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Chapter 30.1

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He did not know how he reached there, but he was standing before the Kelp Confusion. Not waiting for anyone, he pushed himself further. Each kelp was a prison, holding a person between its branches. Some were free, some held a person.

But the second he entered, a strange feeling covered him. It was the same feeling he felt during that fateful day.

Without thinking twice, he rushed towards the centre. For a moment, he was standing there in his humanoid form and the next; he was a streak of light.

He moved through the kelps that were swaying and changing their position. Yet, he somehow managed to reach the centre. But what he saw was the last thing he expected to see.

Alioth was holding her blade, the tip pointing toward a star who was smirking. That star… how long was it before he saw her?

Eltanin, the daughter of the first lord of Kelp Confusion. Even among the stars, her beauty was well known. She was the kind of star who had it all. Just a frown and her father would have made the universe bend to her will. Her mother would have roused the River of Souls and messed the Three Paths. Simple watering of her eyes, her friends would have made the energy question why they were created.

Her energy was so strong. So fierce. So powerful. So vibrant that he could see nothing else. She cocked her head ever so slightly, with that gentle smile playing on her lips.

A silver gossamer gown gave her an ethereal feel. Her dark hair blended with Space. Her eyes were slightly slanted as she blinked gracefully. A pale white light shrouded her.

His waves skidded to a stop. His Soul-Bound. The most perfect female ever. He wanted to run to her, to kiss her, claim her before everyone, tell them all that she was his, but would she want him too? After all, Thuban said she loved him.

He shrugged. Whatever happens, he was her Soul-Bound. How could she want someone else apart from him?

Before he could move forward, Alioth’s voice broke the spell. “Let them go, Eltanin.”

Let who go?

It was then Nox saw Saiph being chained by some golden chains, and behind him were two stars he had once seen. Alrakis and Rastaban, if he was right.

What was Elta doing? Even if she had Saiph in the chains, it was understandable. But why Alrakis and Rastaban? Weren’t they friends?

Eltanin laughed, and that sound was the greatest piece of music ever composed. “Let them go? You think I am that stupid, Alioth?”

“I never said you were stupid,” Alioth sneered. “If you had been, we would have found about you so long ago. I said, let them go!”

Eltanin brandished her sword out. “I have to leave. If I let them go, you will definitely stop me.”

“Leave?” Saiph snorted. “Even if I die, I won’t let you leave, Eltanin. The crimes you carry are not simple.”

Crimes she carried was not simple? What did that even mean?

She gracefully turned and chuckled at him. “Crime? That was a crime?”

“Else?” Saiph asked, his voice low and brutal. “You were involved in the murder of Ursa and her Soul-Bound! You dare deny that?”

Wait, what?

Eltanin just laughed instead of defending herself. “I was. What can you do now, Commander?”

Alrakis moved away a little. “Elta? What’s wrong? Don’t scare me.”

She rolled her eyes. “You really surprise me, Alrakis. In what way am I surprising you?”

She shook her head. “T-this is not you. Elta won’t do anything you do. What have you done to Elta?”

Elta smiled. “I am the same Elta you know.”

As much as he did not want to believe, this was the same Elta. Stars could change their appearance. Even if someone else was imposing as Eltanin, based on appearance, one would not be able to tell. But he had a Soul-Bond with her. If not him, who could tell?

“No,” Rastaban wheezed. “You are not.”

“If you don’t believe me,” she said, and then she turned her head in the direction he was in. “You can ask him.”

Nox sensed behind him, and no one else was there. Did she find him?

Alioth’s defence was the best. “Nox? Son of Rigel?”

Nox took a human form and nodded. “I am, Alioth, daughter of Polaris.”

“What are you doing here?” Alioth asked, her voice sharp.

“I… I heard,” Nox gulped. “I heard Eltanin had woken up.”

“So?” Alioth asked. “Why are you here?”

Nox gulped. “S-she is my Soul-Bound.”

The second he finished saying that, he could feel Alioth’s murderous aura from there. They were kilometres apart and he could still feel it. Just how angry was she?

“So?” Alioth sneered. “You came here to assist her?”

He frowned. “What is going on?”

Alioth snapped. “Don’t act like you don’t know anything!”

“I don’t!” he fired back. ’I don’t know anything.”

“Don’t test my patience-”

“Alioth,” Saiph whispered. “He really does not know anything. Don’t you remember, he came by only after Taurus put her to eternal sleep and he comes now after learning she is awake. Don’t pin this on him.”

The Kelps around him wailed in pain as if they knew something he did not. They shifted their position again. And just when he thought that was all it would be a Kelp split into two. After doing so, they drifted apart. What was going on?

After the kelps shifted, he found himself alone again. What was with this place? What was Aelius thinking when he founded this place?

He moved through the kelps again. But this time, the kelps were hostile. They slashed against his human form; the cuts were so deep that they struck his soul each time he moved past them. Was this why Kelp Confusion was a dangerous place?

Despite their attempts to block him, he made his way to the centre where Alioth and Eltanin were engaged in a fight. Why were they fighting again?

Though a major part of him wanted to help Eltanin for no reason, that rational part of his mind was loud enough for him to not make that decision. He knew Saiph, and they could be considered as friends. Why was Eltanin holding a sword to him?

Just what had happened in the past years? Had Eltanin changed or had she always been like this?

Again the Kelps changed their position, locking him out. The first time they gave him a hard time and he could take it as they were protecting against an intruder. The second also he could take it as a coincidence. But the third?

He frowned. If he was not wrong, Eltanin was trying her best to keep him away from her. But why was she doing this?

The kelps were not just hostile this time. They were aggressive. Even if he was near them, they reached out to harm him. What had he done?

Gritting his teeth, he cut them before they could touch him. All this while, he tolerated, for they were created by Eltanin’s father and Aelius. Not anymore. He was someone who Rigel trained personally. He was someone who had survived Rigel’s training. He was not some weak star.

As if they sensed his change, the kelps no longer bothered him. He dashed through them, sometimes forcing them to retreat. They feared him at one point, bending to his will.

He found them again and this time, Alioth was in a poor condition. Her energy was weakening and the amplitude of her waves was becoming low. Not to mention, Eltanin was holding her sword tip at Saiph.

Nox knew this kind of weapon. This weapon could take the energy of the stars and convert it into whatever the wielder wanted it to. Not many things could kill a star, but the weapon Eltanin held was something that could.

This time, though this was Eltanin’s domain, he concealed himself. Alioth provoked Eltanin, forcing her to give up on Saiph and move towards her. Did Alioth know he was hiding or was she just gambling with her life?

Whatever it was, he moved and released the three stars. Saiph looked at him as if he was seeing a ghost. By the time Elta turned, Saiph was free and Alrakis and Rastaban were no longer under her control.

Elta screeched as she rushed towards him, but Saiph came and blocked before she could reach Nox. Elta flew back and Alioth moved away. But she did not go so far. Thuban caught her.

He helped her gain her energy back. “I am back, love. I am back.”

It sickened to see Elta in Thuban’s embrace. For the sake of Cosmos, she was his Soul-Bound. Not his!

That possessiveness came roaring back, and he pushed Saiph back. “Elta!” he called. “Come back here.”

She scoffed. “Come there? You should be the one to come here. You are my Soul-Bound, Nox. Why are you helping them?”

He moved an inch forward. “What? What is wrong with you?” he turned to the star behind him. “These are your friends! Why the hell are you turning against them?”

“Friends?” she laughed, but there was no mirth. “They are my friends? It’s a disgrace to call them my friends!”

“Disgrace?” Alioth asked, panting hard. “What did you do?”

“What did they do?” Thuban asked her in a soft voice.

The way he held her made Nox want to kill Thuban, but Elta was standing there with Thuban willingly. His soul was slowly dying. His frequency was completely out of tune and energy slowly fleeing him.

How could she choose him? What did Thuban have that he did not? Was it because she knew him way before her? Was it a matter of time? Or was it something else?

Where did he fail? Just where? Why was his Soul-Bond Elta? Even if they stood on the opposite side, every reason for him being alive begged him not to hurt her. Even if he was to understand reason and listen to sanity, how could he just watch others hurt her? Even if he allowed them to hurt her, she was the only one Soul-Bond to him. She was his only chance at happiness. After finding one’s Soul-Bond, literally, no one else could come close to his heart as she did. He would forever be left searching for a part of his soul.

He could have found someone else before he met Elta. He should have listened to his friends and taken another lover when Elta was in eternal sleep. What made him wait for her?

Why was it aching so badly? Next to nothing can hurt stars, and it had been ages since he felt any pain. And the irony? This one was not even physical.

“What did we do?” Alrakis shrieked. “Are you out of your mind, Thuban? Don’t you know us?”

“I get it,” Rastaban said. “You love her and all, but she met her Soul-Bound. It’s time for you to let that psycho go.”

But Thuban did not listen to them. “Elta… what happened?”

“I will tell you what happened, Thuban!” Alrakis interrupted Elta. “Dear Eltanin, here killed Dziban.”

Thuban just stared at Elta. “Did you kill Dziban?”

“You don’t even believe me anymore?” Alrakis asked.

But it was all deaf to his ears.

“Yes,” Elta confessed.

At this point, he did not know what he should be feeling. Dziban was a great star. Why did Elta kill him?

“Why?” Thuban asked. “What did Dziban do to you?”

Rastaban scoffed. “Thuban… are you out of your mind? She killed Dziban and you are politely asking her? Did you forget who Dziban is?”

“Why?” Thuban asked her in a soft voice.

She sulked. “Whatever happens, even if you rejected him, he was your Soul-Bound. What if one day you decide to leave me for him? I had to take measures.”

He choked on her words. Just to be with Thuban, she actually killed his Soul-Bound? How cruel could she be? Of all the stars, why was she his Soul-Bound? He had never heard of a star thinking about their Soul-Boud like this. He might be the first.

Would that mean… just to be with Thuban, she would even kill him? Would she be able to do it? Or would she ask Thuban to do it?

“Y-you actually killed Dziban because-” Alrakis began. “You are terrible, Eltanin. If this is the true you and you have been hiding from us all this time, then I swear I have to hit myself for not seeing the truth earlier.”

Rastaban just stared at her. “How heartless can you be?”

Alioth gaped at her. “Even in my worst nightmare, I never thought you could do that.”

Yet Thuban just smiled. “Just a little jealous? Too much jealousy is not good for you.”

He just brushed it off as jealousy? Was he serious?

This female killed a star. Her friend. Their friend. Thuban was going to brush it off as jealousy? Brush it off as a display of love? What a kind of twisted obsession they had?

Temperature among the many other things did not influence them, but now, a haunting chillness teased him. Mass was not a character of stars… it was a character of Yarins. If so, why was he feeling heavy? He might stumble if he moved an inch.

If… if he was to pursue her, would she find ways to kill him too? Or would she… would she have them both? Keeping him alive to enjoy the pleasure of Soul-Bond and have Thuban to soothe her heart?

Neither option settled well with him.

Despite her body holding numerous wounds, Alioth coughed violently. “Are you out of your mind?”

Saiph rushed towards her and brought her into his embrace. They turned into their energy forms and they nearly merged into one. When they did that, there was bright blinding energy and for a second, vibrations of high frequency threw them off their location.

Seeing that, Nox was forced to turn into his primal form. Behind him, Alrakis and Rastaban were in their energy forms too. Those two were close enough, but they did not do anything like Alioth and Saiph. Just as they merged, they separated in the same instant.

Saiph was a little weak, but Alioth was fine.

After the blinding light faded, he saw Thuban protecting Eltanin from the vibrations.

Pain like nothing wrecked his soul. He had a thousand words to say, but would she listen? Ask a hundred questions, but would she answer? Hold her in his embrace for the rest of his life, but would she allow him? Bitterness crept up his heart. He had already lost way before the game began.

Taking that couple’s moment of weakness, Alioth, Saiph, Rastaban and Alrakis surrounded them. Elta quivered in Thuban’s embrace as she sent a wave of sorrow via their Soul-bond.

The sense of disappointment and pain was so real and raw that he did not know if it was his emotion or hers. He began to emit haphazard vibrations that Alioth and Rastaban gave him a worried look. But the culprit of this remained oblivious to his sufferings.

He just froze where he was. If he took a step forward, he might kill the five of them just to make sure Elta was safe. What a kind of twisted bond did he have with her? Why her?

She sent waves of despair when he refused to move. At a point, he let a strangled cry and did his best to cut the bond. When she knew he was resisting the bond, she let him go.

In the place where he felt her meekness, he felt her urge to kill him. That snapped him out of whatever trance he was in. if Thuban wanted to kill him, Nox might understand. But why Elta?

Alioth moved towards the pair. “Let me ask you a question. What were you doing when my mother was killed? You were in eternal sleep, but how could your traces appear there?”

Instead of answering, Elta smirked. “Don’t you want to know?”

Saiph’s energy became dark. Like the general he was. “Don’t provoke Alioth, Eltanin. Answer her.”

She maintained that irritating smile. “Oh? That’s supposed to scare me?”

Alioth’s energy became increasingly out of control, but she held herself together. “You don’t understand what is happening, do you?”

Elta chuckled. “You don’t understand, Alioth. You are Polaris and Ursa’s daughter. Do you think you are above all? Ursa may be one of the Warrior and Polaris may be the kingmaker. But my father was the Lord of the Kelp Confusion before Draco. He was Aelius’ trusted aid. And my mother? She is a guardian of the Three Paths. I have the same title as you do.”

Alioth laughed, but that haunting sound echoed with a different vibe. “I? I am the same as you? Such a naïve little girl.”

Elta’s smile did not fade. “You’re so old that you don’t understand what is happening. You will soon understand who will emerge as the victor.”

It was then an oppressing aura filled the Kelp Confusion. Nox tried his best to fight it off, but it was a futile attempt. When it started, Alioth crashed into Saiph and Rastaban banged against a Kelp. Alrakis moved forward and Thuban held her hostage.

He tried his best to move, but nothing happened. Something held him in that place.

A light laugh came. “Think they know everything?”

A female came with two males following her. Mirfak and Dave. how the hell did she bring Dave here? Was it because this was a place that was used to punish people that creatures of earth could come here? As for Mirfak, why was he following her? It made no sense.

“Glad you came here, Melantha,” Eltanin said. “It’s been ages since I saw you.”

The other female smiled brightly. “I even met you when you were in your eternal sleep.”

“I know,” she said. “It was because of you. Had it not been for your help, I would be stuck there.”

Harper- Melantha glided towards Eltanin and the two females hugged each other.

If he had blood running in his veins, it would be replaced with ice.

“I needed you out of the sleep that idiotic warrior put you in,” Melantha said. “I needed my best friend out.”

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