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Chapter 32

After we freshened up, we left our room. The fact that he was wearing my shirt - yes, it was tight for him - made me want to fly.

I had worn all my rings and my chain. It was a thick silver chain that Sean once got me when I professionally became a hacker. He said it completed the look. From that day, this chain had always stayed with me whenever possible. I took it off if I had a mission, for I could not afford to lose it. I had taken it off the night I assassinated Somsak. And I met it after so long.

I pulled on another black jacket and tied my laces. Taurus came and breezed through my closet and was searching for something.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

He did not reply but kept searching.

“I could… you know,” I said. “Help you.”

“I want a jacket,” he said, and then frowned at me. “Something cool. Like you.”

I laughed. This businessman who wore formal was hot in casual clothing. Thankfully, we had Soul-Bonded before anyone saw us in this attire of his. He wore a white t-shirt and faded jeans. His hair was tousled, and he wore a bracelet of mine.

I shook my head at this tiny hyrax. I pulled out a leather jacket and handed it out to him. “Try this on.”

He slipped his hands in it and posed himself in the mirror. I gave his image a flying kiss. “Why don’t you try modelling next?”

He shook his head. “Not into the entertainment industry. And why would Torre go for modelling?”

I shrugged. “You seemed into it.”

He walked towards me and pulled me by my lapels. “I want to model for you and you alone. Why would I make a business out of it?”

I gulped. “Fair.”

Smirking, he left the room. I smiled and followed him out. When I came down, I saw a note saying that food was in the fridge and if I wanted to have it; I had to heat it up.

To emphasise this much on food, I opened the fridge and a huge bowl of pad kra prao was waiting for me. From that fragrance, I knew it was Kanya who made the dinner. Grinning widely, I heated it up and set the plate for two.

Taurus frowned. “What are you doing? You are a pulsar… you don’t need food.”

I licked my lips at the food. “I may not need it, Taurus, but this vampire can sure cook. She makes the best food. Try it yourself. You might want to kidnap her as our personal chef.”

He scoffed and then took a bite. One bite was all it took. Within seconds, he gobbled everything. He smiled in satisfaction. “That was truly magic. Who is the cook?”

“Kanya,” I answered, taking my food slowly. “She… she used to be Dave’s slave. Yesterday, my mom met with Zoya. Kanya must have cooked this. Since my mom knows I like her cooking, she must have brought it.”

“She went to meet Zoya,” Taurus asked, stealing a spoon from my plate. “How did Kanya come into the picture?”

“Kanya and Zoya live together,” I said.

He nodded. Just as I finished with my breakfast, my phone rang. Putting it away for washing, I picked it up. Behind me, Taurus went ahead to do the dishes.

I accepted the call. “Mom?”

“Woke up now?” she asked in a lazy voice.

I frowned and checked my call log to see that she had called me thrice in the last one hour. “Yes. I even ate. Happy?”

There was a slight chuckle in the background. “Very. Even Kanya is very happy.”

“What is it, mom?” I asked.

“You took Torre home, Draco,” she said, shooing Zoya, who I was pretty sure trying to spy on our conversation. “Need I ask more?”

I looked back at him who was done with the dishes. He rose his eyebrows at me as if to ask what I was up to. “No. No need to ask anything. It is exactly what you think it is.”

There were two loud squeals that tore my ears. My mom laughed. “Mate?”

I smiled at him, and he returned it. “Yes. You can say it that way.”

My mom was happily smiling from the way her voice sounded. “Or? In what way can you tell?”

“I will tell you later, mom,” I said. “But yes, your son has a boyfriend. He has a mate.”

“Perfect,” she said. “I need to have dinner with you both.”

Taurus took my phone. “I will let Draco text you the time and place as soon as possible.”

Kessa was not flustered. “I will wait for it then, Torre.”

With that, he cut the call and threw my phone back at me. “After this thing with Elta… I will have that dinner.”

I smiled. “Else, my mom will not let us off.”

“I know,” he said. “She is important to you.”

“I may be a pulsar, Taurus. But when I was a human, she sacrificed nearly everything to raise me. I owe her a lot.”


Many vampires gave us weird looks. Especially with us walking so close by. Niran was out of Lawan’s house, taking a drag from his cigarette. He gave us a wry smile and continued with his smoking.

It was quite a bright day for him to be moping. The funeral was tiring and Rune was quite close to Wirat. Perhaps, this male might have been affected by his mate. Yet, the creases on his forehead and the irregular heartbeat told me another story.

“What’s with this smoking?” Taurus asked.

Niran sighed and threw the half-smoked cigarette down. “Dave’s missing. Boonsri is Kamaria knows where, and Apinya refuses to take the bloody title. Rune is the temporary Omicron. He is at the office discussing things with the Elders of the coven and from the people from the Halls.”

“Why are you here?” Taurus asked.

“Rune… Rune does not want me there,” he said, sighing. “He… thinks I may mess things up and that I can’t take that pressure. So, he asked me to take care of Lawan and he snuck to meet those Elders alone!”

I frowned. “Why not barge in?”

“And make things difficult for Rune?” Niran asked. He waved his hand. “Let it go. Since he does not want me to take the burden, I might as well try my best to, ya know, help him.”

“But Rune is right. You will mess things up. Don’t you know how much I spent on bail?” Taurus was not being helpful right now.

Niran’s lower lips quivered and his eyes held unshed tears. “I know, Taurus. I just…” his voice broke. “I just want to be there for him. I just want to tell him that he does not have to do this alone. He has me, his mom, Sadka. We are all here to help him. He does not have to take it all upon himself.”

“But that’s how Rune works,” I said, not daring to give him a hug. Not with Taurus next to me and us Soul-Binding just yesterday. “He would never tell us what is bothering him and try to fix everything all by himself. It’s not just you, Niran. He would do the exact same thing to everyone. People say he was once very open to Chalot, Lawan’s brother. But then Dave killed him and Rune never opened to anyone. Not even to Sean or Wirat.”

Niran took out another stick, but he did not light it up. “So… what must I do?”

“As I said.” Lawan’s house was next to the guest house compound. A female in a leather jacket and silver hair parked her motorbike and got off. Where did she go riding in the morning? “Barge in. If you worry about causing trouble for Rune, then go during the lunch break. And once you see him, latch onto him like an octopus and throw a fit to attend the meeting. That is the only way to help him. Else, he will be quiet about what happens in the meetings and will not tell you anything after he comes home. Despite Apinya being his mother and former Epsilon, he did not say her much. Sadka? He did not even know about the projects Summer Coven did twenty years ago.”

Niran threw the unlit cigarette down and nodded stiffly. “I will freshen up and wait for him in his office.”

He turned to leave. “Is your iris pattern and your thumb pattern recorded to open the door?” I asked.

He froze and turned back slowly. “I… When I was here, Rune would be the one to open for me. Always.”

Taurus yawned a little and rested his head on my shoulder. “That’s why I kept saying you are stupid.”

He pouted and gave me a pitiful look. “Draco… will you help me?”

I tried my best to tone my smirk down. “Even my patterns are not recorded.”

“How do you enter?”

“I hack.”

His shoulders slumped. “Who can I ask?”

I frowned, and then it struck me. “Ask Thahan Suwanrat. He is an Elder. He is… Apinya’s uncle. He loves Rune and he will do his best to help him. His patterns are recorded and if you tell him what your intentions are, he will definitely help you.”

Nodding fervently, he fled.

Taurus inhaled deeply. “Never did I imagine one day that he will become a bit responsible.”

I chuckled. “They are perfect for each other. Rune needs someone like Niran to teach him how to enjoy life.”

“And Niran needs someone like Rune to learn some responsibility,” Taurus said. “It’s good that they found each other.”

Humming, I turned to see her leaning on her bike and smirking at us. Where did she get this bike? It was a racing bike. Just where? When she met us a day ago, she just crashed in front of us. Now, she was in a flashy silver jacket, yellow sunglasses, and leather gloves. Not to mention that bike. It was newly released!

Her purple lips widened when she saw me gawking at the bike. She pushed her hair back and motioned for us to follow her.

I took a step, and Taurus immediately straightened up. “Don’t. She is being mischievous. Don’t follow her.”

I shook my head. “She can’t do anything to us.”

He frowned deeply. “You are right.”

With that, we went, and she led us into the house where she was currently staying in. She threw the keys on the table and grabbed a bottle of cold water. Loud music echoed from a room.

“Finally, Soul-Bounded, eh?”

I sat on the sofa next to Taurus. “That’s why you brought us here?”

She rolled her eyes and sat on the single chair. “This was something that was bound to happen sometime soon. Just the time took me by surprise.”

Taurus shrugged. “I don’t care. Now, tell us why you called us here?”

She twisted her face and got up. She then knocked on the room from where loud music came from. It was an album Carcen sang two years ago when she ventured into pop music. The music paused and a familiar tiny head peeped out.

Seeing us, she threw the headphone on the bed and ran towards us. She hugged me tightly with a squeal and ignored a growling Taurus. I grinned and messed her hair.

“I am so happy for you both!” she grinned back and gave that grumpy Warrior a hug. He tried his best to avoid that, but when Antlia decided to hug someone, she hugged them. “Finally!”

Cancer tapped her head. “Get off them. They are newly Soul-Bounded. They don’t take it kindly if you touch either of them.”

She blinked her big eyes at me. “Does this bother you, Dray?”

How could it? When I saw her as a daughter? I pinched her nose. “No.”

At the same time, Taurus grunted. “Yes. Get off.”

She stuck her tongue at my Soul-Bound. “He does not mind.”

Taurus gave me a look of betrayal. “Do you not care?”

I was perplexed. I knew what the Warriors felt towards Antlia. To them, she was a tiny thing and half wanted to protect her and the other half wanted to spoil her.

I gave him a blank look and he cleared his throat. “Fine.”

Ant got off and sat on the armrest on Cancer’s chair. “So?”

Cancer said, “I am taking Ant to Summer Pack.”

“Okay,” Taurus said.

“What? No!” Ant protested at the same time. “I am not ditching another friend!”

Cancer gave her a stink eye. “This place is getting dangerous. Nicole spotted some rogues, the ones from that night in this coven’s borders.”

I did not know what happened that night, for it was a secret of the Royal family. But I did know that if I asked, Taurus would tell me. The news that came out two years ago was that the former king and queen were holding a banquet and there was sudden rogue infiltration. Rogues from many places gathered and attacked the time the Warriors were not around. None survived. Not even King Atticus’ brother, Prince Rohan.

Ant went silent and the smile that so gracefully adorned her face shrivelled. It was like a flower, smiling brightly at the sun, laughing loudly with the winds and chuckling gleefully with the bees and suddenly the clouds wept, pushing towards its end, the winds spoke in a harsh language with a sharp tongue to tear its petals and the bees died and fell at its roots.

She bit her lower lip as her gaze became deeper. The oceans were powerful. It was deep and serious, not bound by anything. Though it took the suggestions the sky gave sometimes, it held its own pride and showed its true colours. As much as it had life, it had secrets. As much as it was limitless, it was constrained.

“What happened?” Taurus asked, forgoing his laziness.

“I went there,” she said and motioned her attire. “Why do you think I am like this?”

“Cause you are spontaneous and you wanted to have fun?” Taurus retorted.

“Puh-lease,” Cancer said. “I know when to be spontaneous.”

Ant frowned. “Then… that’s not being spontaneous, right?”

Cancer snorted. “Whatever. I am not irresponsible, okay? I went to deal with them. That’s why I think it’s best for me to take her away.”

Taurus sighed. “That’s the best. I am going to go with Draco to Kelp confusion and see how things are there. From what Nox says, it’s not bright. So, I may not be able to care for her.”

Cancer nodded. “That’s settled. I am taking Ant. Now, tell me what is going on in the Kelp Confusion.”

Taurus and I shared a look before he said, “Elta… she is Melantha’s friend.”

“Melantha…” Cancer drawled. “You mean harper?”

“Yes,” he said. “Elta was the one who was responsible for the poison break in the Kelp Confusion in the first place. She was with Melantha the whole time. Draco tried to neutralise as much poison as he could and when it was above him, he sealed a part in the Kelp Confusion. Before he could seal it away, Elta took some amount in her.”

“She is an Immune too,” I muttered. That wrecked me. Though she was not a powerful Immune like me, she was an Immune.

“Then how?” Taurus asked, breaking off. “How was she hurt to that extent?”

“My guess,” I said. “After I was knocked out, the bond between Thuban and Dziban came alive. Jealous, Elta used some poison she was meant to destroy to kill Dziban. But what she did not know was that Dziban was a twin star. Born to fool death once. That must have backfired, and she got the full brunt of the poison. Though she was not as powerful as I am, she was quite capable. She must have been fighting the poison in her body when you guys must have found her and others must have said she was having the poison. And you,” I said, looking at my Soul-Bound who was in deep thought. “must have taken it seriously and put her to Eternal sleep.”

“So…” Taurus said after a minute. “I was given the wrong diagnosis and was forced to put her into eternal sleep? If I had not done that, she would have been fine after a while?”

I nodded. “She is an Immune. Of course.”

“Who told you that diagnosis?” Cancer asked. “Did you not check it yourself?”

Taurus snorted to appear calm, but that light blush on his face gave it away. Even after us Soul-Binding, he was a bit shy. This was new.

“I was worried about Draco then,” he said in a soft voice. “I did not bother to check.”

I smiled. “Who told you that diagnosis?”

“Arcturus,” Taurus said. “He said it.”

Cancer soughed loudly. “He is a Healer. He knows what’s going on. He must have.”

I shook my head. “He is one of the few who knew she was an Immune. Are you sure it was Arcturus?”

“If he knew,” Antlia asked. “Why would he give that diagnosis?”

I licked my lips. “It sounds outrageous, but what if he knew the relationship between Elta and Melantha and purposefully asked you to put her in eternal sleep?”

Taurus covered his eyes and leant back. “This is getting ridiculous.”

“What does he gain in this?” Cancer asked. “Everyone does everything with some gain for them. No one is kind enough to do things with no gain.”

Taurus pointed to Cancer. “You’re right. What does he play in this? What did Rionach do to him? Or what did Melantha do to him?”

“Why are you forgetting Elijah?” I asked. “He could have played a part in it.”

Ant bit her lips. “What if it was not related to anyone there? What if it was related to Dziban?”

Cancer gave the girl a long look as if she did not expect her to think of this. “Is Arcturus related to Dziban in any way?”

“We have to ask that question to Dziban,” I said in low spirits. “I do not know. He made a light pact with the Kelp Confusion and he gave me no reason to not believe him. I never questioned his origin.”

Taurus groaned and opened his eyes. “This is getting messier with what we are digging.”

Silence washed over us. A stream of sunlight marched in happily. What relation did Arcturus have with Dziban? They were definitely not lovers. Not even friends. Were the family?

“Fine,” Cancer said and she patted Antlia. “Get packing. We are today.”

“Why so soon?” Ant whined.

“I have to shoot an MV,” she said. “It’s already pushed back by two days.”

“What MV?” Ant asked as that shine came back to her eyes. “A new album?”

Cancer nodded. “Yep.”

“The name?” Ant asked. “Is the music released?”

Cancer shook her head. “Not planning to release it until the MV is done. As for the name… it is ’Silent Waves.”

I smiled. “When is the estimated launch?”

She clicked her tongue. “In four months?”

Taurus blinked. “So long?”

She threw a coaster at him which he dodged. “I have written the lyrics for nine songs and only four are done. I have to compose for the rest five.”

“Then compose it,” Taurus said. “What’s stopping you?”

“A pianist,” Cancer said.

“Isn’t Xavier one?” Taurus asked.

“He is good,” I admitted.

“Yeah,” she dragged. “But… but he does not have the right soul for the song. It was a nightmare forcing him to compose the piano for the first four. The fifth was atrocious. I am trying to find another pianist. Someone who can play in harmony with my violin.”

“So?” Ant asked as she inserted herself next to me. “No auditions?”

“I have been travelling from East Coven to here and I have sent Iris down south,” Cancer said. “None have satisfied me so far. Hopefully, I find one in Summer Pack. Else, I have to work with Xavier.”

I sympathised with her. “Good luck. Hope you find your pianist.”

She smiled brightly. “Something says, I will.”

A familiar scent hit my nose and I would recognise those footsteps anywhere though it was lacking the will to live. She was the first one to teach me how to hold a gun.

She then knocked on the door and Cancer opened the door.

Lawan stood there awkwardly until the female Warrior said, “Come in.”

She gave me a tight smile and then turned to Cancer. “You asked me a question.”

Cancer nodded. “I did. What’s your answer?”

“I don’t know the basic thing about music,” Lawan said. “I don’t know to play, to sing, to harmonise or anything. Why would-”

“You can help me in other ways,” she said.


“You were a Theta before,” Cancer said. “You can help my manager or… take care of my account, speak to the fans, arrange the fan meetings. You will have a lot of work. And… you do look gorgeous. You can star in the music video.”

A shadow of a smile crept her face. “Thank you.”

Cancer shrugged and then took her phone. “Give me your number.”

After they exchanged the contacts, Cancer sent her Nicole’s number. “Call this number and tell your name. Nicole knows what to do.”

Lawan clutched her phone and gave us an awkward goodbye.

Ant yawned. “At least Lawan’s coming with me.”

“Yeah,” Cancer said. “We will have a girl’s road trip.”

Antlia snorted, but she could not suppress the smile.


They left after lunch. That was the first time I saw Nicole. She was a werewolf with a terrifying scar over her face, running from her forehead to her chin. Who knew what happened? She had pulled her brown hair in a tight ponytail and I could tell that she was a female of few words.

She was driving the jeep with Antlia in the shotgun. Lawan took the entire back seat while Cancer followed them in her bike.

“At least Lawan’s in good hands,” Leigh commented next to me.

I nodded. “She needs this.”

Neither Niran nor Rune were here. Seemed like my plan worked. Lawan’s parents had come to help her with her luggage, but otherwise, no one else came. She preferred to go away quietly.

Gaelan sighed. “Not leaving?”

I coughed. “About that-”

“What do we have to do with it?” Gaelan yelped. “You asked us to take care of Ant and we did. Now she left with Cancer. We have no work.”

I looked at Leigh who looked away. “Is he right, Leigh?”

She pursed her lips and refused to answer us.

Gaelan frowned. “Leigh… what does Draco mean?”

Taurus sighed in relief. “Thank Cosmos she knows. I don’t have to explain it to her.”

A panicked Gaelan was never good. “Leigh. What are they talking about?”

She took his face in her palms. “Listen to me well… what happened was in the past.”

Gaelan was confused. “I agree. What happened in Tahareh is in the past.”

She shook her head. “Not that. My past.”

He stared at her. “What past?”

She took in a deep breath. “I remembered around the time Thuban barged in our house.”

“What memories?” he was getting flustered.

Taurus and I shared a look but we did not intervene. They had a bond similar to us and they had their own understanding.

“My first life,” Leigh said. “This is my cheat life.”

He blinked. “Cheat life…” then he turned to us. “Isn’t cheat life the character of twin stars?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

He blinked at her again. “Who were you?”

“The one killed by Elta,” she said. “I was Thuban’s Soul-Bound. I was Dziban.”

He ran his fingers through his hair as he sat down on the road. His energy was getting chaotic and everything around us was getting affected by it. Leigh sat next to him to calm him down.

It took a while for him to come back to his senses. “They killed you?”

Leigh shrugged. “You can say.”

“You are Dziban?”

“Was,” she said. “I was Dziban. I am just Leigh Caskor.”

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