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Stolen pages - 2

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There was something about drinking a warm cup of tea. The tranquilness it gave her was like no other. For a second, she forgot who she was. What she was supposed to do. For that one second, she could be anyone.

She could pretend she was a passerby or a tea lover who cared for nothing other than tea. Or she could pretend to be a daughter from a Noble coven or tribe, who was taking her etiquette lessons.

She blew the steam off the tea and inhaled the rich aroma. Then the next second, she was in her memories when her father seeped the tea and taught her how to appreciate it. It was one of the many things he enjoyed.

The sun blinked lazily at her tea shop, which was far away from any tribe or pack or coven. After her shop was the path to the other half of the mountain. She rarely got any visitors, but this was the kind of life she preferred, anyway.

A few students of the Snow Crest University would come here on a hike, and they would stop by to have a cup of tea or coffee. If they trusted her enough, they would order a smoothie or a cup of hot chocolate.

She took a sip and then licked her lips. To perfect the art of tea-making was something she took years. When she did, she finally knew why her father loved it so much.

She placed the cup on the coaster and picked the book she was reading. It was magic, the way the sunlight touched the pages, and they lit up. The letters shimmered faintly. She caressed the pages and took her cup to take another sip.

That afternoon was perfect. No one came banging on her door-

The bells on her door giggled as the familiar female entered her tea shop with a smile. Behind her, a male followed. His vibrations were very strong. Strong and ancient. And it was very familiar with her father’s. Sort of similar to hers. What connection did he have with her father?

“How are you doing, Xylah?” she asked as she took her fur coat and hung it on the coat stand.

She sighed and smiled helplessly at the young girl. “What brings you here, Eulaila?” She stood up and assessed the male next to her. “Who is he?”

A graceful blush lit her face as she glanced at him shyly. If she did not know what that meant, it would be useless of her to live for so long on the earth.

“He is my boyfriend,” she said.

His eyes flashed gold as he examined her shop. “Nice shop.”

She suppressed her curiosity. If she felt the similarity towards him, he should have felt that too. After all, the vibrations were strong. His and hers. Since he came here, he would tell her himself. He did show her his race.

“Thanks,” Xylah said. “Would you like tea?”

He then smiled at Eulaila. “Didn’t you say that the silver tips here are the best? And that they are best when plucked fresh?”

She nodded. “I will get them right away.” She took a step out, but she turned. “Would it be fine, Xylah? Can I take it for him?”

Xylah nodded. After years of being lonely, this young vampire was someone she called a friend. It was just a few tea leaves. Not to mention this pulsar wanted to talk to her alone, and he sent her away.

“Go ahead,” she said. “You know what leaves to take.”

She grinned. “Perfect.”

After she left, she saw the male and took her seat. “Who are you? What brings you here?”

He pouted as if he knew her well. He then took a seat opposite her and relaxed. “Don’t know if your father had spoken about his children.”

When she narrowed her eyes, he added, “His other children.”

She inhaled sharply. Before her father met her mother, he did have two children. Two children whom he said were her siblings too.

“Yes,” she said. “Are you one of them?”

He laughed joyfully. “You are quite sharp, sister.”

“Who is your sister?” she snapped.

But his smile did not fade. “I searched you for so long just to see that you are hiding here on earth.”

“Why were you searching me?” she asked.

He messed his black hair. “Cause I got father’s last message. He told me to take care of you.”

“He would not have said that,” Xylah said with conviction.

“How are you so sure?”

“My mother never told her children,” she bluffed.

He laughed again. “Really, Xylah? She never did?”

Realisation dawned on her. “You know who my mother is.”

He shook his head. “I don’t. Father never told me about her.”

The sun hid behind the clouds and Eulaila was humming a song as she searched through the plants.


“Why search for you?” he asked. “You are family. No one can deny that.”

She sipped her lukewarm tea. “Now that you saw me, what are you going to do?”

He sighed. “Convince you to come back to my home where I can protect you.”

“If I don’t come?”

“Then.” He flipped the cover of the book she was reading and saw what it was. “I will have to stay here.”

Alarm rose in her. No one in her had stayed enough to protect her. Even her parents passed away protecting her, and they were the strongest she knew.

“I have an identity here,” he said with a wide smile. “Those parents… they don’t have a son. I changed their memory to think that they have a son. I also have a sister. And now a girlfriend.”

She frowned. “That is wrong.”

He cocked his head. “To protect you, I will do anything.”

She bit her lip. “You don’t have to.”

“I don’t,” he said. “But I have to. You are my little sister, Xylah. I bet that if your mother’s other children came to know about you, they would do anything to protect you.”

She remembered how Alioth searched for her. How she raged when they found Ursa dead. How Dubhe and Mizar did their best to find her. How they were still searching for her.

“They are searching for you, right?” he asked. “They want to protect you from father’s killers, right?”

She nodded, subconsciously.

“That is inherent in our nature,” he said. “To look out for the family.”

She nodded again. She would see how far this guy was worth it. After all, her father had told her about his other children. To an extent, they were like Alioth and Mizar. They would protect her to death. But they would be the ones to wreak havoc too.

Only when he gained her trust would she tell him about Zyon. Even if she falls, it was okay. Zyon must not. The powers he had were too much.

“What is your name?”

Eulaila came back and shook her fist full of leaves.

Seeing that, Xylah stood to seep some.

“My name?” he smiled. “It’s Kaito. Since I have to blend on earth, it is Kaito Ross.”

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