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Coming back to earth gave him a different feeling. After roaming the Abyss and the Star Sea in the name of searching for a cure, he understood why Draco never had a place to call home.

There was no need. As long as they had each other, it was more than enough. They were each other’s home. It was only after the Star Sea did he realise how much he loved Draco. That had not just been a test for seeing if they were worthy, it had also been a test of their bond.

He had destroyed a soul in the past because it had tortured Draco. But the Star Sea was way too strong for either of them. It gave him an option; either to choose Draco or the way to combat poison. Without a doubt, he chose the former.

Where would he be if not for this male next to him? Draco was not simply the light in his darkness, no, he showed him how to enjoy that darkness. Took him to places he never thought existed. He did not point out the whiteness of light, but rather showed him the vibrancy of life.

After all, Star Sea had been a part of the universe that got a conscience of its own. Like the Kelp Confusion, it had a pulse and a life. It was there they had truly managed to save Nox.

Nox waved his hand from where he sat. After he had killed his Soul-Bound, he was shattering slowly. If Rekha had not found him in time, he would have faded away without even given a chance to be reborn.

Rekha grinned at them. “Finally! They are here!”

Draco rolled his eyes at them as they walked towards them. “You told us late!”

Rekha snorted. “Told you late? We tried to inform you guys three times before. Guess what? We were never able to find you.”

Taurus smirked at that. After everything they had gone through, each pair had taken their leave. They could contact the other warrior by their family bond, but other than that, no one knew where the others were. Their happiness and freedom were long due.

Thankfully, Nox and Rekha Soul-Bonded.

“If we were easy to find,” Draco said and took a seat. Nox and Rekha had a small gathering in the Summer Coven. Yesterday had been the day when Rune and Niran’s child officially got his title. They came for the ceremony and had called them here today. “We would not be Taurus and Draco.”

Niran snorted. “You did not even come for Aran’s ceremony!”

“We came when you adopted him!” Taurus quipped as he sat next to Draco.

“You had to come that time!” Niran snapped.

Until today, this male would be the only one on earth who could snap at him. Who asked Niran to be a kid he saw grow up? He had a soft spot for a few on Earth. Fia, Jarred, this Niran and Kessa.

Yes, Kessa. Despite being younger than Fia, she showered him with motherly love. She knew he was older than her. Knew who Draco was, knew what they both were capable of, but before her, they were like young boys, who could only hang their head down when she scolded them.

Rune snorted. “At least they came today.”

Aran grinned at them as he ran straight to Draco. “I did everything you said! The codes were amazing!”

“W-w-what?” Erica asked in bewilderment. Then she shook her head. “You won’t even leave the poor boy, Draco?”

Draco had an innocent face. “He had a talent in computers. I just had to nurture it.” He popped a cherry in his mouth. “What are you doing here?”

Erica opened her can of root beer. “I had to get a break. Eight-year-old daughter is a handful. I left her with my parents. I was searching where to go when Rune sent a message to Zeke about Aran’s ceremony. Guess who jumped?”

Allen, who was lying on his mate’s lap, opened his eyes. “You could have gone to West Coven. Why come here?”

Zeke gave him a blank look. “Don’t go out and say that you are the Omicron of Summer Coven. Which Omicron will tell people not to come?”

“Me?” Allen said. “Look. I told you guys how I got stuck with this title.”

“Can’t you just find someone to pass it on?” Lawan asked, peeling a tangerine.

It was a perfect summer day, with the sweet heat and cool breeze. Had the dried grass here was not cleaned, then the surrounding would be a blinding yellowish gold.

“As if.” Allen sat up straight. “You think I did not try that? The title was still stuck with me.”

“Why not find someone to challenge you?” Kyril asked, playing with a strand of Lawan’s hair.

Allen scowled. “No one can win me.”

“Don’t brag,” Zeke snorted. When Allen had that placid look, he blinked. “Don’t tell me-”

“Riley once challenged me,” Allen said. “He lost.”

Erica coughed violently. “Dude, what kind of drugs are you on?”

Draco said, “He has Kamaria’s blessing.”

“That must be one powerful blessing,” Lawan muttered.

“That it is,” Allen’s mate said.

It took Rune at least a couple of years to come to terms with Allen’s mate. When he first saw who it was, he flew into a rage. He kept on muttering about how he lost one sister and that he was not willing to lose another. She took a lot of time to convince Rune that she was not Mali and neither was Allen Dave.

“How’s Riley?” Nox asked Erica.

Erica shrugged. “Though we share the lands, we don’t come in contact as much as we did in the past. In fact, after Mina, Silver, and Aiko left, I barely saw anyone from the coven. But from what I heard, Mali is having a tough time. I find it hard to grow a little girl. She got one rebellious adolescent boy. A tough nut.”

Lawan then cleared her throat and asked Allen. “Why didn’t Aiko come?”

He twisted his face. “She said she might come next month. Apparently, she is living her dream, and we were not supposed to interfere.,.”

“Does she even knows that we are meeting today?” Draco asked.

Allen nodded. “She does.”

“Her mates are important?” Rune asked. “Than us?”

Aran gave his father a weird look. “You told me a thousand times that even I am not as important as dad is to you. You are commenting?”

Taurus coughed. Children were precious. Very precious. Especially at times like this when they gave their parents away.

Rune glared at him, but he shut his mouth. But everyone laughed. Niran gave Aran a high-five, and Rune’s glare got worse.

Draco then asked Rekha, “How are you faring?”

She leant on Nox’s shoulder. “I thought my father might abandon me like my sister. Never did I expect-”

“How could he?” Draco sneered.

Taurus shook his head. After Nox took Rekha’s soul from her physical body, she lost her ability to navigate. But when he passed her soul to Mirfak in the Kelp Confusion, the Kelps as if they knew their end was going to come, passed their secrets to her, making her an Immune. Her ability to combat poison was on par with Draco.

“He did not,” Rekha laughed. “He just sent me to an Immune to learn the ways. When he learnt that I Soul-Bonded with Nox, he was…” she trailed off. “Proud of me?”

“Why would he be proud of that?” Taurus asked. “If anything… Rigel should be the one proud.”

Nox blinked at him pitifully. “I already heard from my father how amazing she is. He keeps saying that she got her new powers literally at the same time as I did, and yet she was able to shine. My ability to Navigate… I rather not say to anyone that I am a Navigator.”

Draco blinked. “Dude! It was your Navigation power that saved us back in Star Sea. how could he condemn that?”

“Perhaps,” Taurus muttered. “His powers would shine only when he is under stress?”

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Draco asked with that smile he loved. A smile which meant he was trying to mess around.

“Yes,” Taurus agreed. “That place would be highly stimulating for him.”

Nox immediately stood up and held his hand out to Rekha, who stared at him in confusion. “Get up. We are leaving.”

Rekha frowned. “Why?”

He pointed at them. “Those two… they are up to no good. They are planning to torture me! We have to leave as soon as possible.”

“Stop being dramatic.” Rekha pulled him down. “We still have to meet Antlia. Forgot?”

Nox sat behind Rekha. “Whatever. But you have to protect me from them.”

She stared at him as if he lost his mind. Taurus shook his head. Could stars lose their minds?

“Why her?” Rune asked. “Is she in trouble?”

“She even asked us to meet her,” Draco said, stealing the pealed tangerine from Lawan. When she glared at him, he gave her a smile and winked. “Apparently, her kid is refusing to take the throne.”

Lawan laughed. “Why is that? And why did she invite Rekha?”

“She invited me because she thought Draco would not come,” Rekha said. “Now that he is here, we both can go and check.”

“What happened to her kid?” Rune asked.

“Her kid is fine,” Draco said. “But because of that problem, she did not check a few things and someone poisoned Rohan. She asked the Warriors for help and since it was about poison, I said I would take a look. She must have contacted Rekha if I did not manage to come on time.”

Rune frowned. “Rohan? But-”

Taurus shook his head. “Stay out of this. It would be better for you, Niran and Aran. they have not yet caught the suspect and if you were to interfere, they might pin it on you.”

“Antlia would never believe that!” Rune protested.

Draco nodded. “She would not. But if the evidence is solid, just for the sake of perseverance, she would have to take a tough choice. She is no longer the Antlia who played with us. She is the Queen of this continent and Luna and Inacus’s descendant.”

After they found who Inacus was, no one could still believe that that person’s energy line was still alive. And Antlia, who had inherited both Luna’s and Inacus’ power, was very unstable when she matured. Thankfully, her mate was strong enough to ground her and stabilise her.

“When are you leaving?” Lawan asked.

Draco shared a look with Taurus. “After an hour.”

“Won’t Rohan die by then?” Rune asked.

“Slow poison,” Draco said. “Even if I go tomorrow, I can still save him.”

“Cocky,” Niran muttered.

“As long as you know,” Allen said.

“What about you guys?” Taurus asked. “What are you going to do?”

Lawan bit her lip. “I might visit Wirat’s grave.”

Kyril took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

Niran stretched his arms dramatically. “I might book a massage session.”

“Book one for me, too,” Rune murmured.

Aran snorted. “And leave me all alone?”

“Apinya’s home!” Rune said. “Go play board games or something with her!”

“She wants me to go on a date with Kannika!” Aran protested.

Niran frowned. “But you told her on the phone last week that you like Kannika!”

“I should be the one who asked her out,” Aran said fiercely. “Not my grandmother!”

“Someone had to ask,” Allen said. “And that is a girl from Lillies. She has a crazy ton of people to protect her.”

“I know,” Aran said. “That’s why I did not want grandma to interfere. I want to do it.”

Taurus shook his head at the boy. Zoya, Kessa and Kanya, the current Zeta of Summer Coven joined hands to open an organisation for all the traumatised individuals. Everyone was under their wing. From famous lawyers to scientific researchers, everyone was a part of it. Zahra Lein, Kamini, Aisha, Wen Ruxin, Draco’s friend, everyone was.

“My mom says she is planning to adopt Kannika,” Draco said helpfully. “That would mean…” he drawled off purposefully.

Aran paled. “That would mean she would be your sister,” he squeaked. “Will you allow me-”

“Absolutely not,” Draco said. “Convince her… perhaps then…”

The poor boy would cry. He was just given the title of the Epsilon yesterday and Draco was pushing him. But it was sad.

“She would be my sister too,” Taurus said with a wide grin. “Draco’s sister, would be my sister-in-law.”

Draco raised his hand and he gave the high-five.

Seeing them, Aran slowly got and stumbled his way back.

“That was mean,” Lawan commented.

“That was fun,” Kyril said.

How did these two get together again?

As always, life had its own mysterious ways to bring the unlikely people together. They might not match in an instant, but when time played its role, there would be an explosion. Just like Niran and Rune, Lawan and Kyril, Nox and Rekha and him and Draco.

Draco saw his gaze and then smiled at him.

After everything they had been through, his smile, his love for him, was perfect. This was enough. What more could he ask for?

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