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Chapter 34.1

A/N: The last before chapter!

This chapter has three different points of views. Zoya (Kessa’s friend, Dave’s slave), Charis Minga and Allen.



She swirled the red liquid in her glass as she laid back on the sofa. Country music played from the recorder, and a steady stream of sunlight lit the living room. Next to her, Kessa was humming to the song.

“Happy?” Kanya asked, and the scent of scrambled eggs became rich.

“Never been better,” she said with a smile on her face. “I have never felt this free.”

“I am over the moon,” the female werewolf next to her said. “Draco found his mate! What more could I ask for?”

Kanya placed the plate of scrambled eggs before Kessa and motioned her to eat. Giving her friend an annoyed face, she stuffed herself with it.

Zoya grinned, taking a sip of her wine. “Of all the people he could have as his boyfriend, he went ahead for Torre! Which male on this continent could match up to him? Is it either big or go home, eh?”

Kessa punched her lightly. “From what I heard… Torre is the Second Warrior!”

No matter how much she tried to hide it, Zoya could hear that smugness in her voice. Nearly spilling her wine, she opened her eyes and blinked at her friend. “S-second Warrior?”

“Either big or go home,” Kanya whispered.

“It’s their life,” Kessa said. “I won’t interfere.”

Zoya sighed. “If it is Second Warrior… he can no longer be the Draco we know. He will be involved in Royal’s mess. As much as we can say that we have a connection to the Court, him being Second Warrior’s mate will bring a lot of enemies to him. Many will despise him. Many will try to kill him.”

She cleaned her plate and gave Zoya a long look. “What are you trying to tell?”

“Haven’t you ever heard?” Zoya asked. “How messy Royal lives are?”

“How terrible can it be?” Kessa asked, but there was a slight quiver in her voice.

“Apinya used to tell me,” Zoya said. “Anyone in the Royal Court… they naturally hold power. There was someone in the Court… his name was Nyx or something. He found his mate and just announced it to his close friends. But there were many other females who wanted to get close to him. In jealously, they killed his mate, and he did not even know who killed his mate for six months! And this is someone who was just in the Court. And now, Draco is with the Second Warrior! How many people would want him dead? Jealously of the human heart is the ugliest thing.”

“Draco is strong,” Kessa muttered. “He is an assassin, for Amaris’ sake!”

Kanya snorted. “If Torre can’t even protect his mate, he can jolly well forget about Draco. He is our baby. Anything was about to happen to Draco, even if he sheds a single tear, that’s it!”

Kessa nodded firmly. “I will have a nice talk with Torre after this.”

Kanya nodded. “That’s what Kess is going to do. What about you, Zozo?”

She finished her glass in one gulp and stared at the picture ahead. “I lost everything, Ken. Everything because of Dave. I don’t even know where to start.”

Kessa held her hand tightly. “Whatever decision you take, we are here for you.”

Zoya smiled at them. They were the best friends anyone could ask for. She remembered Kessa being brought from the Summer Pack with her little son. Her mate had recently left her, and she was doing her best to provide for her son when Dave brought her here. In the beginning, Kessa had been a very prideful female, refusing Dave at every turn. But when he threatened her with Draco, she complied with every wish of him. It sickened her to see such an amazing female be so compliant. But who could say anything? Even if it had been her, she would have done anything to save her son.

Kanya had been a headstrong female. She was training to be the next Delta of this coven. But Dave’s lust impeded this female’s career, forcing her to be his slave. For getting Kanya’s complete obedience, he forced her to watch her family being killed under Somsak’s hands. After that incident, Kanya had been a walking corpse, not because she did not want to die, but because Dave did not allow her to die.

“Your parents-” Kanya began. “Have you contacted them?”

Zoya sneered at the mention of them. “No. Why would I contact the two people who sold me?”

“Your parents?” Kessa asked. “You said it had been your mate!”

“That guy too,” Zoya said. “It’s not very complex. My parents hated me ever since my birth. I don’t know why. Later, I met my mate, but he was in love with my sister. For them all to be happy, I had to be out of the equation. So, they could either kill me or sell me. Being the Tzade of the tribe, they could not kill me. So they sold me and said I ran away from the tribe.”

Kessa frowned. “They could have just asked you to get away from the tribe, instead of selling you.”

“They hated me, remember?” Zoya said, filling her glass again. “And Dave promised them something. It was a win-win situation for them.”

“No offence,” Kanya said. “Your family sucks.”

Zoya smiled. “Tell me something I don’t know.”

“So,” Kessa began. “You are not going back to your family. What’s your plan?”

Zoya placed her glass on the table before her and wrung her fingers. This had been her aim ever since Dave took her from her home. The hope of finding ‘the one’ for her was long lost. Her mate had been the one to abandon her in the first place. Then she had been sold as a slave. Who would accept her now? Even if they did, what is it to say that they would not bring her dark past ever?

As for children, why should they be her blood. She could adopt anytime. She had once been pregnant with Dave’s child in the past. She had not told it to anyone. But someone found it and she lost the child the next day. Upon investigation, she found it had been Lana. Apparently, she worked under the command of Boonsri. She lost the hope of having a child from that day.

Since then, she had this plan. If she was ever to get free, she wanted to start this. But who would help her? Now a wonderful opportunity presented itself before her. She would be a fool to not grab it.

“I am planning to start a home,” Zoya began slowly. “We might not be only females. Like Dave, there may be many males. There may be the ones who were abusing their mates, their children. There were so many females who are being sold in the dark market. So many young females. Many are sold as slaves… sex slaves and many are sold for their organs. I want to provide them home. Provide them a place for them to rest without a single worry.”

Her friends were silent for a long time. When she looked at them, Kessa silently wiped her tears, and Kanya clenched her fists.

“What do you say?” Zoya asked them in a hesitant voice. “You think I can do that?”

Kessa nodded and then, in a quivering voice, she said, “I did not know what to do. I thought maybe I could go back to Summer Pack. But this… for this, I will stay. We will do this, Zozo.”

Kanya gave her a tight smile. “I planned to train again and become the Delta. But now… I think I will do this.”

Zoya shook her head. “Why? Can’t you be the Delta and do this as well?”

Kanya blinked. “I can?”

Kessa laughed through her tears. “You can do anything. Absolutely anything, if you believe in yourself.”

Kanya bit her lips. “It’s settled then.”

Their little joyous atmosphere was shattered when someone knocked on their door. Zoya sighed at them and opened the door to find Niran. He gave them all a nervous smile and then scratched his head.

“Ladies…” he said. “I don’t know how to break it to you, but Apinya asked you guys to come to the coven grounds.”

“Why?” Kessa asked from behind.

“Cause,” Niran said. “Dave is back and Allen is trying to challenge him.”


Few things could frighten her, but right now, the Epsilon of West Coven was a nervous wreck. She paced in the room and clutched the reports in her hand. Eliana had taken a printout of the document under her sister’s name and gave it to her. Thankfully, it was just a couple of pages. Yet, she could not bring herself to read the contents.

Folding the papers, she connected the bond. Within seconds, she connected. ’Charis? What’s wrong?’

‘I am scared, Erasma,’ she said, sitting on the rug near her bed. ‘I am scared.’

‘What happened?’ Erasma asked, her voice hard, grounding her to reality. ‘Tell me. Only if you tell me, I can tell something.’

‘I found something, Erasma,’ Charis said. ‘Something concerning Eulaila.’

‘Okay…’ Erasma said. ‘What is it?’

‘You know I am in the Summer Coven, right?’ she said. ‘The coven where Leigh said they did experiments? I found the file. In that… I saw Eulaila’s name!’

Erasma softly swore on the other side. ‘Did you find anything more?’

‘I did,’ Charis said. ‘Eliana took a printout and gave it to me. I have yet to read it.’

‘Read it then,’ Erasma urged her softly. ‘If you don’t read it, you will never know what it was about.’

‘But I am scared to read it,’ she said.

‘But you have to,’ Erasma said. ’What if it was nothing, and you were being scared? You are the Epsilon of the West Coven! Act like it.’

Biting her lips, she opened the envelope and scanned the paper. She skipped the introduction. Before her was a blood report. She sighed. They had done nothing to Eulaila.

But this was just a detailed blood test. But where had they got her sister’s blood from? Was it from the time Eulaila was admitted to the hospital once and she gave her blood for a bunch of tests? Just how far does Tahareh spread its power?

‘What is it?’ her mate asked.

‘B-blood report,’ Charis said. Even she could hear the relief in her voice.

‘What does it say?’ Erasma asked.

‘Let me read it,’ Charis said as she looked at it.

The blood cell count was normal and the bunch of other stuff was normal. Then why was her name here? Why was her report here?

She turned to the next page.

Shows high destructive power

DNA from white cells matches with that of a pulsar.

A specimen that can carry a pulsar child to term. With proper induction, this subject can be converted to a pulsar.

Can be experimented after six years after the body matures.

Senior Researcher,

Klaus Kine

When her eyes scanned the words ‘a specimen that can carry a pulsar child to term’, she stopped breathing. What in the Moon’s Realm does it mean?

She flipped the page to see when this report was dated. Would this projects continue even in Dave’s absence?

The date shattered her last hope. Next week, this report would be six years. She just had a week’s time?

‘Erasma?’ Charis asked. ‘Where is Eulaila?’

‘Is she not studying at Snow Crest University in South Pack?’

‘Is… is she not home?’ Charis asked.

‘No,’ Erasma said. ‘Did you forget? She came down for Kamaria’s week last month and said that she would not be coming for the next six months? What happened?’

‘I saw the report, Erasma! They have locked on her. There’s something in her blood, DNA… I don’t know. But the report says that she can carry a pulsar child to term. I don’t know what a pulsar means. But carrying a child to term itself gives me a nasty feeling. They are waiting for her body to mature, I guess. And they said they have to wait for six years. Next week, the six-year mark gets over. They can take her anytime next week!’

‘Shit,’ Erasma swore. ‘I will get in touch with the South Pack and the South Crest University. I will even try to get Eulaila back.’

She hummed, and Erasma cut the connection. What if they were a step late? What if those at Tahareh thought to take her in early? What if they had already started the experiments?

Thoughts swirled in her mind, driving her crazy. That was when Eliana connected her.

‘Epsilon!’ she said. ‘Come out. Dave is here and I need you.’

That bastard was back? She sneered. He better have all the answers to her questions.


He stared at the male before him. To say he was half-dead would not be wrong. But despite how Dave looked, his vitality was strong.

Many vampires came out. Rune stood next to him as he glared at the vampire before him. Niran walked with three females following him. He knew only one among them. Kessa, Draco’s mother. On the other side, Apinya and Sadka stood steadily, as if they did not know who he was.

After Niran, many other females came from different directions, but there was not an ounce of pity in their eyes. They had expected him to be dead. The disappointment was high. Wirat’s parents came forward and Wirat’s father gave Dave a tight punch to his jaws.

He moaned in pain, but he did not do anything to defend himself. Was he delirious?

The Elders came, followed by Omicron Eliana and Belen and Epsilon Charis. Before the Elders could do anything, Charis came forward.

She slapped his face tight. When he did not respond, she slapped him again. He opened his eyes under her violence.

“Answer me!” Charis hissed. “What is about the names on your computer?”

Dave gave her a dazed look. “What?”

She slapped him again. “The names, Dave! The names in your Tahareh files!”

He frowned. “What?”

She raised her hand to slap him but stopped herself. “Are you really that stupid? Or are you acting stupid?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Belen stepped forward. “He truly does not know.”

Charis blinked at her Omicron. “B-but my sister-”

“We saw her name on the list,” he said. “We will do everything to protect her, Charis. Don’t you worry.”

An angry tear rolled down her face. “Why my sister?” she screamed. “Why did you take an interest in her?”

Dave’s brows met as he screamed back. “Who is your sister?”

“Eulaila! Eulaila Minga,” she replied.

The frown on his face eased as he leered. “Oh! Her? Harper showed a special interest in her. She had perfect compatibility with a pulsar.”

“What are you going to do to her?” Charis asked, her eyes wide. “What are you planning to do?”

“Me?” He put on an innocent face. “I don’t control that place. Harper does.”

“Where the fuck is she?” Charis held the collars of his shirt and shook him. “Where the fuck is Harper?”

He laughed in spite of that. “She? Who knows? She threw me in that blasted place and left me as if I would have been safe there.”

Allen poked Rune with his finger. “Who brought him here?”

Rune pointed up at the sky. “He fell.”

Allen blinked at the sky and then at the vampire before him. “From the sky?”

Rune nodded earnestly. “He did.”

Allen cleared his throat. “In case you did not know, people don’t survive falling from the sky.”

He pointed at Dave. “We learn new things every day. He survived.”

Before Charis could do Dave some actual damage, the Elders of this Coven stopped her. The Elder was a short female, but her face was like ice; sternness etched on her face.

“Epsilon Minga!” she said in an icy voice. “This is not your coven.”

Another Elder stood before Dave. He had seen this Elder before. Niran was talking to him a lot. “We can handle the matters of our Omicron ourselves, Epsilon of West Coven.”

But each second he saw this male, Allen could only see the body of his mother fighting for her breath, the thin and malnourished form of his sister and he did not even know his father’s warmth. Now, his sister wanted to leave, and the doctors were not able to tell when his mother would wake up.

Back then he knew that his family was far from perfect, but coming here, he realised how fragmented it was. The life he once knew was gone. Coming here, he did not know whom to trust. Though many said they were his father’s friends, how could he believe them?

If they had been his father’s friends and if they wanted to help him so much, why help him now? What were they doing all this while? Why was his sister in that condition? Why was his mother fighting for her life?

Draco refused to take him to that place. He said that he would kill Dave to avenge his father, but why was Dave still alive and where was Draco?

If he wanted Dave dead, he had to do it himself.

“I can challenge him, right?” Allen asked, breaking the awkward silence between the Summer Coven and the Winter Coven.

Rune had once told him about the basic rules. And one among them was that if he wanted to kill an Omicron, he could do that either in a challenge or in a battle.

The female vampire glared at him. “He is ill! Injured. Have conscience-”

“Did he have a conscience when he killed my father?” Allen asked without an expression. “My father, who once defeated him in a challenge. Not only that, he even tortured my sister. Do you dare say he acted with a conscience?”

The Elder’s eyes widened. “Sean Huang’s son?”

“I am Allen Huang,” he said. “Can I issue this challenge now?”

“He is-” she began to defend him, although he was hesitant.

“You can,” the other Elder said, daring the other Elders to refute him. “Since Omicron Dave failed to uphold his end of the deal, you can issue a challenge anytime and he has to accept it.”

“Elder!” Dave protested. “I am in-”

“When you killed Sean that day, you should have expected this day might come,” he said ruthlessly. “Despite our advice, you went ahead and imprisoned Aiko and tried to kill Clio. You have too much blood on your hands now, Omicron. I am afraid you can’t wash off the stain now.”

Allen widened his eyes. When Rune once told him the power of Elders in a coven, he never believed it. How could a bunch of old people do anything? But now, it seemed like they were the ones who held the fate of the Omicron. Thankfully, they were appointed by the people of the coven.

The female Elder who was supporting Dave glared at the other Elders. “Shut up! He is the Omicron of Summer Coven! How can you-”

Another female vampire stepped forward. She was tall and slender. “Have you lost your mind, Jas? You yourself have witnessed what he does to the females in this coven. How long do you think we can be silent? Sean should have taken the title from him fifty years ago! This is long overdue.”

A female who was standing next to Kessa walked slowly in front of Dave. her log hair was pinned by a tiny clip. But the stance she had, even Rune lost to her.

She held him by his throat and gave it a gentle squeeze. When that Elder named Jas tried to move her, the other female next to Kessa held her back. “Do whatever you want, Ken. we can do it only when he is alive. If Sean’s boy here challenged Dave, he will die.”

Sean’s boy.

He began to choke. Allen wanted him alive. He snarled. “I want him alive.”

She snapped back. “I was to be the Delta of this Coven! He took away everything from me. My family, my friends, my reputation, my will to live, my body! You think I am not in a position to kill him?”

She raised Dave’s chin. “How many girls have you broken? You think you can get away with it?”

He narrowed his eyes at her but she laughed. “Your powers are long gone, fool! You can no longer control anyone’s mind. I think this gift is sweet enough.”

Allen asked, “His powers...?”

Rune sighed. “He could control anyone’s mind and if he snaps it, the person would be a walking corpse.”

Thankfully his powers were lost.

A girl came from the crowd and punched him hard in the gut. “That’s for destroying my sister!”

As she left, another female came and kicked him hard. “That’s for my son whom you sold!”

Vampires streamed in and tried to hit him. If this went on, where could he have the revenge? This one before him was his prey. It was not fair to challenge an injured person. There was no glory in winning this as well. But when had is life been fair? If he wanted fair, he had to wait until he got his treatment and then issue the challenge, but his heart was not soft enough to treat him.

A growl slipped past his lips and everyone stopped. “That’s my kill.”

He did not know what took over him, but everyone moved away. The female who had been holding Jas, pulled the hesitant Elder away.

The sky cleared the clouds. The air stilled in anticipation and the earth was wide awake. The sun that stuck down harshly, learnt that something was happening and reduced the intensity of its glare. Then with renewed interest, it looked down, whispering the winds to carry any message it may miss. The birds sensed the changes and found themselves temporary abode to watch it first-hand.

“I am injured,” he wheezed. “I will fight you another day-”

Allen did not allow him to finish the words. He punched him hard in the gut. He was not trained. His actions just had raw energy and anger. In the eyes of the people who knew how to fight, he was just an amateur. Dave being already injured was his upper hand. As much as he hated him, Allen had ot admit that Dave knew how to fight. All the ranking members had to know how to fight.

Another punch to his chest and Dave started coughing. But that was not enough. The more time passed, the more he realised how he seemed to have an unlimited reserve of energy. The more time passed, the more bloodlust boiled in him.

Punches rained down consecutively on him followed by a series of kicks. They were so fast tha Dave could only defend himself. Allen gave him no room to breathe.

Only when something warm sprayed his face and Dave’s scream tore his ears did he snap out of it. By then, it was too late. He stared at the arm he had pulled out. Allen frowned. Was this Dave this weak or did he find a new power within him?

But he did not stop ponder. Throwing the arm away, he held Dave by his shirt and lifted him up. He no longer cared and cried loudly his as intact arm pressing on the site below where the other arm had been.

“Die,” Allen hissed.

With that, he snapped the neck of the Omicron of Summer Coven. Blood drenched him and Dave fell like a pile of skin and bone. The other vampires held their breath seeing him. Some looked at him with admiration, some with fear, some with astonishment and some with relief.

Despite the blood trickling down his face, he felt nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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