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Chapter 31

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It was late evening by the time the funeral was over. Lana was just a heap of rotting flesh and bone, and no one cared to clear that. Stray dogs feasted on her for a while before giving way to the hungry rats that came up from the sewers.

The smell became unbearable after a while, and Apinya asked someone to clear that. When Dave was here, everyone feared Lana. But now that her backer was gone, she was nothing. After all, people who hated her were not any less.

Wirat’s family had the practice of burying the body. If he had a child, the ritual would have extended. The priest came by and finally; it was Rune and Niran who buried Wirat down there. It was only then Lawan cried.

Alpha Eric and a few of his pack members came by at the end. To say it was so eerie and uncomfortable would be an understatement.

“Where is my son?” Omicron Eliana asked as her eyes searched the crowd.

Leigh had joined us an hour ago with Gaelan, Tristan and Antlia. That princess immediately stuck to Cancer like an octopus.

“He left,” the huntress of Surva said in a dry tone.

“Left?” Eliana frowned. “Why would he do that? He is not even answering my calls!”

I cleared my throat and pinned the vampire responsible for Kyril’s absence. “His mate… she rejected him.”

“What?” Eliana screamed, disturbing the stillness of the sombre atmosphere.

The others turned with an ugly expression, but when they realised the one who made the noise was the Omicron of West Coven, they hurriedly looked away. Especially when the memory of this female bringing death and pain was still fresh in everyone’s memory.

Taurus held my hand and squeezed it. Though he was physically next to me, he was not present. He was trying his best to help Nox, who was somehow caught in the Kelp Confusion.

I nodded. “He met his mate. She… she had a boyfriend when they met. She chose her boyfriend over Kyril-”

“Who the fuck is she?” Eliana snarled. “I will not lose another to the damned mate bond!”

My voice grew icy. “Don’t interrupt me, Omicron Eliana. You will not like how the conversation will end.”

I respected her, admired her as an able Omicron. But unless she was a family member, no one could interrupt me.

Her eyes skimmed over Taurus, who was next to me and refrained herself. After all, no one save for the Royals was above the Warriors.

“I am sorry,” she whispered.

“Okay.” I closed my eyes. “So Kyril left the day he came.”

“W-where did he leave?” she asked.

I shrugged. “He did not want to face you. He just left.”

“Who is she?” Eliana asked, her brown eyes settling on every female here.

I jerked my head towards her. “Sorrel. Omicron Riley Garcia’s Epsilon.”

“Sorrel?” Eliana asked with a light chuckle that was lost to the wind. “That female?”

“You know her?”

“Of course,” she snorted. “She greeted me with Riley last night. Did she forget she rejected my son? She dared to do that?”

With that, she strode toward where Sorrel was standing. I sighed. A mother’s wrath was something I would never bring upon myself. Parent’s love was as ancient as life itself. Pure and uncontaminated. It was an instinct to protect that part of you. It came as easy as breathing and stayed steady as a heartbeat. Or that was what to some people.

Rune’s father, for example. Julius destroyed his family by his actions and words. And then there was Eliana, who would fight till her death for her children’s happiness.

I looked up at the sky that tried its best to seal its lips, to hold the secret it knew. It at glanced the earth and so desperately wanted to gossip what it knew, but the time was not right. With that desire still burning bright in its heart, it regretfully chased its source of message away, pulling a clear sky and a thousand stars.

Yet the winds, not listening to anything, whispered what little it knew to everything it met. The grass blades exclaimed in cooled wonder while the trees and the vines protested in loud warble. The tall buildings either did not care about what it said or did not understand the language. When not many paid attention to it, the winds grew cold and sharp, making people shiver.

A loud shriek tore the stillness of the evening and yet the zephyr, instead of pausing to see what was happening, increased its pace in gossiping.

Sorrel glared at the female before her. “Who are you to lecture me?”

Eliana sneered. “You don’t know who I am, Epsilon?”

“You are Omicron Eliana of West Coven,” she said. “That’s all you will be.”

Riley frowned from where he stood, but he made no move. Next to him, Mali clutched her handkerchief.

“That’s all?” She folded her arms and then slowly glanced at Riley. “Is this how you train your Epsilon?”

Sorrel came between Eliana and Riley. “Not another word against my Omicron.”

“Protective?” Eliana whispered near her ears. “Can’t I be protective of my son then?”

Sorrel shrugged. “You want me to accept him?”

Eliana raised her hand as if she wanted to slap her, and Riley took a step forward. Then she restrained herself. “Why would I need you to accept my son? He is Omicron’s son! What more does he need?”

“Then why are you here?” she asked.

“Why?” she asked incredulously. “You welcomed me yesterday as if nothing was wrong. You spoke to me so freely. You did not even harbour an ounce of guilt! Kyril was my son, Epsilon! My son!”

Belen came out of the crowd, but he did nothing to stop his mate. Perhaps he too was hurt by what Sorrel did to his son, or perhaps he thought it would be better for Eliana to let her grief out.

Riley went ahead. “Omicron Eliana… don’t you think this is unbecoming of yourself?”

She frowned. “Unbecoming of myself? Are you even listening to yourself, Omicron Riley?”

“You are an Omicron of a Leser Coven,” he said. “And now… you are screaming like a shrew.”

A cold smile lit her face. “A shrew? Is that what you will call me when I am fighting justice for my son?”

“Justice?” Riley asked. “Sorrel did not cheat on your son. Neither did she harm in any way. She rejected him for her boyfriend. She was just being loyal to her boyfriend.”

Eliana slowly walked up to Riley and then gave a pained smile. “Omicron Riley… I hope that when your child meets their mate and when their mate rejects them for their boyfriend and your child runs away from home due to pain, I hope… I hope you can maintain the same attitude.”

Each word was a dagger to Riley’s heart. That Omicron’s eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to defend himself. When no words came to his aid, he took a step back.

With that, she pulled Belen and left the scene. Apinya walked behind the Omicron pair and spoke something in hushed whispers.

I did see where Riley was coming from, but I could also see where Eliana was coming from.

Leigh tapped Riley’s shoulder. “A word of advice. Don’t think you know everything. Don’t assume yourself to be a righteous bastard. Take it or leave it.”

Mali was the only one who was left comforting Riley. Even Sorrel left with her boyfriend.


I took Taurus to my room. It was ages since I came here. My mother was at Zoya’s trying her best to save slaves Dave had. Apinya and Sadka were trying their best to keep their coven in control while Rune and Niran were at Lawan’s, comforting the female.

Cancer, Eliana, Belen and Charis stayed at the coven’s guest house. Leigh took Gaelan and her son to the place she had here.

Taurus was behaving weirdly. He just hugged me, and his heart raced when I locked the door behind us. Raced, as if he was scared… excited.

“What happened?” I asked.

He sat on my bed and bit his lower lip. “If… if I say something, promise you won’t get mad?”

I narrowed my eyes as I removed my shoes and my jacket. In one swoop, I removed my rings and blinked at him. “Depends on what you are going to say.”

His scent changed the second I said. As much as it was sweet enough for me to get drunk on it, it was wild. It was uncontrollable. It was like bait and wanted to reel me in.

I subconsciously licked my lips. “What is it, Taurus?”

His eyes followed my tongue. “Draco… do you want to Soul-Bind with me?”

I was walking towards him but when I heard the voice, the words, I stopped. “Do you know what you are asking?”

My breath was hard. Did he have any idea what those words did to me? I loved him. Too much that I wanted a forever with him. I thought that once all this was over, I would be the one to ask him this. Not the other way around.

A faint blush covered his cheek. “I do.” But his eyes held that sharpness and the strength Torre had. “I do remember saying that I wanted something that was forever. Something that no one can tear apart. Something that can withstand the test of time.”

My legs trembled. Any second, I could fall. “I do.”

“I was thinking about it,” his voice gradually became tiny. “And here we are.”

I went ahead and locked him in my embrace. “Do you really know what you are asking? Once we do this-”

“-there is no going back,” he finished it for me. “I know. That’s why I am asking you this.”

My mouth was dry as I pinned him on the bed underneath me and skimmed my lips over his. When I found that his lips were chapped, I instinctively licked them. While my hands tried their best to keep my weight off him, his hands were not so innocent. With the jacket gone, his hands lifted my shirt and wrote in a language that only skin might understand.

“W-why now?” I asked, my lips touching his with each word I spoke. “I thought we could wait until all this was over…”

He slightly shook his head and his legs moved a little, giving me more space to stick to him. “I can’t wait.”

I moved back an inch. Though his words and his scent wanted me, the quiver in his voice told me it was something else. Was I just overthinking? But the hands held me tighter and his legs locked me in that place.

This position, this expression and these words, had it been a different time, I would have not hesitated to bind my soul with his. But now, there was something else.

“Taurus!” I exclaimed when his lips traced a way down to my neck. “W-we... we need to talk.”

His sharp teeth grazed my skin. “There is nothing to speak.”

An involuntary shiver ran up my spine and my blood rushed down. He moved his hips in a rhythm as if he knew where to have me exactly. I was hard, straining against my pant.

It was difficult to breathe, maintain my sanity and talk to him.

Deep down, I knew he would not sacrifice his Soul-Bond if he was not sure about us. If Soul-Binding with me was the only way to save the universe, he would not do it unless he loved me. This was not an empty promise or a delicate vow. This was a solid oath of feelings purer than the primal energy.

The energies in us spun and danced to a tune that we had long forgotten. His magnetic field did not clash with mine, instead, our charges adopted each other’s fields and tried to merge with each other.

After all, what needed to be said was said. He asked the question, and I had answered. And this proximity was affecting our souls. Already we both were highly compatible, with our energies neutralising each other. Not to mention, we even regained bits and pieces of our memories, which just strengthen the trust we had.

It was not knowing how long you knew that person or how well you knew that person that strengthened the bond. It all came down to simple trust. And I trusted this male more than I did myself. And if this trust was not reciprocated, then his soul would not be rushing towards mine to bind itself together.

My heart hammered against my chest as he removed my shirt. This touch was something I wanted. Was it because he helped me kill Lana or was it because he accepted me in spite of my past that I wanted him so badly?

He knew my scars, where it was, how deep it was. He did not avert his eyes seeing them. Neither did he ignore them nor just kissed it away. He stayed and spoke about each one of the mark, making sure that I felt beautiful harbouring them. Making sure that I would not let it define me.

I willed myself to the present. “There is.”

He rested his forehead against my shoulder as he caught his breath. Though he restrained his body, his scent was getting heavy. Heavy enough to get me delirious. For a moment, I could not think of anything after smelling his scent.

“What do we need to discuss?” he whispered against my skin.

I buried my face in the junction between his neck and shoulder. “Can’t we wait?”

His reaction was almost instantaneous. “Why?”

“We have a lot going on,” I said, but our souls… my soul was not willing to listen to my words or my rationality. It had a heart of its own and suddenly did not comprehend the language in which I spoke in. “We… I don’t even know what might happen next. If we bind now… we will be in the vulnerable period. And if the binding fails… you know the consequences. Especially with what is going on in Kelp Confusion. If Elta had truly defected, then that prison is in danger, might release the prisoners. Not to mention, Nox is there. He might be in danger and I had sealed a part of the poison there and if someone was to break the seal on it, the poison might spread to the other part of the universe-”

He stopped my rambling with a kiss. It was a hard and a reassuring kiss with teeth clashing and tongues colliding.

I was being a hypocrite. Though I said not to Soul-Bind now, my soul was in the process. All it understood was my love for him and he was reciprocating that. To it, it was a promise enough.

It hit me like an earthquake strong enough to crumble mountains and bury civilisations. The binding had already begun.

I released him and shook my head. “Why are you so insistent on us binding now?”

“You’ll be mad,” he said.

I scoffed but made no move to remove myself from his embrace. “You know I will be mad. What is going on?”

“Kelp Confusion,” he admitted. “That what happened.”

His words did not settle well with me. “What happened there?”

“Harper and Elta are best friends,” he said. There was no need to explain further. “Harper caught Alrakis, Rastaban, Nox, Alioth and Saiph under her control. She even has Mirfak under her control. Thuban’s helping her. Melantha… after sealing the space, she left, as if she knew something’s wrong. And… they even have Zyon there.”

I froze above him. Our souls were weaving with each other and there was nothing I could do about it. Then, as if someone had struck me, I wanted to move, but his hold was tighter than anything I knew. Was it because he was actually stronger than me or was it because I did not want to move?

“Wh-” I struggled. “Why didn’t you tell me? I have to leave! Zyon! Alrakis! I have to save them-”

“You will,” Taurus said. “After this.”

I truly wanted to shake his hold off me, but the possibility of him getting hurt was something I was not willing to take. “If a fight broke there, do you think I can escape unscathed? If that poison break out again, I might even die-”

He kissed me again. When he let go, that sharp gaze of his made me shift my sight. “What do you think of me, Draco? You think I will allow you to go there all alone? Allow you to die? You don’t get it, do you, Draco? I told you. I wanted what forever. I wanted something that even time can’t take away. I want that thing with you. Time got nothing to do with when I want it. The place has nothing to do with where I want it. I just don’t want to lose you. I can’t even imagine the possibility of losing you.”

I had nothing to say.

“If Soul-Binding may be the only way to keep us tied, I don’t mind doing that,” he continued, forcing me to look into those silver eyes. “If you die, I follow. But if there is a sliver of a chance for you to survive, I will fight for us. I destroyed a soul for you, there is nothing I won’t do for you. I will threaten time if I have to. This binding is not something I have not thought of. I just wanted to bind with you after you got over your fears…. A bond is not meant for you to forget your fears and throw it back. It is meant for you to heal. Just that this issue with the Kelp Confusion came up that this got pushed back. But I swear, they are not in immediate danger.”

I was breathing heavily at his confession. Even if the words were not said, the feeling was right.

“Draco,” he whispered. “I love you. Is that not enough? Is it not enough for me to accompany you wherever you go? Is it not enough for us to Soul-Bind? Is it not enough-”

I kissed him. How could I possibly refuse him now? There were people I wanted to save. I knew it. But if they were in immediate danger, Taurus would not have initiated this bond.

I licked his lips and sucked on his lower lip as my hand slowly undid his clothes. Piece by piece every bit of our clothes were taken and we were finally skin to skin.

This definitely gave a thrill that nothing else gave. It was one thing rubbing our hard cocks together through pants and it was totally another with no clothes. It electrified me and a shudder ran up my spine.

“I love you too,” I said. “I love you.”

His gaze was out of focus and that hazy look suited well. The merging of our souls was done. We had successfully Soul-Binded.

There was a sull persistent throb next to my heart, reminding me of his existence. I could no longer control it. “C-can I mark you?”

He was stunned for a moment before he nodded. “Yes.”

I lost it, but I had to ask him. “You know what will happen if I mark first. Do you really want it?”

He had the audacity to smirk. “I know… why? Are you afraid you can’t get it up?”

My eyes crossed. “You… you really want me to fuck you?”

His hands went down and held my hard throbbing cock in his hands and gave it a nice squeeze. “I want that.”

My blood drained from everywhere else from my body and went straight to my dick. “I always… I always thought-” I yelped when his hand increased its pace. “-thought you would be the one-”

“-to fuck you?” he murmured devilishly against my pectorals. “I have time, Draco. I have all the time in the world to take you. But now… take me.”

This was solved just like this. We both had that dominant streak and I thought this would pose a problem for us. Never did I imagine him to be so accommodating.

I smirked for the first time that night. Did he know what he was signing up for?

I released his hold on my cock and moved. He was a bit confused, I was about to come. But not like this.

I kissed and licked my way down. His adam’s apple bobbed when I kissed it. I did not leave an inch of his skin. Red blossomed on his skin and my name was the only prayer that left his puffy lips. I had him exactly where I wanted him to be.

How many nights had I dreamt of this? Wished I could hold this male in my arms? When it came true, could I let go? No, I had to savour it. Until the last moment.

We would be together so many times for the rest of our lives. Even be together every day and every second, but could that amount for the first time?

This would be sweet torture I would remember for the rest of my life.

I finally took that throbbing cock in my mouth and licked it. He shuddered hard and let a small whimper out. I looked up and our eyes met. He was biting his lips until a bead of blood rolled out and his hands buried in my hair. And his legs clenched and tightened.

He was out of breath as if he had run a marathon. “Draco,” he whispered.

Despite being so out of control, he was the least bit shy. Not shy about what I was doing. This was better. Way better than what I imagined.

When we were together, I sensed a bit of hesitance in our first few kisses. Like he was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he was dating a guy. After a few days, he was comfortable to make out and even then there was minimal skin contact. Then the shirt was off the discussion. I had been so happy when he was ready to get past that barrier with me.

Now, there was not a single glimpse of reluctance. To lay there, underneath me. To lay there and enjoy when I had my lips wrapped around his hardness.

There was not a single inch of skin that was left unattended by me. And his scent was getting only sweet.

“Mark me, Darco,” he whispered after he got his breath back. “Mark me. Now.”

I smacked my lips and relished the taste. He was not curling up or avoiding me. But he stared right at me with that sparkle in his eyes as if he was challenging me silently. His gaze was so clear and so bright that I just wanted to drown in them.

Smiling, I placed my lips right on his right side of the neck and waited for a beat. My left cheek felt the steady pulse of his carotid. There was not a slight rise nor did it miss a beat. To be honest, he was more steady than I was.

Was this all planned?

Who cared about it now?

I let my canines grow and gently pierced through his smooth skin. The second it tore the defence, the pulse quickened its pace. Though this might appear on the skin as a normal Mark, it was a mark of the soul. The final step in Soul-Binding.

While just Soul-Binding would say to the other stars that you are unavailable, marking would announce who you were with. I was about to release my hold on him when Taurus marked me with all his might.

His teeth pierced my skin and went deep as to mark my soul. Our energies finally took a part of each other as theirs.

His eyes were glazed as he looked at me. “Do it,” he whispered.

Who was I to refuse him? Giving him another long kiss, my hands wanded and finally reached the place where I wanted it to reach. He shuddered and muttered incoherently when I gave slight pressure. I reached for my bedside drawer and found the lube that was brought but never used. He was ready now and so was I.


I had seen a ferocious Taurus, a happy Taurus, a silly Taurus, but never a tired Taurus. He could barely keep his eyes open. But whose fault was that?

I tried my best to stop after the first time. But who had spurred me on? Who told me to be hard and fast?

I narrowed my eyes on the male who was sleeping on me. Or on the animal who was sleeping on me.

When he became tired, he shifted. Into a tiny hyrax. How could I have the heart to do anything to that tiny thing?

My hand stroked his soft fur, and he rumbled low in his sleep. Was this his shifted form he chose on earth? I had imagined something terrifying, like a mountain bear or cougar. But this? This was totally different from what I had imagined.

In two hours he woke up. Since I had been the one to actively initiate the bond, I was not tired. I was more than ready to take whatever the universe threw at me. But Taurus who took the brunt of the bond was tired. Had the issue at the Kelp Confusion not pressing, I would have made him take his much-needed rest.

I gave my energy to him. Though it might weaken me, he would not be in a condition to lose.

With a tiny yawn, the hyrax woke up and blinked. If that scent was not rolling off him or if I did not feel my Soul-Bond with this thing on my chest, I would definitely mistake it for an animal that Charis Minga brought with her from West Coven. That Coven had mountain ranges and hyrax was common there.

I flicked his nose and said, “Alright?”

You are so going to get it from me the next time, he huffed.

I reeled in my snigger. Fine, fine. You can do whatever you want to your heart’s content to me the next time. Now, are you alright?

I won’t die.

I have never heard stars dying of Soul-Binding, but if you do, you might be the first.

I am fine.

Can you transform and stand up?

In a while, he said.

Why a hyrax?

Cause… he trailed off, his ears dropping low. The bond forced me to transform into something cute.

I laughed. And hyrax is the thing that popped in your mind?

I dunno. He rubbed his head with his tiny paws. I am the Warrior representing earth… and hyrax was something I saw a few years ago and I liked it.

I shook my head. “Well… you are darn cute.”

I did not mean to come off cute, he protested. I meant to come majestic and strong.

I did not have words to comfort him.

True to his words, after five minutes, a full-grown male Warrior was on me. I was resting my head on my hand as I smiled at him. It was a smile that just lit my lips upon seeing him.

He peeled himself off me and went to my closet and took a few clothes for him. We were more or less the same size. Just that I was an inch taller than him and he was a bit broader than me. My clothes should fit him fine.

He walked to the washroom. I inhaled the heavenly scent of us and then I lazily linked Nox. seven hours had passed since Taurus got the message from Nox. I had to know what was going on.

“Nox?” I called.

“Draco!” There was a relief in his voice.

“What’s up?” I asked. “Is everything okay there?”

“Draco…” he trailed. “It’s best that you don’t come here. That’s what I told Taurus.”

Was this why Taurus was so dead set on us Soul-Binding?

“What happened?” I pressed.

“Elta…” His voice broke. “She has gone crazy! She is trying her best to unlock the seal on the poison in the Kelp Confusion and she is trying to release all the prisoners here.”

“She can’t do that without me.”

“Exactly,” he replied. “That’s why I am asking you not to come.”

“But,” I said. “What about you guys?”

“Thuban’s gone crazy with her. Alrakis and Rastaban are healing. Alioth and Saiph are healing together. Zyon’s with me. He is way more powerful than Elta or her best friend Melantha. He has some sort of seal on him. If that is removed, Melantha is nothing. Melantha just did something to him and he is just frozen. Elta says you will come to release him, but you can’t.”


“Cause,” he gulped. “Melantha… she is a perfect hybrid. She is a perfect combination of a star and a pulsar. None of us here can release Zyon. knowing that she left. Elta and Thuban are really strong right now and all the five of us are weak. Not to mention, Melantha left Dave and Mirfak here. So… if you have to come, then you need someone who can navigate through the Kelp Confusion or a Navigator. I tried to contact Rigel, but I can’t find it. Even if you are the Lord of Kelp Confusion, Draco, you can’t navigate, can you?”

“I can’t,” I said after a minute. “But I know someone who might.”


A smirk fit my lips. “Dziban.”

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