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Character Review

I am aware that there are many characters, but only a few are important for this book. Other characters you will see them in the upcoming series. So... Don’t worry if you don’t remember them.

Nameless packs:

Eric’s pack

Alpha: Eric Yarrow and Sam Halston

-Henry Yarrow and Maria Ruiz, former Alphas.

-Aspen Ruiz, Eric Yarrow’s elder sister, ex-alpha, the female delta of West Pack

-Arnold Wess, her ex-mate whom she killed for kidnapping young girls.

-Miguel Vos, her current mate, Delta of West Pack.

-Mina Ruiz, Eric Yarrow’s younger sister, surgeon

-Silver Vance, her chosen mate, Theta of Omicron Riley’s coven.

Beta: Jed Davy

-Carmel River and Weston Davy, former Betas, Jed Davy’s parents.

Delta: Shiela Foley (deceased) and Ryanne Drury (Rye)

-Derek Holden and Heather Foley, Shiela Foley’s parents, regular pack members.

-Luke Holden, Shiela Foley’s elder brother

-Matthew Brown and Neha Drury, deceased

-Regan Pyke, Ryanne Drury’s stepmother, Matthew Brown’s second wife, not mate.

Gamma: Erica Jones

-Cynthia Jones and Andrew Plume, Erica Jones’ parents, regular pack members, gardeners.

Named, Noble Packs:

West pack:

Alpha: Cain Black and Livvia Tide

-Raoul Black, Their son, Next alpha.

-Carter Black (deceased) and Evelyn Throne, former Betas of West Pack, Cain Black’s parents.

-Rhaze Throne, former Delta of West Pack. Cain Black’s sister. No longer a pack member. Travels the neutral lands with her mate

-Kaina Lynch, Rhaze Throne’s mate, a witch. Huntress of Chandra.

-Lyra Throne, Cain Black’s sister, the past Leader of the science sector.

-Aries, Soul-Bound of Lyra Throne.

-Lyanne Tide and Branwell Ross, Livvia Tide’s parents. Former Gammas.

-Kaito Ross, Livvia Tide’s brother, whereabouts unknown

-Ethan Verir (Challenged and killed by Cain Black) and Harper (Whereabouts unknown), past Alphas of West Pack.

-Charles Verir and Violet Kite (deceased), former Alphas of West Pack, Ethan Verir’s parents

Beta: Reece Zippel and Mike Knight.

-Carren Zippel and Luigi Davis, Reece Zippel’s parents.

-Ariana Henson and Nolan Knight, Mike Knight’s parents.

-Aurelia Henson, Mika Knight′s sister. Deceased.

Gamma: Varian Rykar, an eel shifter and Aislynn Fall, a falcon shifter

-Nash Rykar, their son. Deceased.

Delta: Miguel Vos, A Phoenix shifter and Aspen Yarrow, a Zhenniao shifter

Nameless Covens:

Riley’s Coven:

Omicron: Riley Garcia, from East Coven, past untold, power unknown

Epsilon: Sorrel Lane, power is earth

-Oliver Lowe, power is mind-reading and Nevaeh Lane, power is war command, both followed Riley Garcia from East Coven, former Betas.

-Brody Shay, Sorrel Lane’s boyfriend, not mate, power is healing

Theta: Silver Vance, zirs power is calming and gaining control over any situation and Mina Ruiz, Alpha Eric Yarrow’s sister. Silver Vance’s chosen mate.

-Cooper Vance, power is empathy and Lydia Webb, Light manipulation, both were previous Thetas.

-Nadia Webb, power is water. Deceased.

Zeta: Carson Askey, power is super speed and Ryan Cargill, power is seduction.

-Adriel Askey, power is mind-control and Gianna Frew, power is plant manuplation, both Head Warriors, has bad relationship with their son, Carson Askey because of his mating with Ryan Cargill

-Tobias Cargill, power and poison resistance, and Alexis Hays, Human, Members from Summer Coven, came to Omicron Riley Garcia’s coven due to work

Named, Noble Covens:

Summer Coven:

Omicron: Dave Chaiwong, power is mind-controlling and snapping and Mali Bidaya, power is hallucination

- Dusit Chaiwong, power is light and Boonsri Futrakul, power is commanding anyone Dave Chaiwong’s parents, former Omicron pair of Summer Coven.

- Apinya Bidaya, power is water and Sadka Jivacate, power is mind-reading Mali Bidaya’s parents, former Epsilons of Summer Coven.

- Rune Bidaya, not exactly a vampire Mali Bidaya’s step-brother. Born to Apinya Bidaya and Julius.

- Buppha Bidaya, power not yet developed Mali Bidaya’s younger sister.

Epsilon: Rune Bidaya, not exactly a vampire

- Apinya Bidaya, his mother, power is water

- Julius, Born in royal family, but no longer acknowledged as one. Rune Bidaya’s father.

- Sadka Jivacate, power is mind-reading Apinya Bidaya’s mate, Rune Bidaya’s step father.

- Sharon, Julius’s mate, Rune Bidaya’s stepmother.

- Mali Bidaya, power is hallucination, Rune Bidaya’s step-sister, Apinya Bidaya and Sadka Jivacate’s first daughter.

- Buppha Bidaya, power not yet developed Rune Bidaya’s step-sister, Apinya Bidaya and Sadka Jivacate’s second daughter.

- Beau, Rune Bidaya’s step-brother, Julius and Sharon’s first son.

- Halle, Rune Bidaya’s step-sister, Julius and Sharon’s first daughter.

- Leila, Rune Bidaya’s step-sister, Julius and Sharon’s second daughter.

Theta: Wirat Khadpo, power is control over situations and Lawan Mahidol, power is telekinesis

-Nisa Mahidol, power is calmness and Jariya Disatha, power is war spirit, Lawan Mahidol’s parents, former Thetas

- Chalot Disatha, power is electricity, Lawan Mahidol’s elder brother, deceased.

-Cintna Kulachol, power is healing and Burut Khadpo, power is air, normal coven members

Zeta: Somsak Inchareon, power is pain.

- Taksin Inchareon, power is seeing one’s past and Hansa Sarasin, power is earth, Somsak Inchareon’s parents.

- Darika Sarasin, Somsak Inchareon’s younger sister, whereabouts unknown.

Other members:

- Sean Huang, power is fire, deceased and Clio Reyes, power is hypnosis, members from East Coven

- Aiko Reyes, power is unknown

- Allen Huang, power is unknown, in Asia

- Draco Stykes, the hitman of the coven. Unshifted werewolf, brought to Summer Coven by Omicron Dave Chaiwong

- Kessa Moore, werewolf, Draco Stykes’s mother. Brought to Summer Coven by Dave Chaiwong to be his sex-slave. Her mate bond broke with her mate after her son was born.

- Zoya Race, Dave Chaiwong’s sex-slave.

- Lana Caskor, power is seduction, from West Coven, Dave Chaiwong’s lover.

- Leigh Caskor, power is finding the truth, from West Coven, Dave Chaiwong’s ex-chosen mate.

- Kanya Saelim, power is air, the former head-warrior of the coven, Dave Chaiwong’s sex-slave.

West Coven:

Omicron: Belen Andris and Eliana Cosse

- Calix Andris, the future Omicron of West Pack, Belen Andris and Eliana Cosse’s first son.

- Kyril Andris, Calix Andris′ twin brother. Belen Andris and Eliana Cosse’s second son.

- Aileen Cosse, Belen Andris and Eliana Cosse’ daughter.

- Rastus Andris and Zoe Delis, the former Omicron pair of West Coven, Belen Andris’s parents.

- Melanie Delis, Belen Andris’s sister, mated into North Pack.

- Orrin Gabris and Carin Cosse, Eliana Cosse’s parents, former head warriors of the West Coven.

- Justin Gabris, Eliana Cosse’s younger brother, left to study in South Coven

Epsilon: Charis Minga and Erasma Petrou

- Egan Mihal, Charis Minga and Erasma Petrou’s adopted son.

- Giles Hanas and Halina Minga, the former Epsilon pair

- Eulaila Minga, Charis Minga’s sister.

- Joren Livas and Iren Petrou, Erasma Petrou’s parents, Looks over a granite mine

- Leander Livas, Erasma Petrou’s older brother.

Theta: Lionel Sanna and Lesya Caskor

- Cyril Sanna, Lionel Sanna and Lesya Caskor’s son

- Leigh Caskor, Lionel Sanna and Lesya Caskor’s first daughter, in Summer Coven.

- Lana Caskor, Lionel Sanna and Lesya Caskor’s second daughter, in Summer Coven, takes care of Omicron Dave Chaiwong’s shipping business.

Zeta: Damien Tezri

- Basil Tezri and Indigo Rokos, common members of coven.

- Andy Tezri, Damien Tezri’s brother.

Named, Noble Tribe:

North Tribe:

Zayin: Daenna Lynch and Everst Tate

-Kaina Lynch, the eldest daughter, The Huntress of Chandra.

-Roland Clarke, Kaina Lynch’s ex-mate

-Lucy Lynch, her daughter

-Sam Clarke, her son

-Esme Locke, Sam Clarke’s mate

-Rhaze Throne, former Delta of West Pack. Alpha Cain Black’s sister. No longer a pack member. Travels the neutral lands with her mate, Kaina Lynch.

-Zarola Lynch, the Second daughter, training to be the next Zayin of North Tribe

-Vessa Lynch, Third daughter, Tzade of the Tribe.

-Darren Whan, Vessa Lynch’s mate.

Tzade: Vessa Lynch and Darren Whan

Reish: Easton Crowe, newly appointed.

-Oscar Crowe and Grace Lidley, his parents.

Ayin: Piper Craig, mate dead before mating.

Other characters that appear:

-Antlia, princess, parents deceased, 16 years

-Silas Verda, A vampire who served the late king, owner of many bars and clubs (kinda like Mafia)

-Zahra Lien, Vampire from South Coven, Silas Verda’s mate, owner of the fashion line, Shadowlife.

-Zyon, race unknown, heritage unknown

- Zeke Calvo, Friend of Draco Stykes, keeps track on Allen Huang, from Summer Pack

-Peggy Vidal, friend of Kessa Moore, from Summer Pack.

-Neil Lister, Peggy Vidal’s mate, from Summer Pack


-Taurus, second Warrior to land, the Warrior who represents the earth, Poses as a shifter under Amaris

-Aries, first Warrior to land, the Warrior who represents the fire, Poses as a shifter under Amaris, Lyra’s Soul-Bound.

-Gemini, third Warrior to land, the Warrior who represents the air, Poses as a warlock under Chandra

-Nox, Rigel’s son. Riley Garcia’s half-brother.

-Ursa, 13th Warrior, dead along with her Soul-Bound who is NOT Polaris

-Polaris, The Northern star

-Alioth, Daughter of Polaris and Ursa

-Saiph, Alioth’s mate

-Mizar, son of Polaris and Ursa

-Kendra, Mizar’s Soul-Bound.

-Dubhe, daughter of Polaris and Ursa


-Seren, Moon, Qamar’s sister. Polaris’s Soul-Bound.

-Lyra, The pulsar sent to neutralise Aries, Aries’ Soul-Bound


-Megrez, Daughter of Polaris and Seren

-Gaelan, Of Ecthos and star. Can walk in the land of the dead.


-Surva, Sun, Daughter of Cosmos, can create worlds. Like Queen of this part of universe, to an extent gives Soul-Bounds to stars

-Qamar, Surva’s mate, Moon, He write Fate, Son of Chaos

-Amaris, First daughter, creator of shifters

-Kamaria, second daughter, creator of vampires

-Chandra, third daughter, creator of Magycs

-Luna, fourth daughter, gives mates

-Dagen, Luna’s mate, Fate writer, from Chaos

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