the second son of West Coven’s Omicron.

But his gaze was neither on Mali nor was it on Lawan. Instead, it was on Sorrel who pushed herself into her boyfriend’s embrace.

Upon my entry, Lawan shook Wirat’s hold on her. “Draco. One word. I will tear her-”

“She is not worth it, Lawan,” I said.

Riley’s eyes fell on me. For no reason whatsoever, hatred burned in them. Previously from what I heard from Erica, I had respect for this male. A male who had once shaken the entire East Coven. Who had defeated so many rogues and had created an existence equivalent to a named or a noble coven. People feared the name, Riley Garcia.

“You dare try your tricks on Draco?” the male who was holding the child said in an amused voice.

I turned. “You are?”

Though I could literally feel blood lust oozing from him, he had certain darkness in him that called out to me.

But it was not he who answered my question. It was the male who had followed me up.

“Gaelan,” Taurus drawled. “Fancy seeing you here. After West Pack, I never expected this reunion.”

That name… I was sure I have heard it somewhere.

At his entry, Lawan and Wirat’s eyes widened. Riley stood up and Mali gulped loudly. Leigh was the most relaxed one here.

Gaelan’s eyes flashed in surprise. “You are the one?”

Taurus frowned. “What do you mean by that?”

Gaelan coughed. “Nothing… nothing at all.”

“That does not sound like nothing,” Leigh commented.

Gaelan glared at her, but I could see the warmth he held for that female.

“Soul-Bound?” Taurus asked, seeing Leigh and the kid Gaelan was holding.

“You know about my race,” Gaelan said. “She is the one for me.”

“This is?” Taurus asked, gesturing to the kid.

“Tristan,” Gaelan said proudly. “My son.”

“Wonderful,” Taurus muttered.

The other one’s eyes darkened. “You have anything against my son?”

“Just that… we could not tolerate one Gaelan. What shall we make of his son?”

Leigh cleared her throat interrupting whatever Gaelan was about to retort.

“I am pretty sure that we are not here to argue,” Leigh said.

Her words stopped Gaelan but Taurus frowned at her. “If you weren’t a Huntress, I am pretty sure you would not walk out here alive.”

Lawan blinked at Leigh. “You are a what now?

Leigh narrowed her eyes. “Who are you?”

Mali took a step back towards her mate. “H-huntress? Wh-whose?”

Taurus smirked. “If I am not wrong, you are the only other Huntress she has.”

My shoulders slumped. “Who is it?”

“Surva,” Taurus said. “Luna’s mother.”

A glass crashed. Sorrel was apparently drinking water and she had dropped it.

“Huntress?” Wirat said. “Surva’s huntress? I am honoured.”

Mali clutched her hair and crumbled in her mate’s embrace. “It’s over. It’s over.”

Riley held her close. “She is just a huntress. I am Rigel’s son. I am half-star myself. I can-”

“Can you shut up?” Taurus stood next to me. “I have not yet killed you for threatening Draco here. That’s my mercy. Are you trying to push my buttons?”

Gaelan laughed. “He threatened Draco?”

The kid in his arms looked at his father with his wide eyes.

When everyone was silent, he said, “I mean, how stupid can you be?”

Was anything funny here? Looking at others’ bewildered face, I knew I was not the only one.

“Is there something that we don’t know?” Lawan asked.

Gaelan shrugged. “I mean, the second Warrior is standing next to him.”

Leigh stood up. “Second Warrior?”

Taurus nodded. “Yes?”

“Great,” Lawan muttered.

Wirat frowned. “Draco, how do you know him?”

I licked my lips. “He is Torre. The one Dave wanted me to kill.”

Lawan’s eyes widened. “Now I understand why no one would kill you.” After a pause, she said, “Why would Dave even send Draco to kill you?”

Gaelan scoffed. “You let someone who tried to kill you off? That’s unlike you.”

Taurus smirked. “He saved my life.”

Gaelan snickered. “Saved your life? Tell me a better lie.”

“Someone sent a damned assassin after me, in addition to Draco here,” Taurus said, “That bastard had his bullets made of Levedra. Draco took those bullets. If it had it me, tell me, can I be alive today?”

Gaelan passed his son to Leigh. “Someone actually got hold of Levedra?”

Taurus nodded. “Yes.”

“You might be alive today,” Gaelan said. “But… you would have lost your powers so much so that even a human could kill you.”

“Told you.”

“Wait for a second!” Lawan put her hand out. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “If it could take Second Warrior’s power, how did Draco survive taking that bullet?”

“Two,” Taurus said helpfully. “He took two.”

Even the calm Wirat was flabbergasted. “What drugs are you on, Draco?”

I was truly innocent here. “I honestly don’t know how I survived.”

“Really?” Gaelan asked.

I turned to him. “Really.”

Was there something with me that I was not aware of?

“Seems like you know something,” Taurus commented.

Gaelan nodded. “But… it’s not for your ears. I have to talk to Draco.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Just for your ears, Draco,” Gaelan said. “If you want to tell it to others, it would be your wish.”

What was the big secret? That I was an alien? That I belonged to some other planet?

“Wow,” Lawan whispered.

Same girl. Same.

Silence fell over us and it was then I saw the silent male who was just staring at Sorrel. The Epsilon nearly hid in her boyfriend’s embrace.

I cleared my throat, trying to dispel the awkwardness. “You are Kyril Andris?”

I knew who he was. I just could not say I knew them because I was forced to memorise each leader’s name and face. It came in with the job package.

Leigh snapped out first. “Kyril. My Omicron’s second son.”

Yet when his name was called out, Kyril did not look at me or Leigh. His gaze was just fixed on her.

“Ky?” Leigh asked, shaking his shoulder.

Kyril suddenly stood up and he walked towards the door.

What did I miss? Was it my mistake to know this male?

“I am sorry.” Sorrel stood immediately. “It… it is not my fault.”

Did I miss something important? I turned to look at Taurus who wore a stoic face, but I could see pity in his eyes. His fingers gently caressed my hand that was next to him, as if he was reassuring me. But before I could discern the meaning, his touch left my hand.

“So, it’s mine?” Kyril laughed with no mirth in his voice. “It’s my fault to wait for you?”

Why did this sound like-

Leigh gasped and glared at the female. “Y-you are actually rejecting Luna given bond?”

What was wrong with this female?

Gaelan said, “What is wrong with you?”

Sorrel bit her lips, a tear falling from her eye. “I… I already have a boyfriend.”

That was a good reason? I had seen so many people leave their spouses and their children for their Luna given mate. Still, I had to admire Sorrel’s faithfulness.

Kyril shrugged, but his body was shaking. His breath was rapid and his heart was racing. Though he appeared to have it under his control, he looked like he would faint any time.

“Sure,” he said, his voice breaking. “I hope…” his voice broke. “I hope you have a happy life with him.”

Sorrel took a step forward. “A-are you rejecting me?”

Kyril’s brows touched. “What do you expect me to do? Beg? Grovel? I am an Omicron’s son. I have enough pride to let go of things that are not mine. I am not a dog, female.”

Was there something wrong with this female?

“Is there something wrong with this coven?” Leigh echoed my question. “Riley’s a lost cause. Now, this Epsilon. I don’t know.”

“Ryan and Carson have their heads on their neck,” I supplied. “They are nice.”

Lawan glared at Sorrel. “You can’t even cherish what is given to you.”

Sorrel scoffed. “What do you know? A pretty princess. Your boyfriend turned out to be your mate. So you would never know.”

“My boyfriend turned out to be my mate?” Lawan chuckled. “Who the hell told you?”

Sorrel did not answer, but her eyes flickered to Mali for a second. But that was enough. Even if I was not there when Wirat marked Lawan, I knew what happened. Everyone in the Coven knew their story.

Lawan shook her head. “Mali, from this day on, I refuse to recognise you as my friend. You would even dare lie to people that I once dated Wirat before I knew he was my mate.”

Sorrel huffed. “So what? I want to be with my boyfriend. I love him. I can’t accept a bond that is forced on me.”

Leigh snarled. “You hurt Kyril, you make an enemy in me. Even your Omicron and your pathetic Omicron female can’t save you.”

Sorrel met Leigh’s gaze head-on. “I am not afraid of you. I heard about you from Mali. You ditched your coven for Dave of all people and when he met Mali, he used you. You raged and then you met your mate. Pity, Dave killed him right in front of you. But did that stop you?” She looked at Gaelan and Tristan. “You found yourself another male and had a child with him. On what basis do you have the right to lecture me about mate bonds?”

Leigh’s eyes clouded. Was it fury or was it in pain?

Gaelan went and wrapped an arm around her waist. “I know about you more than you do, Leigh. Justin’s death is not your fault. I will never hold your past against you.”

Kyril was fast. Before Gaelan could tell anything, he held Sorrel by her neck. “You dare utter another word against Leigh, trust me, you will regret it.”

Brody stood up and tried to push Kyril off Sorrel. Kyril punched Brody away, only for Riley to throw a punch to him. When Kyril staggered, Riley raised his leg to kick him, but Gaelan intervened and flicked Riley down.

“Listen here,” Gaelan snarled. “That Epsilon of yours insulted my female. Don’t you dare involve yourself in this, Riley, son of Rigel. I know how to deal with that father of yours.”

Kyril spat, “This may be a bond that I meant to cherish but from now on, you and I have nothing to do with each other.”

Sorrel gulped. “You are really breaking the bond?”

“What else do you expect?” I asked.

Something was wrong in this female’s head. Was she suffering from some sort of cerebral haemorrhage? If so, how was she alive for so long?

“I-” Sorrel began, then she shook her head. “Nothing. We have nothing to do with each other.”

Kyril walked away from the room. “Tell my parents that I want to explore the world, Leigh. I can’t return to my home. Not now. Not like this.”

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