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Chapter 3

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How much time had passed ever since they threw me here? A week? Highly likely. A month? Could be. A year? Well, I could not exclude the possibility. A decade? There was a sliver of a chance.

Aiko slept for most of her time and her sleep was not easy. Just seeing her thrash and scream for help undid me. She had been like an elder sister to me when I had first come to Summer Coven. Whenever Dave took my mother, Aiko was the one who sat next to me and kept me company.

Now, I could not even help her. If I tried to move much, those chains tightened to a point it stopped the blood flow in my wrists and foot for a minute.

The metals creaked and the motors rumbled. Seconds later, the elevator stopped at this floor and the lights flared to life. I closed my eyes and winced. How long was it since I saw these photons?

Slowly, I pried my burning eyes open with a frown. Aiko was curled up in her cell, but by that sharp intake of breath, I knew she was awake.

Two figures walked out. One an inch taller than the other. The shorter one had silver hair. They moved with unison.

The one with silver hair glanced at Aiko before he took out a pass and the door gave opened. The doors opened and the dark-haired male stepped in and unlocked the chains that bound me.

“I really hoped you would have not ended up like this,” Rune muttered, helping me to stand.

“You had high hopes, Rune,” Wirat said. “That was Dave a day before the full moon. What did you expect?”

“Sanity,” Rune said, pulling me put. He cast Aiko a sparing glance. “Aiko?”

Her spine stiffened but she did not turn.

Wirat sighed. “I will deal with her. Take Draco out.”

Rune nodded and pulled me to the elevator.

“W-what does Wirat mean by that?” I asked when the elevator door closed behind us.

“Lawan agreed,” Rune said.


“For Wirat to give Aiko blood. Considering the fact that Wirat is mated to Lawan, Aiko is out of danger.”

I shook my head. “If Dave finds out-”

“Dave is out,” Rune said. “He has gone to attend some meeting.”

“Some meeting?” I asked. “How long was I in there?”

“Four days,” he said. “The second Dave left, Wirat and I came to fetch you.”

“Four days! Where is Lana then?”

Rune shrugged and the doors opened. We stepped out and the guards gave a mixed look. While many felt disgusted seeing me, they had to respect their Epsilon. After knowing who Rune is, I realised how this male could so easily command people with just a glance.

“She said she had to look into some shipping details.”

I snorted. “I bet Dave is with Lana, tossing in her sheets.”

“Good for us then,” he said.

“Omicron Mali-” I began.

Rune sighed but stared ahead while we walked out the prison. I guess that was where I had to draw my line.

The mid-morning sun lit up the territory in flashes of bright gold. Contrast to how cloudy it had been when I was thrown in the prison, the sky was bright and clear, showing its rich blue. Occasionally birds flew, but other than that, the fauna was quiet and the flora revelled in the sunlight.

Rune led me to the main house. On the way, many vampires wanted to approach him, but they did not. What had he said to them via the link? He pressed his thumb against the biometrics and the door opened, revealing the vampires who were getting ready for the day.

For a second they paused at the sight of Rune and I and then continued on with their work. My eyes searched for her.

And just as expected, she was there next to Kanya and Zoya with a cup of coffee in her hands. Her brown hair caught the natural light and showed others what a wonderful colour it could be. While her lips laughed at the joke Zoya cracked, her eyes which we shared held sorrow.

Holding my breath I inched closer to her. “Hey, mom.”

She placed her cup on the saucer and got off the stool. She walked around the table and hugged me. Uncaring of how filthy I was. I was all she had and she was all I had. A small family of two.

“Draco,” she whispered and pushed the hair out of my forehead. “I expected to see you four days ago.”

“Mom-” I began.

Kessa shook her head. “I know. Zoya told me.”

When she released me, Kanya set me a bowl of tom luad moo. Kanya was quite a chef. She knew what she was doing.

Smiling at that female, I began to eat my breakfast. Rune silently stood next to me, as if he wanted a bowl too.

“Want a bowl for you, Epsilon?” Kanya asked.

Rune shook his head. “I don’t, Kanya.”

Kessa bowed slightly. “Thank you, Epsilon Rune.”

Rune gave her a polite smile. “Don’t mention it, Kessa.”

Within seconds, the bowl was empty and I smiled at Kanya. “That was amazing.”

She rolled her eyes as she turned to wash it. “Of course it would be amazing! You had solid food four days ago!”

No one could argue with Kanya when it came down to food.

I was about to ask for a glass of lemon juice when Wirat came in. “There you are, ladies!”

“Wirat,” Zoya smiled. “How is Lawan?”

He gave her his brightest grin at the mention of his mate’s name. “She is fine.”

“So...” Zoya dragged. “You spent your Haze in Omicron Aston’s Coven. How was it there?”

“Right!” Kanya said. “It’s been more than two months since I saw you and Lawan.”

Wirat smirked. “What can I say? The life of a Theta. Always travelling.”

“How was West Pack?” my mother asked. “Heard the Halls approved of the new Alpha there.”

Wirat snorted and shuddered. “Ethan. That is one spoilt-brat. No, even spoilt brats know the value of a mate.”

I frowned. “What do you mean?”

Wirat took a seat next to me. “I went there for the Alpha ceremony. Ethan had a chosen mate, Harper. But during his ascending ceremony, he met his true mate. Happened to the Beta’s daughter. One damn freaking genius of a scientist. He bloody rejected her and said she was a part of his harem and threw her in the Great Dungeon. At that point, I could not see any difference between that pup and Dave.”

I could not help but feel pity for that female. Whoever she was, I hoped she found a way out. I did not want to see another female being beaten into submission like Mali. Omicron Mali’s story was so similar to this one. Dave had brought in a female he said would declare as his mate. Met Mali on that day. The only twist, he Marked Mali but kept his harem.

“Another Dave?” Zoya shuddered. “What’s wrong with this world? How did the Halls even approve this male?”

It was then it struck me. About seven weeks ago Zyon said he had some work to do in the West Pack. What work could he possibly have there?

“When did this happen?” I asked.

“When what happened?” Wirat asked.

“This whole Alpha of West Pack rejecting his mate?”

“Give of take eight or seven weeks back,” he said. “If you ask Lawan, she would say exactly when.”

Eight or seven weeks back? Zyon must know about this. Why the hell did he not tell me about it?

“If you are done,” Rune’s soft voice interrupted us. “We have work to do.”


The doors to the office opened and the three of us entered the room. Locking the door behind us, Rune went and took his seat while Wirat and I sat on the chairs opposite to his table.

“I called it,” Wirat said, looking at me. “This one will have work.”

I rolled my eyes. “Who now?”

“I don’t know the client,” Rune said. “As always. But Dave asked me to tell you this. You succeed this, you can walk away with your mother and Aiko wherever you want. You three will be out of this bondage.”

I almost could not breathe. Out of this bondage? How many times I had wished to hear those words!

Rune cleared his throat and switched his laptop on. After punching his Sial ID, the call rang. At the fifth ring, Dave finally picked up the video call.

His hairy chest was visible and I bet he was naked under those sheets. Lana moaned when he shifted, but when she saw he was talking a video call, she turned her head the other side and continued her sleep. Seemed Dave did keep his promise to her.

“What is it?” he asked.

“The deal, Omicron,” Rune said. “Draco is out and fed.”

“Who cares about him being fed?” he asked. “I just asked you to get him out.”

“Sorry, Omicron,” Rune said.

Dave then asked. “I assume Rune told you?”

“Yes,” I breathed. “He did. He said that you would let me, my mother and Aiko go if I finish this.”

Dave frowned and thought for a while. “Nah. I am changing my mind. You’re too valuable. If I don’t have any hold, I can’t control you.”

My confusion must have told him my question.

The coven leader smirked. “If you want your mother alive, kill Torre. Bring me his head. Perhaps, I will consider sparing your mother then. You know my mind rang, Draco. I can snap her mind from where I am. I will be back in five days. Try your best.”

I heaved. No one in the right mind would try to kill Torre. Torre was untouchable and was famous for eliminating his threats before his threats became a threat to him.

Even I knew about this male. How many times had he appeared at the frontlines of newspapers? He did not just guard himself. He fucking knew who would strike him and when. One did not give him any threat and walk away.

No one could ever manage to point his gun at that guy and live. Now Dave wants me to kill him? Kill him to save my mother? I froze.

“If you do succeed,” Dave said. “We will do as Rune suggested. Or... you can simply die trying.”

Seeing my face, Dave smirked and cut the call.

“By Moon’s Lair!” Wirat swore. “Torre? Is Dave out of his mind?”

Rune shut his laptop down and stared at the table. “Shit.”

“Seriously, Rune?” Wirat asked. “This was the work we have to do?”

“Damn it, Wirat!” Rune snarled and got off his seat. “I did not know Dave would say Torre.”

“What the-” Wirat began. “Damn indeed. Torre of all people?”

The hope that was blooming in my chest was ripped apart just like that. A shadow of my bleak future echoed in front of me. I knew what Dave was capable of. He could snap minds faster than one could blink. And his range was quite wide. And people like my mother who did not know how to have a mental barrier, it was easier to snap. If he wanted, Dave could kill her, now.

I closed my eyes. This was what Zyon warned me about when he said he could not see my future. I would die doing this. But if I did die, what was to say that Dave would not kill my mother?

“What can we do?” Wirat asked. “Draco is not going to kill Torre.”

“The fuck?” I blinked. “Want my mother to die?”

Wirat exasperated. “Are you crazy? Do you want to die?”

“Well,” I burst. “I don’t want my mother to die.”

Wirat took in a deep breath. “We have to think about this carefully.”

“And stall time,” Rune said. “He said five days. I am pulling strings. If everything goes well, we can flee this damned coven. If not, Draco going to kill Torre would be the only option.”

“Life is not as easy as yours, Rune,” Wirat said. “Dave can kill us right now if he wanted. You are immune to his power. That does not mean that we are too. Stalling may be the only option.”

Rune muttered harshly under his breath.

No one knew that I was resistant too. That was the reason why Dave left me alive but made sure that I was silent.

“We have to work faster then,” Rune said.

“Who has to work fast?” Wirat asked.

“Nothing,” Rune said. “Leave it.”

“No-” Wirat began.

“I said leave it, Theta,” the Epsilon of Summer Coven commanded.

Grunting, Wirat looked away.

“Guys,” I sighed. “I have to do this.”

"Pretend to do this,” Wirat said. “There’s a difference.”

“Not pretending, Wirat!” I exclaimed. “I have to. I don’t want to see my mother die.”

“You won’t,” Rune said. “I promise you this on the honour of my family.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “What family?”

Wirat inhaled sharply. “Good question.”

Rune gave me a hard look and when he realised that I was not going to relent anytime soon, he sighed. “I may be the only male who goes by his mother’s name.”

When both Wirat and I stayed silent, he gave in. “I bet Aiko told you Draco, but I have no ties with that male who you say is my father. Julius... let’s say I was a mistake to him and Apinya. But at least Apinya grew me up with her family. Julius abandoned me. He met his mate and... he is living.”

“He is alive?” I asked.

Rune rolled his eyes. “Unfortunately, yes.”

“He is-” I opened my mouth.

“He has no claim to the throne,” Rune snapped. “And none of his children do.”

“His children?” I asked.

Rune turned towards the window. “I don’t wish to speak about that anymore.”

What qualms did he have with his family? It was terrible really. To not be accepted by your father and to see your mother have a family of her own. As much as Rune was Apinya’s son, I could see he has put a distance between them.

“So,” Wirat drawled. “Pretending, huh?”

“No,” Rune snapped. “Draco is going to kill Torre.”

I nodded. As much as it sounded like Rune was sending me to my death, this was my future.

“What? No!” Wirat raged. “We agreed to stall. What you’re talking does not make sense-”

“Calm down, Wirat,” Rune said harshly. “I meant, Draco is going to gather all the information about Torre and get himself ready. If before Dave returns, I am able to implement my plan, Draco does not need to kill Torre. But if Dave returns early and he is sent to kill Torre, Draco can. He is the best Hitsman I know. No one has ever escaped his aim. If he sees anyone through his gun lens, they are dead. Let’s see if the one who has never missed an aim misses or the one who has evaded death at every turn will die.”


I slammed the glass on the table. “Another!”

Neil gave me a disappointing look, but he filled my glass with beer nonetheless.

Peggy sighed when she saw me but like her mate, did not say anything.

Two glasses turned up to four when the two idiots I had asked for came. The only new thing Zeke had was the lip ring. There was absolutely no change in the other male.

“You look like shit,” Zyon said, taking a seat next to me.

“Thanks,” I muttered. “That was exactly what I wanted to hear.”

Zeke motioned Neil and the barista gave him a glass of electric blue liquid. I frowned at it but held my tongue. I gave up commenting on the choice of liquids Zeke drank.

Zyon pouted at Neil who glared at the male back.

“So mean,” Zyon muttered.

“Mean?” Zeke scoffed. “You rarely help us!”

“I don’t know why,” Zyon said. “I feel unusually tired.”

“You have been saying that ever since you returned from West pack. And that was about two months ago,” Peggy said, giving him a hard pat on his back. “Aren’t you going to see the pack doc?”

“You see a doctor just because you feel tired?” Zyon asked. “I am not physically tired. I just don’t know how to explain what kind of tiredness I am feeling.”

Peggy gave him a hard look and then left with a mug of amber liquid in them.

Zyon then whispered in my ears, “I felt tired for a month after I came back from West pack, now... I say that to get off my work. Peggy buys it.”

Neil moved over and conversed with other people.

“What happened?” Zeke asked, taking a swing of his rum.

“Another assignment,” I muttered.

Zyon stilled as he stared at the various glass bottles arranged before us in their shelves. His lips parted and his breath heaved.

“What now?” Zeke asked in a bored tone. “You are going to kill that target and come here for a drink. What’s unusual in that?”

“Damn it, Draco!” Zyon swore suddenly. “Not this time! I warned-”

“I know, Zyon,” I snapped. “You told me. But ever since the first kill, Dave never mentioned my mother’s life during my kills. But this time, if I don’t kill him, he promised my mother will die.”

Zeke frowned. “Why suddenly?”

“If I refuse to do it, my mother dies,” I said, gulping that ochre liquid from my glass. “If I succeed, my mother, Aiko and I get to walk away.”

Zeke whistled. “Sweet. Isn’t this amazing! Like no one has escaped your gun and you can kill anyone. Just imagine-”

The sound of glass shattering stopped that blue-haired bouncer. For a moment, we held the attention of all the people who were next to us. When nothing else happened, they went on with their work.

Neil and Peggy came over to us. A female followed Peggy. While she turned around to tell her off, she still came over.

“The mighty Hitsman,” the female said. “Draco, I take it?”

I nodded curtly. “I am.”

She smiled sweetly. “Do you know who I am?”

I shook my head. “I don’t?”

“I am Erica Jones, Gamma of the pack under Alpha Eric.”

In the background, Neil asked to Zyon, “Why did you break that glass? You have to pay for it.”

“Dude! What’s wrong with you?” Zeke asked, getting up.

“Did he tell you onto whom he should point his gun at?” Zyon snarled.

“Another mission?” Peggy said in a tired voice. “I thought you had at least a week’s time until your next.”

“Did I come at the wrong time?” Erica asked.

“I don’t think so,” Peggy said. “Epsilon Rune sent you.”

“Who is your next target, Draco?” Neil asked.

I ignored him momentarily. “Why did Rune send you?”

She sighed and took the seat where Zeke was sitting. “Do you mind?”

When I shook my head, she took in a deep breath. “My Alpha wants some information from Summer Coven. Rune agreed for me to search the Coven data for that. In return, my pack, or you could say my pack and coven would owe you a favour.”

“Okay,” I said, not understanding where she was going with this.

She looked at the people around me. “How much do you trust them, Draco?”

“Enough to say that this conversation will not need privacy from them,” I said.

She sighed. “He asked me to aid in releasing a female in your coven’s dungeon. Her name is Aiko.”

At that, Peggy began to laugh. “You? I am sorry, girl, but you can’t break-in Summer Coven’s dungeon. Much less save Aiko.”

She gave Peggy a tight-lipped smile. “I said I will aid. I know I can’t break-in. Epsilon Rune asked me a favour and I will do it. But I have a few things to do in that coven before I release Aiko and flee. I have to collect some data and Epsilon have granted me access to enter the coven as a guest. After the information, people from Omicron Riley’s coven would save Aiko in the next three days. This was the bargain Rune made with my Alpha and Omicron Riley.”

My throat was dry. “How long will that take?”

“Don’t know,” she said. “Maximum a month. Minimum two weeks. I will try to work fast.”

Minimum two weeks? That was still a long way.

“Tell them your target,” Zyon pressed.

I relented. “Torre.”

“What?” Neil asked.

“Tell me you are kidding,” Peggy said, taking a step back.

“No one can kill that guy,” Zeke muttered. “What kind of funeral would you like?”

“You have to kill Torre?” Erica’s eyes widened.

“So...” Zeke drawled after a moment of silence. “You told us what happens if you refuse and what happens if you succeed. What happens if you die trying? Will your mother and Aiko be safe then?”

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