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Chapter 28

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Warning: end of the chapter deals with Draco’s past with Lana. Mentions of Rape. Read with caution.


Elta was a good friend. A very good friend. As much as I want her to wake up, she could have woken up at a good time. But then again, when have things gone the way we want them to go?

I did not know who called Nox, but that star came in a jiffy. The main gate had crumpled when he came in.

Gaelan sighed. “Damn you, Nox. I have to pay for this damage now.”

Nox did not pay any heed to his words. “Wh-who did you say was awake now?”

Thuban stared at him. “Nox?”

Nox held the collar of Thuban’s flimsy shirt and shook the other star. “Who did you say was awake now?”

As if that jerk woke him up, Thuban released himself from Nox’s hold and took a few steps back. “Nox?”

“Fucking tell me!” Nox yelled.

“Elta is awake,” Antlia quipped helpfully. “That’s what Thuban told.”

“She is?” Nox asked in a small voice. This time, it was directed at Taurus.

“I felt it a few minutes ago,” Taurus admitted. “I thought that something was just messing with me. After all, I personally put her to eternal sleep. How can she be awake after a few thousand years of sleep?”

Nox stumbled back until he hit the wall and slumped down. “She is awake.”

Antlia licked her lips. “You are Elta’s Soul-Bound, aren’t you, Nox?”

Thuban glared at the girl and then at Nox. “He is not.”

I frowned. This was nothing in line with the male I knew. “He is, Thuban.”

“Elta will not recognise the bond then!” he said. “Where was he all her life? I was there for Elta. It was me. I was the one who nursed her back to health when she fell sick before the Three Path War. I was the one who held her from falling apart when she was about to die in the Kelp confusion during Bind Wars. I was the one who looked after her all this time, Draco. Not him. How can he claim to be her Soul-Bound?”

Nox’s eyes flashed silver. “That’s because she never loved you enough for you both to be Soul-Bound.”

Thuban sneered. “Never loved me enough? She went to the third region of the River of Souls for me, Nox. Scouted the poison lands for me. Gambled with Qamar to write a better fate for me. Asked her father, the previous Lord of Kelp Confusion, to make me the heir. How is this not love?”

Nox was a streak of light when his fist landed on Thuban’s jaw.

Thuban laughed, rubbing his jaws. “That’s right, Nox. That’s all you will ever be. She does not even know you exist. Her heart holds only me. What can you do? Kill me and make her hate you more? Or… let me live and see me and her live happily together?

Nox was about to hit him again, but Gaelan held him back. “Can’t you see he is just goading you? Soul-bonds are much stronger than any love, Nox. Thuban already lost.”

“That’s cause Surva is heartless,” Thuban spat. “She knew our feeling, yet refused to unite us. She is the cruellest life I ever know.”

Gaelan pushed Nox behind him. “What do you know about love, Thuban? Know about Soul-Bond? Is it Nox’s fault or yours?”

“Mine?” Thuban asked. “How could it be mine? I am the victim here!”

We reached a stalemate. I had warned Thuban and Elta back then about the bond. But did they listen? The most innocent one here would be Nox.

“Victim?” Taurus asked. “You? You were with Elta knowing that you both could have Soul-Bounds. Seeing Elta’s Soul-Bound, you are asking him to keep his distance. What would you do when you meet yours?”

“I would reject them,” Thuban said. “I already have.”

Chillness crept up my spine. “What do you mean, Thuban?”

“I mean-” he opened his mouth to see Leigh coming out of the room with a furious look and a crying baby.

“Grown men!” she snapped. “Bickering like kids! I swear Tristan is better behaved than you all! Yapping here!”

Gaelan cleared his throat and hugged her while she pushed him away with one free hand. “I am sorry-”

“Sorry my ass,” Leigh snorted coldly. “I just put Tristan to sleep and you guys have to keep arguing in a loud voice. He woke up again.” She handed the baby to Gaelan. “Put him to sleep. I am done for the day.”

“Leigh,” Gaelan called, shifting Tristan in his left arm and held Leigh’s wrist. “My darling… I am sorry.”

Shaking him off, Leigh walked to the bedroom and closed it with a loud thud.

I shook my head. She was the same back then.

“Where were you?” Taurus asked. “What did you mean by ‘I already have’?”

Gaelan left us and went to Tristan’s room, closing the door.

Thuban snapped out of his trance. “My Soul-Bound… it was Dziban.”

I sucked in cold air. Dziban? What was wrong with Dziban? That star was the coolest person I ever knew. Not to mention, Dziban was a twin star. A star with two souls. Two lives. Usually, Dziban was a male and rarely anyone knew Dziban housed a female soul too.

Taurus chuckled darkly. “You truly know how to choose people, Thuban.”

“Heart is something I can’t control, Second Commander. I loved Elta. Dziban was my friend. That’s all.”

Nox laughed without humour. “Is that why Dziban died back then? They said Dziban left Kelp Confusion, but this is the truth, isn’t it?”

Thuban closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before he opened them. “I never expected Dziban to die because I rejected him.”

One second my fingers were curled in a fist and the other Thuban flew to the other end of the room, crashing into the television and the other decorations on the wall.

Nox sneered, and Taurus held my hand. “He is not worth it, Draco. He is not.”

“Let me go, Taurus,” I snarled. “Let me go.”

He steadily sent his energy into me and it calmed me down. “He is not worth any of it.”

I heaved. “Y-you tossed Dziban into an abyss. How could you even-”

“Soul-Bonds are cruel, Draco,” Thuban sniggered as he stood up. “We are not like you and Taurus. We can’t choose our Soul-Bonds. Do you know how terrible that is?”

I shook my head. “Terrible? Terrible? You clearly knew you had a Soul-Bound out there. Yet you allowed your feelings to grow. You said you could not control whom you fall in love with. But this… you indulged yourself. I would have forgiven you if no life was implicated in this… but what did Dziban do to be killed? Your actions killed them. I hope you are happy, Thuban.”

His jaws clenched. “I thought you would stand by me, Draco. Stand by us.”

“I would have,” I said. “Until I learnt your actions killed Dziban.”

“What’s a big deal?” he asked, taking a few steps towards me. “Dziban… he was a twin star. He has another life, no?”

I would have run to kill him that second had Taurus not been holding me back. “Just because Dziban has two lives, it was okay to kill him? Just because he has another chance it was okay to hurt him? Just because he was a twin star, it was okay to pretend that you did not kill him?”

My voice rose with each question, but the silence was the only answer I received. That bastard did not even feel guilty. He just stared at me as if I betrayed him.

Nox rolled his eyes. “What did Elta even see in him? Did you by chance drug her or something?”

But without waiting for Thuban’s reply, Nox flew away. I did not need to guess where he was heading now. The only thing was how he was going to reach there. Apart from Navigators, only the other five stars of Kelp Confusion could enter and exit freely.

“Let’s see how he can enter,” Thuban spat.

“You are going to help him,” Taurus said in a firm voice.

Thuban’s eyes flashed. “Don’t involve yourself in this matter, Second Warrior.”

“Why not?” Humour laced his voice.

“You are not one of us.”

I rose my eyebrows. Where did he get that confidence from?

“Not one of you?” Taurus grinned, but instead of the warmth and the playfulness he directed at me, this was cold and stiff. “Are you sure?”

With that, he rose my hand that was in his grasp and kissed it. So soft that it tickled my heart and made me want to curl my toes.

There was a charm when he wanted to take the lead in our relationship. When he wanted to reveal things on his own.

It could have been my anger being subdued by him, or that smile on my face looking at him. It could have been my silence. Whatever it was, it answered Thuban’s questions clearly.

“You both?” he wheezed.

I stared into his eyes. “What do you think?”

He licked his lips. “I should have seen this coming.”

“It does not concern you, Thuban,” I said. “Listen to Taurus and follow Nox. If you dare to not allow Nox into Kelp’s Confusion,” I took my time to reach him. “You will see me being ruthless.”

Thuban’s eyes widened. “But I-”

“Who is the Lord of Kelp Confusion?” I asked in a soft voice.


“Then you have something against my command?”

He looked away. “No.”

I smiled. “Good. Going?”

Without sparing us another glance, he left, tracing the path Nox left behind.

I glanced at Taurus and he nodded at me. Leaving Gaelan to take care of the mess, we left.


We stopped outside Summer Coven. I had been a part of Summer Coven security and I knew about the electric fields and laser beams. But nothing in the past ever stopped me as it did today. Not only was the camera on full guard, the pattern of lasers was different and vampires going on patrol, there was a barrier that could kill a first-generation pulsar like me. That could kill Taurus. Harper truly went all out this time.

“We will be detected,” I said.

Taurus hummed. “Nothing had ever stopped me. I can consider this to be my first.”

“Neavdra is swirling in the borders,” I said. “I can neutralise that… but that force field is something that I can’t control.”

“Neavdra?” Taurus whispered. “That was going to be used to kill me, right?”

I nodded. “Harper hired that guy to kill you?”

“You think not?” he asked.

“Does not make sense to kill you,” I said. “Harming you would just alert the others and possibly make them come together and get revenge. That will not end well for Harper. She might seem ambitious, but she would never bite more than she could chew. Someone else had hired that guy. But the person selling Neavdra to both might be the same.”

Taurus cocked his head. “We share the same thoughts. But who would dare to take Neavdra from Abyss?”

“There are two pulsars who are well versed in this trade,” I said. “I know one and for the life of hers, she would never sell it to any stars. As for the other… he might have a lot of shady connections.”

“Just two?” he asked.

“Emerald,” I said. “You know her, right? She is one. Kovac is the other. Two minors do the job, but they both come under Kovac.”

Taurus smirked. “So, we just have to catch Kovac to get the information out of him?”

“You think you can catch him?”

“In this wide universe, where can he hide?” he asked.

I clicked my tongue. “He has a lot of connections. Not to mention, he is a space-wielder.”

“Can he hide in-”

“Even Chaos can’t do anything to him.”

“No one can catch him?”

I pondered. “There are a few who can.”


The particles swirled in the force field, dancing a pattern to a tune they found. As much as it was a poison, Neavdra was something more.

“Athebyne,” I blurted.

“And that is?”

“My second in command,” I said. “He is a pulsar. So, he is still in the region where I am from.”

“Are you sure?”

“He had once caught him,” I said. “Athebyne once caught Kovac. That’s why I am able to say this with confidence.”

“What does he do?” he asked. “Now, I mean.”

I pursed my lips. When I was there in Abyss, Athebyne had been a fearsome Chief. Now… there was a fancy name to what he did.

“Do you want to know?”

He gave me a long look. “This makes me want to know more. Tell me.”

“Information gatherer,” I said. “There is no information that passes without his knowledge.”

“What’s wrong with this job?”

“Basically,” I sighed and saw the entrance of Summer Coven. “He was a gossip king back then. I should have seen this coming.”

Taurus’ lips twitched. “It’s like having Nox.”

I shook my head. “Nox is young, that’s understandable. Athebyne? He is nearly as old as Rigel!”

Taurus laughed. “You do surround yourself with interesting people.”

“It’s not my fault,” I protested. “When I met him, he was fine. But now,” I shook my head, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“I do want to meet this friend of yours. He is interesting.”

“After all this,” I said. “I will take you to meet him.”

He hugged me from behind. “What will he think of us?”

I dragged my eyes up to the sky to see the smile of the sky. It was a thin white line drawn against a dark background.

“Why care what he thinks?”

He rested his chin on my shoulder. “He is your confident. I have to care what he thinks.”

I smiled. “Lyra and the others are my family. You don’t care what they think?”

I felt him shrug. “Them… they will be happy to see you with me.”

“That confident?” I asked.

He inhaled deeply. “I am confident with my siblings. See Aries and Lyra?”

I laughed. “You guys… you guys planned this, right?”

“Even if we did plan, it was your fault falling into our trap. But in our case, it was the other way round, right? You were the one who planned. You literally admitted sabotaging two of my dates.”

I leant against him and laid my head on his chest. “I did plan. But I did not do that efficiently. Had to lose my memories to do this.”

“I wish you had planned efficiently earlier.”

“So… you will not plan?”

“Do I need to?”

I closed my eyes and took in the scent that made me think of home. “you may plan many things, Taurus. You may be the best at stone business back in space. You could plan anything flawlessly. But when it comes to the matters of heart, I am sorry to tell, you are a bit clueless.”

He bit my earlobe and I lost my breath for a moment. “That’s why I have you. You are not as clueless as me.”

I had to pull myself from his embrace. If not, I was not sure where it would end. “Let’s find a place to stay for the night and think how to breakthrough. I can take care of the cameras, lasers and electricity. Even Neavdra. But I can’t do anything to the force field.”

When did the patrolling vampires enter my eyes?

“Am I a decoration?” he asked.


“You sure treat me as one,” he said. “I will take care of the force field.”

“It can stop us.”

“Let’s see who is stronger,” Taurus said. “Me or that Harper.”


“Coffee,” he said, placing a cup on the table next to the laptop.

I hummed and stared at the screen. The person on the other side was smart and his defences were perfect. If I had to guess who it was, it would be Kamon. I could consider him to be my teacher.

I took a sip from the cup and glanced by my side to see four empty cups. As much as I did not need caffeine, there was a psychological need for it.

Quickly, I finished the contents and put it aside, focusing on the screen. After a while, the other person was losing it. I smirked. How long was that person planning on holding against me?

But the worst part was if I knew the other party was Kamon, I was sure that even he knew who I was. I had to act fast.

“Taurus!” I called, not leaving my sight from the screen. “Taurus!”

But no one answered me. I looked up and searched the room to find no one. Where the hell did he go?

I reached for his aura and found it coming from below. Along with him was a few familiar waves.

I followed that and went down to see Niran grinning at me. Next to him, Lawan and Wirat stood, with Lawan raising her hand for a high-five.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

Niran said, “Helping you?”


“Help you,” Rune said behind me. “We are here to help you.”

I turned around to see Mali and Riley standing. Next to them were Belen Andris and Eliana Cosse, the Omicron pair of West Coven. Chariss Minga, the Epsilon of West Coven, was also there. I blinked. Just what was happening?

“Why are they here?” My voice was sharp to my ears.

Mali pulled herself together. “As much as you may hate me, Draco, Allen is Sean’s son. I have to save him.”

I sneered. “No one asked you.”

Riley stepped forward. “But still, she can do this, right?”

“If you mean by causing more harm,” I said. “She is welcome to.”

“Draco!” Mali yelped. “I said I am sorry-”

“Does it take away all the harm you have done?” I asked.

Taurus came up. “It does not. But we do need their help.”

I took a few steps back. “I can’t do it. I can’t.”

“We have to enter that boundary tomorrow,” Taurus said.

My heart beat fast against the ribs. My breath increased and my vision clouded. I could not do it. It was not just my pain that came to me when I saw her, but I saw Sean’s death.

Taurus took a step forward. “They will distract Harper on the other side. That would give us enough time to go in.”

“You think they would not notice us?” I asked. “They would be prepared.”

“One second is all we need to enter,” Taurus said. “You know it.”

I stared at him. “So you allowed them to come?”

Taurus leered at them. “Them? I did not call Mali. Leigh said West Coven could help with this minor thing. After all, Harper killed Omicron Eliana’s brother.”

“So why use Mali?” I asked. I gave Rune a glare. “Was it your idea?”

Rune took in a deep breath. “As much as I want you both to be at least on talking terms, I am not an idiot. I respect your decision, Draco. You don’t want to see her, I won’t bring her to you.”

“I came here because I wanted to,” Mali said, inserting between Rune and I. “Can’t I come here? Is this hotel something you own?”

“I don’t own it now,” Taurus said. “But I sure can buy it now and ask you to get out.”

Riley pulled Mali behind him. “Second Warrior… you are too much.”

Taurus blinked innocently. “Me? When have I been too much, Riley Garcia? Is it not you who has lost his mind?”

“I am supporting my mate, Second Warrior!” Riley said. “You? What are you doing?”

Before Taurus could answer, Lawan tugged my sleeve. “Draco… we need numbers. Alpha Eric and Omicron Riley have extended to help us. I am not for Mali, neither am I against her. What she did was wrong, but we do need her help now.”

I grunted and left for the room Taurus had prepared for me. “Do what you want. Don’t blame me if anything were to happen to anyone.”

Mali shivered, but who cared about her now?


The siege went smoothly. Too smooth to arouse my suspicions, but since we were already in the Summer Coven, I cared nothing about it. Anyway, once inside, no matter what I encounter, my raw strength would be enough.

Belen and Riley led their respective armies. The second they reached the Summer Coven’s borders, the Summer Coven was ready. The one leading the Summer Coven was Taksin, Somsak’s father, the former Zeta of the coven.

While they faced head-on, Taurus and I snuck into the coven grounds. Neither Harper nor Dave was there. In fact, if I had to guess, Harper had left the second she kidnapped Allen.

What were they planning?

I did not need a walkie-talkie and BlueTooth headphone to make out what was happening there. I could practically hear it all. Belen was fighting Taksin now, and Rune and Mali were standing awkwardly before Apinya as she reprimanded them in the fight.

Niran fought with those who tried to reach Rune. It was Eliana that surprised me. She was ferocious. The gentle-looking female Omicron of West pack had such a side. Though few failed to tremble before Belen, they did before Eliana. Her aura had bloodlust and coldness wielded as one.

I shuddered lightly. Thankfully, I was a pulsar who could survive her. Had she been a star or had I just been a werewolf, I was not sure how long I would last in a fight against her.

The capital was practically deserted. There were so many night markets, pubs, stalls and hotels. Yet now, not a single one was open. As much as it was oddly soothing, it was eerie.

Trees rustled amidst the winds. Gravel groaned under our foot and the stars grated in the sky. For a moment, I was here, and I was everywhere. It was difficult to anchor myself.

But I pushed on. Following Allen’s scent, I could vaguely guess where Dave might have been holding him. In the same prison where he held Aiko.

The prison came to my vision as a familiar scent caught my nose. A scent that could make me freeze. A scent that still had the power of fear over me. Even Taurus growled when he caught it. After all, he had committed her scent to mind when he saw my memories.

She sat on the stairs casually, as if she had all the time in the world. She checked her nails and then blew on it.

Sweat soaked my back. When I took in her features. There were some similarities between her and Leigh and the but one before me had a cold smirk and arrogance in her eyes.

She tied her blonde hair in a ponytail and wore knee-length boots. A leather jacket was slung on her right shoulder as her left hand held an unlit cigarette stick.

“Lana,” I whispered.

She cocked her head at my voice. “Fancy seeing you here, Draco. Miss me?”

I wanted to remove that head from her body. If possible, dig her heart out with my bare hands.

Scenes shifted in my mind. One second, I saw myself snapping her neck and the next I was in that room where she had chained me and tore my dress my shirt apart.

I was caught between what I wanted to do to her and the past. Fear and anger ruled together.

Lana maintained her smirk, but she herself was reeking of fear. Was she afraid of me or the warrior next to me?

While I tried to pull myself out of the past, Taurus was already in front of her, lifting her off the ground by her neck.

“You think you are too brave?” he asked in that soft voice that had me shivering. “You think you can escape unscathed?”

She trembled, her hands trying to pry his fingers. “You want that used goods?”

Used good? I narrowed my eyes. If I was worthy for Taurus was something he would decide. To be honest, if others knew this issue, the laughingstock would be me. The great, powerful pulsar was taken advantage of. Though I had justification, it would humiliate me.

I strode to where they were. Taurus had her facing me. “How do you want to kill her, Draco?”

Lana laughed despite everything. “You think he can kill me, Taurus? He is just swine. A spineless coward.”

How did Leigh even have such a sibling?

“Draco,” Taurus’ voice was soft. “What happened was not in your control. No one can ever blame you. Why blame the victim instead of the assailant? They would say that you are the male and everything was in your control. But is that so? I would stand by you, Draco. I will wait for you.”

Somehow, momentarily, I forgot my fear. I did not want to think of the humiliation. Though death was not always the answer, her death would the key to my freedom. I could never live knowing that this creature was breathing in the same world as I do.

“S-s-so touching,” Lana spat.

I folded my arms. “Is that so?”

Her eyes darkened. “You are just-”

I waved my hand. “Save your breath, Lana. I waited so long for this moment.”

“You won’t kill me,” she said, her legs dangling.

‘You won’t kill me,’ I said confidently, my back pressed against the icy wall of the prison. It had been a day after my capture and my naïve self did not know of the upcoming torture.

Unless Taurus was compressing her arteries, she would not die fast. Vampires did die of anoxia, but that was the most painful way to kill them, apart from removing their spine.

“What makes you so confident?” I asked.

She chuckled. ‘What makes you so confident?’

“H-harper told me you will not kill me,” she said.

‘Dave will not let you kill me.’

I smirked. “She lies about a lot of things. Did you honestly believe her?”

‘True,’ she nodded. ‘But I sure can break you.’

“S-she wi-will never l-lie to me!”

“Wishful thinking,” I whispered, and my hand touched the base of her spine. “Wonder how you would scream when I remove this?”

‘Wonder how you would scream when I give you a good time?’ she whispered in my ears, straddling on my lap, her thighs by the side of my hips, grounding them against the wall.

They chained my wrists above my head and though my eyesight was normally good, in this utter darkness, I could only see her face. For the first two days, she did nothing, but afterwards, it was pure nightmare.

Her eyelids fluttered, and she began to gasp. “D-don’t. Please, don’t.” Tears streamed down her face.

‘Please don’t,’ I begged when I saw her again. ‘Let me go!’ Tears streamed down my face.

“Fancy how in the past our dialogues were exchanged,” I said. “Did you let me go, Lana?”

My fingertip sharpened and pierced her skin. She whimpered. Water gathered in her eyes.

They went deep enough to feel her spine.

Her body trembled. “Draco… Draco, please.”

As Taurus’ hands compressed her windpipe, I curled my fingers around her spine.

“If you have another life, Lana,” I said. “Pray to Kamaria to never meet me.”

As she gasped, I pulled the spine out of her body. Slowly.


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