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Chapter 35

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We landed on the ground with a soft thud. I had to get back every part of my memory. Know who the heir was, know how to revive the Kelp Confusion, and get back the Immunes without their help. Alrakis and Rastaban went ahead with Megrez hoping to help them. In fact, Megre said that the Kelps responded better to the two stars than it did to anyone else.

As for Alioth, I asked her to find Nox for me. Not because he was in a dangerous phase, but because of who he was.

The roads of the Summer Coven were deserted. Not even a street vendor stood there to sell ice-creams. The noise from the north side of the capital told me that everyone was there. Why did Taurus sending Dave back cause such a ruckus?

We both shared a look. “What exactly did you do, Taurus?”

He had a smug look on his face. “I sealed his powers and threw him down.”

I blinked at him. What else could I do to this Soul-Bound of mine? Who said he was mature? Who said he was cold and ruthless? Bring that person to me. Or was it just to me he showed his childish side to?

“Very great,” I said as I walked there.

I had been here once before when Sean challenged Dave. When the ranking members met their mates, there would be a ceremony held in this clearing. I was young when the Omicron and the Theta pair got mated and my mother did not take me here. When Rune found his mate, he refused to have a ceremony.

Taurus nudged me with his shoulder. “What else should I do? Kill him? I bet many harbour more hatred towards him than you and I.”

“Sure,” I said.

The smell of blood was heavy in the air. It was fresh. And it was Dave’s blood. What had happened? Did someone challenge him? Or did everyone in the coven think they had enough and killed him together?

Upon seeing me, the vampires gave us a way. It could have been my golden eyes or my aura. Whatever it was, they stayed away, and that was much better.

Rune stared in the direction opposite from I came from. Mali was trembling in Riley’s arms. Belen had a calm face, while Eliana smirked. I glanced at the pile of skin and bones. At the body with a snapped neck and one arm. The place where the other arm should have been there, blood gushed out. That explained where the scent came from.

Only Niran dared to come near us. “Allen challenged.”

The outcome was obvious. Would they let this body rot, or would they bury it? Or would they use this as bait to lure Boonsri out? That female was yet to come out?

“Where is he?” I asked.

“He… left,” Niran said. “Don’t ask me. He just walked away. He was like a killing machine, dude! You should have seen the way he killed Dave!” I could see Dave’s body. “Like an emotionless killer. He kept on punching and kicking and suddenly, he ripped an arm off! Then he held Dave by his neck and snapped it-”

“I can see it, Niran,” Taurus said flatly. “Don’t be excited telling how another person died.”

He was about to stick his tongue out, but Rune walked towards us. “We have to elect a new Omicron.”

“Allen won, right?” I frowned. “That means he is the next Omicron.”

Rune glanced at the Elders. Some had elation on their face and others were frowning so deep that it may cut their face. From the whispers, I could tell that some wanted Allen to be the next Omicron, yet their intentions were not pure. Some did not want him to be the next title bearer, for they felt what Allen had gone through in his life was enough. As much as being an Omicron gave power, it also meant a lot of work and pressure. Few, very few felt that if they trained Allen, he could be the best Omicron.

“Ignore them,” I said. “You are the Epsilon, Rune. You have the right to say who is going to take the title.”

Rune sighed and looked down. “If I could, I would just abandon my title and go.”

Surprise flashed in Niran’s eyes. “You… you want to do that? I thought that-”

Rune gave him a tired smile. “You want this title?”

Niran shook his head. “It never bothered me. As long as you want it.”

“Technically,” Rune said. “Mali should take this title. If not her, then Buppha. Not me. I fit nowhere.”

A gentle breeze rose to life, and the trimmed grass swayed as much as they could to please the winds. The sun that had dimmed earlier tried to show its might, but the clouds came back and hid the rays from the earth’s sight. The trees laughed at the banter between the clouds and the sky and when the clouds finally won; they cheered loudly with the wind.

Apinya came from the crowd. “Everyone disperse! The show’s over! Return to your residence. There will be a curfew until the next Omicron is chosen. Anyone who is seen not following the rules will be put in prison taking that you are rebelling.”

Her voice was loud and crisp. Neither too overbearing nor soft. Hard and strong. I could see her be the Omicron. That would be for the best. But I knew how she longed to settle somewhere outside the capital. After the ears she worked for Dave, I sympathised with her. She deserved a break.

She shook her head as the people dispersed. “Zoya… that won’t work.”

Zoya rubbed her nose. “It would.”

Kessa frowned. “What would?”

“I was just saying that Apinya here could be the next Omicron,” Zoya suggested.

Immediately an Elder shouted. “Preposterous! Outrageous! How dare you-”

An Elder, who was tall and slender, nodded in approval while Thahan, Apinya’s uncle, gave her a wide grin. Summer Coven was divided into fourteen sectors and capital and an Elder for each sector. Totally fifteen Elders made the council.

Belen and Eliana appeared to be communicating with each other as they slowly retreated. Charis stayed back. She was glaring at Dave’s body. Mali stayed behind, but Riley, Sorrel, and Brody left.

“I am even suggesting that you should be kicked out of the council of Elders,” Zoya said in a flat voice, folding her arms. “Outrageous enough?”

His eyes widened as he trembled. “You-you-”

“What?” she drawled. She rolled her eyes. “Don’t think that we don’t know how you are sitting in that seat. If a new election was to take place, you will definitely not have a seat. Enjoy while you can.”

Apinya shook her head vigorously. “Why? You don’t like me being happy, Zoya?”

“What does that gotta do with you being happy?”

“I am planning on settling in the seventh sector and live the rest of my life with the pension I am getting,” Apinya said and then looked at Sadka. He was about to say something, but when he saw her glaring at him, he nodded immediately. “Yes. That’s our plan. I bought the house already.”

I smirked. Sadka was a proud male who rarely listened to any of us. But if that any included Apinya, he would be the first to listen.

Rune gave his mother a blank look. “You are seriously going to move out?”

Apinya shrugged. “Your sister’s doing well in East Coven now. She is planning on settling there. Mali will be going with Riley, and you have already moved out. Why should Sadka and I stay in that big house? Stay in the capital? Don’t you think I had enough? I was the Epsilon for Boonsri and Dave. I deserve a damn break!”

Niran gave her a thumbs up and a wink. “You’re cool, mom.”

She motioned to Niran. “See, Zoya? This boy understands.”

Zoya twisted her face. “Whatever. Whoever is going to be the next Omicron… let’s see. What of the other ranks?”

The tall Elder who had a number eleven stitched on her sleeve came up. “Even we have not decided what to do. Who are you to ask this question?”

“A citizen of this coven,” Zoya said, pushing her hand away. “I can be concerned about this coven.”

“You are a witch!” she said. “Not a member of this-”

Apinya walked slowly towards that Elder. “Finish that sentence, Apasra. I dare you to. Right now, with no Omicron, Rune holds the highest post. Even he did not voice any concern. Who are you?”

“I am an Elder!” she protested. “I am-”

“-nothing,” Apinya said. “That’s what you are without Dave.” Then she turned to Rune. “After we choose Omicron, Theta and Zeta, we have to hold an election for the Elders.”

“Apinya!” Apasra yelled. “You can’t rule the coven to your will-”

“I will,” Apinya said, raising her eyebrows. “What can you do to stop me?” She pointed to herself. “Can you stop me?”

The tall Elder who spoke about teaching Allen the ways of Omicron then stood up. “I agree with Apinya. It is time for reelections.”


I knew why I was here. And it had nothing to with me. It was not because they respected me and invited me. It was purely because Rune told the Elders who Taurus was. And in order to get in his good looks, they politely invited me.

I should have turned the invite down. But I wanted to know what decision they would take. What would happen to Boonsri? I could not afford to lose my memories just because of this. What if they decide to do something to her and they lost the link?

Taurus was sitting next to me with his fingers, drawing a pattern on my thigh. Eliana was on my other side. Belen was next to her and directly opposite to me was Allen.

To my surprise, only half the Elders were here. What did Apinya do to settle them? The ones who came to the council because of Dave was no longer here.

The reason the meeting was late was because they took nearly half-day to find Allen. They found him pretty early… but he scared the people who were sent to get him back to near him. As a result, this long.

The final vote was with Taurus. They would not have asked him if odds were not in anyone’s favour. Exactly half voted for Rune to be next Omicron and the other half Allen. One Elder went as far as suggesting herself and her vote became meaningless.

“Allen had more rights,” Taurus said. “He was the one who killed Dave. He should take the title.”

Allen glared at him, but it had no effect on Taurus.

“He knows nothing!” an Elder who voted for Rune stood up. He had a number nine on his sleeve. “He was on another continent all this time! He does not even know how to be a vampire!”

“You should have seen when he killed Dave,” another Elder said. “He was ruthless.”

“I am way more ruthless than him when it comes down to killing,” Taurus said. Yeah… he just destroyed a soul. No big deal. “What are you trying to say here?”

That Elder sat back with pursed lips. An awkward silence loomed over the meeting, and I was the least bit bothered by it. If anything, I would have pulled this Epsilon of West Coven out to question her about Boonsri. She was the one who was searching for her.

“Allen it is,” Rune said. “We can train him.”

“Can we?” the Elder with number nine on his sleeve asked with sarcasm. “Instead of training someone else-”

“He is Sean Huang’s son!” Rune cut him off. “If he is not going to be the nest Omicron, then I will resign!”

I blinked. This threat might just work.

And it did. All in opposition had to swallow their words back. Belen looked at Allen and gave the boy a smile. “You can come to West Coven for anything. I will guide you.”

If this pair had not been honest, I would question them.

Allen just stared at the other Omicron and then turned away. There was a dark aura that shrouded him. His eyes had shadows around them as if he had not slept for many days. His lips were chapped and his breath was way too slow.

I narrowed my eyes at him. Something was not right.

He suddenly stood up. “I don’t want to be the Omicron. I want no title.”

One Elder shrugged. “Then you should not have killed Dave, child. You did and as per the rules of the challenge, you have to take his title.”

He glanced at others. Rune refused to meet his eyes. None of the Elders wanted to help him. Belen and Eliana looked at him like he was a specimen from another world.

“Why should he?” I voiced, startling many. “If he is not interested… why force him?”

I knew how this worked. As of now, Allen was the Omicron, for he killed Dave. Unless Allen passed the power to someone or someone challenged him and won, the title would belong to him. If he was not interested, they could pull a worthy candidate and then ask Allen to pass the title. It was simple… but a tiring job. Would these old geysers work? Apart from those two Elders, I had no hope in others.

The same Elder who spoke now sneered. “Look here, pretty boy. You are Second Warrior’s little lover and stay in your line. You were, after all, Dave’s hitman. Don’t think you have power here.”

His words were funny. “You mean to say,” I purposefully dragged the words. “That I am being kept by Taurus here?”

Taurus coughed violently as that passion surged in our bond. We were Soul-Bonds and everything else was demeaning that. No one would ever utter a word against the bond we had.

That Elder’s eyes darted toward Taurus and then me. “How dare you say his name! How dare you-”

Taurus cocked his head, and that Elder struggled to breathe. “How dare you speak to him like that?”

The other Elders looked at Taurus with wide eyes. Perhaps they understood we were not just having a fling.

“S-second Warrior,” he gasped.

“He is much more than a mate to me,” Taurus said, standing up. “And you dare say that he is a pretty boy? If he wants, he can destroy this coven in seconds and walk away and none of you will be able to stop him.”

Rune’s eyes widened, and then Niran gasped dramatically. Belen and Eliana looked at me in a new light.

The Elders murmured and softly apologised to Taurus, but he refused.

In this commotion, the boy slipped out of the room. I shook my head. If he did not want to be the Omicron, then we just have to find a suitable candidate.

“Leave!” Taurus said softly. “You are causing me a headache.”

To my surprise, they all left, trying their best to be the first to leave.

“That’s the power of Second Warrior?” I asked him.

He gave me a smirk. “What? Enough?”

I scoffed. “Back up in the universe, we both know who holds the power.”

His smirk turned down. “Don’t remind me of that.”

Niran smiled like he got a big, juicy chunk of meat. “In the universe…. What do you mean, Draco?”

I gave Taurus a meaningful smile. “Meaning… back up in the universe, I was the pulsar sent to neutralise this Warrior.” I rubbed his head. “And I was the Lord of the Kelp Confusion.”

Niran blinked. “L-Lord of Kelp Confusion? Lord of that place? The place we were talking about last time?”

I nodded. “Yes.”


“It got destroyed,” I said simply.

Charis pushed her chair back and then blinked at me. “Y-you said you are a pulsar?”

I nodded slowly. “Yes. I am.”

“What does that mean?” She was sweating heavily.

I could scent her anxiety and her fear. That dilated pupil and her rigid stance told me a story.

“Why?” I asked.

She was about to say something, but then she looked into my eyes, and then she sighed. “I read the report of my sister. It said that she could carry a pulsar child to term. I did not know what it meant.”

I shared a look with Taurus and then I said, “Only a few humans can carry our race children. Not everyone can. It is not compatible. And even that pregnancy may not always be to term. They would have a premature baby. Leigh… Leigh Caskor, she was able to carry Tristan to term because she herself was one of us. As for Riley’s mother… even she had a premature delivery. She nearly died… or that’s what Nox told me.”

“Riley’s one of you?” Belen asked in a faint voice.

I shook my head. “He is a half-star. I am a pulsar.”

Eliana blinked at me. “What did you mean by up in the universe?”

How was I going to explain this?

Taurus coughed lightly. “Omicron Eliana… I am a star. Like the twinkling thing you see in a clear night sky. Yeah… I am one of them. While our core stands for creation, a pulsar core stands for destruction. Imagine that I am full of positive energy and pulsar is negative energy. Our races balance each other. I am a star and he is a pulsar.”

Eliana gasped. “Is your race above everything on earth?”

I smirked. “Even among stars, the Warriors are elite. And Omicron, stars and pulsars are the pinnacle of the creation of the universe. Even in space, many races would lose to us. As for the life on earth, even if everyone stands against us, we would emerge as the victor.”

Realisation dawned on her. “That’s why the Warriors had always been powerful!”

Taurus gave her a sheepish smile. “We are not to reveal our race to others.”

Belen nodded immediately. “Not a word out of our lips.”

“So she can?” Charis asked, her face pale.

“It means,” I cleared my throat. “She has genes that could match with pulsars.”

She clutched her hair. “No! No! They can’t use my sister to-”

“The chances are low,” I supplied. “Stars govern this region of the universe. Without authorisation, pulsars can’t enter.”

She just stared at me.

“Meaning,” I said. “There are very few pulsars.”

“But they have locked on her!” Charis said. “She just has a week’s time!”

“Bring her back,” I said. “If you are worried.”

“Must,” she whispered.

Rune and Niran left the council hall, leaving me, Taurus, Belen, Eliana and Charis behind.

“Charis?” I called, snapped her from her revive.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Any leads on Boonsri?”

She was confused for a minute before her eyes cleared. “Lead’s in the second sector. We are closing in. When I catch her, we will hand her over to you.”

Nodding, I left with my Soul-Bound.


I perspired as an overwhelming need to shred my clothes came over. Taurus, who was reading a book by the side chair, rushed towards me. He touched my forehead and then frowned.

My hands pulling my shirt and I had ripped a part of it. There was no heat in my body. Something said that I was in the wrong skin.

I held his hands tightly. “Taurus… what is happening?”

Was it a consequence of Kelp Confusion? But that healer said I was all fine. The poison had tried to take my sight and my voice, but it had failed. She said that it had not touched my core energy. If so, why was I in agony?

Taurus then said in a faint voice. “There is a possibility that you are shifting.”

That halted whatever that was happening in my body for a second before it wrecked me again. “What?”

Taurus nodded. “You are showing the signs of shifting, Draco.”

My head spun and my skin screamed. “What should I do?”

He ripped the other part of the shirt. “Let’s get out. And we will discuss after you shift.”

I did not know what happened, but I heard bones break and something tear. I was not in the right mind to think about it. Something solidified in my chest. It was a relief.

He carried me to my backyard. If I was to shift into something as Lyra did, would this backyard be enough?

My body was in pain as it twisted and adjusted. Taurus was right; I was trying to shift. But what has shifting got to do with me? I was a pulsar, and Lyra said that once I control the element that Taurus controlled, then I had matured. My soul was healed. Why should I shift? Was it because I was born in a shifter’s body?

But this pain was nothing compared to the pain I got when the poison tried to invade my body. Though I had heard that a few shifters had died during their first shift, would I die? If I could not even take this pain, then there was no use of me being a first-generation pulsar.

When it was finally over, Taurus gaped at me. He turned away with a pout.

Why was he pouting? What had I shifted to? Was it something fancy? But from the way my body weighed, I could tell it was not a wolf, and it was something heavy and terrifying.

I looked at my paws and blinked. What in the Abyss-

“How is it fair?” he cried. “How is this fair?”

I growled lowly. “I have no idea!”

He glared at me. But with that pout, it lost its intensity. “How is it fair that you get to shift into a gargoyle and I into a hyrax? What does this bond think?”

I growled at him. “I have no idea! Why I shifted into this thing!”

“You look terrifying and strong,” he said. “Like a predator. But me? I shifted into a hyrax. A baby at that.”

“You were cute.” I tried my best.

“Who cares about being cute?” he mumbled and got up. “I am not going to help you shift back.”

“That will not be a problem,” I shouted.

Only after he left did I realise that it was a problem. I tried everything. From what my mother said to what Peggy said. They told me to imagine everything that made me who I was.

The assassin who never missed a mark. The assassin who only dared to dream of leaving the Summer coven. The pulsar who was sent to neutralise Taurus. The Lord of the Kelp Confusion. The Immune who stood until the last moment.

But nothing worked. Did that not make me who I was? What should I think?

Then Taurus came back. I glared at the male, who said he would leave. Why did he come back? To mock me?

I snorted and turned my face. If I could not shift back, I would wander everywhere in this form itself. Who cared about what other people said?

He laughed softly. “Your shift is a bit different. You are way free-spirited for this form.”

What did he mean?

“Think of what grounds you to yourself,” he said. “Things that can make you stay.”

What difference was there between what made me and what ground me? Wasn’t they the both same?

“No,” he said with a chuckle. “What makes you do not necessarily be the ones that make you stay. You may be an assassin, but does that make you stay?”

I had an enlightenment. What were the things that could make me stay? For whom I would stay? For what?

I blinked at the male before me. I would stay for him. I would stay for his smile, his happiness. I tried to give him a wide smile but I knew how horrifying it would be in this form.

I inhaled deeply. I would stay for my siblings. For every one of them. Other than that, I did not think I would have stayed back for anyone. If they had not asked me to research the poison, I would have left for wandering. Had they not asked me to neutralise Taurus, I would have left the Origins. I might have a home, but that did not make to stay back.

My body froze suddenly. Even Taurus’ eyes flashed. I could not even move a muscle. My vision clouded and then suddenly, the outer shell of my body shattered and I gasped.

“What just happened?” I asked after I took the robe Taurus generously gave me.

“You shifting back,” he said with a small smile. “Is different. You became a stone and then that stone shattered gave way to your body.”

I frowned and walked into the house. I opened the refrigerator and found half a cake there. I took it out and began to eat.

“Why is it different?” I asked after I had finished a quarter of it. “Why did I have to shift?”

Taurus sat opposite me. “Could it be related to the link?”

The cake was sweet, but it gave enough energy. “Is it like I am going to get it and so I had to shift? I don’t get it.”

“Perhaps it has something to do with your body,” he said. “You were born as a shifter and yet you have not shifted. As much as you hate to admit it, this is your body. How could you think to fight the genes?”

“I spoke about this to Lyra and she did not tell me anything,” I said.

“When did you speak?” he asked me.

“A while ago,” I said. “After the Kelp Confusion. Apparently, even Auriga’s power had a breakthrough like mine. She did get control of the winds, but ended up casting a complex spell.”

He looked at me blankly.

“I spoke with Auriga as well.”

“How is the situation there?” he asked.

“Summer tribe has gone through some major changes, as did Summer Coven,” I said. “But we are not here to talk about that.”

He hummed. “I think Surva might have the answers.”

“She might.”

The doorbell rang, and Taurus gave me a look that made me stay where I was. He went and opened the door.

The vampire who rung the bell simply blinked at him stupidly. Was Taurus his idol or something?

Taurus raised an eyebrow. “What is it?”

“E-Epsilon Charis sent me,” he sputtered. “She said they caught Boonsri.”

“Got it.” Taurus closed the door, not caring if the young vampire left or not.

“That was a bit rude,” I commented.

“You are just in your robes,” he justified with a scowl. “Had you been dressed, I would not have cared.”

My lips curled into a smile. “I am still covered.”

He glared at me, and I laughed at him.

“But they found her fast,” I said, hugging him.

“I thought they would take another day,” he said. “They found her fast.”


After getting dressed, we both walked towards the jail. In the past, when Dave threw me here, people gave me a disgusted look. But with Taurus walking next to me, people gave me looks of admiration and envy. I walked the same path. Just the person I walked with was different.

Rune was waiting for me outside. Seeing us, he led the way where Boonsri was.

The cells had been cleared. After all, the prisoners were none other than people who had opposed Dave. With that guy gone, why let these innocent people stay here? Had the court been fair or had the lawyers here had guts, none of these prisoners would be here.

In the last cell, Boonsri was chained to the wall and Charis was standing near the other wall, with one leg against it. Niran was sitting on a chair before. The grin on his face made me wonder if he was seeing a convict or he was having a picnic.

Boonsri kept shouting. “Give back my son! Give him back to me!”

My eyes wandered to the other cells and found her mate, Dave’s father, lying unconscious in another cell.

“Dusit…” Rune said. “We found him in sector five. Boonsri in sector two.”

I hummed.

Niran got up. “She has not fed for like four days. Coupled with her son’s death, she is losing it.”

Rune frowned worriedly. “Is that something to celebrate?”

Niran snorted. “Of course. I wish her a fate worse than death.”

Charis cocked her head. “What has she done to you?”

Coldness took a seat in Niran. For the first time in my life, I saw lifelessness in this boy. Had I not know about my past, my true self, I would have run for my life seeing that chillness.

“Her minions,” he said, his voice hollow as a bamboo. “They killed my family. Killed them in a way that no one could recognise them. After they were done with them, they were going to sell me to the slave market. Does this sound a reason enough?”

Charis looked at Boonsri again, perhaps knowing that Niran had not gone into details.

Rune took his hand. “You can have the final kill, baby.”

That coldness slowly vanished, and his eyes had a sparkle. “You mean it?”

“I would stake my title,” he said, giving him a small smile. “Is that enough?”

Niran smiled. “Enough.”

Asking them to step back, I entered the cell.

Seeing me, she cursed and spew nonsense. The lack of her blood meal was evident with the pale skin and red eyes. How many weeks had they tortured Aiko like this?

“Your father the was the previous Omicron, wasn’t he?” I asked.

“Blood,” she muttered. “I need it.”

“Answer me!” I snapped. “Then I may be merciful enough to give you relief.”

She stared at me with beady eyes.

“Was your father the Omicron before you?” I asked.

She nodded her head.

“Did he give you any family legacy?” I asked. “Anything that was passed down from the previous Omicron?”

She frowned. “Nothing… nothing like that.”

I resisted the urge to slap her awake. “Think! Is there anything that he gave you? Anything at all?”

“Ring,” she whispered. “He gave Dusit and I, a mating ring.”

She had no ring on her fingers.

Leaving her cell, I entered Dusit’s. He was still unconscious. I should have pitied him, but I could not. He was not oblivious to what Dave and Boonsri did. He just refused to stop it. It was equivalent to support it.

Then I felt that pulse. That calling. Boonsri’s father must have known that she would not treasure it. Hence, he had given it to Dusit.

I crouched and uncovered his hands. In his left ring finger was a band of gold with something on it. This was the link that would solve the problems for me.

Hopefully, unlike Lyra, my memories should come back early. It if took its sweet time to come back, I might just go crazy.

He woke up when I pulled the ring. Before he could protest, I glared. “Shut up.”

Under the watchful eyes, I took the ring and walked out of the cell. The prison began to spin. Why was something or the other always spinning? If unfortunately I had to lose my memories again and I had to gain it back, I just wished my head would not spin.

“Taurus,” I said. “Take me home.”

“What about them?” Charis asked when Taurus supported me.

“I got what I want,” I wheezed. “Do whatever you want.”


I woke up to the bright sunshine welcoming me. My right hand was in a fist and when I opened it, the ring lay there. From my conversation with Lyra, this was the second link required to save Luna. I closed my fist again.

“How are you feeling?” a warm hand caressed my head.

Taurus propped on his side with his left hand, and his right was caressing my head. There was a familiar softness underneath me. We were in my bed.

I inhaled deeply. “I got what I need.”

“Any hope?”

I nodded. “The reason why I am one of the strongest Immune and why I could be the Lord of the Kelp Confusion is because my Immunity does not depend on the Kelps.”

Taurus had a faint smile. “I figured that much.”

“Leigh said she would help Megrez, right?” I said. “That is for the best. She has a Light pact with the Kelp Confusion and her presence might speed up the Kelp’s recovery. But it may take a long time.”

Taurus nodded. “But do we have time?”

I shook my head bitterly. “That the one thing we lack.”

He hugged me, and then he spun me so that he was spooning me. “Who is the heir?”

A smirk found its way to my lips. “She is still alive. Against everything… she is still alive. That’s what Surva wants to protect.”

“You are not making any sense.”

I laughed and turned in his embrace, facing him. “Will tell you later. But now… tell me. Did anything happen yesterday?”

He snorted. “Those Elders should have listened to you. See? They are paying the price now.”

“What happened?”

“Allen ran away last night,” he said.

I coughed. “Did he give the title-”

“He did no such thing,” Taurus said, rolling his eyes. “He is new to this world, and he does not understand it. They should have kept someone to monitor him or should not have left him alone. He did not pass it on to someone. Now the title is stuck with him and he ran away. The Omicron of Summer Coven is missing.”

I swore. “This is getting messy. How is Rune?”

“He is the acting Omicron until they find Allen,” Taurus said. “With no other ranking members, they are planning to have Theta and Zeta selection today.”

“Pity,” I yawned and snuggled in his embrace. “We will not get to see it.”

He frowned at me. “Why so?”

“Cause,” I smirked. “I found the way the Kelps resist the poison. Before I lost my memory, I was researching about the poison and found that there is a way to resist them.”

He gaped at me. “Seriously?”

“I did have a little help from Ruka,” I said. “Pity… he is stuck in his own problems.”

“Can you talk in a language I can understand?”

I laughed. “I will share everything with you on our way. I promise. After all, we will be having a long journey.”

“Long journey?” he asked. “We are leaving?”

I nodded and got got off the bed and stretched myself. “We have places to be and things to do. Get up!”

“By the way,” Taurus said, sitting up. “Rigel contacted me while you were out. He said that if Nox comes back or if we meet Nox, we had to guide him properly.”

“Of course he is worried,” I said, picking my phone.

“A late blooming Navigator,” Taurus said. Then, seeing the phone in my hand, he asked. “Who are you calling?”

“Texting my mother,” I said. “Have to tell her we will be there for breakfast before we leave. Don’t know when we will see her again.”

“You are driving me crazy!” he stood up and threw a pillow at me.

I caught it and then threw it on the bed. “That was my plan.”

After texting my mother, I checked on him again. Anthebyne gave me a green signal. He was a pulsar who worked for me, and now he had a huge intelligence chain. Before I woke up, I had contacted him about this and he responded quite fast.

“They are ready,” I said. “We will leave after breakfast with mother, Zoya and Kanya.”

“Leave for the Abyss,” I smirked. “The poison that was on the bullet I took for you, Levedra… it may kill you, but it has the potential to resist the poison that is bent on destroying the universe. We have to start it from the person who sent that assassin to kill you.”


I nodded. “I sent Anthebyne to track the sellers. He found the two. And…” I drawled. “He found a third party who is doing this. Perhaps… they might have been the one to have sent that assassin.”

“Who is this third party?”

“A star who has no job in Abyss,” I said. “Arcturus.”

A/N: Yes, Taurus and Draco will leave earth and go to Abyss to find about Levedra.

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