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Chapter 24

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The first person I connected was not Taurus. It was Lyra. As much as my heart wanted me to connect to Taurus, Lyra was family. I extended my mind and searched for her presence. Her energy was very close to Aries.

Did I interrupt something?

But when I reached her, she was surprised. Your seal is lifted?

Just now, I answered. Are you free?

There was a light chuckle. Yes. I was playing cards with Aries and Sam. We’ll be down there in a few.

The guy next to me was excited. “L-Lyra’s is coming?

“Yes,” I smiled. “When Lyra wanted to adopt you, why did you not mark it?”

Gaelan shrugged. “I had just lost my mother and I was still grieving.”

I nodded but did not make a comment. I was there when his mother died. She had been a forger of Aether. Just like a Navigator, it was a rare trait. Unlike many believed, she did not die because of Cosmos or the poison. But because she had expanded her energy too much in forging a weapon that by the time it was completed, she had scattered.

“I feel that Tristan is very strong,” I said, breaking the silence. “That will attract a lot of troubles.”

Gaelan nodded. “I know. I was surprised that he has all of my three energy lines. I have to thank Cosmos that my daughter does not possess all the three.”

He had a daughter? When?


He nodded his head sheepishly. “I once had a one-night-stand with a werewolf and I have a daughter.”

“What lines does she possess?”

“She is pulsar and a Yarin.”

“Yarin?” I yelped. “Do you have any idea-”

“And a forger,” he said in a tiny voice.

I stared at him. That was all I could do. His daughter was a weapon that could turn against us. A Yarin and a forger. What a dangerous combination. The weapons they made did not just harm the body, but the very soul, interfering with the rebirth.

“Do you have any idea how dangerous she is-”

“I do,” Gaelan said. “I do.”

“Do you?” I asked.

He nodded again. “That was why as soon as I learned of her existence, I wanted to find her. But who knew Harper would do it before me?”

“Harper,” I choked. “She knows about your daughter’s existence?”

Gaelan clicked his tongue. “Yes. She does. She even caught her once.”

“And then?” Was I listening to a story?

“You heard about the battle that took place at the West Pack, right?”


“Harper had caught my daughter there,” Gaelan said. “I tried to catch her, but she had fled before I could even see her. I just caught her scent and her lines.”

I looked at the sky and sighed. “You sure know how to bring trouble. Could you not control your urges? You just had to have a one-night-stand with some random female.”

Gaelan cleared his throat. “It was my mistake. Who knew she would become pregnant with my kid?”

“And Leigh?” I asked.

“She is the one for me,” Gaelan said and I could hear a smile in his voice. “The one I would like to accompany in this life and next.”

I looked at him. “You chose well. What are you going to do about Tristan?”

“What can I do?” Gaelan asked. “I have to ask Surva’s help if it came down to it.”

I nodded. “Better Surva than Polaris.”

At this Gaelan’s eyes grew sharp. “What do you mean by this?”

“Exactly what I mean. He is more to what meets the eye. Don’t be fooled by his lazy demeanour.”

Then a familiar frequency hit me hard. It resonated with my core energy perfectly. There were some differences between us, but it was similar at the same time.

I stood up and turned just in time to see her walk towards me. Seeing her, Gaelan lowered his shield and held his breath.

That amusement in her eyes, that smile her lips took and the torpid stance of folding her arms across her chest was way too familiar to me. Though I was closer to Andy, Lyra was still my sister.

“Lyra,” I whispered.

“Draco,” she responded, some relief in her voice.

Behind her, Aries stood in his wide stance as if he wanted to protect her from me. To be honest, I should be the one protecting her from Aries. Though she was born along with me, she was my sister and she was already Soul-Bonded.

I knew Aries. I knew his leadership, his fiery nature. He was a male worth the respect and admiration he commanded. Compared to him, Lyra was a bit laid-back, more logic-oriented and tried to negotiate before a fight was to break. They suited each other best. But still. One of us was already Soul-Bonded.

As if we had discussed earlier, we both strode towards each other. Then we hugged tightly. The warmth Taurus gave me was like the fire on the coldest winter night. But Lyra’s warmth was like a languid spring afternoon.

“Lyra!” Gaelan’s voice broke us apart.

“What are you doing here?” Aries snapped coming in front of Lyra.

“Aries!” Lyra called softly. “You remember Gaelan now, right?”

Aries grunted but did not move, making Lyra chuckle.

“Aries!” Gaelan changed his tone to a cheery one. “Buddy, how are you-”

Aries was a streak of light charging at Gaelan and punched that kid. Thankfully, Gaelan was strong enough to not fly off somewhere from that punch. He stumbled a few steps back and smiled at him.

“I am sorry,” he said. “I literally did not recognise you guys in West pack. I was blinded-”

“You are blind,” Aries snarled.

Lyra slumped her shoulder and shook her head. “Aries. Let him go.”

“You spoil him too much!” he protested turning to her as if he was complaining.

Lyra rolled her eyes. “Well… he is my godson. That makes him your godson too. Are you going to harm your son?”

Aries opened his mouth to refute but that one glare from Lyra shut him down. Muttering colourfully under his breath, he sat on a bench and refused to look at Gaelan.

“Lyra!” Gaelan grinned. “My saviour.”

But she held her hand up. “Tell me why you did not recognise me in West Pack. My memory was slowly returning and I had no idea. You did!”

“I was worried about my daughter,” he said.

“Epione?” Lyra asked, taking her seat next to Aries.


“She has pulsar and Yarin line,” I said. “And she is a forger.”

Unlike me who blanked out, Lyra fumed. “What? That’s what she is capable of?”

Gaelan said, “Yes.”

“You know with who she had fled?” Lyra asked.

Gaelan nodded. “With Dubhe.”

“And who is she?”

“Ursa’s child.”



This idiot allowed his daughter to escape with Dubhe of all people? Her control over space was never stable. And if it was anything like her mother’s… by Chaos, I did not want to think about this.

Lyra walked over to Gaelan and smacked his head. “Has idiocy finally gotten into your head?”

“Lyra!” he protested but that was all he could do.

I took in a deep breath. The night was still young. At this point, I just wanted to talk with Lyra for a little, retire to my room with Taurus and preferable cuddle.

Right from my escape from Summer Coven, I did not have a bit of emotional rest. Tossing here and there with Aiko, Mali and finally Taurus, I wanted to dig a hole and sleep in it.

“Lyra,” I cut in. “Do you think Antlia’s line is simple?”

Aries frowned. “What do you mean?”

The Warriors were protective over Antlia. It was like twelve people had taken joint custody over a child.

Lyra understood. “I checked. But… I could not find anything.”

“What are you both talking about?” Aries asked.

Lyra held her hand up. “I will tell you in a bit, Aries. Just a few minutes.”

Though he was confused, he let it go. Just how much did this guy trust her?

“Inacus,” I began. “What do you-”

Lyra bit her lips. “I did find it strange.”

“What strange?”

“The one who unsealed my memories was Luna,” Lyra said. “She told me some interesting things.”


“Narah,” Lyra said. “Narah was Luna’s granddaughter. She hunted down the twelve links to the chain that once held the Great Beast, Faolan down. That was a chain made by Surva. How could Narah get the hold of the twelve links?”

“Someone found the twelve links?” I asked.

This was a weapon made by Surva under Gaelan’s mother’s overseeing. It was a chain that no one could escape from. Even Cosmos herself could only wait for the twelve links to be found to be released. Surva nearly destroyed half her energy making that chain.

“Yes,” Lyra nodded. “And Luna is trapped by it, using her own powers. Only when Antlia gathers the twelve links, can she release Luna. Luna has to be released.”

“What you said make sense,” I said. “Even Faolan could not find the twelve links. How did Narah manage to do it? Is she just Luna’s descendant?”

“That is my question,” Lyra said. “When I checked Inacus was just a human. Or he hid his tracks well. Either we have to find that slippery Dagen or wait until Riga gets her memories back.”

My lips lifted in an involuntary smile. “Where is she now?”

“Riga?” Lyra smirked. “I just saw her and came to see you.”

“Summer Coven?” I asked.

Lyra nodded. “She is doing well is you are wondering. He is with her. He will take care.”

“Good,” I said. “How far?”

“Perhaps she might have unlocked her memories by now,” Lyra said. “You both were pretty close. Aries and I had a bet. Who will unseal before.”

I glanced at the male. “Who won?”

The smile on her face vanished as Aries grinned. “He did.”

I chuckled. “I can see how much you trust me.”

Lyra shrugged. “It won’t take long for Riga to gain her memory. Perhaps, her seal was unlocked at the same time as yours.”

I snorted but did not bother to argue. The sooner Riga unsealed her memories, the better.

“What are you going to do now?”

“Riga has Gemini with her,” Lyra said. “She will meet the one who will unlock her seal. I feel someone in the south is getting closer in breaking the seal. I have to find them.”

I nodded. “I will try my best to find about Inacus and Antlia. We can’t have a blind eye on this.”

Lyra said, “I will see what I can gather.”


When I came back, only Taurus and Leigh were waiting. They were not talking or anything. Leigh just sat there playing with Tristan while Taurus was frowning at the kid.

The scene stunned me. Not because Taurus was silent or the Huntress of Surva had a motherly feeling around her now. It was because I recognised who Leigh was. That explained why she protected me in the past.

“Leigh?” I whispered.

She took a second to see me. “Draco? What is it?”

Even her gaze was the same. So fucking same. My mouth was dry as I took a step back.

If she was who she was… I subconsciously glanced at Tristan who was giggling. He did not possess three lines like what Gaelan said. He possessed five. He even managed to get the unique trait of his mother.

In the entire universe, perhaps only Megrez had the power to suppress this kid. Even Polaris might lose to his kid.

Of all the females Gaelan chose, why it had to be Leigh?

“Is there something wrong?” Leigh asked again.

I cleared my throat and blinked at her. “Nothing. There’s nothing at all.”

She had a small frown. “Does not seem like nothing.”

I stretched my lips in a smile. “There really is nothing.”

Though she was not convinced, she let it go. “Where is Gaelan?”

“He stayed back with Lyra and Aries,” I said.

Leigh’s eyes widened. “L-Lyra’s here?”

I nodded. “Out there. You want to meet her?”

Leigh picked her son up and chuckled. “To Gaelan, she is his mother. I would like to meet his family.”

My lips curled in a smile. I could recognise Leigh because I was close to her. Lyra had met her a few times. Even if she would not be able to find it out right away, she would be able to guess who Leigh was.

“In the park,” I said, opening the door to her.

She left with her son, leaving me alone with Taurus.

“What was that about?” he asked as soon as I closed the door.

Rune, Niran, Lawan and Wirat were up, in the other living room and they were conversing about Mali and West Coven. Despite their conversation, Antlia slept in her room.

“Not here,” I said, opening the door. “I have somethings to say to you.”

“Have to do with what Gaelan told you?”

I nodded. “And much more.”

He stood up and walked over to me. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. “Your scent’s changed.”

My eyes widened. As a celestial creature, we valued our scents. We may allow our energy to flow around us, allow others to sense our energy and frequency, but our scents were something personal.

We could manipulate our energies, but not our scent. And the scents gave away what we felt. That was a reason we were trained to hide it no matter what happened. Even many Soul-Bounds do not expose their scent to their significant others.

After undoing the seal on me, the first thing I did was to hide my scent. If that was the case, how did Taurus find a change in my scent?

Wait a second. How could I scent Taurus, if he had hidden his scent from me? There was no way he allowed me to scent him.

“S-scent?” I asked.

He nodded innocently. “It is yours… but has something additional to it. Like… you are not a part of this world.”

I pulled Taurus out and closed the door behind us. “I am like Lyra.”

He froze at that. “A… a pulsar?”

I walked towards the residence where he stayed. Though I was not over the unfair treatment they gave to him, that house would be the best place to have this conversation.

“First-generation,” I whispered.

He inserted the card in and pulled us in and closed the door behind us. He flung his shoes in the foyer and threw himself on the sofa.

“You are a first-generation pulsar,” he said. “Like Lyra.”

I bit my lip. “Yes.”

Should I stay or should I go?

He closed his eyes and groaned. “L-like Lyra?”


What was wrong now? Would he take go back now knowing that I am a pulsar? Would our delicate relationship continue?

He suddenly sat up straight and opened his eyes. “Who were you sent to neutralise?”

What a kind of question was that?

“Which Warrior?”

I smacked my lips. “Does this matter?”

He looked at me dead in my eyes. “Yes. Who?”


“Cause if we are dating and that stupid Warrior needs your assistance,” he hissed, making a series of wild hand gestures. “I and that warrior are going to have trouble. Especially if they call you when you are with me.”

Seeing that serious face, I could not help but chortle. That annoyance on his face was like as if someone had called me when we were on a date. So cute.

“You have the nerve to laugh!” he threw his hands up. “Is this your sincerity?”

I laughed loudly and sat next to him and pulled him closer to me. It was his warmth, his scent that gave me a peace of mind after unsealing. If there was one thing that anchored me to living, it would be this male next to me.

I buried my face in his neck and inhaled deeply. “I am very sincere. If the warrior I was sent to neutralise ever needs me, I will leave everything to aid him.”

“Him,” he said in a sour tone, trying to move away from me. “You will leave everything to aid him? Even me?”

I nipped his ear tip and he gasped. “You know? Jealousy is not your strong suit.”

He turned in my embrace. “Good that you know. Now tell me who that warrior is.”

“You’re cute when you are jealous.”


“But even cuter when you are jealous of yourself.”

His protests died. “Jealous of myself?” he mumbled. “When was I-”

I blinked at him. When did his intelligence drop? Where did that genius businessman who stunned many go?

He gasped again. “You were sent to neutralise me?”

That look on his face. Full of pure wonder. By Chaos, that would be the end of me. I did not know how I managed to control myself. I skimmed his lips with mine. As much as I wanted a deep kiss, we had stuff to talk about.

“Me?” he whispered again.

I nodded. “You.”

He winced and slumped. “I am so stupid.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “You just did not wait for me to finish telling you.”

“Why did my intelligence drop?” he mumbled. “I have to stop hanging out with Niran and Nox. They are dragging my intelligence down.”

If you lapse on your judgement, blame it on the people around you. How clever.

“What else you got to say to me?” he asked.

“Did Aries ever speak with you?” I asked.

Taurus frowned for a while and then shook his head. “He was never clear about what he spoke. He spoke in riddles and mysteries.”

“Lyra’s rubbing off him,” I said. “She is a bad influence.”

“Agreed,” he said.

“But what she did was for our good.”

“How so?”

“Do you trust me?”

“I really don’t want to,” he admitted. “But I somehow do.”

“How much? Is it enough to believe that I will never deceive you? That what your memory may be altered while mine was sealed?”

My heart palpitated on his silence. I then realised how loud this silence was.

If he did not trust me, it was fine. We had after all begun our relationship a few hours ago. I had an eternity to coax him to trust me.

“I may not know about my memory,” he finally said. “But I do trust you.”

I entered his mind and saw what memory was altered. To my surprise, everything about me was changed. There was no trace of Draco in his memory. He did not remember how our energies got well. He did not even remember our first kiss which happened in Kelp Confusion as a part of a dare.

When I helped him to see what his actual memory was, his lips parted and he fell unconscious.


He woke up at 2:13 AM. His eyelids fluttered and his pupils rolled for a few times before he finally opened his eyes. His heartbeat that had adopted a slow beat, turned erratic and then finally settled in a tune that matched mine.

“You were here all this time?” he asked in a husky voice.

“Yes.” I put my phone down and removed my earphones. “You could not get comfortable in an ordinary pillow. You refused to let me go.”

After he passed out, my mind began to overthink things. To the point, I was panicking for no reason and I could not calm myself down. Usually, it would be his scent and presence that calmed me down, but not when his scent was giving of fear and pain.

In order to settle my restless soul, I searched for some music and I finally found a new album released by Carcen. What a perfect timing. The music offered some peace, but it was not as effective as Taurus’ heartbeat would be.

“I remember a few things,” he said. “Not all… but a few. It’s all a bit hazy.”

I licked my lips. “I know. My memory is not complete.”

He slumped in my embrace. “In the past, why did I not think of you?”

I frowned. “What do you mean?”

“We had so many years,” he said. “To be together. We wasted it all.”

“Did we?” I asked.

“I dated a female back then,” he said. “The worst decision of my life. You were right there, right in front of me. Yet, I dated Mintaka. What a kind of idiot was I?”

“In the past, most of our emotions were controlled,” I said. “We were constantly monitored. Just when I realised that I actually liked you and tried to confess to you, the news about Tucana and Canis came. In order to be alive, I suppressed it all.”

Bewildered, Taurus turned. “Y-y-you liked me back then?”

I smiled involuntarily. “Why did you think Dziban gave you that dare that time?”

His eyes narrowed. “So you asked Dziban to give me a dare to kiss you?”

“At that time.” I cleared my throat. “I was in confusion if I liked liked you. As in liked you romantically. After that kiss, I was sure that I had a crush on you.”

He scoffed. “Did you know how conflicted I was after that dare?”


“I just had a break-up at that time. And you kissed me. I was confused. I was not sure if I was into females or males.”

“What was the result?” I probed.

“Back then,” he said. “I am not sure what mind I had. I thought about the kiss a lot… but I was thankful for the friendship. I did not want it to become messy. But now,” His voice gradually softened. His lips skimmed my jaws. “I am sure who I like.”

I closed my eyes. “Glad my efforts paid off.”

He nibbled on the skin. “What efforts?”

“If there were no efforts,” I said smugly. “You will not be with me.”

He pulled back. “Thinking carefully… you are right.”

I blinked at him. “Your boyfriend made a lot of efforts.”

He smirked and gave me a light kiss. “I don’t recollect any efforts, boyfriend.”

I heart skated to a stop. Did he just call me-

I blinked at him. I did not have hallucinations, right?

He just called me his boyfriend. Did he come to terms with us dating?

“Are you broke?” He shook his hand in front of my face.

A goofy grin made its way to my face. “You called me boyfriend.”

He rolled his eyes. “Broke. Definitely.”

While I was savouring the sweet night, he snapped his fingers. “You here?”

“What?” I finally asked.

“What else did you find?” he asked. “I am pretty sure you are not here just to make me remember about the pulsars from Abyss.”

“You remember all of us?”

“I remember chatting with Lyra. Joking with Tucana. Kicking Volans’ ass. I remember.”


“It’s a bit hazy, but I remember something,” he said.

“Regarding Ursa,” I closed my eyes and shook my head. “I just feel like we are missing an important point.”

He nodded. “Yes. About Luna… it’s mysterious too. We have to set her free.”

“The time of her capture and the time of us losing memories are closely related,” I said. “She knows something.”

Taurus shook his head. “No. Surva did not allow her to participate in any war. Luna was grown shielded from everything. Her knowledge comes from books and histories. Not from experience. She can’t know. I mean, there’s no chance. Perhaps, Cosmos might know.”

“I was afraid you would say that,” I said. “You know that she was the one who took my memories and altered yours, right?”

“Did you ever think why?” Taurus said. “I may have been completely loyal to her in the past, but after she killed Canis, I started to question everything. You were sent here cause you were injured, right?”

I nodded. “How would you know?”

“Lyra was sent down for that reason,” he said. “I spoke with Aries a few days ago. I guessed it. That was why your memories were taken away. Cause if you had your memories you would not be able to heal.”

“Why was yours altered?”

“Cause I would go berserk,” he said. “Cause havoc. And no one would be able to stop me. None of the Warriors would step in. My powers are higher than Cosmos and on par with Polaris. Who in the right mind would stop me? Only you could. If you were sent down to heal without your memories who would contain me? Instead of taking my memories, she altered it so that I could continue doing what I was meant to do.”

“That does not put her in light for me,” I said.

“You suspect that Cosmos has a part to play in this?”

“I feel so,” I said. “Don’t you?”

“A part,” he said. “Yes. But majority? No.”

“You mean… Polaris?”

“He could play a part,” Taurus said. “After all, we knew something. Something that threatened the powerful figures. But what we knew… we forgot.”

“But who hates us so much?”

“Cosmos may,” he said. “Rionach is another. Compared to these two, Polaris loses by a long shot. He helped us so much. I can’t suspect that guy.”

“I just heard about Rionach and Luna.” With that, I told him what Lyra and I suspected.

“You are telling me that Inacus may not be a simple figure?” he asked.

I nodded. “Don’t you find Luna’s past is very vague?”

“Now that you tell me,” he said. “It is. Perhaps, we can talk to Aqua. She was the one who closely followed this matter.”

“Riga might get memories,” I quipped. “She might look into this.”

“Time controller?” he asked.

I smirked. “Each of us has a special attribute.”

“You did hide a lot from me in the past.”

“I had too,” I said. “I did not know if you would sell me out.”

“And now?”

“My life is in your hands. You can do whatever you want.”

He stared at me. “Even if I rat you out?”

“Yes. Even if you rat me out, this heart will still beat for you.”

His hold tightened. “I won’t allow anything to happen to you.”

I kissed him. “I know. I trust you with everything.”

Just as I was about to deepen the kiss, my phone rang. I broke off and saw the caller. Surprisingly, it was Mina.

Taurus groaned when our kiss ended, but seeing the caller ID, he knew something must have been off.

For some reason, my hands shook as I took my phone. Why would I be scared?

They even said that Aiko was out of danger and she was going to be discharged soon. She just needed more blood to make it up to her malnutrition. And move far, far away from Silver.

“Hello,” I greeted. “Dr Mina.”

“Mr Draco Stykes?” her voice asked. Despite being at the middle of the night, her voice was surprisingly clear.


“Are you related to Zeke Calvo?” she asked.

Next to her, I heard Erica shouting incoherently and Nox mumbling something.

I stood up. “H-he is my best friend.”

“In absence of family, is your word valid?”

My throat was dry. “Yes.”

“We need your sign,” she said. “As soon as possible. Every second counts.”

“What happened?” I moved towards the door, Taurus right behind me.

“I am not going to sugarcoat things,” she said. “He is hurt. Very badly. We need to perform immediate surgery. Even after that, I can’t guarantee his survival. The sooner you sign-”

Before she finished that sentence, Taurus and I raced to the hospital.

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